Friday, June 10, 2016

The SIN and the BLOOD...

Two days back now ago it was a Wednesday night Bible Study at Calvary Christian church on Wednesday, June 8, 2016 that I heard a word of the Lord from elder brother Pastor T.J. ...

Elder brother Pastor T.J. was teaching on the CROSS of JESUS at CALVARY and He asked the few of us brethren in the nightly congregation the question: "What do you think Jesus took off us when He died on the Cross at Calvary?"

At first I though I know and said "death", Pastor T.J. said "No" and asked another brother and a few sisters and then I forgot who said it first but then someone said "SIN" and that was one answered part of Pastor T.J.'s question.

Then this was the tricky part because Pastor T.J. already mentioned "sin" and taught on it and then he said, "What else?" I'm like "Huh? Well, Law?" He's like "No, someone else..." and eventually someone else said "SINS..."

It was a "one-letter difference" and it made sense. See, SIN is meant for every natural-born human-being birthed into life from the womb. All humanity is BORN INTO SIN so we are already affected by the Original Sin Curse of Adam and Eve; then the aspect of SINS is for when we "sinners" go about our lives in commiting sin and it accumulates over the course of our lives like one giant "sin footprint" if you will that God keeps in account.

Since believers are SAVED by GRACE through FAITH on the Son of God, Lord JESUS CHRIST we are cleansed, forgiven and REDEEMED of our inherent "sin nature" from birth and the individual sins we make in our lives.

Now unto the second part of the lesson... elder brother Pastor T.J. taught us about the importance of the... BLOOD!

Pastor T.J. asked, "What is important about blood?" meaning he was talking of how Aaron and the "Aaronic Priesthood" in the Olden Day of Moses sacrificed animals like lambs, bullocks and goats in blood sacrifice offerings for sin.

I got the first half right this time by answering "life" and a young Hispanic sister in Christ answered the second part right by answering the opposite "death".

And it was so that by the BLOOD of JESUS we are cleansed of our SINS ETERNALLY because Christ is our Perfect, Pure, Holy, ETERNAL High Priest Who offered Himself up for only ONE TIME that was needed to redeem all humanity from the curse of the Law and SIN BEING the "LAMB of God" and so SAVES all people who TRUST on HIS HOLY NAME. Amen!


Alright, so on a later note that day after bible study, this time I was led of the Lord in the Spirit who told me it was "okay" to witness His Word to the people as I held up my burgundy reddish-brown bible in my hands to passing cars and vehicles driving on Kress Street that night.

A lot of people I could tell may have seen me before street-preaching and witnessing up the Word and were just at "strife" within their hearts and consciences, peradventure GOD already revealed Himself to them; but they don't want to acknowledge and TURN TO JESUS in REPENTANCE.

Just like earlier that day coming from the library I saw these two Hispanic men; one older and one younger but still "young men" by today's terms. The "younger-looking" Hispanic man was drinking some beer (alcohol) as he was crossing Kress Street and the older man behind him following behind with his cool black shade sunglasses looked at me in intrigue, anger and "frustration" like they KNOW GOD revealed Himself to them and that they should turn to GOD and DO RIGHT and not go about life out of their own personal free will like they've been "living by their own rules and ignoring God the whole time" kind of mindset.

Yeah, I could kind of sense that was what was going on, but I didn't really have to say anything to either men of the time as I was just "passing through" and the Lord did not "put anything on my heart to speak" so I kept peace and walked on, nodded "yeah, hey man..." and moved on about my business going home.

It's something when you GO OUT PUBLICLY and WITNESS JESUS CHRIST that people REMEMBER YOU and depending on how you live your live in accordance to GOD'S WILL that can be to YOUR BENEFIT or YOUR DETRIMENT.

I have a good testimony going on right now it seems as people "shrug" looking at me like they need to "get right with God" so I CANNOT go into SIN and screw things up... By HIS GRACE I'll continue without REPROACH even though personal persecution and affliction can happen in time... Amen.

~ Sincerely,

Bro. Jed.

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