Thursday, June 30, 2016

Street Preachin' On A Hot, Humid, Houston, Texas Sunny Day!

Hello all, today, Thursday, June 30, 2016, I was led of the Lord by the Spirit to head out street preaching the Word of God (King James Version Holy Bible).

I had on my big black backpack, was carrying my green laptop bag case and was alternating between carrying my big, large-sized burgundy brown bible as I walked up Hoffman Street raising up the Word to be seen by people passing by in their vehicles.

When I got to the end of Hoffman Street at the Lyons Avenue cross street, I made a right turn walking and witnessing the Word on the edges of the sidewalk as people drove by in their vehicles.

I said to some people, "God LOVES you!" Repent, Lord Jesus Christ LOVES You!" or "God's calling you to Him; Trust on JESUS!" and so forth...

As has been usual reaction some people throw their hands up like "Hey, I know I get in, moving on..." as though they "get the message".

However, some people may be indeed sincere fellow believers who have waved their hands up as a salute or some such... Either way, I often ponder "who's real" and "who's just trying to pass me away" so they can get God out of their consciences?

Well, it has hot, smothering out, with the hot, warm gust of air hitting me in the face and in the body as though making me sweat a lot so I had to carry my blue face towel with me to wash my face and after I got to the library I put some soap on my blue face towel before washing my face towel with water and washing off my sweaty face and neck area.

Hmmm... yeah, it's truly all in the LORD'S HANDS. All I can do is witness His Word to the people and talk to people and so forth but I can't "force people" to accept Jesus and I will never "force myself" on people to turn to Jesus Christ for Salvation.

God wants people to COME TO HIM out of their own FREE WILL without being forced to believe on Him and love, serve, worship and OBEY Him. That's not "real love"; that's not "real respect". It's just people doing what they have to do so they don't get harmed but forcing people to do anything they don't' want to really do, is NEVER genuine.

If there's anything I REALLY HATE it's not genuine behaviour of love or respect. 

I'd rather be HATED than falsely "loved" by a bunch of people "playing me" pretending to be (my) "friends".

Screw that. I'd rather have ENEMIES, LOTS OF ENEMIES who HATE ME with a SINCERE HATRED than anyone trying to "pretend" they like/love me when they really don't. I truly have more respect for my "enemies" (self-professed or "secret") than any "so-called" people who call themselves "my friend". Really? God-willing, we'll see about that...

All I want is REAL people. If you HATE ME: great! If you LOVE ME: great! Either way, I'm cool with it; just don't you dare try to misrepresent yourself thinking you can fool me; I know this. lol You can fool everyone else like you're "cool with me" but I know differently. Amen...

If I don't call you out for who you really are it's really just because I'm being MERCIFUL as HE IS MERCIFUL; not because you deserve to be spared your "outing". It's only for YOUR OWN GOOD I don't "expose you" in public and/or for the whole world to see and hear; for I want the Lord to work in your heart, okay. Amen.

To get mercy you GIVE MERCY; if you are merciless you are expected NO MERCY in return... It works that simple.

Not even family or friends can hide their true intentions concerning me. I can tell the good and the bad. Who's for me AND who's against me. Amen.

~ Sincerely,

Bro. Jed

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