Wednesday, July 6, 2016

Spirit Walk: Listening To The VOICE Of The Holy Spirit TALK

Today, Wednesday, July 6, 2016 I met the VOICE of the Lord today speaking in my conscious mind as I was on my way to the library... He was "Walking with me"...

The Lord told me when to leave from home to go to the library and I thank God I went on HIS TIMING and NOT MINE. I OBEYED this time.

Also, as I was walking down Hoffman Street 'til I got to Lyons Avenue by the right-hand corner Lyons Washateria; I went over by the phone booth and left a "LOVE JESUS CHRIST LOVES ALL PEOPLE!" white paper slip with the Christian, King James Bible-believing Christian Websites underneath: 1. and 2. or 3. as a combination of two Christian websites I wrote on the front and back of the "LORD JESUS CHRIST LOVES ALL PEOPLE" white paper slip labels.

Anyways, instead of taking a left on Lyons to go my usual, "routine" route to the library, the Lord by the SPIRIT told me to do something new this time.

He said, "Go over to your right and walk down forward" and I did so and got to Shotwell Street.

Now at the intersection, He told me, "Cross over and go over to that lady by the bus stop area" and I did.

The Lord told me to hand the elder black lady the "Jesus Christ LOVES You!" Gospel of Jesus Christ gospel tract I had on hand in my left jeans pocket.

Turns out as I made the attempt the elder black woman refused and did not want the gospel tract, but all worked well in politeness.

An older white man sitting by the METRO bus stop on the other side of Lyons saw the whole scene witnessing my "rejection" and I think the older Hispanic man also, driving by in his truck...

Anyways, I wasn't really upset the lady did not accept the gospel tract I was going to give her. I had PASSED THE TEST: I actually OBEYED GOD in FAITH and WALKED ON OVER TO THE WOMAN to give her a gospel tract. It was not guarantee she would have accepted it or not, but God knoweth. My "test" was to see if I would OBEY God when He "trusted" me to go through with fulfilling one of His requests. I thank GOD I actually did.

Even so, even though the elder black lady did not accept the gospel tract, it was a moment of WITNESSING GOD and the GOSPEL OF JESUS CHRIST so that she may have this encounter in her memory that perhaps, peradventure GOD will use to turn her heart if she's an unbeliever.

That's the thing about sharing the Gospel of Jesus Christ with people, brethren, it's not a "guarantee" people will accept hearing the "Good News" and convert to new BORN AGAIN believers right away; but AT LEAST they will have the benefit of a doubt in their minds that perhaps THERE IS A GOD and perhaps THERE IS AN AFTERLIFE I should be concerned about and know more about... THAT'S THE OBJECTIVE.

Only GOD can bring people to SALVATION.

OUR DUTY as Christians is to AT FIRST SHARE THE GOSPEL OF JESUS CHRIST with unsaved people so they AT LEAST KNOW THERE IS A GOD AND A SAVIOUR OF THE WORLD NAMED "JESUS CHRIST" so at least people have that thought of memory in their minds to work in their HEARTS.

Christians: we PRESENT; we are the AFFECT. Whether people stick around long enough for them to hear us share the Gospel of Jesus Christ (KJV 1 Corinthians 15:1-4) and/or hand them a gospel tract they accept is up to THEM. We can't control the "outcomes" and that's NOT our purpose. We do NOT "force" people to accept Jesus, believe in God and convert to Christianity. That's what GOD does. Amen.

ONLY GOD brings people to REPENTANCE and SALVATION. GOD is the EFFECT. Amen!

So, afterwards, after having that brief encounter with the elder black lady at the bus stop, I crossed back over Shotwell Street of the intersection on Lyons Avenue and continued walking on Lyons on my usual route to the library...

Came across walking and waved to an older black man driving his dark blue garbage truck on Lyons towards the area I walked from... He threw up his two fingers giving me a friendly "peace sign" to which I acknowledged by waving my hand to him in reciprocal respect. Hmmm... seems like a lot of the locals are getting used to "me" but not really *me* exactly: the WORD OF GOD (King James Version Holy Bible [KJV]) is what I'm standing for and "representing".

I believe the people are "getting The Message" whether some agree or disagree, I think God has stirred up some people to be HIS SUPPORTERS. Amen.

Thus, on my way their at the Woolworth Street cross-street I came across a cardboard packaging of "Black Mamba" condoms and using a green Sprite bottle to pick it up; I crossed onto the opposite side of Lyons on the library side of Cliff Tuttle Park and threw away that condom cardboard packing and green Sprite plastic bottle into the trash. I washed my hands thoroughly with warm/hot water and soap when I got in the library. I didn't know why exactly but something in my spirit COMPELLED me to pick up that condom cardboard labeling packaging and THROW IT AWAY; get RID OF IT.

Such sexual immorality influences had to be "disposed of" to twist and warp, naïve, unsuspecting and "innocent" minds with the gutter of "sexual perversions".

Yeah, just like one time before I was sitting at the old gray, brown iron table here at the park and found one or TWO porno discs on the grass by the cement pavement underneath the table.

The Devil, Satan was TEMPTING me in my "old ways" of pornography watching to "pick up the films" to watch at home later... in "privacy" but I KNEW BETTER lol. THIS TIME!

I didn't want to "get caught" with this "trap" like I've been trapped before and GOD knew that and gave me the STRENGTH to "recognize" this trap: I mean the porno disc(s) were like in "perfect condition" to be taken and viewed on a DVD player on TV or on my laptop; but thankfully and gracefully GOD stirred up my spirit in those "struggling three (3) minutes of indecision and apprehension" to FINALLY pick up a stick to pick up the porno disc(s) in the hole center and put on the cement and "snap them up" breaking them apart before throwing them away "deep down" into the trash" where nobody else (besides the garbage collectors and homeless people) would "excavate" to.

Yeah, anytime I seen opportunity to GET RID OF the Enemy's Vices and Devices I do my best to DESTROY his wicked, ungodly influences, drowning and perverting men into PERDITION. Too much evil in this world to let it go unchecked and unchallenged!

May the Lord Jesus Christ be TRUE and EVERY MAN a LIAR. Amen!

~ Sincerely,

Bro. Jed

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