Wednesday, November 18, 2015

"A Mocking Hand Gesture From the Devil"

This happened at the library earlier today after I was street-preaching with the (KJV) Holy Bible in my hand on the way there...

I was logged into Computer # 7 (know that the number "7" is a Good Number of the Lord meaning "Perfection" in biblical meaning) and underneath the computer keyboard I found the satanic "you rock on" hand sign drawn on the table as when a person folds their middle three fingers and point out their thumb and pinky fingers.

Coincidence? I think NOT!

The Devil sure was trying to "give me the finger" like he's right there at my back ready to get 'ah stabbing but I know I'm SAFE IN THE LORD and all I did was pray to the Lord over this and got out my pencil eraser and made a good cleaning of that monstrosity.

Brethren BEWARE the Devil's OUT THERE TO GET YOU.

I'm not saying "be scared" but to be AWARE of the Enemy right behind you.

If you are truly serving the Lord the Enemy is ALWAYS right behind you, trying to DESTROY you but we are SAVED BY HIS GRACE and have nothing to fear or worry about.

(P.S. More updates and happenings to come, Lord-willing!)

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