Thursday, June 30, 2016

MARK Them That Cause Division: The "Three Amigos"

On Wednesday evening June 29, 2016 on my way that night to Wednesday night bible study as I walked up Hillsboro Street and walked across Kress Street to the left side of Kress Street on the sidewalk and grassy space area... I encountered what I perceived to be three young troubled adolescent juvenile delinquents I'd call "wannabe-gangbangers"... A real life "Ed, Edd 'N Eddy" experience.

It caught me by surprise as I was simply on my way walking to bible study.

The young "ringleader" of the group had curly dark brown or black hair, wore a white short-sleeved shirt; had on brown khaki shorts and the other two young Hispanic guys (who were quite taller than the short Hispanic teen) wore black clothing of both black shirts and black pants.

He and his two taller homies just waltz up and were engaging me as though they "wanted trouble".

Smh... it was VERY rebellious. I didn't even say a word to them and then the short young "ringleader" of the trio started all cursing calling me a "b*tcha** p*ssy and n*gga" and all that typical street cursing and foul language trash talking...

He's like "You from Fifth Ward?" I said "I'm from Seattle, Washington" and my response kind of "threw him off guard" when I said that since I'm not a "real local" 'round these parts.

Anyways it's like that wasn't the "response he wanted to hear from me; rather he wanted me to say "Yes. I'm from (i.e. "with") Fifth Ward" and he's like "Oh okay, good you better be or I'm gonna beat you down "p*ssy a** b*tch" and cursing all long. The other two dudes in black were on his right and left sides in the back behind him standing a space apart. Co-signing, throwing up their "gang hand signs" and co-signing with their little short ringleader.

I'm like "Jesus LOVES you! Why you calling me all this? I don't even know you. I'm not from here." and he's like "F- the government, F- President Obama" and everything like that as though he assumed ME as a black person supports U.S. President Barack Hussein Obama just because he's... black. No I do NOT. I love and care for our U.S. President Barack Hussein Obama, First Lady Michelle Obama and their daughters Sasha and Melia; I just do NOT support the wicked, evil agendas President Barack Obama is pushing; he's on the Devil, SATAN'S side. I'm on GOD'S SIDE. Amen.

Anyways, the hothead young Hispanic man was too busy hurling out insults in angry ranting trying to get me "worked up" so he thought I would engage and fight him and his two other homeboys. He was just being a blowhard and I know this set up. He was "looking for trouble" to act like some "tough guy" like a "real man" lol.

Throughout this whole ordeal that felt quite long though it was brief I only engaged by verbally speaking positive wordings to the group and didn't add "fuel to the fire" by letting my pride get the best of me and responding back like "Hey, don't you talk to me like that you *beep*, *beep*" or getting all mad and wanting to fight because he called me outside my name. No, it would have been an unwise decision if I had reacted to them in anger and wanted to fight with them.

Thing is, these lost, wayward teens (looked too young to be grown "adults") acting all "disrespectful and tough" like they're legit "gangbangers" was a joke in itself. They were nothing more than "young punks"; ignorant fools and mockeries of themselves (acting like they are tough "real men". lol),unfortunately. I couldn't take them serious at face-value. Smh... wannabes.

The young "shorty" who happened to be the "leader" I perceived was trying to make a dominance display of authority to his other two young "minions" (seems to me that the other two taller guys in black had sense to know that deep down they knew I was telling the truth to them that "gangs is not the right y'all. Just to jail, prison, death and destruction" and I'm sure that "deep down" they even know themselves that "gangbanging" is a dead end of NOTHING.) and young "Shorty" as I'll call him; walks up to my space for a distance throwing his hands up in fists in a boxing stance as he says "Wha- b*tch you think I'm playin'? I'm thrown down bigger fools than you p*ssy" and he goes on saying stuff like that in cursing as I stand still and tall in a semi-detached, calm gaze into his eyes; being weary of his actions. I'm like when he said he "beat down bigger guys than me" I said... "Well, it's believable..." and left it there.

I couldn't really engage and talk some sense into these guys as I would have really liked because like the lil' Shorty said "It goes in one ear and goes out the other". The other two guys in black clothing didn't really seem like they wanted to "go through with it" by "playing along" with the peer pressure of their Shorty leader. They like they "had more sense" and were kinda "backing out" of the situation but ol' Shorty's like trying oto "eg them on"... Smh at the sheer FOLLY of these kids... Amen.

These guys weren't about nothing but TROUBLE and they wanted to get into a fight or something to prove how "bad", "tough" and "manly" they are. And yeah, shoot, if a real fight was to go down it was going to be a "three-on-one" situation. Me against three punks.

Thing is, I wasn't at all concerned about being outnumbered in a fight. I already knew these jokers in a group were gonna fight me all at once trying to jump me. I won't go all into the details, but I've fought more than one person before and "won". Did this stuff since elementary school since "pretend-fighting" and life growing up but this was REAL.

Anyways, what's sad is I thought about the whole set up of the situation and the various outcomes that could have happened like this:

A) I speak back to pacify the situation in conflict de-escalation and resolution. Eventually figure out the young punks don't want to listen to reason and I peacefully leave from the scene. (Note: I chose and by His Grace fulfilled this outcome. Amen!)

B) Got angry back at these youngsters calling me a grown man a "p*ssy" and wanted to "assert myself" as a MAN! Either they feel the urge and momentum to "push back" and start the fight by rushing at me or me going at them. If I chose this option, I would hope they were the instigators and I could have picked them off one-by-one with a good sock to the head; I wouldn't have let these punks beat me up so they could earn themselves "street cred" like they're all "big 'n tough" with "big balls" and b.s. I don't know karate (though as a child growing up I was always interested in martial arts from watching shows like Dragon Ball, Dragon Ball Z, YuYuHakashu and others; but that's a story for another time, God-willing...) but like Chris Tucker once said "I know "KUH-RAZY"! It would be ugly but I know I would have won; fighting dirty if need be. I would really HATE an loathe myself losing to such small-minded buffoons, more than me DYING lol...

As a Christian I would have it on my heart how I "hurt" them physically and wouldn't feel right about it; but when push comes to shove I have an internal survival drive instinct that RUSHES adrenaline when I'm feeling like I'm gonna die; I have that DRIVE and I'm VERY PRIDEFUL and RUTHLESS. Would have been VERY UGLY (can promise you) cuz I might have killed one, two or all three of them... I don't want that on my conscience, even though I'm perfectly capable of killing people. That's not the kind life I've chosen or the kind of life I want. I want a GOOD LIFE... as Pastor Robert Morris calls it, "The BLESSED Life"...

I've chosen LIGHT and not "darkness".

If I was to be the criminal mastermind of my imagination of the Devil "courting" me in my mid-to-late teens I would have chosen and went all into the DARKNESS; but I chose LIGHT. I'm not able to make a "diminished" stained" legacy of "Gray". I chose WHITE for PURITY NOT the DARKNESS OF BLACK of EVIL or a mix 'n matched" destiny of "never being fully good or never being fully evil.

Just like how Anakin Skywalker of the fictional Sci-Fi Star Wars series was never a "true Jedi" of the "Light Side" or "true Sith" of the "Dark Side" as Darth Vader; Anakin just became a simple pawn used by the Emperor Palpatine to kill the Jedi and make him ruler. Anakin didn't really "fit in" as "true hero" or "true villain"; not even an "antihero" or a "tragic hero" just a "tragedy", really...

Anakin could have BEEN SOMEBODY, the GREATEST JEDI but he let his ANGER, his WRATH, his PRIDE; his SIN get the best of him and it utterly destroyed his life and countless other souls.

Yeah, even though the story of Anakin was just fiction the THEME of the story is what resonated with me.

I'm A LOT like Anakin. Hard past, great potential, same kind of anger, wrath, pride and "arrogance" issues; but I've recognized it in foresight by the Wisdom and Grace He bestowed upon me. Seeing the tragic FAILURE of Anakin REMINDED ME how I can be of a similar fate if I don't make wise decisions my own self and be amongst people of "good heart". A lot of users, manipulaters, schemers and deceivers out their trying to take advantage of young, inexperienced but promising, great potential youth... Even from old folks (i.e. "Palpatine"... oh yeah...)

Anyways, whether the trio of dudes beat me or I beat them, the result would be the same: NOBODY REALLY "WINS" A FIGHT. Lives are damaged or destroyed and then the police are called, ambulances rush, arrests are made, sent to jail, then after hanging there for a while, an eventual court date ... and sentencing...

I know how that system works... It only makes life HARDER than it has to be and I don't want to be the "sucker" for it. 'F' that!" as it's said!

Even if I "physically won" the fight God forbid I actually killed those kids and had to carry that on my heart... I know I could have gone all the way but  I would have been the FOOLISH, STUPID FOOL on MY PART killing some ignorant kids that don't know better; don't want to know better but I would be the ONE in the WRONG since I KNOW WHAT'S RIGHT but I CHOSE EVIL. I HATE THAT.

And I would have ended up in prison; stained reputation as a supposed "Christian" and having to explain to their parents I took their sons lives... Smh... I chose the right choice by HIS GRACE.

Wow... It's SO EASY to get into TROUBLE and RUIN YOUR WHOLE LIFE if you're not careful about what you say and do to people in your life...

Sometimes you're NOT even "looking for trouble" but TROUBLE FINDS YOU!

In fact, I don't even know if those young punks parents know of the kids' wandering the streets looking for trouble or if they're aware their kids are wanting to be little "gangbangers"; if their own parents aren't criminals themselves or even in their lives? The apple doesn't fall far from the tree.

Either way, looking beyond the natural plane of the situation I realized that GOD wants these young Hispanic men to be SAVED and grow up in HIS STATURE.

That angry, rebellious, lawless cursing and trash talking of the young Shorty could be transmuted as a red-hot fired up preaching preacher in CHRIST!

God could use their natural inclinations for HIS GLORY and for HIS GOOD if they were of the SPIRIT OF CHRIST...

Even after I walked away and Shorty's like "Yeah, walk away p*ssy!" as I threw my hands up with my Bible in a "What does it matter?" expression. I didn't look back or nothing but went on my way to bible study after that "temptation of the Devil".

When I got in Calvary Christian Center church, elder brother Pastor T.J. was teaching us the brethren about people in the church who "cause division contrary to the doctrine of Christ" and negative spirits and vibes people give off to distract and harm believers from seeking after and working for the Lord. Amen.

Now I'm minded of those young meddlesome punks from that study...

Even though this happened yesterday it's still in my mind to be CAUTIOUS. The young Shorty said to me "I'll be around and I'll get you sometime" so as self-aware as I usually am about my surroundings I'm mindful of cars driving by in case this punk may try to cause a stunk of a "drive-by shooting"...

I'm not at all "scared to lose my life" but I'm mindful of STAYING ALIVE for the RESPONSIBILITY I have towards GOD and the future of my FAMILY'S WELFARE...

GOD knows this and He knows I'm not about to get myself into a situation that is not of His Own Merit that could unwisely endanger my life doing something "stupid" and ending up dead.

I been to jail a couple (two [2]) times. I've done some things I should not have done... That I'm not proud of. Though, through it all, I learned my life lessons and I thank GOD I didn't do nothing too "drastically-serious" that could have forever altered my life... Also, got to meet many different people in jail and even was MINDFUL to be a "witness of Christ" to the people I met in jail (but that's a story for another time, God-willing...)

Smh... Houston is not place to "play around". People are lying, cheating, stealing and killing like there's NO TOMORROW! It's SIN CITY here!

Even like the case the made national headlines with the white woman killing her two daughters in front of their father, her husband; was something else WICKED and EVIL; a WHOLE LOT of stuff is also going on unreported... (*Prayers go out to the father and family...*)

Can't even finish...

Anyways, well, when I got home I had to get somewhere and PRAY thanking the Lord nothing bad happened and that the Lord would work in the hearts of those troubled, misguided and WAYWARD, AIMLESS young Hispanic men... No direction...

It was some FERVENT PRAYER last night unto the Lord.

Nothing more to say than I hope they can turn to the LORD and not be a tool of the Devil, Satan. Amen.

~ Sincerely,

Bro. Jed

Street Preachin' On A Hot, Humid, Houston, Texas Sunny Day!

Hello all, today, Thursday, June 30, 2016, I was led of the Lord by the Spirit to head out street preaching the Word of God (King James Version Holy Bible).

I had on my big black backpack, was carrying my green laptop bag case and was alternating between carrying my big, large-sized burgundy brown bible as I walked up Hoffman Street raising up the Word to be seen by people passing by in their vehicles.

When I got to the end of Hoffman Street at the Lyons Avenue cross street, I made a right turn walking and witnessing the Word on the edges of the sidewalk as people drove by in their vehicles.

I said to some people, "God LOVES you!" Repent, Lord Jesus Christ LOVES You!" or "God's calling you to Him; Trust on JESUS!" and so forth...

As has been usual reaction some people throw their hands up like "Hey, I know I get in, moving on..." as though they "get the message".

However, some people may be indeed sincere fellow believers who have waved their hands up as a salute or some such... Either way, I often ponder "who's real" and "who's just trying to pass me away" so they can get God out of their consciences?

Well, it has hot, smothering out, with the hot, warm gust of air hitting me in the face and in the body as though making me sweat a lot so I had to carry my blue face towel with me to wash my face and after I got to the library I put some soap on my blue face towel before washing my face towel with water and washing off my sweaty face and neck area.

Hmmm... yeah, it's truly all in the LORD'S HANDS. All I can do is witness His Word to the people and talk to people and so forth but I can't "force people" to accept Jesus and I will never "force myself" on people to turn to Jesus Christ for Salvation.

God wants people to COME TO HIM out of their own FREE WILL without being forced to believe on Him and love, serve, worship and OBEY Him. That's not "real love"; that's not "real respect". It's just people doing what they have to do so they don't get harmed but forcing people to do anything they don't' want to really do, is NEVER genuine.

If there's anything I REALLY HATE it's not genuine behaviour of love or respect. 

I'd rather be HATED than falsely "loved" by a bunch of people "playing me" pretending to be (my) "friends".

Screw that. I'd rather have ENEMIES, LOTS OF ENEMIES who HATE ME with a SINCERE HATRED than anyone trying to "pretend" they like/love me when they really don't. I truly have more respect for my "enemies" (self-professed or "secret") than any "so-called" people who call themselves "my friend". Really? God-willing, we'll see about that...

All I want is REAL people. If you HATE ME: great! If you LOVE ME: great! Either way, I'm cool with it; just don't you dare try to misrepresent yourself thinking you can fool me; I know this. lol You can fool everyone else like you're "cool with me" but I know differently. Amen...

If I don't call you out for who you really are it's really just because I'm being MERCIFUL as HE IS MERCIFUL; not because you deserve to be spared your "outing". It's only for YOUR OWN GOOD I don't "expose you" in public and/or for the whole world to see and hear; for I want the Lord to work in your heart, okay. Amen.

To get mercy you GIVE MERCY; if you are merciless you are expected NO MERCY in return... It works that simple.

Not even family or friends can hide their true intentions concerning me. I can tell the good and the bad. Who's for me AND who's against me. Amen.

~ Sincerely,

Bro. Jed

Saturday, June 25, 2016

"I'm A 'Good Person'"...

Well today, Saturday, June 25, 2016 I woke up to a late start this morning that I was hoping to wake up at 7:00a.m. and be at the library the time it opens on Saturdays at 6:00a.m.

The Devil, Satan I perceive and think was really putting some discouraging "thoughts" in my head to keep me from GOING OUT and being a witness of the Light of Christ to the people. I really HATE that hindrance but that's what he's always going to do; so I must always be in a FIGHTING SPIRITUAL WARFARE MINDSET whenever I am working on something to glorify God, and going out into the world soulwinning and evangelizing the lost...

Long story short, got up (late), got ready and headed out the door...

So on my way walking down Hoffman Street and at the time it was a bright, sunny morning joyous day and it was on my heart and I "thought" I heard God in the Spirit telling me to street-preach on my way to the library.

Well... not so, at least not at that time as just when I went to get out my large-sized burgundy bible the and began street-preaching a little in "warm up" the Spirit of the Lord said, "Not now at this time, but later..." so I put up my bible and walked on up Hillsboro Street on the sidewalk then at the cross-intersection of Hillsboro Street and Kress Street I made right turn onto Kress Street on the sidewalk as I finally made my way to the library...

Just when I thought it was going to be a "sunny day", on my way walking up Kress Street I noticed the dark gloominess of the sky and anticipated it to rain later but didn't know when. That's the thing about this "Texas weather" it may be subject to changes often and can go from dark, gloomy and storming rainy weather; then all of a sudden subside and change back to "sunny weather" while it's still raining and you could cross from one side of the sky being dark, gloomy and raining while walking on over to the other side, the land is dry, the sun is out sunny and there's no gloomy, dark purplish, gray clouds, but light blue sky and sunny sun.

In fact, as I'm typing this, just looking out the window the "SUN HAS ARRIVED!" just like it was never "raining" in the short rain spell that was going on a little while ago. The dark gray clouds have passed on and now lighter coloured blue clouds are now in the sky for it to be so "light" and "sunny" now from the dark aftermath.

Anyways, at the library, as I walked in, a black man walked out from the men's restroom and I was just halfway across the hallway (it was raining outside at the time). He's like "Aww, man!" cuz it was raining outside and he didn't have no umbrella or anything to shield himself from the rain, just his shirt on.

I just kept on walking into the librar and I think he may have gone out or not but later on as I got ready to work on here in the library and get my laptop computer and "work station" setup I went over to the library computers and saw two black men at the computers.

The black man I saw was from earlier and we say "Hey" and nod on heads on our business.

The Spirit spoke to me and said "Give him that gospel tract. It's for him"; so this time as I got ready 'cause I did not want to miss this opportunity" I walked on back to the man; praying behind a bookshelf row for the black man to receive the gospel tract and as I approached him I said "Felt led to give you this..." and walked on back to my place as he said "Al'right, thanks man..." and that was the end of it.

The gospel tract I gave him was that "Freedom League Tract" called "I'm A Good Person".

Well, in God's Sight I'm only a "good person" through CHRIST and not of my own. Amen.

~ Sincerely,

Bro. Jed

Saturday, June 18, 2016

En Route By The Spirit To The Library...

Today, Saturday, June 18, 2016, I had a late start from what I intended to do this morning; however, the Lord Jesus Christ revealed to me in the SPIRIT that He wanted me to street-preach today so just when I walked out the door from home and walked a little distance from the house I had to walk on back and pick up my large bible to evangelize with.

So... on the way walking down Hoffman Street I uplifted His Word in my hands up to the people passing by in their vehicles.

I perceive some people saw, acknowledged saying "Yeah, okay I got it" as though they may know they need to TURN TO GOD and not quite saying if they actually did yet...

Down from Hoffman Street up to Lyons Avenue I turned left on the side walk of Lyons Avenue and held up in His Word for the people to see saying "Jesus Christ LOVES you!", "God LOVES you!". "God is calling out for you to be saved." and in such manner I exhorted to the people as I was able to speak as I saw people driving in their vehicles with their windows "rolled down".

A lot of people seem as though they may have been convicted in their spirit to REPENT so it's in God's Hands for people to be brought to repentance.

I'm thinking and feeling God's gonna work out something great I the patience of due time. There's a lot of work to do...

Also, one thing I've noticed as I've walked the streets of Denver Harbor, Houston, Texas is that when I'm not street-preaching but walking about my daily business people notice me as they drive by in the vehicles looking in my direction. Because I know they're looking at me I look back at them through the windows of their vehicles cuz I know people "know me" and are witness of my taking a stand for Christ. I have to keep a good, solid testimony of not steeping into sin since people are WATCHING...

God's spoken in my heart that since most of the time I am not "caught off guard" by people since I'm usually situationally-alert and self-aware throughout life; God has told me to directly "look in the direction of people" I know are looking back at me, since He wants them to look at me as a "sign" leading them to repentance in their memory and their mind.

Although I can "sense" people are watching me from a distance as I walk forth and can see in a sideways glance of my peripheral vision that people are seeing me I don't turn my head to face them looking their direction so they can't tell if I notice them as well; so they may think I don't notice them when I do. Amen.

Well, God-willing, I know God is working through on something as I do my best to stay walking in His Spirit.

May the Lord Jesus Christ BLESS YOU in your "Spirit Walk" as well. Amen!

~ Sincerely,

Bro. Jed

Thursday, June 16, 2016

Pondering Some Thoughts While Walking At The Park...

A lot of good stuff happened today... but I'll keep it simple. God wants all people o be SAVED.

It's really becoming serious and so plain to see how SHORT and ETERNAL our lives will amount to after we leave this earth to spend eternity in HEAVEN or eternity in HELL...

Very sobering...

Was thinking about a videogame I played back when I was a teen called "Jak 3"; God-willing, will share an article I've been working on in time on it...

So yeah, life's short; but GOD has ETERNAL PURPOSE for our lives...

Also, saw this young Hispanic couple as I was getting reading to go into the library early this evening around 3:30p.m.

Perhaps "boyfriend-girlfriend" deal; I looked at the young man FIRST and then the saw the young woman in my peripheral vision. lol She wanted me to LOOK AT HER knowing she already has a boyfriend but I read that sneaky setup of hers... You don't know me woman and you're already about to ditch your (current) man for a "trade up" you perceive? We may have NOTHING in common (I'm sure we don't. You won't like me as *ME*. lol) and if I wanted to be with a woman, I would. NOT YOU though. Amen.

lol Yeah, she pouted her lips in angsty resentment and glued her eyes back to her smartphone when he realized I wasn't playing her little game. Went from "attraction" to "ignoring" pretty quick. Just shows her intents weren't pure or genuine or even about CARING ABOUT ME as well. Just thinking of using me her own selfish agenda. It wasn't pure. Just like how I could think of sleeping around with random women; but I like a "connection" first than all the hedonistic passions to consider.

As a young single man; a man PERIOD looks at the MAN FIRST before he ever (if he does) look at the woman. This is KEY.

The lustful, hypergamous instincts of the woman may stir up wicked, ungodly thoughts of "trading up" on one man for another man and can cause a strife, conflict or a fight between the single man coming across a "couple" (married or not).

That's why as a young, handsome black man I don't like to be in the presence of "married people" for too long to avoid causing any contentious envy, conflict and strife between the man and woman.

If you're a young man like me reading this you look at the MAN; don't be fooling around looking at a woman who is not yours; even if she's "showing signs" like she'll betray her current "lover" and get with you. It's nasty. I don't like being put in that place of projection from women already in relationships: stay committed to your man! I'm single. Amen!

God-willing, more on this in the future as the Lord gives me utterance... Amen.

~ Sincerely,

Bro. Jed

Two Souls At Cliff Tuttle Park...

Yesterday, on Wednesday, June 15, 2016, during the little "lunch break" I took after I left from the library... The Lord stirred me in the Spirit to give the Hispanic man I saw working on his bike that evening under the green-roofed gazebo  one of the illustrated lists" of Christian, King James Bible-believing Christian Websites.

I just walked over to the Hispanic man and said, "Here's what God wants you to have" and walked on away from him and he received it.

After that, I saw a black man I saw and knew earlier sitting at the library table I was working on my laptop from and he was sitting at the brown wooded bench (I usually hang out at for breaks) at 6:15p.m.; casually browsing through his smartphone.

I just said, "Hey man, here's some things you should check out whenever you want to" as I handed him the last of two illustrated Christian, King James Bible-believing Christian Websites paper lists; the Lord gave me to give out.

The list of Christian, King James Bible-believing Christian Websites I listed are as follows:














And after that, walked on home feeling good that perhaps God will work in the two men's hearts to turn to HIM for His TRUTH. Amen.

~ Sincerely,

Bro. Jed 

Tuesday, June 14, 2016

A Contentious Struggle Of OBEDIENCE!

Today, this Tuesday, June 14, 2016 I woke up tired and didn't want to even get out of bed.

Really crappy start, but went about getting what had to be done...

Yeah, the SAME DAY I was tired and didn't really "give a care" about preaching: Guess what? GOD SAYS "I want you to go street-preaching today"...

Shoot, yeah of ALL TIME when I FEEL LIKE preaching, the Holy Spirit often tells me "No, not today. Let this be a day of rest (for the people meaning...)

I was really an "a-hole" today and didn't want to be bothered and pestered with people. Quit LOOKING at me! Proceeds to curse relentlessly in mind and walks around all "calm and quiet" but raging inside...

Just LEAVE ME ALONE people. Just LEAVE ME THE *F* ALONE... Okay? Good then. Amen.

I did much better today than cursing and arguing at God, I thank God He gave me the "Grace of Mind" not to throw down and throw around His Word on the ground; like I used to do in frustration. A little better; but don't really matter or count.

Anyways, a struggle sitting down outside a church building and debated cursing and "talking back" at the people who drove by in their vehicles as I watched them with cursing under my breath in whisperings. Then as I walked with the Bible held in my hands and preached the Word down Glenarm Street and walked to the end of Glenarm onto Kress Street and street-preached His Word until I came by an older Hispanic man's house sitting in his chair saying "Come tell me"; so yeah, this time I actually talked to someone instead of just handing over a gospel tract.

So, walked over and talked to this man. Actually shared the Gospel of Jesus Christ reading from the Scripture of KJV 1 Corinthians 15:1-4; he's like "C'mon, c'mon because I was like half-tired and didn't want to go through it; but for His Sake and because it was only a "one time thing" I did it.

After that the Hispanic man seemed to be good in the spirit of "Yeah, I understand it". I hope this man was a believer. I asked him "Do you go to a church?", he said "Yeah, I do..." and mumbled on an on and I listened cuz it was the right approach to do at the moment.

The older Hispanic man seemed alright; just going through something. Says he has no wife (or kids) and such; just "taking it easy" today. Didn't quite completely understand him of what he was saying so I just nodded "Yeah..." lol. Anyways, said I'd keep him in my prayers, told him God has a Purpose or Mission for us all and as the natural flow of conversation passed on I could tell it was time to go so I said, "Well, I'm about to head out to the library; so I'll keep you in prayers. Alright, bye." and I left.

Later on preaching all the way down Kress street, looking at the people "drive by" in the vehicles; so like they're serious and may be believers of God; that's good; I don't care anymore for sincerity; that's between them and GOD.

Yeah, I'm a REALLY UNGRATELY, UNAPPRECIATE reluctant "servant" of God at times like TODAY: didn't really want to street-preach today because I did not FEEL LIKE IT.

Other than that, yeah, so this young Hispanic man pulled over in his red car as I approached closer to Lyons Avenue. I've met him before in the library. May God Almighty, Lord Jesus Christ BLESS this young man. He didn't have to, but he stopped his red car to the side and because it was a hot, humid, sunny Texas day in this smothering penetrating heat he asked if I was suffering through "heatstroke" as I walked and held up the Bible.

I'm not sure if he's seen me out like this before but if he didn't he was AT LEAST CONCERNED, CARING and CONSIDERATE enough to check out and see if I was okay or not. May God BLESS people like him.

Far as I'm concerned I don't "respect" people out of a whim; he earned my respect because he went the "extra mile" when other people who "drove by" perhaps were not even thinking through the possibilities of what could have been going on. I'll watch out for people like him; if I feel like doing "unexpected" favours.

Yeah, I'm the type it's best to be an ALLY with than ME being YOUR ENEMY. It's certainly NOT PLEASANT.

Consider it a "bonus". Every now and then an unexpected "help" then I "disappear" out of your life as I please.

I don't care if you like me or NOT just do NOT bother or INCONVENIENCE my life, okay? I don't go out of my way to pester and annoy people in life because I do NOT want to be bothered by other people.

Yeah, I help out my fellow man and do all that good stuff; just don't "mess with me".

I can hold my temper quite well; very sneaky, conniving and even if I don't "do anything" there is this EVIL aura of uncomfortableness and uneasiness VERY HEAVY you will NOT LIKE; if you cross me wrongly. Not advised.

I won't attack, assault or "kill" someone provoked or unprovoked because I don't want to "throw my life away" of what I can do sitting in a concrete box. I'll be EMBARASSED and HUMILIATED publicly to SUFFER IT TO BE SO; but do NOT think it's all "easy"...

I only pity these hardhearted scumbags and "evil people" of society because I KNOW I AM SAVED and if these poor, ignorant fools die in their sins they are automatically ending up in HELL. As a result, I'm empathetic for them because it's HOPELESS for them without JESUS and I KNOW THIS; as any born again believer does. My life can "go to hell" in a handbasket but in the end, EVEN IF I die a "loser" on earth in the world's eyes" I'll be in HEAVEN and the majority of the poor unsaved souls on earth will end up in HELL unfortunately.

Yadayada, these last few days ago a lot of AWFUL acts of violence have occurred the most latest national incidents being the murder of The Voice cast singer contestant "Christina Grimmie" who was killed by an evil man who went out of his way to murder the young, beautiful-looking white woman.

Really, TRULY sad a precious soul taken by such an wicked act of senseless violence. If anything I "live and let live" but this guy (the killer) went out of his way to PURPOSELY kill this young 22 year-old white woman.

I really feel for the late Christina's older brother Marcus who stepped in and tackled the killer to the ground who then took his own life by gunshot. Marcus did what he could to save his little sister's life. My prayers go out to their family...

... After this happened, upon Sunday morning on Sunday, June 12, 2016, the man "Omar Mateen" went on a shooting spree at a gay nightclub called the "Pulse" in Orlando, Florida; completely out of the blue.

Fifty souls were killed (including Mateen) and fifty-three (53) people were injured to be helped at hospitals...

God does NOT want all this violence and chaos to occur. GOD wants all men to be SAVED and not that ANY SOUL should perish. The ONLY exception to this rule is the "Son of Perdition" called the ANTICHRIST.

Regardless of the intents and motives of these two men who murdered these innocent people just going about living their lives; is that people who want to KILL, STEAL and DESTROY as their father the Devil, Satan, will do just that; no matter what.

Only GOD can stop them. It's a "heart thing".

Although I believe certain types of guns should not be "accessible to people under criminal histories" in forms of "gun control" in regards to civilians in civilian life; the fact will ALWAYS be that if someone wants to HURT or KILL someone, they will FIND and MAKE A WAY.

It's about the HEART of an individual.

Lord Jesus Christ Himself said out of the HEART of man proceeded good and evil. A good man is a good tree. An evil man is a corrupt tree.

It's what's INSIDE a person that causes that to be expressed out externally of GOOD or EVIL. Amen.

~ Sincerely,

Bro. Jed

Friday, June 10, 2016

The SIN and the BLOOD...

Two days back now ago it was a Wednesday night Bible Study at Calvary Christian church on Wednesday, June 8, 2016 that I heard a word of the Lord from elder brother Pastor T.J. ...

Elder brother Pastor T.J. was teaching on the CROSS of JESUS at CALVARY and He asked the few of us brethren in the nightly congregation the question: "What do you think Jesus took off us when He died on the Cross at Calvary?"

At first I though I know and said "death", Pastor T.J. said "No" and asked another brother and a few sisters and then I forgot who said it first but then someone said "SIN" and that was one answered part of Pastor T.J.'s question.

Then this was the tricky part because Pastor T.J. already mentioned "sin" and taught on it and then he said, "What else?" I'm like "Huh? Well, Law?" He's like "No, someone else..." and eventually someone else said "SINS..."

It was a "one-letter difference" and it made sense. See, SIN is meant for every natural-born human-being birthed into life from the womb. All humanity is BORN INTO SIN so we are already affected by the Original Sin Curse of Adam and Eve; then the aspect of SINS is for when we "sinners" go about our lives in commiting sin and it accumulates over the course of our lives like one giant "sin footprint" if you will that God keeps in account.

Since believers are SAVED by GRACE through FAITH on the Son of God, Lord JESUS CHRIST we are cleansed, forgiven and REDEEMED of our inherent "sin nature" from birth and the individual sins we make in our lives.

Now unto the second part of the lesson... elder brother Pastor T.J. taught us about the importance of the... BLOOD!

Pastor T.J. asked, "What is important about blood?" meaning he was talking of how Aaron and the "Aaronic Priesthood" in the Olden Day of Moses sacrificed animals like lambs, bullocks and goats in blood sacrifice offerings for sin.

I got the first half right this time by answering "life" and a young Hispanic sister in Christ answered the second part right by answering the opposite "death".

And it was so that by the BLOOD of JESUS we are cleansed of our SINS ETERNALLY because Christ is our Perfect, Pure, Holy, ETERNAL High Priest Who offered Himself up for only ONE TIME that was needed to redeem all humanity from the curse of the Law and SIN BEING the "LAMB of God" and so SAVES all people who TRUST on HIS HOLY NAME. Amen!


Alright, so on a later note that day after bible study, this time I was led of the Lord in the Spirit who told me it was "okay" to witness His Word to the people as I held up my burgundy reddish-brown bible in my hands to passing cars and vehicles driving on Kress Street that night.

A lot of people I could tell may have seen me before street-preaching and witnessing up the Word and were just at "strife" within their hearts and consciences, peradventure GOD already revealed Himself to them; but they don't want to acknowledge and TURN TO JESUS in REPENTANCE.

Just like earlier that day coming from the library I saw these two Hispanic men; one older and one younger but still "young men" by today's terms. The "younger-looking" Hispanic man was drinking some beer (alcohol) as he was crossing Kress Street and the older man behind him following behind with his cool black shade sunglasses looked at me in intrigue, anger and "frustration" like they KNOW GOD revealed Himself to them and that they should turn to GOD and DO RIGHT and not go about life out of their own personal free will like they've been "living by their own rules and ignoring God the whole time" kind of mindset.

Yeah, I could kind of sense that was what was going on, but I didn't really have to say anything to either men of the time as I was just "passing through" and the Lord did not "put anything on my heart to speak" so I kept peace and walked on, nodded "yeah, hey man..." and moved on about my business going home.

It's something when you GO OUT PUBLICLY and WITNESS JESUS CHRIST that people REMEMBER YOU and depending on how you live your live in accordance to GOD'S WILL that can be to YOUR BENEFIT or YOUR DETRIMENT.

I have a good testimony going on right now it seems as people "shrug" looking at me like they need to "get right with God" so I CANNOT go into SIN and screw things up... By HIS GRACE I'll continue without REPROACH even though personal persecution and affliction can happen in time... Amen.

~ Sincerely,

Bro. Jed.

Tuesday, June 7, 2016

The Gospel Of Jesus Christ PRESENTED To the Blond-Brownish Hair Color-Dyed Young Hispanic Woman At Cliff Tuttle Park

On Tuesday, May 31, 2016 around 1:50p.m. I witnessed Christ to a young Hispanic woman outside at Cliff Tuttle Park by the library by handing her a "Jesus Christ LOVES You!" Gospel of Jesus Christ (KJV 1 Corinthians 15:1-4) gospel tract.

She was sitting down at the bench talking on the phone and she had blond-brown color-dyed hair and wore a black and white shirt with the words "Orlando and Florida" on the back of her shirt. She also wore black and white pants with white tennis shoes. Amen.

Finishing The Course...

On Wednesday, May 25, 2016, as I left out the house this evening at 7:25p.m. to be at Calvary Christian Center Church for 7:30p.m. Bible Study I was led of the SPIRIT of the Lord to witness the Word of God to the people holding up my large burgundy brown Bible in my hands as I witnessed up Hillsboro Street.

Elder sister W. in Christ drove by in her red Toyota Camry car with my great aunt inside and since they pulled over and waited for me to "catch a ride" I swiftly "hopped on in" and we drove to church.

At church elder brother Pastor T.J. was teaching on the importance of "finishing our course in Christ" while we remaineth here on earth.

Pastor T.J. preached on KJV Hebrews 12:1 and elaborated and exhorted on how we face a "cloud of witnesses in Heaven" and a "cloud of witnesses on earth" in our daily Christian Walk of Life.

KJV Hebrews 12:1-2,

12Wherefore seeing we also are compassed about with so great a cloud of witnesses, let us lay aside every weight, and the sin which doth so easily beset us, and let us run with patience the race that is set before us,

2 Looking unto Jesus the author and finisher of our faith; who for the joy that was set before him endured the cross, despising the shame, and is set down at the right hand of the throne of God.

People are WATCHING and OBSERVING the "good and bad" behaviour of Christians and may (will) call out any bad, negative, "non-Christ-like" behaviour and inconsistent discrepancies they notice of you.

For instance think of all the great men and women of FAITH in God's Word: Noah, Abraham, Sarah, Jacob, Ruth, Naomi, Samuel, David, Jeremiah, Daniel, Paul and so many great men and women of God who went through and ultimately overcame their earthly struggles and hardships by the Grace of God.

Nowadays in comparison, we can think the "problems", "challenges" and "issues" in our lives are bad but we are mostly COMPLAINING; it's not like most modern-day Christians are "stoned to death"; thrown in fiery pits; "poisoned on remote islands like John" and "thrown into lion's dens"...

It's like all the people in Heaven are literally "looking down" at us modern Christians and our "troubles" and "shrugging" "Please, you think you have it bad, you have no idea what I went through".

Most modern Christians today (including myself) face very "light affliction" in comparison to what our ancient elder brothers and sisters faced in Days of Old.

We usually have it "easy" but we don't think it such. Amen.

Although Pastor T.J. couldn't find the Scripture verse at the moment he wanted us to find and read about "wearing out" was in KJV Daniel 7:25 about the actions of the Antichrist.

KJV Daniel 7:25, And he shall speak great words against the most High, and shall wear out the saints of the most High, and think to change times and laws: and they shall be given into his hand until a time and times and the dividing of time.

Crowds of people will give social PRESSURE to do well and encourage your or may cause you to be discouraged and "give up" in the social fear.

Pastor T.J. encourages the brethren to STAND FAST and FINISH OUR COURSE of serving Christ before we meet our Lord. Amen.

A Brief Spontaneous "Piggly Wiggly" Surprise...

It's been a great while since I've had good opportunity to be able to give someone one of my handwritten " Jesus Christ LOVES ...