Thursday, July 14, 2016

Sunset Evening At Cliff Tuttle Park...

Hello, hello, hello... It's been a busy, tiring day online and in real life.

Yes, today, Thursday, July 14, 2016...

A lot's been going on in the world and I've been keeping track as the Lord leads watching the news and seeing all the social unrest from police shootings of unarmed, compliant black men...

ALSO prayers go to the families of brave men and women who have been slain because they were police officers by wicked individuals...

"Two wrongs don't make a right" and for those who WRONGFULLY REBELL against AUTHORITY in wicked anarchy: Smh... you are NO BETTER than the cops who wickedly commit evil acts of violence on everyday citizens.

AUTHORITY is to be RESPECTED and OBEYED whether you like it or not. LAW AND ORDER! GOD ORDAINED such for society. Amen.

While that's a whole 'nother situation of sheer importance; it's in PRAYER and God-willing, will get to that in close time...

So... today at 6:14p.m I was taking a break outside at a wooden bench overlooking the midst of Cliff Tuttle Park outside the library.

Turns out the Spirit worked in me and I was compelled and URGED to walk over and give this Hispanic/Asian-looking lady a "Jesus Christ LOVES You! Gospel of Jesus Christ gospel tract" as she made laps "power-walking on the boxed-in-square sidewalks of the park. It was a SUCCESS. THANKS to the LORD!

Also, after that, went back to the wooden bench, ate a little more snack then was thinking of going over to a Hispanic man playing with his two children (son and daughter) at the local children's playground area.

Turns out, I purposed in my heart to walk over to the Hispanic father but deemed it not "appropriate timing" since he was spending time with his family and quite busy with the kids not taking a break apart from them.

I made a quick suede movement over and shifted direction walking over to the skate park are where I saw two young Hispanic boys sitting on a wooden bench together looking on their smartphones and hanging out together.

Good thing I had two "Jesus Christ LOVES You! Gospel of Jesus Christ gospel tracts" in my left jeans pocket to hand to them.

Walked over and said "Two for you both as I showed them (the gospel tracts) in hand and gave each boy a gospel tract.

They appeared to look at me in an earnest shock and "respect"?, saying "Thanks" as I did not reply further but nodded my head "Yes" and walked off...

So, now at 7:18p.m. typing this, as I was thinking earlier now, I've realized by HIS GRACE all this time now since I've started typing this blog and evangelizing in this area of Denver Harbor...

"I'm NOT the same "Jed" I was a few months ago"

I have CHANGED and thankfully for the BETTER.

I have grown, matured and gotten more "seasoned" experience in how I approach people, view hardship and difficulties in life...

Not saying I "know everything" or any thinking like that... let's just say I'm not as "naïve" as I used to be on the streets.

I know the people "games" but I don't play them. I present CHRIST.

There's a lot more material and SO MUCH things and people that have been witnessed to that I have not included mentioning yet because of time and things I have to do in my personal life but GOD-WILLING I have to MAKE TIME and elaborate.

Hope all my brothers and sisters in Christ are faring well at the moment.

When in doubt, ALWAYS, ALWAYS TURN YE TO GOD and ASK HIM; ASK HIM to guide you in PRAYER. He knows what you need to do
GOD ALWAYS has it all figured out, we just need to be on HIS WAVELENGTH.

As many times I've failed and missed out on opportunities when I should have been praying, serving the Lord, or ministering to the saints and the lost; I've realized how GOD was always in the background WAITING FOR ME TO GET MY ACT RIGHT.

It's NEVER been "God's fault" it's always MY FAULT! God knows this about me. GOD is ALWAYS waiting. GOD is always CONSTANT. He don't change, but I DO in my thoughts, feelings and emotions EVERY DAY!

If I operated like a robotic machine in soulwinning and going through the typical scuffles of everyday life; I could perhaps literally have witnessed to nearly every person in need of hearing the Gospel of Jesus Christ (KJV 1 Corinthians 15:1-4) in this since many people are already believers I like to think...

Nonetheless, I must be willing to actually IMPROVE myself and my short-comings and get BETTER at being a faithful servant that willing serves the Lord and OBEYS Him.

OBEDIENCE is CRUCIAL, 'cause without *OBEDIENCE* you have SIN. Amen.

Hopefully, brethren, we go to new heights and ultimately PERFECTION as God destines for us in The End.

Let's not be forget to ACKNOWLEDGE our FAILURES and get BETTER FOR IT instead of being "discouraged" and "depressed" by our mistakes. That's what the Enemy wants to happen; for us to GET WEAK when we should BE STRONG.

We already know we are sinful human-beings and we cannot do any better without HIS GRACE He's given us. It's time to SIMPLY "dust off" and get back on track and NOT "falling into the pit" of personal despair and depression. I made that mistake quite a few times before. Now, not as much or as long. 

I know I'm "imperfect" but guess what: I'M MAKING A CHANGE IN PEOPLE'S LIVES.

How might I be sure of this? I SEE IT! People looking at me as a "witness of Jesus"; it's there in how people perceive me when I cross their paths.

I myself am nothing "special" but the GOD I serve is what's serious in the back of their minds: they must KNOW I BELIEVE and SERVE and ALL-POWERFUL CREATOR and that I'm SERIOUS in my BELIEF.

As long as I'm out "winning souls to Christ" despite my own personal downfalls I realize, I work on and improve, but simply by sharing people the SALVATION OF GOD I can't feel too bad because I'm telling people GOD LOVES THEM and wants ALL PEOPLE TO GO TO HEAVEN. Can't beat that with a stick.

So, SO; as things progress, God-willing, changes will be seen in this ministry the Lord has given me to do and in my own person.

It's Dark out here (meaning *The World*) but that's ONLY because we haven't TURNED ON THE LIGHT:

Turning on CHRIST, over! Peace out.

~ Sincerely,

Bro. Jed

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