Wednesday, July 20, 2016

"Squinting Eyes, Hot Sunny Day

Today, Wednesday, July 20, 2016...

It's been quite a good sunny day today... Earlier when I was asleep this morning it had a gloomy, ominous look in the clouds like it's gonna rain again but after a few brief showers this early morning, it has remained mostly sunny since...

So I was PRESSED in the SPIRIT to street-preach his Word today and before I went out to hold His Word to the people as I'm wont to do, I usually "pray on" the "Armour of God" before street- preaching and I walked on the way on Hoffman Street preaching to people driving by in their cars and vehicles...

As time drew on and I think it was getting around to 12:00 noon, I went up to Lyons Washateria to take a brief break before continuing on street-preaching down Lyons Avenue on my way to Cliff Tuttle Park and the library.

My eyes were shedding tears for the sweat on my brow from my forehead running down my face and all the sweat dripping down my face was mixing with the sunscreen I had rubbed thoroughly all over my face and neck are. I used my small blue face towel to wipe off my sweaty eyes and it was helping a little but not too much 'cause I kept squinting my eyes from the "STING" of the sunscreen-sweat" mixture in my eyes...

Anyways, this young white couple (both are smokers) who I perceive to be older peers than me came up to the shaded roofed patio I was resting by and they sat to the left side corner of the Washateria front door.

The young white man had on what would usually be classified as "thuggish-looking" black clothes, tattooed up, and looked like a "thug" on the outer appearance.

The young white woman was dressed in similar attire; but besides all that, looking past all that stuff since I know not to "judge on the outer appearance" and from my life experiences on the streets and meeting people from all walks of life, did not care at all for the way they looked; it's no surprise given I'm living in what people call a "ghetto environment".

The young white woman asked me if I was homeless around here in Houston. Not sure what exactly I said if any reply to her question but then she said, "When you're homeless, you find your way around Houston" and that's for sure I think in mind because I've been homeless before and my current living arrangements are not so "fixed" as I would like it... Kinda "semi-homeless" myself... lol But NO laughing matter... Some things I have to work on... Amen.

So, for these two, I suppose I perceived them to be "boyfriend and girlfriend" if not married so... good thing I had a "Jesus Christ LOVES You!" Gospel of Jesus Christ gospel tract in hand for by His Grace and all the time I was busy squinting my eyes from the sweat and sunscreen getting into my eyes and the humid, hot heat of Texas, I gave them the gospel tract and a list of Homelessness Resources in Houston, Texas area for them to have; as I got ready to move on and street-preach on Lyons Avenue.

 Told the about the local library on Lyons Avenue saying. "Y'all know about the library here on Lyons?" to the woman and she's like "Oh, where is it?" and I'm like, "You just go on down (pointing down to the left) Lyons Avenue to you get by Cliff Tuttle Park and the library's around there" and I think they got it.

I only mentioned the library in case they wanted to know a place they could get some cool air from some A/C and not have to be in the hot sun all day if they needed.

I would have helped the young couple out more, but at the time, since they were busy talking and smoking, I did not want to interfere further with their business and conversation than wanted. Figured, hopefully, by God's Grace, God will work in their hearts and keep them on His Path in life. I normally would have followed on to offer and/or ask them if they needed help with something, since I didn't know if they were locals in the area, people from Texas or some other situation.

Shoot, the white woman even asked me, when we first met, "If I was from around here..." but I was too busy squinting my eyes from the sweat and being too irritated with my sweaty face to really respond back to her in peace. But I would of said, "No, I'm not really from around here, since I'm originally from Seattle but I have family down here."

Thus, as I was street-preaching on Lyons I still did not get all that sweat and sunscreen out of my eyes. Still squinting my eyes and halfway raising up the Bible in my hands, looking "crazy" I thought; well, by HIS GRACE and HIS STRENGTH He gave me the strength and will to keep on street-preaching until I made it by a iron bench to wipe my eyes with my blue face towel and then eventually make it into the library to wash my face and clean up completely... Amen!

~ Sincerely,

Bro. Jed

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