Tuesday, July 5, 2016

Street Preaching On The WAY!

Today, Tuesday, July 5, 2016 just after 4th of July yesterday, I was led of the Lord by the Spirit to go "street-preaching"...

I walked and held up His Word (King James Version Holy Bible [KJV]) on the way up Hillsboro Street; then made a right turn to walk off the side of the curb on Kress Street on my way walking to the library.

I've learned from practical, hands-on in-the-field real life experience that when walking and street-preaching at the same time in neighborhoods you don't have to be so "expressive" holding your bible up so high in the air but just walk casually holding the bible in your hands and the only times you really should hold up your is when cars and vehicles are driving up and down the roads and you anticipate it and walk on up to the edges of the road from off the sidewalk just to hold up the Bible to people passing by in their vehicles.

Usually, when walking on the sidewalks and coming in contact with people you meet you may be able to individually witness Christ to people you meet on the streets as you walk your way witnessing, after saying a simple "Hi" or "Hello" as you pass your way.

If you strike up a friendly conversation with someone perhaps by His Grace you may be able to witness Jesus Christ to that person and even have opportunity to present the GOSPEL OF JESUS CHRIST (KJV 1 CORINTHIANS 15:1-4).

As has been customary, some people throw up their hands as though they're waving "I got it". Other times, people see me with the Bible raised up and get angry and "speed off" as though they don't won't to "confront God"...

It's not necessarily me they could be getting all upset about... but GOD. He's the One I'm doing this for anyways. Not really me. Amen.

Anyways... it was a trying-day getting up early in the morning... I got up early but was all "worked up" with how "tired" I was...

Later on though, I got busy writing up some "Jesus Christ LOVES You!" Gospel of Jesus Christ gospel tracts to have ready to hand out...

Yeah, anytime I'm ever really getting prepared and ready to SERVE GOD that is when the Enemy KNOWS and EXPECTS me to STAND FOR CHRIST and he's ALWAYS targeting my MIND trying to get me upset, discouraged, angry with past failures, thoughts, memories and really just doing his best to DISORIENT me from GOING OUT and fulfilling GOD'S WILL.

So mi brethren, whenever in doubt, as I was, let's ALWAYS turn to GOD in PRAYER and SEEK HIS COUNSEL.

Sometimes we'll hear "double voices" in our heads that may say "Yes, No" as though to CONFUSE us from knowing if it's GOD'S VOICE or the DEVIL'S VOICE.

The thing is I've learned is to pray out to God saying "Get behind me Satan in the Precious Holy Blood Name of JESUS CHRIST!" and the Devil, Satan, or any other negative, demonic spirit or force is granted LEAVE and then afterwards I can usually hear the quiet, "whisper" voice of the Lord in the Spirit telling me "Yes" or "No" as He deems me to do. Amen.

It's tricky sometimes when the Devil, Satan is hell-bent on attacking us; but usually when the Enemy attacks us quite fervently he's oftentimes trying to keep us from doing a "great work" for His Glory. Amen.

~ Sincerely,

Bro. Jed

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