Friday, October 12, 2018

"JESUS: Prince of Peace"

Today I met an elder sister in Christ at the Dollar Tree earlier this morning who stopped me and wanted to tell me something.

She asked, "You be in the service?" to which I replied after seeing the Name of JESUS on her baby blue (Christian) shirt "Oh no (as in "real military service") but I'm in His Service" and she spoke how good it is to see a young man of God following after Him to which I was humbled by her kind words of edification to KEEP BEING A DILIGENT FOLLOWER AND DISCIPLE OF THE LORD JESUS CHRIST...

Anyways, after that I saw her again in the store and was gonna try to say something but then she was on her way running her errands and I didn't want to bother her further as the Spirit led me and my family out in a timely manner...

This elder white sister in Christ had on a baby blue "Jesus: Prince of Peace" shirt that I really "dig" the more I reflect and think on it after seeing her wear it.

It's good to see other believers have that kind of PUBLIC faith and make a STATEMENT out in PUBLIC whenever they feel led to by the Lord of course.

May we do all things in GOD'S SPIRIT.

Also later on on the road saw a white wolfing down a jam-packed juicy burger kind of sandwich and I intently "gazed upon him" as we rode side-by-side and looked at him and he caught my "glazing" and undoubtedly saw my Christian black "God's Army" cap on that I'm sure got him all "riled up" and "uncomfortable" as God used me and the hat I wore to "reach out" and "remind" the man to TURN TO HIM.

After we road side-by-side for a while he got so sick of me seeing him and him seeing me with "that hat on" he sped off ahead to "lose me" from being a reminder of "God" in his life.

Yep. That's only a GLANCE into my daily life folks.

People have gotten to the point in this country of the United States they don't want ANY REMINDER of GOD in their psyche AT ALL: people want to be their own gods and live life their own ways.

Such is the sad state of the world today.

Even so as "darkness" rises the Light rises to dispel it: I look forward to the BLESSED HOPE in the end regardless of the personal situations I be going through.

God Wins in the end. Must always remember that. Amen.

~ Sincerely,

Bro. Jed

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