Saturday, July 16, 2016

Street-Preaching And People...

Yea, yea... Today is a good day... Was out street-preaching His Word (King James Version Holy Bible [KJV]) to the people today.

So, I walked up Hillsboro Street street-preaching with His Word holding up the Word in discernment and patient "timing" as I saw fit in the Spirit to witness the Word to people approaching by driving in their cars...

Yeah, a lot of people either waved their hands in "agreement" or "okay, okay, leave me alone" gesturing and all that jazz...

Yeah, seems like for those people who "question" my methods of "street-preaching" holding a bible up if I'm actually being effective' say like: "Hey, you really think you're gonna reach people like that just "flagging" the Bible around like a crazy guy? You really think anyone's going to take you seriously?"

lol My answer to such similar questions is a resounding YES! I know this because if you or anyone you know has actually gone on in outreach street-preaching ministry you could tell the method's "effective", SUPER EFFECTIVE even!) because the way people REACT out of anger, shock, disbelief, guilt and various emotional states! Plus I don't always just street-preach with the Bible. If I have access to utilizing Christian signs and other resources I use them as well as the SPIRIT LEADS.

When people see the Bible held up in my hands it's SYMBOLIC for meaning GOD! "GOD" means BIBLE! "BIBLE" means GOD! People already have a symbolic representation going on in the back of their minds of what I'm doing. People KNOW they need to COMPLETELY SUBMIT THEIR LIVES TO CHRIST in OBEDIENCE; not SALVATION as that's something entirely different; but what I'm saying is, "People know they should actually live their lives for JESUS and ONLY JESUS and not just be casual, lackadaisal lukewarm Christians playing the "Church game" on Sundays but living like heathen folk every other day of the week?" Amen.

For anyone who seriously has had any real "skin-in-the-game" and is ACTUALLY EVANGELIZING, not just "talking about it" but ACTUALLY EVANGELIZING the Word of God (King James Version Holy Bible [KJV]) and the Gospel of Jesus Christ (KJV 1 Corinthians 15:1-4) is actually WORTH TAKING SERIOUS.

See, I don't take much criticizing "Christians" seriously. Don't mistake me; I LOVE YOU IN THE LORD as I'm not talking to the contrary. What really irks me is the so-called "Christians" who (harshly and/or unfairly) CRITICIZE my fellow brothers and sister who are actually MINISTERING to lost, unsaved souls; THAT'S WHAT ANGERS AND UPSETS ME THE MOST! I HATE THAT!

So, if you're gonna "criticize" my methods I CHALLENGE YOU to be an EFFECTIVE WITNESS for JESUS CHRIST and WIN SOULS TO CHRIST! Don't like my style, LET ME SEE YOURS THEN! Show me up then, okay? Amen.

Until then, I don't respect people who criticize fellow soulwinners as myself who are putting forth an effort to bring people to the TRUTH of JESUS CHRIST the best ways we can by HIS GRACE. If you can't (rephrase "don't want to") help us, DON'T HURT US! Amen! Really p*sses me off!

But I'm not that "angry" as I'm "detached" from my anger (but I really feel it though) but truly disappointed by some brethren in Christ that criticize the brethren out on the streets or in any place of society and life witnessing for JESUS (never for "ourselves"; it's JESUS; He's the MAIN REASON. Amen!) to CRITICIZE and NOT HELP US! Woe unto YOU! You think JESUS is pleased by your INDIFFERENCE and CRITICISMS when you're not doing anything to reach the lost yourself?

Heck, I'm not perfect, but I'm striving for perfection. At least at the end for me the Lord can say I at least TRIED TO DO SOMETHING TO HELP HIM while I'm here in this hellhole! Can you HONESTLY say the same thing, huh? I seriously DOUBT YOU CAN! Not many can at this point, but it can change.

If you can't I strongly suggest in LOVE you should "get on the Winning Team" and quit "talking us down" as though we're not of the SAME FAMILY. Amen!

Smh... Also, said a few kind words of  "God Loves you! Trust on JESUS! Be Blessed!" and such utterances I could speak as people drove by in their vehicles when I was walking near the side of the curb of Kress Street.

Said, "You be blessed sir" to a man riding pass me on his bike as he acknowledge and nodded "Yeah..." as he rode on.

And for the kicker the really bad part that "grinded my gears" street-preaching on Kress Street so this young black woman (could be mixed Black/White or Black/Hispanic; didn't really have enough time to look at her; pretty sure she's black though) riding her bike is going to say "Hey... how you doing, baby?" and pass by on her bike. The same time I said something like "Jesus Christ loves you! You have a blessed day." and was going on my business but the time she passed by she was being VERY CONDESCENDING talking to me as a "child" and NOT A GROWN MAN.

I don't tolerate disrespectful condescending talk from anyone, LEAST OF ALL, IGNORANT YOUNG WOMEN! I said "I'm not "your baby" but I'm your BROTHER IN CHRIST! YOU'RE THE BABY (IN CHRIST)!" (not really knowing if this random woman (seen her before I believe around time; probably living somewhere on or around the streets or not; either way don't trust her) was an actually "sister in Christ" or not. Don't know her at all too have much of an opinion of her personally. Could sense a little irritation, pride and anger festering inside when some random woman "disrespects me" out of my name, when I said "You're the baby!"; but it was negated as it came from deflecting her disrespect back to herself.

Anyways, what I really disliked about her was her "condescending attitude" of ARROGANCE talking to me a young man as her "baby". lol You're not even old enough to me by mother, "girl" and barely much older than me (if you are)... and my mother's more of a WOMAN than you'll ever likely be. So yeah... Amen.

You don't know me woman and I don't know you. Don't "talk me down" in condescension. It's NOT funny or cute (NOT to me at all, maybe JUST TO YOU). It's arrogant, rude, disrespectful and EXTREMELY UNATTRACTIVE! No "self-respecting" GOOD MAN is going to want to WILLING be in a relationship with a man-hater or disrespectful woman of any sort! Only weak-willed, wimpy men let ignorant women rule over them. She needs to KNOW HER PLACE, in SUBJECTION TO MEN. Amen!

It wasn't good, playful "affection" as "boyfriend-girlfriend talk"; she doesn't know me like that at all. I'm just a random STRANGER to her. It was blatant, disrespectful CONDESCENSION to me as a young man in CHRIST being a faithful witness of the Lord Jesus Christ. A MAN OF GOD.

I could say she's just some random "girl" on the streets then riding a bike, not a "grown woman" by my standards, but I won't take it there. I'm not "condescending like that" to people even though other people play that game and talk like that. I don't play no one's games but MINE and CHRIST'S. Amen.

I'm "better than that". :P Jk, that aside, I love her in CHRIST and hope the best for her in the Lord, but unless I'm mistaken her spiritual maturity seems to be lacking in the plane of a "babe in Christ" needing "milk" and not STRONG MEAT at the moment. Putting that in prayer. Amen.

So when I speak to young people as myself, either peers or young teens I call them YOUNG MEN and YOUNG WOMEN and NOT "boys" and "girls". I treat them as "equals" knowing their POTENTIAL IN CHRIST TO BE GOD'S REALITY (despite the real world reality of this life).

Ideally, I simply want to be friendly, cool and not be bothered and taken advantage of by lying, scheming, deceitful people. But I don't live in a "friendly world", so I have to DEAL WITH PEOPLE sometimes. Good and bad.

I be RESPECTFUL and see people the Way GOD SEES THEM, as people of RESPECT and DIGNITY. Calling young men "boys" and "kids" instead of respectable, casually saying "young men" in hopes they will grow into fine citizens is a disservice to getting young men to actually return the RESPECT and HONOUR to their elders.

Heck, even ignorant, unworthy young men young enough to still be called "boys" (like a few characters I came across a while back) I call them YOUNG MEN because that's MY STANDARD OF RESPECT TOWARDS MY FELLOW MAN. Has nothing to do with them or anyone else.


I respect people merely because we are all human-beings and should treat each other with dignity and respect; but it's true when I say I "respect some people more than others".

My MOST SINCERE "respect" has to be EARNED from me. And it's not hard. You'll know by how I conduct myself around you where you rank.

Only the legitimate GREAT MEN AND WOMEN OF GOD have my most sincere respect.

For instance, an older, I'll say even "elder" black brother in Christ, old enough to be my earthly father, great man of God I met up during my time in Mount Vernon, Washington; I'll call him "Bro. K.W.".

So Brother K.W., the son of a Muslim father growing up, was once a believer of the man "Mahatma Ghadhi" and such... After he turned to Christ and became a traveling preacher and evangelist had a few encounters with people who try to "talk down" to him calling him "Hey, buddy!" as though he's some random homeless guy on the streets; no sincere concern, care or RESPECT in those words just trying to "feel like the bigger man"... "buddy"... Yeah, right.

It wasn't so much the "words" but the deceiving *attitude* of condescension people had towards elder brother K.W. by calling him "buddy" that he recognized and what really disappointed me. Instead of calling him a MAN OF GOD or a "Mr.", or a "sir" like people normally (should) do, he's just called their "buddy", some random, low class individual to be disregarded no matter what his message.

Smh... People, when in the presence of men and women of God who truly know and serve the Lord are often then "condescended" towards because people don't want to face the fact that they should respect and honour God-ordained AUTHORITY and those put in position or influence for the betterment of society. They don't know him enough personally to call them their "buddy". He's a MAN OF GOD and people who are wise would do WISELY. Amen.

So, for people who think I'm their "buddy", I'll spell it out for you: I'm NOT! I only have BRETHREN covered by the BLOOD, fellow brothers and sisters in Christ. They are BRETHREN NOT "buddies". "Buddies" is a condescending name call for people you feel "outclassed by" and want to "lower them down" so you don't feel too "uncomfortable" or of "low self-esteem" in their presence.

So yeah, I'm no stranger to being "disrespected" or "hated" as the scum of the earth as a street preacher in the Lord Jesus. I must "suffer for His Sake". Yeah, I could say, "screw this" and turn my back on this street-preaching ministry and do many other different things for God (and God-willing I still will but won't quit street-preaching on the way...) but I "can't go back" and "retreat" my work ethic in Christ when I'm already being effective. It's PROVEN.


WOE IS ME IF I DON'T PREACH JESUS CHRIST! Because if I don't I am GUILTY KNOWING I SHOULD BECAUSE IT'S WHAT I'VE ALWAYS BEEN DOING ALL THIS TIME and MAKING A DIFFERENCE to "turn back" or "quit street-preaching" is to "cheat God" as His servant. I mean, of all people I see and meet around me in daily life, I'm quite confident and sure enough to say I'm the only ACTIVE local street-preaching Christian around taking a STAND FOR CHRIST. Not many people can HONESTLY say that. Least what I know from what I've seen lately... in this area. It's usually a "solo job" around this area of Denver Harbor, Houston, Texas but I'm ALWAYS willing to fellowship and minister with other fellow soldiers in Christ.

In fact, one time, out in a different area on Little York Road, I saw a fellow elder sister in Christ holding up Christian signs saying "The End is Near!" and such sort reminiscent of future bible prophecy "Last Days" warnings. She is one of few and the only woman I'm seen out in outreach ministry in the public. I prayed for her good success in the Lord that souls might be saved to CHRIST.

Yes, it has to be LED OF HIS SPIRIT though to join and go witnessing here or there, so I leave it there. But I'm always willing to.

Hopefully someday I'll get back to neighborhood door-to-door house ministry going to people at their houses like I used to do to present JESUS and tell them to go to a local Christian, King James Bible-believing church. I don't "dilly-dally" to annoy, irritate or deceive people like a thief coming to "steal, kill and destroy"; simply come to tell people about Jesus, give them any helpful materials and/or resources I may have at the moment and go about my business. I'm doing the LORD'S WORK out of PURITY. Amen!

For starters in this area of Denver Harbor of the Fifth Ward District of Houston, Texas, to anyone reading this living around I suggest going to my local family's church of "Calvary Christian Center". It's not a perfect church by any means (is any, really?) but it's a promising church off to a "new start in Christ" as it's members strive to live FAITHFULLY under God's Will. Amen.

Our pastor, Senior Pastor T.J. and his wife Mrs. V.J. are quite a wonderful couple in Christ. And their children. May the Lord Jesus Christ BLESS and WATCH OVER THEM ALL. Amen!

~ Sincerely,

Bro. Jed

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