Friday, October 9, 2015

Brief Note To The Brethren In Lord Jesus Christ: What I Have Come To Realized About Serving The Lord In These "Last Days"

Hello brethren in Christ and fellow "soulwinners",

I pray you all are doing well in spiritual and physical, earthly life.

In these Last Days I have realized especially now in Year 2015 that with all the drastic world events going on a lot of future bible prophecy is being fulfilled or close to being fulfilled.

In the United States with the wicked U.S. supreme court condoning abominable sodomite "marriages"; it appears a wicked shift of ungodliness is on a continuous downwards slope...

At this rate of evil in this world, I could not see this world continuing as it is 100 years from now IF the Lord Jesus Christ would tarry that long.

Even then, being realistic I am even unsure whether this world would continue as it has for a possible extra 10 years, let alone 5 years from now in 2015 to 2020...

As a young man, I have committed myself in FAITH to live DAY-BY-DAY in witnessing the GOSPEL OF JESUS CHRIST to AT LEAST one person every day; yet not every day have I been able to keep this up usually because of personal life circumstances, situations and/or obligations to the people in my life...

Nevertheless, I do my best to at least sing spiritual songs; make comments and references about Jesus Christ, the (KJV) Holy Bible, God and Christianity to plant SEEDS in people's hearts.

Get people to start thinking more about JESUS CHRISTGOD and the BIBLE on their mind instead of just going through the daily, mundane thinking of worldly things and matters in this world like busy thinking about money, sex, Hollywood entertainers, sports, ungodly music (AKA "rap", "hip hop", "rock 'n roll") and all wicked worldly things.

God wants His KINGDOM FILLED: that's what the Lord has put on my heart; to keep planting seeds into ALL people I see and encounter even if I do not witness and lead someone to salvation by the Gospel of Jesus Christ (KJV 1 Corinthians 15:1-4).

Just keep PLANTING those SEEDS into people's hearts and minds to think about Jesus and then PRAY as God works in people's hearts to convict them of them sin so they might REPENT!

We don't do the "saving" but Lord Jesus does and He is working all the time to open people's hearts up to Him for salvation; but as God's Children we are to PRESENT JESUS CHRIST and the WORD OF GOD to all people that seeds of salvation are planted in their hearts and God waters the seeds as well as other believers so that people might TURN TO GOD.

So brothers and sisters and Christ, by the Spirit of Lord Jesus Christ, I believe this is what our Lord expects us to be doing as we prepare for His Return.

Because the world is just so evil and unstable now, I have adopted this mindset to keep on reaching EVERY PERSON I see with the Gospel of Jesus Christ as I always PLANT SEEDS about Lord Jesus Christ in people's hearts and minds. I do NOT see a long-lasting future of this world going 100 years from now at this rate except by God's Grace in His Plan.

While I do this, I'm not only concerned for the salvation of all unsaved unbelievers, but I also "look out" for the safety of my brethren in Spirit and of the flesh (my earthly, physical "blood family") in these hard times of life. I watch out for my loved ones in life as I also look out for my own safety and self-preservation so that I can fulfill the Will of the Lord in one piece as best I can.

All I do now is God's Will in my life concerning the ministry He has given me to do and working jobs to supply income for myself and family (spiritual and natural). This is all I focus on.

Do not waste money and keep saving and SOWING money I earn into tithing at churches I attend in fellowship and worship and God-willed ministries preaching the Gospel of Jesus Christ and the Word of God.

The Lord is teaching me to be a good steward with money; using money only in ways to BEST SERVE HIM and not any "earthly desires, temptations and lusts" of my flesh.

Time is SHORT. Eventually all earthly wealth will be rendered useless up to the point the Antichrist, that "Man of Sin" becomes the World Dictator and the world is heading that direction by prophecy, so I'm not going to sit on any money I am not actively, strategically putting into immediate use to serve the Lord's Church and Ministry.

Fellow brethren of these Last Days: we ONLY have the PRESENT to WORK IN. All other long-term ambitions and goals of ourselves has to be put aside if they are not God's Will in our lives.

The Lord knows I have many projects and "ambitions" in Christian ministry I would like to do and if the Lord would tarry, I pray I would accomplish most if not all of them.

This is why I say for all my brethren and peers: DO what works best for you in life by GOD'S WORD.

Maybe you might not be led of the Lord to go to secular college or university or Christian college, university or seminary.

I have not felt led of the Spirit to go to any particular school that the Holy Ghost has said "No, I have other for thee to do". Although I would probably go to Hyles-Anderson College.

I am resolved to just working jobs and hopefully eventually starting up a few businesses in the near future.

The Lord has also put it on my heart to start a church AND be a "church-planter" of churches... Only GOD knows how this will go...

Nevertheless, the bottom line I have realized is to "go with the flow of life" the Lord is leading you for your own survival and all those in your life. If the Lord Jesus Christ is unmistakably blessing you in your line of work, educational pursuits and personal endeavors; then that's the sign where He wants you to be working for.



I apologize for writing this long, broad and "scattered" article as I "ideally" would have organized topics better in this; though the Spirit pressed in me to get these thoughts OUT OF MY HEAD and into the WORLD.

These are SERIOUS TIMES and unless the Lord tarries WE DO NOT have much time to be here in this world...

~ In His Love and Peace,

Bro. Jed

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