Thursday, October 29, 2015

Where Is The Love?

Of my two years of active Christian street-preaching ministry, the Lord has proved me what is that good and acceptable character to have as one of His faithful servants:


People do not care how smart, talented or successful you are and you go around not "caring" about how they are doing.

Lord knows I am not the smartest, most talented, successful or best Bible Scripture memorizer but He knows I CARE ENOUGH TO APPROACH PEOPLE WITH THE GOSPEL OF JESUS CHRIST for the Salvation of their souls.

God knows I know HELL is REAL and so is HEAVEN and that when we die we will go to one of those two places. I have chosen HEAVEN.

Now even I don't care how smart, successful or anything people might have going for themselves and they come around "preaching" their message of what I should be doing or I should be supporting a cause of theirs: if they don't care about me as a human-being WHY should I be interested? You ain't puttin' food in my belly, clothes on my back and a roof over my head.

Man is a selfish creature but God has created us to care about and for each other.

Love is not a merely a word but an EXPRESSION OF ACTION OF DEEP, SINCERE CARING.

So, where is YOUR LOVE?

Of all the people the Lord has given me the privilege to minister to, they have always told me "thanks for caring in one way or another".

It had nothing to do with me distributing handwritten and printed Gospel of Jesus Christ gospel tracts and handing out King James Bibles I bought from Dollar Tree stores, but my ACTION OF CARING to see how people were doing in life.

For instance, I listened to people tell me their life stories and I heard a lot more than I even thought they should share me! I don't personally care to know people's "personal business" yet still, by listening to people tell their life experiences I realized it may have been a way for them to have personal  healing from their painful experiences, a form of "self-therapy" to cope with the pains of life. I would give him/her a Gospel of Jesus Christ gospel tract and/or a King James Bible and quietly, patiently and attentively listen to every person talk out of their hearts.

 When a saw a homeless man or woman on the streets I would give them money, food or any means of survival I could offer them as a Blessing from the Lord because that's how Jesus expects. I was homeless at many times and did what I could to watch out from people. I learned A LOT from those experiences on the streets...

Summed up: It's not what you know or do that impresses people inasmuch as how you express your sincere CARING for your fellow man.

There's much else, God-willing, I would like to develop on this in in-depth DETAIL from personal experience in the Lord's Ministry (especially with other brethren evangelizing the Gospel of Jesus Christ and the Word of God); Lord-willing it may come to pass in the near future...

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