Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Witnessed Christ To Two Elder Men In Cliff Tuttle Park in Denver Harbor, Houston, Texas

Today I witnessed Lord Jesus Christ to two elder men at the park by the Cliff Tuttle branch library.

I discreetly approached the elder black man and handed him a "Jesus Loves You!" tulip bed background paper letter and he accepted the handover.

Then I walked over to an elder Hispanic man sitting at a table reading a Spanish newspaper. I said something Hello/ Hola, Senior... to respectfully approach him without bothering his reading because this happened so naturally and effortless in person because it was of the Spirit.

Yes responded nodding his head in a "yes fashion" and as I left the man alone I said under my breath "Es en ingles" so he may have heard what I said or figured it out but I let him know it was about Jesus by saying "Cristo de Jesus".

From this and previous encounters with people I have learned the valuable skill of just "walking up to people" and present the Gospel of Jesus Christ be it in a gospel tract booklet or paper slip handout or verbally speaking out the Gospel or both. APPROACH and EMBRACE the outcome of ACCEPTANCE or REJECTION!

...And now I have typed this up at the library. God-willing, Lord knows I have plenty more experiences and contents to add to this and the other website blogs I have started in the Lord but may the Grace of our Lord Jesus Christ cover you fully as we go forth... Peace in His Name.

~ Bro. Jed

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