Friday, October 9, 2015

Reaching Out The Lord Jesus Christ To Fellow Young People

Also, this day Friday, October 9, 2015; after meeting a brother of ours I call "Mr. D." I went on a long walking trek around Denver Harbor in the Lord...

Heh, it also appeared I met a few people who "remember me" from "street-preaching" escapades as I walked down the streets and glanced their faces from behind their car/truck windows; throwing up their hands in frustration like I "remind them" they have not yet repented of their unbelief from not believing on Lord Jesus Christ.

After this, I went back to sit at a table under the gazebo and met an elder black sister in Christ I'll call "Ms. R."

As I walked up to meet her I saw a group of Hispanic young adult "teenage-looking" group of six boys and one girl.

After Ms. R. and I asked each other how we were doing in life as we ate a little snack (I was drinking some water from Nestle Pure Life water bottle and eating some unsalted crackers, Ms. R. was eating some Lay's Barbecue chips I think after she came back from buying them at a food mare across the street...).

Anyways at first I was hesitant but then I thought on this: at least if I do this thing, they will have known the truth about Lord Jesus Christ being The Way of Salvation and not end up in Hell from ignorance of the Gospel of Jesus Christ. The worst thing that could happen is they reject the white cardboard "Jesus Loves You!" flyers and ask me to take them back. I would rather they know and reject Jesus than not to know that Lord Jesus Christ Loves and Cares for them.

Once again, by God's Faith, I stepped out in faith and approach the group of young people with the only two "Jesus Loves You!" white cardboard gospel tract flyers I had and the group received them!

The girl said "Thanks" and one of the young men told me something like "Thanks man, for this.".

Afterwards, I sat back down at the table with Ms. R. and resumed catching up with her.

The next thing that transpired is another one of the young men gave me and Ms. R. each a dollar as a kind "thank you" for having received the Gospel of Jesus Christ! What a blessing of God -- that ONE DOLLAR! I can't even explain it but being God's Merciful, Kind Blessing.

I did not want or expect to get back a dollar from simply ministering the Gospel of Lord Jesus Christ as I personally do NOT labour in the Lord's Ministry as a way to gain income to support myself and family. Although, on the same token, I do not have anything personally against any of my brethren that are true ministers of the Gospel of Jesus Christ and the Word of God that derive a living from the Lord's Ministry as the Scripture saith 'live of the gospel'; it's a personal preference.

In my experience, I personally find doing the Work of the Lord out of simple, plain passion and compassion of bring the Gospel of Jesus Christ to lost souls to be SAVED by Lord Jesus Christ to be my main Inspiration and motivation to continue labouring in God's Ministry.

Now from talking with Ms. R. had strife going on with her mean sister and I told her I would be praying on that as a request to the Lord Jesus Christ and offered her understanding.

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