Tuesday, June 14, 2016

A Contentious Struggle Of OBEDIENCE!

Today, this Tuesday, June 14, 2016 I woke up tired and didn't want to even get out of bed.

Really crappy start, but went about getting what had to be done...

Yeah, the SAME DAY I was tired and didn't really "give a care" about preaching: Guess what? GOD SAYS "I want you to go street-preaching today"...

Shoot, yeah of ALL TIME when I FEEL LIKE preaching, the Holy Spirit often tells me "No, not today. Let this be a day of rest (for the people meaning...)

I was really an "a-hole" today and didn't want to be bothered and pestered with people. Quit LOOKING at me! Proceeds to curse relentlessly in mind and walks around all "calm and quiet" but raging inside...

Just LEAVE ME ALONE people. Just LEAVE ME THE *F* ALONE... Okay? Good then. Amen.

I did much better today than cursing and arguing at God, I thank God He gave me the "Grace of Mind" not to throw down and throw around His Word on the ground; like I used to do in frustration. A little better; but don't really matter or count.

Anyways, a struggle sitting down outside a church building and debated cursing and "talking back" at the people who drove by in their vehicles as I watched them with cursing under my breath in whisperings. Then as I walked with the Bible held in my hands and preached the Word down Glenarm Street and walked to the end of Glenarm onto Kress Street and street-preached His Word until I came by an older Hispanic man's house sitting in his chair saying "Come tell me"; so yeah, this time I actually talked to someone instead of just handing over a gospel tract.

So, walked over and talked to this man. Actually shared the Gospel of Jesus Christ reading from the Scripture of KJV 1 Corinthians 15:1-4; he's like "C'mon, c'mon because I was like half-tired and didn't want to go through it; but for His Sake and because it was only a "one time thing" I did it.

After that the Hispanic man seemed to be good in the spirit of "Yeah, I understand it". I hope this man was a believer. I asked him "Do you go to a church?", he said "Yeah, I do..." and mumbled on an on and I listened cuz it was the right approach to do at the moment.

The older Hispanic man seemed alright; just going through something. Says he has no wife (or kids) and such; just "taking it easy" today. Didn't quite completely understand him of what he was saying so I just nodded "Yeah..." lol. Anyways, said I'd keep him in my prayers, told him God has a Purpose or Mission for us all and as the natural flow of conversation passed on I could tell it was time to go so I said, "Well, I'm about to head out to the library; so I'll keep you in prayers. Alright, bye." and I left.

Later on preaching all the way down Kress street, looking at the people "drive by" in the vehicles; so like they're serious and may be believers of God; that's good; I don't care anymore for sincerity; that's between them and GOD.

Yeah, I'm a REALLY UNGRATELY, UNAPPRECIATE reluctant "servant" of God at times like TODAY: didn't really want to street-preach today because I did not FEEL LIKE IT.

Other than that, yeah, so this young Hispanic man pulled over in his red car as I approached closer to Lyons Avenue. I've met him before in the library. May God Almighty, Lord Jesus Christ BLESS this young man. He didn't have to, but he stopped his red car to the side and because it was a hot, humid, sunny Texas day in this smothering penetrating heat he asked if I was suffering through "heatstroke" as I walked and held up the Bible.

I'm not sure if he's seen me out like this before but if he didn't he was AT LEAST CONCERNED, CARING and CONSIDERATE enough to check out and see if I was okay or not. May God BLESS people like him.

Far as I'm concerned I don't "respect" people out of a whim; he earned my respect because he went the "extra mile" when other people who "drove by" perhaps were not even thinking through the possibilities of what could have been going on. I'll watch out for people like him; if I feel like doing "unexpected" favours.

Yeah, I'm the type it's best to be an ALLY with than ME being YOUR ENEMY. It's certainly NOT PLEASANT.

Consider it a "bonus". Every now and then an unexpected "help" then I "disappear" out of your life as I please.

I don't care if you like me or NOT just do NOT bother or INCONVENIENCE my life, okay? I don't go out of my way to pester and annoy people in life because I do NOT want to be bothered by other people.

Yeah, I help out my fellow man and do all that good stuff; just don't "mess with me".

I can hold my temper quite well; very sneaky, conniving and even if I don't "do anything" there is this EVIL aura of uncomfortableness and uneasiness VERY HEAVY you will NOT LIKE; if you cross me wrongly. Not advised.

I won't attack, assault or "kill" someone provoked or unprovoked because I don't want to "throw my life away" of what I can do sitting in a concrete box. I'll be EMBARASSED and HUMILIATED publicly to SUFFER IT TO BE SO; but do NOT think it's all "easy"...

I only pity these hardhearted scumbags and "evil people" of society because I KNOW I AM SAVED and if these poor, ignorant fools die in their sins they are automatically ending up in HELL. As a result, I'm empathetic for them because it's HOPELESS for them without JESUS and I KNOW THIS; as any born again believer does. My life can "go to hell" in a handbasket but in the end, EVEN IF I die a "loser" on earth in the world's eyes" I'll be in HEAVEN and the majority of the poor unsaved souls on earth will end up in HELL unfortunately.

Yadayada, these last few days ago a lot of AWFUL acts of violence have occurred the most latest national incidents being the murder of The Voice cast singer contestant "Christina Grimmie" who was killed by an evil man who went out of his way to murder the young, beautiful-looking white woman.

Really, TRULY sad a precious soul taken by such an wicked act of senseless violence. If anything I "live and let live" but this guy (the killer) went out of his way to PURPOSELY kill this young 22 year-old white woman.

I really feel for the late Christina's older brother Marcus who stepped in and tackled the killer to the ground who then took his own life by gunshot. Marcus did what he could to save his little sister's life. My prayers go out to their family...

... After this happened, upon Sunday morning on Sunday, June 12, 2016, the man "Omar Mateen" went on a shooting spree at a gay nightclub called the "Pulse" in Orlando, Florida; completely out of the blue.

Fifty souls were killed (including Mateen) and fifty-three (53) people were injured to be helped at hospitals...

God does NOT want all this violence and chaos to occur. GOD wants all men to be SAVED and not that ANY SOUL should perish. The ONLY exception to this rule is the "Son of Perdition" called the ANTICHRIST.

Regardless of the intents and motives of these two men who murdered these innocent people just going about living their lives; is that people who want to KILL, STEAL and DESTROY as their father the Devil, Satan, will do just that; no matter what.

Only GOD can stop them. It's a "heart thing".

Although I believe certain types of guns should not be "accessible to people under criminal histories" in forms of "gun control" in regards to civilians in civilian life; the fact will ALWAYS be that if someone wants to HURT or KILL someone, they will FIND and MAKE A WAY.

It's about the HEART of an individual.

Lord Jesus Christ Himself said out of the HEART of man proceeded good and evil. A good man is a good tree. An evil man is a corrupt tree.

It's what's INSIDE a person that causes that to be expressed out externally of GOOD or EVIL. Amen.

~ Sincerely,

Bro. Jed

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