Monday, December 7, 2015

An Elder Brother Called And Anointed By The Lord To Be A Preacher Of The Faith

Last Friday, December 4, 2015, I  met an elder brother in the Lord in his forties who I sensed had God's Anointing to be a preacher.

I would say our brother's name but for privacy's sake I'll call him (elder) Bro. P.

I met Bro. P at the Cliff Tuttle Park by the Houston Public Library after an early day out preaching holding the Bible up as I walked on Kress Street and Lyons Avenue.

Bro. P has been going through a lot of personal hardships and has an addiction struggle with smoking pot. I did not at all "bring this to you attention" as I let the Spirit lead me in meekness and humility as I stayed quiet and heard the man's plight.

He was originally from the east coast and had some family down here in Texas. 

I don't feel led to go into the "personal details" of his life story that he shared openly with me. (A common occurrence I experience with all the people the Lord guides me to...)

He said to his astonishment, "Why am I even telling you all this?"

And I did not have a real response but said "... Everyone needs healing to get things out of their lives like self-therapy..."

Anyways, I felt such an urge in the Spirit by hearing His Voice that told me to take out the bottle of anointing oil I received from a fellowship event with a church at the Scenic Woods Branch Houston Public Library and I used my right thumb and dabbed it to anoint Bro. P in the middle of his forehead with the oil and after that I put my hands on his head and prayed over him fervently as the Spirit led me.

Bro. P asked if I went to a church and I told him I went to "Calvary Baptist Church" on Hershe Street across from Kress Street and we walked down there so he could know where to fellowship with fellow believers if he ever felt led to worship God there.

I "friended" Bro. P on Facebook even and God-willing, I may be hearing from him again in the future, Lord-willing...

The Mischief Of Children

On Wednesday, December 2, 2015, I was walking down Wallisville Road and as I walked by a Valero gas station a yellow school bus stopped at a red traffic light and I overhead the commotion of two young boys.

I heard a little white boy "cat-calling" out loud to a woman at the Valero gas station who had just parked her truck and was walking towards the store entrance.

The woman, I think, did not hear them as the young white boy called out to her saying "Hey, hey girl!" to the amusement of his young Hispanic friend egging him on.

The young boy was showing off and maybe made a dare to do it; and so I caught the two culprits by surprised as I made direct eye contact with both of them and it all happened so quick I just smiled, shook my head side-to-side saying no; holding my right hand's finger to my mouth signaling to the young boys to "be quiet, behave and mind their own business" and they knew what they were doing was wrong and just naively smiled back in their mischief and I only hoped they would learn their lesson not to do that kind of stuff...

Thursday, December 3, 2015

I Didn't "Drink The Kool-Aid" This Thanksgiving...

On Thursday, November 26, 2015 I was watching the annual MACY'S Thanksgiving Day Parade's 89th Anniversary on the TODAY show with my family and I heard news lady Savanah Guthrie's comment that the Red Kool Aid Man's Face is made up of three (3) sixes: two sixes for his eyes and one six for his nose as you can discern in this photo:

I then realized the number "666" of the Antichrist as referenced in KJV Revelation 13:18.

KJV Revelation 13:18, Here is wisdom. Let him that hath understanding count the number of the beast: for it is the number of a man; and his number is Six hundred threescore and six.


I think NOT; especially as the world today is rapidly being prepared through the chaos and strife of humanity for the global debut of the Antichrist.

The Elite of this earthly world are putting "signs of the Man of Sin's coming" hidden in plain sight for the world to see on a subconscious level to deceive the whole world.

Wednesday, November 25, 2015

A Few Anticipating Thoughts Concerning The Rapture And Second Coming Of Lord Jesus Christ

Brethren in Christ: May everyone have a God-blessed Thanksgiving week and weekend in the Lord!

I've been thinking through things lately and in these Last Days I've come to realize although I have many plans, dreams, goals and ambitions it is unlikely (unless in God's Will) I would have the time to accomplish them all.

For people in these Perilous Times the Holy Ghost has been urging me to focus on three main objectives:

1. Soulwinning and evangelizing the lost unsaved sinners.

2. Stockpiling and distributing survival resources to the people.

3. Leaving behind Christian resources for the unsaved world of people who will live through the Reign of the Antichrist after the Rapture.

God-willing if things go in the direction of "breaking loose" I could see myself soon recording a video explaining and warning unsaved people of their fate unless they finally repent and turn to Christ for their Salvation.

Following on that, I would pass resources and materials that may help them survive in those truly Dark Days...

There's a lot I pray to be able to accomplish before the Lord Returns to rapture us saints but even so COME LORD JESUS! Amen!

Wednesday, November 18, 2015

"A Mocking Hand Gesture From the Devil"

This happened at the library earlier today after I was street-preaching with the (KJV) Holy Bible in my hand on the way there...

I was logged into Computer # 7 (know that the number "7" is a Good Number of the Lord meaning "Perfection" in biblical meaning) and underneath the computer keyboard I found the satanic "you rock on" hand sign drawn on the table as when a person folds their middle three fingers and point out their thumb and pinky fingers.

Coincidence? I think NOT!

The Devil sure was trying to "give me the finger" like he's right there at my back ready to get 'ah stabbing but I know I'm SAFE IN THE LORD and all I did was pray to the Lord over this and got out my pencil eraser and made a good cleaning of that monstrosity.

Brethren BEWARE the Devil's OUT THERE TO GET YOU.

I'm not saying "be scared" but to be AWARE of the Enemy right behind you.

If you are truly serving the Lord the Enemy is ALWAYS right behind you, trying to DESTROY you but we are SAVED BY HIS GRACE and have nothing to fear or worry about.

(P.S. More updates and happenings to come, Lord-willing!)

Thursday, November 12, 2015

The Lord's Ministry Needs More WITNESSES!

God has a CALLING for everyone person alive on earth: believer and unbeliever alike.

It just comes down to who will HEAR HIM OUT.

Many times in my past I have "blocked God out" or was rather IGNORANT about Him except knowing about Jesus the Son of God Who died to saved people and the world as a child and into adolescence. Before I turned to really KNOWING CHRIST by the SPIRIT I was being blinded and prepared by Satan to become one of his puppets in WICKED Hollywood's entertainment industry! Being prepared all the way up until I would stumble into the darkness of the Devil and "sell my soul" for earthly fame, riches and POWER!

Still, God is CALLING YOU.



Everybody has their own unique calling in the Lord.
I can't witness from growing up a young white woman from a wealthy family background.
I can't witness what it's like coming from a mafia family.
I can't witness Christ from the perspective of being one of the few Native Americans around my community from an almost lost-and-forgotten tribe who is marginalized, forgotten and generally ignored from society...
I can't do what you can do. You can't do what I can do. What do we make of this?
Only YOUR LIFE TESTIMONY can effectively witness Christ to a lost soul in need of knowing HIS LOVE! 
This is YOUR MOMENT faithful SERVANT and HERO of the Most High God!

Christian Witness Basketball Idea...

God-willing I plan to just take a basketball out to the park and shoot some hoops and maybe join in with some other basketball players.

On breaks during the game I would sit down and read and study from the King James Bible and perhaps the Lord will lead other people to join in study of His Word?

I could pray before and after the game on one-on-one and team competitions.

Maybe we can "shoot some hoops 4 Christ" and win some slam dunks for souls!

Got game?

Maybe some of the brethren may feel led to run with this idea 'cause one way or the other I can see myself doing this and it might "catch on" for a trend...

Is Reality An "Alcohol Deficiency"?

Today I saw an elder black man wearing a black French cap and wearing a white shirt that read on the back "Reality is an illusion caused by alcohol deficiency."

Hmmm... ponder that for a moment, brethren...

What does that tell us about people in society?

Thursday, November 5, 2015

Christian Witnessing Tip: Let The Spirit Witness Christ In Your Conversation With People

Sometimes you do not have to be outfront and outspoken as a Christian soulwinner to witness the Gospel of Jesus Christ and the Word of God to people you meet in public places and stores like Walmart or Target and talk to them.

Let your godly behaviour in Christ take over and say terms like "amen" when in agreement with people in conversation.

Tell people have a "God-blessed day before you both go your separate ways", be subtle and yet not misleading or manipulative of who you are as a Christian.

Perhaps those few "Christian words" you say to a person God may use to help open that person's heart and mind more to the "things of God" to seek Him and prayerfully FIND HIM.

Thursday, October 29, 2015

Where Is The Love?

Of my two years of active Christian street-preaching ministry, the Lord has proved me what is that good and acceptable character to have as one of His faithful servants:


People do not care how smart, talented or successful you are and you go around not "caring" about how they are doing.

Lord knows I am not the smartest, most talented, successful or best Bible Scripture memorizer but He knows I CARE ENOUGH TO APPROACH PEOPLE WITH THE GOSPEL OF JESUS CHRIST for the Salvation of their souls.

God knows I know HELL is REAL and so is HEAVEN and that when we die we will go to one of those two places. I have chosen HEAVEN.

Now even I don't care how smart, successful or anything people might have going for themselves and they come around "preaching" their message of what I should be doing or I should be supporting a cause of theirs: if they don't care about me as a human-being WHY should I be interested? You ain't puttin' food in my belly, clothes on my back and a roof over my head.

Man is a selfish creature but God has created us to care about and for each other.

Love is not a merely a word but an EXPRESSION OF ACTION OF DEEP, SINCERE CARING.

So, where is YOUR LOVE?

Of all the people the Lord has given me the privilege to minister to, they have always told me "thanks for caring in one way or another".

It had nothing to do with me distributing handwritten and printed Gospel of Jesus Christ gospel tracts and handing out King James Bibles I bought from Dollar Tree stores, but my ACTION OF CARING to see how people were doing in life.

For instance, I listened to people tell me their life stories and I heard a lot more than I even thought they should share me! I don't personally care to know people's "personal business" yet still, by listening to people tell their life experiences I realized it may have been a way for them to have personal  healing from their painful experiences, a form of "self-therapy" to cope with the pains of life. I would give him/her a Gospel of Jesus Christ gospel tract and/or a King James Bible and quietly, patiently and attentively listen to every person talk out of their hearts.

 When a saw a homeless man or woman on the streets I would give them money, food or any means of survival I could offer them as a Blessing from the Lord because that's how Jesus expects. I was homeless at many times and did what I could to watch out from people. I learned A LOT from those experiences on the streets...

Summed up: It's not what you know or do that impresses people inasmuch as how you express your sincere CARING for your fellow man.

There's much else, God-willing, I would like to develop on this in in-depth DETAIL from personal experience in the Lord's Ministry (especially with other brethren evangelizing the Gospel of Jesus Christ and the Word of God); Lord-willing it may come to pass in the near future...

Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Witnessed Christ To A Lady In Cliff Tuttle Branch Houston Public Library

By the Lord's Spirit I witnessed to an elder black lady at the library after I met two elder men prior today.

She was kind, friendly and receptive to the Message of Lord Jesus Christ. Amen.

Witnessed Christ To Two Elder Men In Cliff Tuttle Park in Denver Harbor, Houston, Texas

Today I witnessed Lord Jesus Christ to two elder men at the park by the Cliff Tuttle branch library.

I discreetly approached the elder black man and handed him a "Jesus Loves You!" tulip bed background paper letter and he accepted the handover.

Then I walked over to an elder Hispanic man sitting at a table reading a Spanish newspaper. I said something Hello/ Hola, Senior... to respectfully approach him without bothering his reading because this happened so naturally and effortless in person because it was of the Spirit.

Yes responded nodding his head in a "yes fashion" and as I left the man alone I said under my breath "Es en ingles" so he may have heard what I said or figured it out but I let him know it was about Jesus by saying "Cristo de Jesus".

From this and previous encounters with people I have learned the valuable skill of just "walking up to people" and present the Gospel of Jesus Christ be it in a gospel tract booklet or paper slip handout or verbally speaking out the Gospel or both. APPROACH and EMBRACE the outcome of ACCEPTANCE or REJECTION!

...And now I have typed this up at the library. God-willing, Lord knows I have plenty more experiences and contents to add to this and the other website blogs I have started in the Lord but may the Grace of our Lord Jesus Christ cover you fully as we go forth... Peace in His Name.

~ Bro. Jed

Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Witnessing Christ To A Few Young Women In Denver Harbor, Cliff Tuttle Branch Houston Public Library

Earlier today, Tuesday, October 13, 2015, by the Spirit of God I have witnessed to 3 young women today about Lord Jesus Christ in the library.

I witnessed to a young black woman and gave her a "Jesus Christ Loves You!" white cardboard flyer to have and although she did not take it with her leaving it on the table, God-willing, I pray she believed or is a believer of Lord Jesus Christ. (I did not talk to her that much because she like I was busy working on our computers...)

Still, I was able to give the "Jesus Christ Loves You!" white cardboard flyer to a young Hispanic woman with glasses working on her black laptop and she took the flyer with her! Praise God!

Also, before that, I gave another young Hispanic woman who was busy looking on her IPhone a hand-written note on a beautiful-looking pink and multicolor tulip bed background computer printing stock paper sheet saying "Jesus Christ Loves You!" with a hand drawn Cross of Jesus Christ illustration and a large "happy face" and I wrote down a list of Christian, King James Bible-believing websites I felt led by the Spirit to give her.

I listed:






God-willing, over time, I have much more things to tell, but for more, I pray the Lord blesses all the brethren in the Grace and Peace of our Wonderful Saviour, LORD JESUS CHRIST!

Friday, October 9, 2015

Reaching Out The Lord Jesus Christ To Fellow Young People

Also, this day Friday, October 9, 2015; after meeting a brother of ours I call "Mr. D." I went on a long walking trek around Denver Harbor in the Lord...

Heh, it also appeared I met a few people who "remember me" from "street-preaching" escapades as I walked down the streets and glanced their faces from behind their car/truck windows; throwing up their hands in frustration like I "remind them" they have not yet repented of their unbelief from not believing on Lord Jesus Christ.

After this, I went back to sit at a table under the gazebo and met an elder black sister in Christ I'll call "Ms. R."

As I walked up to meet her I saw a group of Hispanic young adult "teenage-looking" group of six boys and one girl.

After Ms. R. and I asked each other how we were doing in life as we ate a little snack (I was drinking some water from Nestle Pure Life water bottle and eating some unsalted crackers, Ms. R. was eating some Lay's Barbecue chips I think after she came back from buying them at a food mare across the street...).

Anyways at first I was hesitant but then I thought on this: at least if I do this thing, they will have known the truth about Lord Jesus Christ being The Way of Salvation and not end up in Hell from ignorance of the Gospel of Jesus Christ. The worst thing that could happen is they reject the white cardboard "Jesus Loves You!" flyers and ask me to take them back. I would rather they know and reject Jesus than not to know that Lord Jesus Christ Loves and Cares for them.

Once again, by God's Faith, I stepped out in faith and approach the group of young people with the only two "Jesus Loves You!" white cardboard gospel tract flyers I had and the group received them!

The girl said "Thanks" and one of the young men told me something like "Thanks man, for this.".

Afterwards, I sat back down at the table with Ms. R. and resumed catching up with her.

The next thing that transpired is another one of the young men gave me and Ms. R. each a dollar as a kind "thank you" for having received the Gospel of Jesus Christ! What a blessing of God -- that ONE DOLLAR! I can't even explain it but being God's Merciful, Kind Blessing.

I did not want or expect to get back a dollar from simply ministering the Gospel of Lord Jesus Christ as I personally do NOT labour in the Lord's Ministry as a way to gain income to support myself and family. Although, on the same token, I do not have anything personally against any of my brethren that are true ministers of the Gospel of Jesus Christ and the Word of God that derive a living from the Lord's Ministry as the Scripture saith 'live of the gospel'; it's a personal preference.

In my experience, I personally find doing the Work of the Lord out of simple, plain passion and compassion of bring the Gospel of Jesus Christ to lost souls to be SAVED by Lord Jesus Christ to be my main Inspiration and motivation to continue labouring in God's Ministry.

Now from talking with Ms. R. had strife going on with her mean sister and I told her I would be praying on that as a request to the Lord Jesus Christ and offered her understanding.

Christian Witnessing Down In Denver Harbor, Houston, Texas...

Yesterday on Tuesday, October 6, 2015 I walked to a few houses to witness the Gospel of Lord Jesus Christ and witness the Word of God...

I had seen seven houses off Kress Street and I intended to go and be able to witness to all people in each of the seven houses... 

Unfortunately, some of the houses I would have gone to have "Private Property/No Trespassing, Violaters Will Be Prosecuted Signs" and black iron-barred, fenced doors; I got to witness to a Catholic Hispanic elder lady but to no avail; probably most likely because she seemed to speak only "español" and I can speak only a little mix of ol' "spanglish"...

Still, in the Lord I let her know I was a CHRIST-ian to her reply: "No, no, bye"... and I "easefully" was kind, backed myself up and went to the other houses. No one else opened the doors when I knocked but as the Spirit gave me utterance the Lord put it in my heart to speak out the Gospel of Jesus Christ before I left the front of the door:

Well, I am about to go, but before I do... The Gospel of Jesus Christ is 1. Jesus Christ died on the Cross, 2. Jesus Christ was buried and 3. Jesus Christ rose from the dead. If you believe in your heart on Lord Jesus Christ you will be saved and inherit eternal life in Heaven when you die. After that, be baptized in Jesus' Name or in the Name of the Father, Son and the Holy Ghost. Have a good day, Lord Jesus Christ loves you!

As the Lord led me to originally go to those first seven houses; I was only able to witness to one person; but the Lord be gloried.

After that I walked to a church and let two stapled documents of Christian literature at a local Hispanic church the Lord led me to go in the spirit. Shortly after, as I briskly walked passed down East Freeway, I saw two Hispanic men go by the door I left the papers and that was God's Way of letting me know it was received in His Will. The two men looked at me and nodded afar off; I waved back with my hand as a signal to let them know in case they guessed it was probably me who left that Christian literature...

After a long walk exploring the surrounding area in between Jacinto City and Denver Harbor of Houston, Texas; another key event went down that was of the Lord.

So I met this young (Christian) Hispanic man (looked to me to be in his mid teens) at Cliff Tuttle Park right by the Houston Public Library in Denver Harbor, Houston, Texas.

I talked to him and asked if he was saved; he was "busy" on his iPhone or smartphone but did talk back to me.

He said something common on  the line of, "Well, I don't go to church as much but I'm Christian..."

I was more direct when I said, "Going to church is not what saves you; believing on Jesus Christ Who is the Son of God is what saves you. Although, God expects us as believers of His Son, Jesus Christ to fellowship together in church if we can. But if you believe in your heart the Gospel of Jesus Christ that 1. Jesus Christ died on the Cross, 2. Jesus Christ was buried and 3. Jesus Christ rose from the dead; if you personally believe on Jesus Christ in your heart you are saved and forgiven of your sin by Father God and inherit eternal life in Heaven (when you die). After that, the next thing to do is get baptized as a public proclamation of your faith in Christ with a witness of a Christian, a group of Christians or a local church."

After explaining, I asked if he would like a Bible and I gave him a new King James Version Holy Bible to have. I also gave him a stapled Christian article on "Helloween" from brother David J. Stewart's godly Christian website in the Lord.

Overall the younger brother seemed receptive to God's Message and it was a successfully planted seem I pray "sprouts up in the Wisdom, Knowledge and SPIRIT" of the Lord Jesus Christ; being watered DAILY in the Word of God. Amen.

(P.S. As I walked by some boisterous dogs kept barking at me as I walked by local neighborhoods but I found saying OUT LOUD in a calm yet AUTHORATATIVE voice "Jesus, Jesus, PEACE be still in Jesus' Name" as I waved my hand calmly at the dogs and the dogs stopped barking and kept silence as I walked passed them. These events taught and reminded me that GOD gives us POWER to SPEAK and ACT as we WORK OUT OUR FAITH by ACTIONS

Was I doing a perfect job" at neighborhood house door-to-door Gospel of Jesus Christ witnessing? Absolutely NOT, but I did not cave into the fear I felt at times for going "out of the norm" and knocking on people's houses to get saved. I just let my faith go forward and my physical body followed along and I did not let any of the potential "consequences" of going to people's houses stop the ACTIONS of the FAITH of my inner man...

The fear was only IN MY MIND; not out there in the physical world regardless of people's thoughts; having to BREAK APART from the normal ways of the world and get into the Ways of God from Above...)

(Side note: Now I'm not saying Christian soulwinning going to people's neighborhoods and housing is easy and without danger and "situations" but God-willing I plan to elaborate on the real life "risks" of pursuing this kind of Christian ministry... I know a few brothers in Christ that have similar "on-the-ground" street-preaching ministries and such and hopefully, Lord-willing, will get to type and speak more on this ministry of the Lord as life goes on...)

Brethren, we must remember: GOD gives us POWER if we just actually attempt to USE IT freely in good service. We must not let all the social norms of daily life to interfere with LIVING BY GOD. We have renewed minds in Christ. Our inner man is not of this world as our Lord has said He is not of this world. Use it. Activate the Gift that is within thee.

Let's remember our "true home" is up there though we live in the present here on earth. Amen.)

Brief Note To The Brethren In Lord Jesus Christ: What I Have Come To Realized About Serving The Lord In These "Last Days"

Hello brethren in Christ and fellow "soulwinners",

I pray you all are doing well in spiritual and physical, earthly life.

In these Last Days I have realized especially now in Year 2015 that with all the drastic world events going on a lot of future bible prophecy is being fulfilled or close to being fulfilled.

In the United States with the wicked U.S. supreme court condoning abominable sodomite "marriages"; it appears a wicked shift of ungodliness is on a continuous downwards slope...

At this rate of evil in this world, I could not see this world continuing as it is 100 years from now IF the Lord Jesus Christ would tarry that long.

Even then, being realistic I am even unsure whether this world would continue as it has for a possible extra 10 years, let alone 5 years from now in 2015 to 2020...

As a young man, I have committed myself in FAITH to live DAY-BY-DAY in witnessing the GOSPEL OF JESUS CHRIST to AT LEAST one person every day; yet not every day have I been able to keep this up usually because of personal life circumstances, situations and/or obligations to the people in my life...

Nevertheless, I do my best to at least sing spiritual songs; make comments and references about Jesus Christ, the (KJV) Holy Bible, God and Christianity to plant SEEDS in people's hearts.

Get people to start thinking more about JESUS CHRISTGOD and the BIBLE on their mind instead of just going through the daily, mundane thinking of worldly things and matters in this world like busy thinking about money, sex, Hollywood entertainers, sports, ungodly music (AKA "rap", "hip hop", "rock 'n roll") and all wicked worldly things.

God wants His KINGDOM FILLED: that's what the Lord has put on my heart; to keep planting seeds into ALL people I see and encounter even if I do not witness and lead someone to salvation by the Gospel of Jesus Christ (KJV 1 Corinthians 15:1-4).

Just keep PLANTING those SEEDS into people's hearts and minds to think about Jesus and then PRAY as God works in people's hearts to convict them of them sin so they might REPENT!

We don't do the "saving" but Lord Jesus does and He is working all the time to open people's hearts up to Him for salvation; but as God's Children we are to PRESENT JESUS CHRIST and the WORD OF GOD to all people that seeds of salvation are planted in their hearts and God waters the seeds as well as other believers so that people might TURN TO GOD.

So brothers and sisters and Christ, by the Spirit of Lord Jesus Christ, I believe this is what our Lord expects us to be doing as we prepare for His Return.

Because the world is just so evil and unstable now, I have adopted this mindset to keep on reaching EVERY PERSON I see with the Gospel of Jesus Christ as I always PLANT SEEDS about Lord Jesus Christ in people's hearts and minds. I do NOT see a long-lasting future of this world going 100 years from now at this rate except by God's Grace in His Plan.

While I do this, I'm not only concerned for the salvation of all unsaved unbelievers, but I also "look out" for the safety of my brethren in Spirit and of the flesh (my earthly, physical "blood family") in these hard times of life. I watch out for my loved ones in life as I also look out for my own safety and self-preservation so that I can fulfill the Will of the Lord in one piece as best I can.

All I do now is God's Will in my life concerning the ministry He has given me to do and working jobs to supply income for myself and family (spiritual and natural). This is all I focus on.

Do not waste money and keep saving and SOWING money I earn into tithing at churches I attend in fellowship and worship and God-willed ministries preaching the Gospel of Jesus Christ and the Word of God.

The Lord is teaching me to be a good steward with money; using money only in ways to BEST SERVE HIM and not any "earthly desires, temptations and lusts" of my flesh.

Time is SHORT. Eventually all earthly wealth will be rendered useless up to the point the Antichrist, that "Man of Sin" becomes the World Dictator and the world is heading that direction by prophecy, so I'm not going to sit on any money I am not actively, strategically putting into immediate use to serve the Lord's Church and Ministry.

Fellow brethren of these Last Days: we ONLY have the PRESENT to WORK IN. All other long-term ambitions and goals of ourselves has to be put aside if they are not God's Will in our lives.

The Lord knows I have many projects and "ambitions" in Christian ministry I would like to do and if the Lord would tarry, I pray I would accomplish most if not all of them.

This is why I say for all my brethren and peers: DO what works best for you in life by GOD'S WORD.

Maybe you might not be led of the Lord to go to secular college or university or Christian college, university or seminary.

I have not felt led of the Spirit to go to any particular school that the Holy Ghost has said "No, I have other for thee to do". Although I would probably go to Hyles-Anderson College.

I am resolved to just working jobs and hopefully eventually starting up a few businesses in the near future.

The Lord has also put it on my heart to start a church AND be a "church-planter" of churches... Only GOD knows how this will go...

Nevertheless, the bottom line I have realized is to "go with the flow of life" the Lord is leading you for your own survival and all those in your life. If the Lord Jesus Christ is unmistakably blessing you in your line of work, educational pursuits and personal endeavors; then that's the sign where He wants you to be working for.



I apologize for writing this long, broad and "scattered" article as I "ideally" would have organized topics better in this; though the Spirit pressed in me to get these thoughts OUT OF MY HEAD and into the WORLD.

These are SERIOUS TIMES and unless the Lord tarries WE DO NOT have much time to be here in this world...

~ In His Love and Peace,

Bro. Jed

A Brother In Christ's Life Testimony

Today, Friday, October 9, 2015 was a GLORIOUS DAY in the Lord!

I walked to the Cliff Tuttle Branch Houston Public Library expecting to go into the library to use the public computers.

I found out the library did not open until 1:00p.m-5:00p.m; so after taking a break sitting at a table I went to sit down at a bench table under a gazebo at Cliff Tuttle Park and felt the spirit stirred in me to witness the Gospel of Jesus Christ and the Word of God to the people.

I had saw a young [Hispanic] Mexican family and their young son and was contemplating whether to approach them... As I wavered I looked to my left and noticed an older Hispanic man sitting at a table under a tree reading a book with a notebook by his side.

The Spirit urged my spirit to step out in faith and finally just walk up to the elder man casually as though I'm minding my own business walking somewhere else to the side.

I had my small regular-sized KJV Holy Bible in my hand and I was going to ask the man if he was saved; to my astonishment he asked me, "What's that book in your hand? That the Word?" I said "Yes" and he said, "Well, that's good I'm over here reading and studying right now; why don't you go and sit with me?" And I did. From that point on I knew this encounter was truly of the Lord.

The Hispanic man introduced himself and I did the same. (Note: For privacy purposes I won't give the actual name of our brother in Christ but the first letter of his name; I'll call him "Mr. D or brother D.".)

Although I felt like saying something I did not feel led of the Lord to "cut-in" to Mr. D. talking; I noticed from the writing in his bible study notebook he seemed to be taking notes on (KJV) 1 Corinthians in God's Word from the title of his notebook page. From that point I was figuring the Lord may have brought us together to get into a little "Bible study time" but the Lord revealed to me this wasn't the case...

So Mr. D told me about his life before coming to know Christ and how he can't live without our Lord Jesus Christ and has to just stay in His Word every day. He told me how he was into drugs and doing "foul things" for fast money on the streets and how he got his girlfriend pregnant with their daughter and how he was smoking weed and going in-and-out of jail; but how he wanted to do right for his daughter and then-girlfriend at the time.

I heard my brother out and listened to the clear PEACE and friendly CALMNESS in his tone of voice and I knew he had found the Lord and was very excited to have someone hear him talk about Jesus; Someone I always love to hear talked about in such a positive manner.

Mr. D's father was a troubled man who had left him, Mr. D's siblings and mother in Denver Harbor, Houston, Texas; having sold their house and moving down to Mexico where he made a "new life" for himself with a two-story house, large acreage of land and all his earthly lusts; brother D. had moved into his sister's house and had continued the trouble with the temptations of street life of drinking alcohol, smoking weed and going in jail.

He had told me how "Even though I never wanted to acknowledge Him; I knew He was there and that He kept me alive 'cause He knowed I wanted to be alive deep down; stay alive for my daughter and my kids. It's like God knows your desires that you want to stay alive man; and He'll keep you alive."

Brother D. had 4 children with a second girlfriend after having separated with his first girlfriend he had his first daughter by. Having got into the Word by living in Truth, brother D. knows he should get married and not live in an ungodly worldly relationship of "boyfriend-girlfriend". It's not my business to personally say how things should go as brother D. had a daughter by his first girlfriend he did not marry; and so I leave that to prayer in God's Will... I pray only the best from God happens to Mr. D.

Brother D. told me how he had worshipped "idols" in his life "smoking weed, herbs and making fast money".

Mr. D. also referenced how making "ungodly gain" like "fast money" on the streets would not last in life and he told me that God has Scripture in His Word about that very thing and though I didn't say it at the time I think the Scripture he spoke of was in (KJV) Proverbs... A few come to mind...

KJV Proverbs 13:11, Wealth gotten by vanity shall be diminished: but he that gathereth by labour shall increase.

KJV Proverbs 15:16, Better is little with the fear of the LORD than great treasure and trouble therewith.

KJV Proverbs 15:27, He that is greedy of gain troubleth his own house; but he that hateth gifts shall live.

KJV Proverbs 16:8, Better is a little with righteousness than great revenues without right.

KJV Proverbs 28:20, A faithful man shall abound with blessings: but he that maketh haste to be rich shall not be innocent.

KJV Proverbs 28:22, He that hasteth to be rich hath an evil eye, and considereth not that poverty shall come upon him.

I learned from this God-willed experience that sometimes people just want to be LISTENED to not talked to. People want their life story to be unconditionally HEARD and not be judged for it in a negative way. People want to be known for who they are and not be judged for it; whether the judgment on their part is right or wrong.

If one can just hear a person's story out unconditionally without "adding in" any personal comments on that person's life; personal trust between that person develops and they often share more about themselves and their lives than they may even want to.

KJV Proverbs 15:1, A soft answer turneth away wrath: but grievous words stir up anger.

As a servant of Lord Jesus Christ, one is wise to be patient in hearing people out and then when appropriate give out godly counsel and advice in tactful, peaceful words in LOVE.

Sometimes you don't even have to say ANYTHING but just nod your head sparsely or express sincere caring gestures in your own personal body language that person can tell you care about them and what they are telling you. This may lead you to have opportunities in the Lord to witness the Gospel of Jesus Christ and the Word of God to that person as you are led by the Spirit.

KJV Proverbs 17:27-28,

27 He that hath knowledge spareth his words: and a man of understanding is of an excellent spirit.

28 Even a fool, when he holdeth his peace, is counted wise: and he that shutteth his lips is esteemed a man of understanding.

In real life I'm usually a very quiet, self-contained person (UNLESS I'm preaching lol...). I usually just listen and do not care to talk much unless to make important points, ask questions or give people support or comforting words, insights and advice.

After brother D.'s second girlfriend drove up in her white car to pick him up we said goodbye and I don't know if I'll ever see him again as we did not get around to getting each other's phone numbers or contact information; but Lord-wiling, maybe we might cross paths around town and get to know each other better. I pray that happens if it be the Lord's Will.

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