Saturday, June 18, 2016

En Route By The Spirit To The Library...

Today, Saturday, June 18, 2016, I had a late start from what I intended to do this morning; however, the Lord Jesus Christ revealed to me in the SPIRIT that He wanted me to street-preach today so just when I walked out the door from home and walked a little distance from the house I had to walk on back and pick up my large bible to evangelize with.

So... on the way walking down Hoffman Street I uplifted His Word in my hands up to the people passing by in their vehicles.

I perceive some people saw, acknowledged saying "Yeah, okay I got it" as though they may know they need to TURN TO GOD and not quite saying if they actually did yet...

Down from Hoffman Street up to Lyons Avenue I turned left on the side walk of Lyons Avenue and held up in His Word for the people to see saying "Jesus Christ LOVES you!", "God LOVES you!". "God is calling out for you to be saved." and in such manner I exhorted to the people as I was able to speak as I saw people driving in their vehicles with their windows "rolled down".

A lot of people seem as though they may have been convicted in their spirit to REPENT so it's in God's Hands for people to be brought to repentance.

I'm thinking and feeling God's gonna work out something great I the patience of due time. There's a lot of work to do...

Also, one thing I've noticed as I've walked the streets of Denver Harbor, Houston, Texas is that when I'm not street-preaching but walking about my daily business people notice me as they drive by in the vehicles looking in my direction. Because I know they're looking at me I look back at them through the windows of their vehicles cuz I know people "know me" and are witness of my taking a stand for Christ. I have to keep a good, solid testimony of not steeping into sin since people are WATCHING...

God's spoken in my heart that since most of the time I am not "caught off guard" by people since I'm usually situationally-alert and self-aware throughout life; God has told me to directly "look in the direction of people" I know are looking back at me, since He wants them to look at me as a "sign" leading them to repentance in their memory and their mind.

Although I can "sense" people are watching me from a distance as I walk forth and can see in a sideways glance of my peripheral vision that people are seeing me I don't turn my head to face them looking their direction so they can't tell if I notice them as well; so they may think I don't notice them when I do. Amen.

Well, God-willing, I know God is working through on something as I do my best to stay walking in His Spirit.

May the Lord Jesus Christ BLESS YOU in your "Spirit Walk" as well. Amen!

~ Sincerely,

Bro. Jed

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