Friday, October 9, 2015

Christian Witnessing Down In Denver Harbor, Houston, Texas...

Yesterday on Tuesday, October 6, 2015 I walked to a few houses to witness the Gospel of Lord Jesus Christ and witness the Word of God...

I had seen seven houses off Kress Street and I intended to go and be able to witness to all people in each of the seven houses... 

Unfortunately, some of the houses I would have gone to have "Private Property/No Trespassing, Violaters Will Be Prosecuted Signs" and black iron-barred, fenced doors; I got to witness to a Catholic Hispanic elder lady but to no avail; probably most likely because she seemed to speak only "español" and I can speak only a little mix of ol' "spanglish"...

Still, in the Lord I let her know I was a CHRIST-ian to her reply: "No, no, bye"... and I "easefully" was kind, backed myself up and went to the other houses. No one else opened the doors when I knocked but as the Spirit gave me utterance the Lord put it in my heart to speak out the Gospel of Jesus Christ before I left the front of the door:

Well, I am about to go, but before I do... The Gospel of Jesus Christ is 1. Jesus Christ died on the Cross, 2. Jesus Christ was buried and 3. Jesus Christ rose from the dead. If you believe in your heart on Lord Jesus Christ you will be saved and inherit eternal life in Heaven when you die. After that, be baptized in Jesus' Name or in the Name of the Father, Son and the Holy Ghost. Have a good day, Lord Jesus Christ loves you!

As the Lord led me to originally go to those first seven houses; I was only able to witness to one person; but the Lord be gloried.

After that I walked to a church and let two stapled documents of Christian literature at a local Hispanic church the Lord led me to go in the spirit. Shortly after, as I briskly walked passed down East Freeway, I saw two Hispanic men go by the door I left the papers and that was God's Way of letting me know it was received in His Will. The two men looked at me and nodded afar off; I waved back with my hand as a signal to let them know in case they guessed it was probably me who left that Christian literature...

After a long walk exploring the surrounding area in between Jacinto City and Denver Harbor of Houston, Texas; another key event went down that was of the Lord.

So I met this young (Christian) Hispanic man (looked to me to be in his mid teens) at Cliff Tuttle Park right by the Houston Public Library in Denver Harbor, Houston, Texas.

I talked to him and asked if he was saved; he was "busy" on his iPhone or smartphone but did talk back to me.

He said something common on  the line of, "Well, I don't go to church as much but I'm Christian..."

I was more direct when I said, "Going to church is not what saves you; believing on Jesus Christ Who is the Son of God is what saves you. Although, God expects us as believers of His Son, Jesus Christ to fellowship together in church if we can. But if you believe in your heart the Gospel of Jesus Christ that 1. Jesus Christ died on the Cross, 2. Jesus Christ was buried and 3. Jesus Christ rose from the dead; if you personally believe on Jesus Christ in your heart you are saved and forgiven of your sin by Father God and inherit eternal life in Heaven (when you die). After that, the next thing to do is get baptized as a public proclamation of your faith in Christ with a witness of a Christian, a group of Christians or a local church."

After explaining, I asked if he would like a Bible and I gave him a new King James Version Holy Bible to have. I also gave him a stapled Christian article on "Helloween" from brother David J. Stewart's godly Christian website in the Lord.

Overall the younger brother seemed receptive to God's Message and it was a successfully planted seem I pray "sprouts up in the Wisdom, Knowledge and SPIRIT" of the Lord Jesus Christ; being watered DAILY in the Word of God. Amen.

(P.S. As I walked by some boisterous dogs kept barking at me as I walked by local neighborhoods but I found saying OUT LOUD in a calm yet AUTHORATATIVE voice "Jesus, Jesus, PEACE be still in Jesus' Name" as I waved my hand calmly at the dogs and the dogs stopped barking and kept silence as I walked passed them. These events taught and reminded me that GOD gives us POWER to SPEAK and ACT as we WORK OUT OUR FAITH by ACTIONS

Was I doing a perfect job" at neighborhood house door-to-door Gospel of Jesus Christ witnessing? Absolutely NOT, but I did not cave into the fear I felt at times for going "out of the norm" and knocking on people's houses to get saved. I just let my faith go forward and my physical body followed along and I did not let any of the potential "consequences" of going to people's houses stop the ACTIONS of the FAITH of my inner man...

The fear was only IN MY MIND; not out there in the physical world regardless of people's thoughts; having to BREAK APART from the normal ways of the world and get into the Ways of God from Above...)

(Side note: Now I'm not saying Christian soulwinning going to people's neighborhoods and housing is easy and without danger and "situations" but God-willing I plan to elaborate on the real life "risks" of pursuing this kind of Christian ministry... I know a few brothers in Christ that have similar "on-the-ground" street-preaching ministries and such and hopefully, Lord-willing, will get to type and speak more on this ministry of the Lord as life goes on...)

Brethren, we must remember: GOD gives us POWER if we just actually attempt to USE IT freely in good service. We must not let all the social norms of daily life to interfere with LIVING BY GOD. We have renewed minds in Christ. Our inner man is not of this world as our Lord has said He is not of this world. Use it. Activate the Gift that is within thee.

Let's remember our "true home" is up there though we live in the present here on earth. Amen.)

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