Wednesday, July 27, 2016

A Calm, Gloomy Day Walking After The Storm...

Okay, okay, okay.... Alrighty, alrighty, alrighty... This Wednesday, July 27, 2016, after it rained pretty much half the day since the morning around 10:00a.m. and then subsided - flash forward later this evening I was led of the Lord by the Spirit to go to the library to return a book and minister online as well as finish a few tasks...

I walked on Hoffman Street, then Lyons Avenue as I crossed over Lyons to be on Shotwell Street taking a right.

Walking by on Shotwell I passed by Fiesta, the Hispanic grocery chain store.

Now I was walking on the roadside that splits into East Freeway on my way to the library on the backside on the middle neighborhood community. On my way up, I came by the local "Ice Box" hangout bar people frequent and saw this elder Hispanic man standing outside reclining his hands and body against one of the wooden beams of the place. He's all out smoking and enjoying the cool air and before I even prayed about it, I was ready and anticipated by the Lord's Spirit to walk over and give him the "Jesus Christ LOVES You!" gospel tract I had in my black jacket's left pocket. So I did so; graciously the elder Hispanic man just accepted it and took it out from my hand and we didn't even exchange words. I think the time was around 3:50p.m.

May God be GLORIFIED! Amen!

Also, yeah... I'm "itching" to get a few more things off my chest, about life, women and people in general... Especially in this WICKED, EVIL, DEAD, GOD-FORSAKEN Western Society!

It's not that God has forsaken us but rather WE HAVE FORSAKEN HIM in this country! Amen!

Well, God-willing, more on this later... Amen.

~ Sincerely,

Bro. Jed

Thursday, July 21, 2016

The Mind Of A Street Preacher: Life, Women And Personal Circumstances...

On Wednesday, July 20, 1016, I street-preached His Word (King James Version Holy Bible [KJV]) walking down the right opposite side on Kress Street across from the library walking up to Hershe Street where the Lord told me, "You may stop at Hershe Street nearby Calvary Christian Center Church"...

After that, went home, then went out to Wednesday night bible study at church... Good day.

Now onto my "daily rant" going on inside my head:

I get a lot of looks from women, when out in the public view. Most of the time, it's angry, resentful, MEAN-LOOKING snarls and frowns. VERY unattractive in my response to their displays. I absolutely HATE those looks but I don't get all into an "emotional fuss" about it as I'm normally a calm "emotionally-detached" person when dealing with people in social situations.

I hate when women who may be attracted to me look at me with those angry "mean-looking" looks because that's just telling me they don't really "love" or "care about me" as a person to begin with; let alone an actual relationship? Please... lol... the only WOMAN a man knows that would "love him" in life (besides a *good* Christian wife) is almost ALWAYS his own (birth) mother and/or grandmother. Besides those two, there's no "real" actual love" of women towards men. But the opposite is (usually) true: men often show sincere love and concern towards women before women do.

That's why MEN are the LEADERS, PROTECTORS and PROVIDERS of society. The MEN RUN THINGS and keep civilization going. Women are the NUTURERS and CARETAKERS of society's children,the sick and the elderly. Women MAINTAIN and UPKEEP the ESTABLISHMENT of SOCIETY that is ALWAYS ESTABLISHED by the MEN, NOT the women.

Now then, since I don't return the favor to these "mean-looking" "stuck up" young women of my peer age group by "looking all mean and angry" as an emotionally immature person, my face and visage usually looks calm, chill, cool and open in a default normal, neutral facial expression. I look APPROACHABLE. I look FRIENDLY (most of the time I hope, lol. I do try to be a "friendly good person" on purpose. The only time I'm really looking angry or upset is if I'm going through some serious "personal drama" with family and/or "friends". I'm no "menace to society". :P).

I read, understand and know people's hidden emotions and feelings VERY WELL. I'm very empathetic. I suppose that's why I also have the "spiritual gift" of "DISCERNMENT OF SPIRITS"; I can tell who's about something "good" or if someone is coming out of a "bad place" of BAD MOTIVES... Oh yeah... Also...

That's a good life lesson fellow young people: if the person of the opposite sex who looks at you with angry-looking mean eyes in hopes to be with you; you already know that's NOT LOVE but IMMATURE, SELFISH, SELF-CENTERED, SELF-SERVING INFATUATION and/or ATTRACTION but it's certainly NOT LOVE to begin with lol. I've experienced this TOO FAR ENOUGH in my own personal life to be sure on this one at least.

Whatever anyone wants to call it (I know better) it's NOT "PURE" emotion out of a "good place" it's a personal AGENDA from the PROJECTOR...

If someone is "REALLY ABOUT LOVE", people will know because we live in an "unlovable world".

Look at this mess, I got it in my email from some "secret admirer" lol. More like a SECRET DEVIL trying to MESS ME UP! Amen!

Here below:

Hey... ok this is hard for me because I have never done anything like this.. but I have a huge crush on you. I have never been able to tell you for reasons which you would quickly identify as obvious if you knew who this was.

To help you guess who I am I made a few pictures and videos with your name written on my body. They're kind of risque photos so I had to make a profile at Sex Voyager [Click to open external URL] and post them there. My username in the members area is "HereWeGo2016" (It's a free website but they use debit or credit card to verify your age. I had to do it too... Annoying but whatever.)

But anyway sign up at Sex Voyager [Click to open external URL] and once you are inside search for "HereWeGo2016". I want you to guess who I am and then approach me yourself. I'm shy and this is the bravest thing I've probably ever done, but you need to do the rest.

Secret Admirer?
haha. Bye
Yeah, all this spam crap mess... I don't buy it. If you're a young man reading this, and get this kind of messages in your personal email, block, report and DELETE this trash where it belongs: TRASH!

Also, I also hate when women (who are trying to "flirt with me" since I'm not flirting with them or even caring to anyway) flirt with me when THEY ARE ALREADY WITH THEIR BOYFRIED AND/OR HUSBAND to begin with... I don't entertain them. It's not for my own good. Very WICKED, EVIL, selfish, discourteous tricky ground THEY are MAKING ME HAVE TO MANUEVER (they are already telling me they don't care for me as a HUMAN-BEING to begin with anyway in the same way I would care towards someone; but just trying to USE ME for THEIR BENEFIT!) so I don't unintentionally incidentally get into a misunderstanding potential angry altercation with their boyfriend and/or husband since I have nothing to do with these people! Just a random stranger in the crowd passing through life, but then these sleazy, lowdown women try to snare me like a tare into their "messes". Really HATE that drama. That already checks the women off my list if I was to even want to consider them as a "possible relationship" lol. To get into a fight with some random guy who's already with this woman and he's thinking I'm trying to steal his girl and I don't even want to be with his woman but she's COMING ON TO ME and MAKING ME LOOK BAD when I'm IN THE RIGHT and SHE IS IN THE WRONG since I'm not flirting and trying to be with women in relationships, ESPECIALLY MARRIED WOMEN! Really HATE the social flack and crap I have to deal with on a daily people because of other people's IGNORANCE and STUPIDITY!

(Married) men reading this: I'm NOT after anyone's woman; let alone a MARRIED WOMAN gents and people. I'm not after your woman, I'm on your side. If I was to go for some woman that piqued my interest she would already be EXCLUSIVELY single as well to begin with. And I hate dealing with liars.

Don't even look at me you single mothers with kids out of wedlock; I'm not the father of your children; so please do NOT "push your mess" unto me.

Rather, be MARRIED and try to make a life with the man YOU CHOSE TO SLEEP WITH and quit bringing everyone else into YOUR OWN MESS because of YOUR OWN BAD CHOICES.

I love you in Christ as I LOVE everyone as all Christians should. And ALL PEOPLE should ideally LOVE EVERYONE as well; but I'm not going to "cut you some slack" for you pushing on your responsibilities to everyone else but YOURSELF.

I have my own responsibilities.

As an ADULT you DEAL WITH YOUR OWN RESPONSIBILITIES as well. If the father of your children is still alive and living he has a responsibility; a DUTY to take care of his children and the mother of his children. So if he means to do well and you're "blocking his entrance" that's then ON YOU and NOT HIM. If the father of your (bastard) children is a "dead-beat dad" you give him over to the LORD in PRAYER and let GOD rebuke and deal with him; but other than the father of your children being in the wrong if the father of your children is actually meaning to do the "right thing" and your willingly and wrongfully "fight against" him; YOU ARE THE ONE AT FAULT. Not him.

Any good, decent man wants to take care of his own flesh 'n blood children and his family.

Really hate people's "false pretenses"; makes me more MAD and ANGRY than anything else; when society makes me LOOK LIKE THE BAD, IGNORANT YOUNG THUG N*GGA when it's anything else. If ONLY they were in MY SHOES they would know I'm speaking TRUTH! Amen!

Anyways, there was this one time in the library here in Denver Harbor this young Hispanic couple, perhaps boyfriend and girlfriend show up as I'm working ministering online and getting a few tasks done and so this young Hispanic woman is over there "exchanging me glances" like she's trying to flirt with me, but she realizes I'm not "playing into her little 'flirty' game".

I won't "talk down" on the young man (since I don't do people like that, and he's older than me I think) she was with but from her unashamed, blatant "flirting" in my direction I could tell right away either she was dissatisfied with this man and was willing to "trade up" or pass on" to someone else if he found a "better deal" that would reciprocate her signals. I don't play nobody else's b.s but MINE and CHRIST'S. Amen!

So, so, this woman, after a brief, angsty realization I wasn't gonna "play along" or act like I wanted to make a "move to her" because I didn't. Besides, I've seen better... I know quality when I see it. I don't want this mess. I don't want you.

Anyways, this woman and her boyfriend (looking more like that's the case), go on and use the copier machine as I sense and keep tabs on them in my peripheral vision as I work on the computer and then eventually the young woman "splits" apart from the young Hispanic man and walks away behind me on the opposite side of the table I'm sitting at while the seemingly oblivious young Hispanic man walks on the other side of the table where I'm facing "splitting them apart" before they "come back together".

Really? Hmmm... Really was the woman's discontent and unashamed, wicked behaviour to try to "get on with someone else" while already in a relationship... Wow... Really feel sorry for the MAN NOT the woman in this case, 'cause it was so blatantly obvious to me what she was doing. Hopefully the older young man, if he realizes and it's not a "married couple" move on since it's quite obvious to me the woman she was with was losing attraction towards him... Really HATE that feeling but it's there for those who don't ignore the reality.

Such was the case with Joseph and Potiphar's wife trying to "get with him". Get this: a MARRIED WOMAN after a slave man lol. What she want with a "slave"? Not like she gonna "free him" or help him out or anything. Rather, WHAT CAN I GET FROM HIM?

Potiphar's wife didn't know anything about the young man Joseph other than he was her husband's servant. Hmmm... Joseph must have been an attractive or at least a decent, good-looking guy enough for Potiphar's wife to even consider a potential "fling" with. Even all of Joseph's brethren were all jealous and/or envious against him, although Joseph unwisely and untactfully spoke too presumptuously against his older brothers to be on "good terms" with them from their perspective; since Joseph had those dreams from God that he would be "blessed" even though he did not fully and clearly understand his calling from God. Even his father Jacob (Israel) had to tell Joseph to "tone down his antics" amongst his brethren...

Anyways, my point is, Potiphar's wife never really "loved" or "cared about" Joseph as a "person" to begin with. It was ALL ABOUT HER. Joseph was just pure "eye candy" in her eyes (like how many woefully deceived sex-obsessed guys sexually-objectify and demean physically attractive young women on a [vagina] pedestal.). Just to be used as an opportunity of pleasure and a power display" and then to be "discarded" if her husband Potiphar had found out Joseph and her had an affair. lol It's not like she would have ever even tried to "defend Joseph" in that situation (given she was the pursuer); she would of did the wise decision for her own good to FRAME IT ALL ON JOSEPH to save her own skin. I know this because if I was her, and I didn't fear, know or respect God like I do, it would be the logical, smartest, best choice I could make to save my own skin and safeguard my husband's trust. Why not?

If Joseph had ignorantly and stupidly played along with Potiphar's wifey's little game, he would have been the dumb fool of it all with his head cut of (or hung; give or take; however they were gonna kill him); NOT Potiphar's wife; she knew what she was playing (as a serpent...).

Good thing Joseph was a smart and honourable man of God who did the RIGHT THING in NOT SLEEPING with another man's wife. Good deal. He OBEYED GOD. He AVOIDED a worse fate (e.g. "death") than being thrown down into a dungeon prison for a season.

I'm like my elder brother Joseph of time's past in many ways: we do the RIGHT THING. Amen.

Anyways, I also notice this other "look" I get from women; in particular the OLDER WOMEN old enough to be my own mother and/or grandmother(s) lol...

It's like this folks: I could be somewhere like in a grocery store or place like the Dollar Tree or Fiesta and walking around to pick up a few items when all of a sudden I might give courteous eye contact with the people I may notice around me (that way they don't feel like I'm "ignoring their existence" like they don't matter) and so, sometimes an older black lady, around age enough to be my mother and/or grandmother appears and I look at her and she keeps prolonged eye contact as "longing"...

The eye contact of these elder (black) women (married or unmarried I do not know) is kind of like a "longing" "regretful stare" of past regret. It's kind of reminiscent *LOOK* of when I'm walking around town and I see a "stray dog" abandoned and rejected by it's owner *LONGING* and looking at you when you pass by in hopes that you will "take in" them, because they have "messed up" with their owner and have been abandoned and forsaken by everyone. I know and sense that feeling...

Like they looking at me as a young, handsome black man they could have married in their time back in their youthful days, *LONGING* for me to acknowledge such... Unless these elder women are looking at me as someone who "reminds them of their son" or something like that, I'm pretty much absolutely positive they look at me as though they "wanted to be with me" or someone like me in their youthful days. Kind of like they may have "screwed up" in their youthful days running around with wild, cool "bad boy" men of their age in the "excitement of young life" instead of seriously thinking and considering settling down with a good, smart young man to the contrary of  their own girlfriend peers who are perhaps still married all those years since and/or had unfortunate destroyed marriages and divorces...

All the "dark ugly truths" aside, I don't like it, but I notice it, when it's PROJECTED ON ME. I'm not usually the one being the "projector" as I stand "neutral" in dealing with people socially. Regardless, as unsavory as the true, dark hidden intentions and motives of people are, male and female, I've learned not to "entertain the notions" when they appear.

That's something we all gotta do, to "get along" with people throughout life. Amen.

Well, all that aside, at the end of the day and throughout the day I be PRAYING FOR THE PEOPLE I see going through all kinds of personal problems, challenges and/or hardships.

Just like the time I helped an elder white woman and sister in Christ I'll call elder sister "M(r)s. J." in Mount Vernon, Washington who fell out on the ground by a Valero gas station and people drove by in their cars and did not come to her aid. I was homeless at the time and as the Lord urged it on my heart to go help her, a young white woman and someone else I think pulled up in their trucks to see after her well-being, even though they king of "checked up" or her no one else but ME at that time, actually helped take her up to her house, after having put the beer cans she bought back into her brown paper bag to take home with her.

Long story short, she has an "alcohol problem" and while I won't go into all her personal business (since I really don't like to tell people's business) she had some heart problems mostly likely because of the drinking and she bought the drinks she should not have been drinking...

So, I take her up to her house, guiding her along as we both walk together and helped her clean up her house a bit and all that.

Yada, yada, we talk about our lives and such and then she all's like that and I'm getting ready to go and the neighbors' are not so "welcoming" I give her a friendly, loving smooch on the check as she was about to steal some "mouth-to-mouth" sugar from me lol.

Yeah, wow, many stories, God-willing can't tell them all here but "stuff has happened". Amen!

What's really sad was how deplorable society had become that someone could fall out on the sidewalk or middle of the street and people would coldly and callously move on from helping someone in need... Really is a LOW POINT in how wicked, evil and INDIFFERENT western society has become.

What I did was nothing to "glory about"; it was simply doing the RIGHT THING because it's THE RIGHT THING TO DO. Everyone should have been willing to do the right thing by default; but not many did...

I thank God He KNOWS MY HEART that deep down, through own personal failures, flaws and shortcoming HE KNOWS if I put my "pride aside" and my "wrath" anger and "resentment" away (justified or not), GOD KNOWS I'M WILLING TO DO THE RIGHT THING regardless of what the people around me choose to do. GLORY be to GOD. Amen.

Yeah, I got my own problems, challenges and/or hardships to deal with so I don't really feel like being bothered with someone else's mess.

May the Lord Jesus Christ grant us all the Love and Wisdom to DO WHAT'S RIGHT regardless of our FLESHLY, VAIN IMPULSES. Amen!

~ Sincerely,

Bro. Jed

Wednesday, July 20, 2016

The Gospel Sent To An Elder Hispanic Man Near The Local Washateria...

Yesterday, on Tuesday, July 19, 2016, by God's Grace in PRAYER I witnessed Christ to an elder Hispanic man around 2:25p.m. by giving him a "Jesus Christ LOVES You!" Gospel of Jesus Christ gospel tract standing at the side of the front door of "Teran's Barber Shop" nearby the local Washateria doing laundry... Amen.

~ Sincerely,

Bro. Jed

Salvation On Hoffman Street... Street-Preaching on Kress Street

On Monday, July 18, 2016 it was a sunny, lazy, calm evening after a few brief rainstorm spells...

Around 5:45p.m. gave a "Jesus Christ LOVES You!" Gospel of Jesus Christ gospel tract to an older Hispanic woman walking with bags outside of great aunt's house on Hoffman Street in my white tank top shirt and brown slippers.

Said, "Felt led to give you this..." to the older Hispanic woman and she smiled.

Saw, ran and "chased down" the two elder Hispanic men walking together on each side of the gray Fiesta shopping cart and gave them both a "Jesus Christ LOVES You!" Gospel of Jesus Christ gospel tract.

They looked at me in awe and shock as they talked to one another and both said "Thanks" and I nodded my head "Yes" gracefully and left the two men on their way... Amen! :)

Later on that same day, around 6:50p.m., street-preached His Word (King James Version Holy Bible [KJV]) on the way to Monday Night Prayer Meeting walking on Hillsboro Street then took a right walking on Kress Street.

Met elder brother black man, brother "F" I'll call him and prayed my heart out before leaving for the night...

On my way back home came across a young Hispanic man (most likely a young teenager) walking on the sidewalk of Kress Street with his smartphone's ear buds on and I said as I walked back towards him, "For you to get" as I handed him a "Jesus Christ LOVES You!" Gospel of Jesus Christ gospel tract; and he's like "thanks" and I walked on the way home... Amen.

"Squinting Eyes, Hot Sunny Day

Today, Wednesday, July 20, 2016...

It's been quite a good sunny day today... Earlier when I was asleep this morning it had a gloomy, ominous look in the clouds like it's gonna rain again but after a few brief showers this early morning, it has remained mostly sunny since...

So I was PRESSED in the SPIRIT to street-preach his Word today and before I went out to hold His Word to the people as I'm wont to do, I usually "pray on" the "Armour of God" before street- preaching and I walked on the way on Hoffman Street preaching to people driving by in their cars and vehicles...

As time drew on and I think it was getting around to 12:00 noon, I went up to Lyons Washateria to take a brief break before continuing on street-preaching down Lyons Avenue on my way to Cliff Tuttle Park and the library.

My eyes were shedding tears for the sweat on my brow from my forehead running down my face and all the sweat dripping down my face was mixing with the sunscreen I had rubbed thoroughly all over my face and neck are. I used my small blue face towel to wipe off my sweaty eyes and it was helping a little but not too much 'cause I kept squinting my eyes from the "STING" of the sunscreen-sweat" mixture in my eyes...

Anyways, this young white couple (both are smokers) who I perceive to be older peers than me came up to the shaded roofed patio I was resting by and they sat to the left side corner of the Washateria front door.

The young white man had on what would usually be classified as "thuggish-looking" black clothes, tattooed up, and looked like a "thug" on the outer appearance.

The young white woman was dressed in similar attire; but besides all that, looking past all that stuff since I know not to "judge on the outer appearance" and from my life experiences on the streets and meeting people from all walks of life, did not care at all for the way they looked; it's no surprise given I'm living in what people call a "ghetto environment".

The young white woman asked me if I was homeless around here in Houston. Not sure what exactly I said if any reply to her question but then she said, "When you're homeless, you find your way around Houston" and that's for sure I think in mind because I've been homeless before and my current living arrangements are not so "fixed" as I would like it... Kinda "semi-homeless" myself... lol But NO laughing matter... Some things I have to work on... Amen.

So, for these two, I suppose I perceived them to be "boyfriend and girlfriend" if not married so... good thing I had a "Jesus Christ LOVES You!" Gospel of Jesus Christ gospel tract in hand for by His Grace and all the time I was busy squinting my eyes from the sweat and sunscreen getting into my eyes and the humid, hot heat of Texas, I gave them the gospel tract and a list of Homelessness Resources in Houston, Texas area for them to have; as I got ready to move on and street-preach on Lyons Avenue.

 Told the about the local library on Lyons Avenue saying. "Y'all know about the library here on Lyons?" to the woman and she's like "Oh, where is it?" and I'm like, "You just go on down (pointing down to the left) Lyons Avenue to you get by Cliff Tuttle Park and the library's around there" and I think they got it.

I only mentioned the library in case they wanted to know a place they could get some cool air from some A/C and not have to be in the hot sun all day if they needed.

I would have helped the young couple out more, but at the time, since they were busy talking and smoking, I did not want to interfere further with their business and conversation than wanted. Figured, hopefully, by God's Grace, God will work in their hearts and keep them on His Path in life. I normally would have followed on to offer and/or ask them if they needed help with something, since I didn't know if they were locals in the area, people from Texas or some other situation.

Shoot, the white woman even asked me, when we first met, "If I was from around here..." but I was too busy squinting my eyes from the sweat and being too irritated with my sweaty face to really respond back to her in peace. But I would of said, "No, I'm not really from around here, since I'm originally from Seattle but I have family down here."

Thus, as I was street-preaching on Lyons I still did not get all that sweat and sunscreen out of my eyes. Still squinting my eyes and halfway raising up the Bible in my hands, looking "crazy" I thought; well, by HIS GRACE and HIS STRENGTH He gave me the strength and will to keep on street-preaching until I made it by a iron bench to wipe my eyes with my blue face towel and then eventually make it into the library to wash my face and clean up completely... Amen!

~ Sincerely,

Bro. Jed

Saturday, July 16, 2016

Street-Preaching And People...

Yea, yea... Today is a good day... Was out street-preaching His Word (King James Version Holy Bible [KJV]) to the people today.

So, I walked up Hillsboro Street street-preaching with His Word holding up the Word in discernment and patient "timing" as I saw fit in the Spirit to witness the Word to people approaching by driving in their cars...

Yeah, a lot of people either waved their hands in "agreement" or "okay, okay, leave me alone" gesturing and all that jazz...

Yeah, seems like for those people who "question" my methods of "street-preaching" holding a bible up if I'm actually being effective' say like: "Hey, you really think you're gonna reach people like that just "flagging" the Bible around like a crazy guy? You really think anyone's going to take you seriously?"

lol My answer to such similar questions is a resounding YES! I know this because if you or anyone you know has actually gone on in outreach street-preaching ministry you could tell the method's "effective", SUPER EFFECTIVE even!) because the way people REACT out of anger, shock, disbelief, guilt and various emotional states! Plus I don't always just street-preach with the Bible. If I have access to utilizing Christian signs and other resources I use them as well as the SPIRIT LEADS.

When people see the Bible held up in my hands it's SYMBOLIC for meaning GOD! "GOD" means BIBLE! "BIBLE" means GOD! People already have a symbolic representation going on in the back of their minds of what I'm doing. People KNOW they need to COMPLETELY SUBMIT THEIR LIVES TO CHRIST in OBEDIENCE; not SALVATION as that's something entirely different; but what I'm saying is, "People know they should actually live their lives for JESUS and ONLY JESUS and not just be casual, lackadaisal lukewarm Christians playing the "Church game" on Sundays but living like heathen folk every other day of the week?" Amen.

For anyone who seriously has had any real "skin-in-the-game" and is ACTUALLY EVANGELIZING, not just "talking about it" but ACTUALLY EVANGELIZING the Word of God (King James Version Holy Bible [KJV]) and the Gospel of Jesus Christ (KJV 1 Corinthians 15:1-4) is actually WORTH TAKING SERIOUS.

See, I don't take much criticizing "Christians" seriously. Don't mistake me; I LOVE YOU IN THE LORD as I'm not talking to the contrary. What really irks me is the so-called "Christians" who (harshly and/or unfairly) CRITICIZE my fellow brothers and sister who are actually MINISTERING to lost, unsaved souls; THAT'S WHAT ANGERS AND UPSETS ME THE MOST! I HATE THAT!

So, if you're gonna "criticize" my methods I CHALLENGE YOU to be an EFFECTIVE WITNESS for JESUS CHRIST and WIN SOULS TO CHRIST! Don't like my style, LET ME SEE YOURS THEN! Show me up then, okay? Amen.

Until then, I don't respect people who criticize fellow soulwinners as myself who are putting forth an effort to bring people to the TRUTH of JESUS CHRIST the best ways we can by HIS GRACE. If you can't (rephrase "don't want to") help us, DON'T HURT US! Amen! Really p*sses me off!

But I'm not that "angry" as I'm "detached" from my anger (but I really feel it though) but truly disappointed by some brethren in Christ that criticize the brethren out on the streets or in any place of society and life witnessing for JESUS (never for "ourselves"; it's JESUS; He's the MAIN REASON. Amen!) to CRITICIZE and NOT HELP US! Woe unto YOU! You think JESUS is pleased by your INDIFFERENCE and CRITICISMS when you're not doing anything to reach the lost yourself?

Heck, I'm not perfect, but I'm striving for perfection. At least at the end for me the Lord can say I at least TRIED TO DO SOMETHING TO HELP HIM while I'm here in this hellhole! Can you HONESTLY say the same thing, huh? I seriously DOUBT YOU CAN! Not many can at this point, but it can change.

If you can't I strongly suggest in LOVE you should "get on the Winning Team" and quit "talking us down" as though we're not of the SAME FAMILY. Amen!

Smh... Also, said a few kind words of  "God Loves you! Trust on JESUS! Be Blessed!" and such utterances I could speak as people drove by in their vehicles when I was walking near the side of the curb of Kress Street.

Said, "You be blessed sir" to a man riding pass me on his bike as he acknowledge and nodded "Yeah..." as he rode on.

And for the kicker the really bad part that "grinded my gears" street-preaching on Kress Street so this young black woman (could be mixed Black/White or Black/Hispanic; didn't really have enough time to look at her; pretty sure she's black though) riding her bike is going to say "Hey... how you doing, baby?" and pass by on her bike. The same time I said something like "Jesus Christ loves you! You have a blessed day." and was going on my business but the time she passed by she was being VERY CONDESCENDING talking to me as a "child" and NOT A GROWN MAN.

I don't tolerate disrespectful condescending talk from anyone, LEAST OF ALL, IGNORANT YOUNG WOMEN! I said "I'm not "your baby" but I'm your BROTHER IN CHRIST! YOU'RE THE BABY (IN CHRIST)!" (not really knowing if this random woman (seen her before I believe around time; probably living somewhere on or around the streets or not; either way don't trust her) was an actually "sister in Christ" or not. Don't know her at all too have much of an opinion of her personally. Could sense a little irritation, pride and anger festering inside when some random woman "disrespects me" out of my name, when I said "You're the baby!"; but it was negated as it came from deflecting her disrespect back to herself.

Anyways, what I really disliked about her was her "condescending attitude" of ARROGANCE talking to me a young man as her "baby". lol You're not even old enough to me by mother, "girl" and barely much older than me (if you are)... and my mother's more of a WOMAN than you'll ever likely be. So yeah... Amen.

You don't know me woman and I don't know you. Don't "talk me down" in condescension. It's NOT funny or cute (NOT to me at all, maybe JUST TO YOU). It's arrogant, rude, disrespectful and EXTREMELY UNATTRACTIVE! No "self-respecting" GOOD MAN is going to want to WILLING be in a relationship with a man-hater or disrespectful woman of any sort! Only weak-willed, wimpy men let ignorant women rule over them. She needs to KNOW HER PLACE, in SUBJECTION TO MEN. Amen!

It wasn't good, playful "affection" as "boyfriend-girlfriend talk"; she doesn't know me like that at all. I'm just a random STRANGER to her. It was blatant, disrespectful CONDESCENSION to me as a young man in CHRIST being a faithful witness of the Lord Jesus Christ. A MAN OF GOD.

I could say she's just some random "girl" on the streets then riding a bike, not a "grown woman" by my standards, but I won't take it there. I'm not "condescending like that" to people even though other people play that game and talk like that. I don't play no one's games but MINE and CHRIST'S. Amen.

I'm "better than that". :P Jk, that aside, I love her in CHRIST and hope the best for her in the Lord, but unless I'm mistaken her spiritual maturity seems to be lacking in the plane of a "babe in Christ" needing "milk" and not STRONG MEAT at the moment. Putting that in prayer. Amen.

So when I speak to young people as myself, either peers or young teens I call them YOUNG MEN and YOUNG WOMEN and NOT "boys" and "girls". I treat them as "equals" knowing their POTENTIAL IN CHRIST TO BE GOD'S REALITY (despite the real world reality of this life).

Ideally, I simply want to be friendly, cool and not be bothered and taken advantage of by lying, scheming, deceitful people. But I don't live in a "friendly world", so I have to DEAL WITH PEOPLE sometimes. Good and bad.

I be RESPECTFUL and see people the Way GOD SEES THEM, as people of RESPECT and DIGNITY. Calling young men "boys" and "kids" instead of respectable, casually saying "young men" in hopes they will grow into fine citizens is a disservice to getting young men to actually return the RESPECT and HONOUR to their elders.

Heck, even ignorant, unworthy young men young enough to still be called "boys" (like a few characters I came across a while back) I call them YOUNG MEN because that's MY STANDARD OF RESPECT TOWARDS MY FELLOW MAN. Has nothing to do with them or anyone else.


I respect people merely because we are all human-beings and should treat each other with dignity and respect; but it's true when I say I "respect some people more than others".

My MOST SINCERE "respect" has to be EARNED from me. And it's not hard. You'll know by how I conduct myself around you where you rank.

Only the legitimate GREAT MEN AND WOMEN OF GOD have my most sincere respect.

For instance, an older, I'll say even "elder" black brother in Christ, old enough to be my earthly father, great man of God I met up during my time in Mount Vernon, Washington; I'll call him "Bro. K.W.".

So Brother K.W., the son of a Muslim father growing up, was once a believer of the man "Mahatma Ghadhi" and such... After he turned to Christ and became a traveling preacher and evangelist had a few encounters with people who try to "talk down" to him calling him "Hey, buddy!" as though he's some random homeless guy on the streets; no sincere concern, care or RESPECT in those words just trying to "feel like the bigger man"... "buddy"... Yeah, right.

It wasn't so much the "words" but the deceiving *attitude* of condescension people had towards elder brother K.W. by calling him "buddy" that he recognized and what really disappointed me. Instead of calling him a MAN OF GOD or a "Mr.", or a "sir" like people normally (should) do, he's just called their "buddy", some random, low class individual to be disregarded no matter what his message.

Smh... People, when in the presence of men and women of God who truly know and serve the Lord are often then "condescended" towards because people don't want to face the fact that they should respect and honour God-ordained AUTHORITY and those put in position or influence for the betterment of society. They don't know him enough personally to call them their "buddy". He's a MAN OF GOD and people who are wise would do WISELY. Amen.

So, for people who think I'm their "buddy", I'll spell it out for you: I'm NOT! I only have BRETHREN covered by the BLOOD, fellow brothers and sisters in Christ. They are BRETHREN NOT "buddies". "Buddies" is a condescending name call for people you feel "outclassed by" and want to "lower them down" so you don't feel too "uncomfortable" or of "low self-esteem" in their presence.

So yeah, I'm no stranger to being "disrespected" or "hated" as the scum of the earth as a street preacher in the Lord Jesus. I must "suffer for His Sake". Yeah, I could say, "screw this" and turn my back on this street-preaching ministry and do many other different things for God (and God-willing I still will but won't quit street-preaching on the way...) but I "can't go back" and "retreat" my work ethic in Christ when I'm already being effective. It's PROVEN.


WOE IS ME IF I DON'T PREACH JESUS CHRIST! Because if I don't I am GUILTY KNOWING I SHOULD BECAUSE IT'S WHAT I'VE ALWAYS BEEN DOING ALL THIS TIME and MAKING A DIFFERENCE to "turn back" or "quit street-preaching" is to "cheat God" as His servant. I mean, of all people I see and meet around me in daily life, I'm quite confident and sure enough to say I'm the only ACTIVE local street-preaching Christian around taking a STAND FOR CHRIST. Not many people can HONESTLY say that. Least what I know from what I've seen lately... in this area. It's usually a "solo job" around this area of Denver Harbor, Houston, Texas but I'm ALWAYS willing to fellowship and minister with other fellow soldiers in Christ.

In fact, one time, out in a different area on Little York Road, I saw a fellow elder sister in Christ holding up Christian signs saying "The End is Near!" and such sort reminiscent of future bible prophecy "Last Days" warnings. She is one of few and the only woman I'm seen out in outreach ministry in the public. I prayed for her good success in the Lord that souls might be saved to CHRIST.

Yes, it has to be LED OF HIS SPIRIT though to join and go witnessing here or there, so I leave it there. But I'm always willing to.

Hopefully someday I'll get back to neighborhood door-to-door house ministry going to people at their houses like I used to do to present JESUS and tell them to go to a local Christian, King James Bible-believing church. I don't "dilly-dally" to annoy, irritate or deceive people like a thief coming to "steal, kill and destroy"; simply come to tell people about Jesus, give them any helpful materials and/or resources I may have at the moment and go about my business. I'm doing the LORD'S WORK out of PURITY. Amen!

For starters in this area of Denver Harbor of the Fifth Ward District of Houston, Texas, to anyone reading this living around I suggest going to my local family's church of "Calvary Christian Center". It's not a perfect church by any means (is any, really?) but it's a promising church off to a "new start in Christ" as it's members strive to live FAITHFULLY under God's Will. Amen.

Our pastor, Senior Pastor T.J. and his wife Mrs. V.J. are quite a wonderful couple in Christ. And their children. May the Lord Jesus Christ BLESS and WATCH OVER THEM ALL. Amen!

~ Sincerely,

Bro. Jed

Thursday, July 14, 2016

Sunset Evening At Cliff Tuttle Park...

Hello, hello, hello... It's been a busy, tiring day online and in real life.

Yes, today, Thursday, July 14, 2016...

A lot's been going on in the world and I've been keeping track as the Lord leads watching the news and seeing all the social unrest from police shootings of unarmed, compliant black men...

ALSO prayers go to the families of brave men and women who have been slain because they were police officers by wicked individuals...

"Two wrongs don't make a right" and for those who WRONGFULLY REBELL against AUTHORITY in wicked anarchy: Smh... you are NO BETTER than the cops who wickedly commit evil acts of violence on everyday citizens.

AUTHORITY is to be RESPECTED and OBEYED whether you like it or not. LAW AND ORDER! GOD ORDAINED such for society. Amen.

While that's a whole 'nother situation of sheer importance; it's in PRAYER and God-willing, will get to that in close time...

So... today at 6:14p.m I was taking a break outside at a wooden bench overlooking the midst of Cliff Tuttle Park outside the library.

Turns out the Spirit worked in me and I was compelled and URGED to walk over and give this Hispanic/Asian-looking lady a "Jesus Christ LOVES You! Gospel of Jesus Christ gospel tract" as she made laps "power-walking on the boxed-in-square sidewalks of the park. It was a SUCCESS. THANKS to the LORD!

Also, after that, went back to the wooden bench, ate a little more snack then was thinking of going over to a Hispanic man playing with his two children (son and daughter) at the local children's playground area.

Turns out, I purposed in my heart to walk over to the Hispanic father but deemed it not "appropriate timing" since he was spending time with his family and quite busy with the kids not taking a break apart from them.

I made a quick suede movement over and shifted direction walking over to the skate park are where I saw two young Hispanic boys sitting on a wooden bench together looking on their smartphones and hanging out together.

Good thing I had two "Jesus Christ LOVES You! Gospel of Jesus Christ gospel tracts" in my left jeans pocket to hand to them.

Walked over and said "Two for you both as I showed them (the gospel tracts) in hand and gave each boy a gospel tract.

They appeared to look at me in an earnest shock and "respect"?, saying "Thanks" as I did not reply further but nodded my head "Yes" and walked off...

So, now at 7:18p.m. typing this, as I was thinking earlier now, I've realized by HIS GRACE all this time now since I've started typing this blog and evangelizing in this area of Denver Harbor...

"I'm NOT the same "Jed" I was a few months ago"

I have CHANGED and thankfully for the BETTER.

I have grown, matured and gotten more "seasoned" experience in how I approach people, view hardship and difficulties in life...

Not saying I "know everything" or any thinking like that... let's just say I'm not as "naïve" as I used to be on the streets.

I know the people "games" but I don't play them. I present CHRIST.

There's a lot more material and SO MUCH things and people that have been witnessed to that I have not included mentioning yet because of time and things I have to do in my personal life but GOD-WILLING I have to MAKE TIME and elaborate.

Hope all my brothers and sisters in Christ are faring well at the moment.

When in doubt, ALWAYS, ALWAYS TURN YE TO GOD and ASK HIM; ASK HIM to guide you in PRAYER. He knows what you need to do
GOD ALWAYS has it all figured out, we just need to be on HIS WAVELENGTH.

As many times I've failed and missed out on opportunities when I should have been praying, serving the Lord, or ministering to the saints and the lost; I've realized how GOD was always in the background WAITING FOR ME TO GET MY ACT RIGHT.

It's NEVER been "God's fault" it's always MY FAULT! God knows this about me. GOD is ALWAYS waiting. GOD is always CONSTANT. He don't change, but I DO in my thoughts, feelings and emotions EVERY DAY!

If I operated like a robotic machine in soulwinning and going through the typical scuffles of everyday life; I could perhaps literally have witnessed to nearly every person in need of hearing the Gospel of Jesus Christ (KJV 1 Corinthians 15:1-4) in this since many people are already believers I like to think...

Nonetheless, I must be willing to actually IMPROVE myself and my short-comings and get BETTER at being a faithful servant that willing serves the Lord and OBEYS Him.

OBEDIENCE is CRUCIAL, 'cause without *OBEDIENCE* you have SIN. Amen.

Hopefully, brethren, we go to new heights and ultimately PERFECTION as God destines for us in The End.

Let's not be forget to ACKNOWLEDGE our FAILURES and get BETTER FOR IT instead of being "discouraged" and "depressed" by our mistakes. That's what the Enemy wants to happen; for us to GET WEAK when we should BE STRONG.

We already know we are sinful human-beings and we cannot do any better without HIS GRACE He's given us. It's time to SIMPLY "dust off" and get back on track and NOT "falling into the pit" of personal despair and depression. I made that mistake quite a few times before. Now, not as much or as long. 

I know I'm "imperfect" but guess what: I'M MAKING A CHANGE IN PEOPLE'S LIVES.

How might I be sure of this? I SEE IT! People looking at me as a "witness of Jesus"; it's there in how people perceive me when I cross their paths.

I myself am nothing "special" but the GOD I serve is what's serious in the back of their minds: they must KNOW I BELIEVE and SERVE and ALL-POWERFUL CREATOR and that I'm SERIOUS in my BELIEF.

As long as I'm out "winning souls to Christ" despite my own personal downfalls I realize, I work on and improve, but simply by sharing people the SALVATION OF GOD I can't feel too bad because I'm telling people GOD LOVES THEM and wants ALL PEOPLE TO GO TO HEAVEN. Can't beat that with a stick.

So, SO; as things progress, God-willing, changes will be seen in this ministry the Lord has given me to do and in my own person.

It's Dark out here (meaning *The World*) but that's ONLY because we haven't TURNED ON THE LIGHT:

Turning on CHRIST, over! Peace out.

~ Sincerely,

Bro. Jed

Wednesday, July 6, 2016

Spirit Walk: Listening To The VOICE Of The Holy Spirit TALK

Today, Wednesday, July 6, 2016 I met the VOICE of the Lord today speaking in my conscious mind as I was on my way to the library... He was "Walking with me"...

The Lord told me when to leave from home to go to the library and I thank God I went on HIS TIMING and NOT MINE. I OBEYED this time.

Also, as I was walking down Hoffman Street 'til I got to Lyons Avenue by the right-hand corner Lyons Washateria; I went over by the phone booth and left a "LOVE JESUS CHRIST LOVES ALL PEOPLE!" white paper slip with the Christian, King James Bible-believing Christian Websites underneath: 1. and 2. or 3. as a combination of two Christian websites I wrote on the front and back of the "LORD JESUS CHRIST LOVES ALL PEOPLE" white paper slip labels.

Anyways, instead of taking a left on Lyons to go my usual, "routine" route to the library, the Lord by the SPIRIT told me to do something new this time.

He said, "Go over to your right and walk down forward" and I did so and got to Shotwell Street.

Now at the intersection, He told me, "Cross over and go over to that lady by the bus stop area" and I did.

The Lord told me to hand the elder black lady the "Jesus Christ LOVES You!" Gospel of Jesus Christ gospel tract I had on hand in my left jeans pocket.

Turns out as I made the attempt the elder black woman refused and did not want the gospel tract, but all worked well in politeness.

An older white man sitting by the METRO bus stop on the other side of Lyons saw the whole scene witnessing my "rejection" and I think the older Hispanic man also, driving by in his truck...

Anyways, I wasn't really upset the lady did not accept the gospel tract I was going to give her. I had PASSED THE TEST: I actually OBEYED GOD in FAITH and WALKED ON OVER TO THE WOMAN to give her a gospel tract. It was not guarantee she would have accepted it or not, but God knoweth. My "test" was to see if I would OBEY God when He "trusted" me to go through with fulfilling one of His requests. I thank GOD I actually did.

Even so, even though the elder black lady did not accept the gospel tract, it was a moment of WITNESSING GOD and the GOSPEL OF JESUS CHRIST so that she may have this encounter in her memory that perhaps, peradventure GOD will use to turn her heart if she's an unbeliever.

That's the thing about sharing the Gospel of Jesus Christ with people, brethren, it's not a "guarantee" people will accept hearing the "Good News" and convert to new BORN AGAIN believers right away; but AT LEAST they will have the benefit of a doubt in their minds that perhaps THERE IS A GOD and perhaps THERE IS AN AFTERLIFE I should be concerned about and know more about... THAT'S THE OBJECTIVE.

Only GOD can bring people to SALVATION.

OUR DUTY as Christians is to AT FIRST SHARE THE GOSPEL OF JESUS CHRIST with unsaved people so they AT LEAST KNOW THERE IS A GOD AND A SAVIOUR OF THE WORLD NAMED "JESUS CHRIST" so at least people have that thought of memory in their minds to work in their HEARTS.

Christians: we PRESENT; we are the AFFECT. Whether people stick around long enough for them to hear us share the Gospel of Jesus Christ (KJV 1 Corinthians 15:1-4) and/or hand them a gospel tract they accept is up to THEM. We can't control the "outcomes" and that's NOT our purpose. We do NOT "force" people to accept Jesus, believe in God and convert to Christianity. That's what GOD does. Amen.

ONLY GOD brings people to REPENTANCE and SALVATION. GOD is the EFFECT. Amen!

So, afterwards, after having that brief encounter with the elder black lady at the bus stop, I crossed back over Shotwell Street of the intersection on Lyons Avenue and continued walking on Lyons on my usual route to the library...

Came across walking and waved to an older black man driving his dark blue garbage truck on Lyons towards the area I walked from... He threw up his two fingers giving me a friendly "peace sign" to which I acknowledged by waving my hand to him in reciprocal respect. Hmmm... seems like a lot of the locals are getting used to "me" but not really *me* exactly: the WORD OF GOD (King James Version Holy Bible [KJV]) is what I'm standing for and "representing".

I believe the people are "getting The Message" whether some agree or disagree, I think God has stirred up some people to be HIS SUPPORTERS. Amen.

Thus, on my way their at the Woolworth Street cross-street I came across a cardboard packaging of "Black Mamba" condoms and using a green Sprite bottle to pick it up; I crossed onto the opposite side of Lyons on the library side of Cliff Tuttle Park and threw away that condom cardboard packing and green Sprite plastic bottle into the trash. I washed my hands thoroughly with warm/hot water and soap when I got in the library. I didn't know why exactly but something in my spirit COMPELLED me to pick up that condom cardboard labeling packaging and THROW IT AWAY; get RID OF IT.

Such sexual immorality influences had to be "disposed of" to twist and warp, naïve, unsuspecting and "innocent" minds with the gutter of "sexual perversions".

Yeah, just like one time before I was sitting at the old gray, brown iron table here at the park and found one or TWO porno discs on the grass by the cement pavement underneath the table.

The Devil, Satan was TEMPTING me in my "old ways" of pornography watching to "pick up the films" to watch at home later... in "privacy" but I KNEW BETTER lol. THIS TIME!

I didn't want to "get caught" with this "trap" like I've been trapped before and GOD knew that and gave me the STRENGTH to "recognize" this trap: I mean the porno disc(s) were like in "perfect condition" to be taken and viewed on a DVD player on TV or on my laptop; but thankfully and gracefully GOD stirred up my spirit in those "struggling three (3) minutes of indecision and apprehension" to FINALLY pick up a stick to pick up the porno disc(s) in the hole center and put on the cement and "snap them up" breaking them apart before throwing them away "deep down" into the trash" where nobody else (besides the garbage collectors and homeless people) would "excavate" to.

Yeah, anytime I seen opportunity to GET RID OF the Enemy's Vices and Devices I do my best to DESTROY his wicked, ungodly influences, drowning and perverting men into PERDITION. Too much evil in this world to let it go unchecked and unchallenged!

May the Lord Jesus Christ be TRUE and EVERY MAN a LIAR. Amen!

~ Sincerely,

Bro. Jed

At Lyons Washateria On the Way Home Yesterday...

Yesterday afternoon, Tuesday, July 5, 206 around 2:10p.m., on my way home street-preaching having preached all the way down Lyons Avenue making it to the cross-street point of Hoffman Street, I crossed over Hoffman Street and went by the local Lyons Washateria for a quick break to catch my breath and "regroup".

So I put my stuff, my black backpack and laptop on the local cement block "stump" (many people oftentimes sit on and do things) and I put a "LORD JESUS CHRIST LOVES ALL PEOPLE!" white paper strip label across the phone latch of the phone booth (as I've been doing for a while now...) so people could see it as a reminder of GOD, and get them thinking of things of the "afterlife"; about GOD basically.

So, turns out I met this older black man, a brothah inside the Washateria and I was led of the Spirit by the Lord through PRAYER to go up to the man and hand him one of the "Jesus Christ LOVES You!" Gospel of Jesus Christ (KJV 1 Corinthians 15:1-4) gospel tracts I had written the morning prior. I asked GOD and in the Spirit He said, "Yes, go in to the place and give it [the gospel tract] him. Give him the "smaller one [paper]" and give him the gospel tract".

He's like "What's that? Nah, open that up for me to see, brother." and I did and I thank God he took it and was BLESSED by the "Good News" the GOSPEL OF JESUS CHRIST (KJV 1 CORINTHIANS 15:1-4). Amen!

~ Sincerely,

Bro. Jed

Tuesday, July 5, 2016

Street Preaching On The WAY!

Today, Tuesday, July 5, 2016 just after 4th of July yesterday, I was led of the Lord by the Spirit to go "street-preaching"...

I walked and held up His Word (King James Version Holy Bible [KJV]) on the way up Hillsboro Street; then made a right turn to walk off the side of the curb on Kress Street on my way walking to the library.

I've learned from practical, hands-on in-the-field real life experience that when walking and street-preaching at the same time in neighborhoods you don't have to be so "expressive" holding your bible up so high in the air but just walk casually holding the bible in your hands and the only times you really should hold up your is when cars and vehicles are driving up and down the roads and you anticipate it and walk on up to the edges of the road from off the sidewalk just to hold up the Bible to people passing by in their vehicles.

Usually, when walking on the sidewalks and coming in contact with people you meet you may be able to individually witness Christ to people you meet on the streets as you walk your way witnessing, after saying a simple "Hi" or "Hello" as you pass your way.

If you strike up a friendly conversation with someone perhaps by His Grace you may be able to witness Jesus Christ to that person and even have opportunity to present the GOSPEL OF JESUS CHRIST (KJV 1 CORINTHIANS 15:1-4).

As has been customary, some people throw up their hands as though they're waving "I got it". Other times, people see me with the Bible raised up and get angry and "speed off" as though they don't won't to "confront God"...

It's not necessarily me they could be getting all upset about... but GOD. He's the One I'm doing this for anyways. Not really me. Amen.

Anyways... it was a trying-day getting up early in the morning... I got up early but was all "worked up" with how "tired" I was...

Later on though, I got busy writing up some "Jesus Christ LOVES You!" Gospel of Jesus Christ gospel tracts to have ready to hand out...

Yeah, anytime I'm ever really getting prepared and ready to SERVE GOD that is when the Enemy KNOWS and EXPECTS me to STAND FOR CHRIST and he's ALWAYS targeting my MIND trying to get me upset, discouraged, angry with past failures, thoughts, memories and really just doing his best to DISORIENT me from GOING OUT and fulfilling GOD'S WILL.

So mi brethren, whenever in doubt, as I was, let's ALWAYS turn to GOD in PRAYER and SEEK HIS COUNSEL.

Sometimes we'll hear "double voices" in our heads that may say "Yes, No" as though to CONFUSE us from knowing if it's GOD'S VOICE or the DEVIL'S VOICE.

The thing is I've learned is to pray out to God saying "Get behind me Satan in the Precious Holy Blood Name of JESUS CHRIST!" and the Devil, Satan, or any other negative, demonic spirit or force is granted LEAVE and then afterwards I can usually hear the quiet, "whisper" voice of the Lord in the Spirit telling me "Yes" or "No" as He deems me to do. Amen.

It's tricky sometimes when the Devil, Satan is hell-bent on attacking us; but usually when the Enemy attacks us quite fervently he's oftentimes trying to keep us from doing a "great work" for His Glory. Amen.

~ Sincerely,

Bro. Jed

A Brief Spontaneous "Piggly Wiggly" Surprise...

It's been a great while since I've had good opportunity to be able to give someone one of my handwritten " Jesus Christ LOVES ...