Thursday, June 16, 2016

Pondering Some Thoughts While Walking At The Park...

A lot of good stuff happened today... but I'll keep it simple. God wants all people o be SAVED.

It's really becoming serious and so plain to see how SHORT and ETERNAL our lives will amount to after we leave this earth to spend eternity in HEAVEN or eternity in HELL...

Very sobering...

Was thinking about a videogame I played back when I was a teen called "Jak 3"; God-willing, will share an article I've been working on in time on it...

So yeah, life's short; but GOD has ETERNAL PURPOSE for our lives...

Also, saw this young Hispanic couple as I was getting reading to go into the library early this evening around 3:30p.m.

Perhaps "boyfriend-girlfriend" deal; I looked at the young man FIRST and then the saw the young woman in my peripheral vision. lol She wanted me to LOOK AT HER knowing she already has a boyfriend but I read that sneaky setup of hers... You don't know me woman and you're already about to ditch your (current) man for a "trade up" you perceive? We may have NOTHING in common (I'm sure we don't. You won't like me as *ME*. lol) and if I wanted to be with a woman, I would. NOT YOU though. Amen.

lol Yeah, she pouted her lips in angsty resentment and glued her eyes back to her smartphone when he realized I wasn't playing her little game. Went from "attraction" to "ignoring" pretty quick. Just shows her intents weren't pure or genuine or even about CARING ABOUT ME as well. Just thinking of using me her own selfish agenda. It wasn't pure. Just like how I could think of sleeping around with random women; but I like a "connection" first than all the hedonistic passions to consider.

As a young single man; a man PERIOD looks at the MAN FIRST before he ever (if he does) look at the woman. This is KEY.

The lustful, hypergamous instincts of the woman may stir up wicked, ungodly thoughts of "trading up" on one man for another man and can cause a strife, conflict or a fight between the single man coming across a "couple" (married or not).

That's why as a young, handsome black man I don't like to be in the presence of "married people" for too long to avoid causing any contentious envy, conflict and strife between the man and woman.

If you're a young man like me reading this you look at the MAN; don't be fooling around looking at a woman who is not yours; even if she's "showing signs" like she'll betray her current "lover" and get with you. It's nasty. I don't like being put in that place of projection from women already in relationships: stay committed to your man! I'm single. Amen!

God-willing, more on this in the future as the Lord gives me utterance... Amen.

~ Sincerely,

Bro. Jed

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