Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Witnessing Christ To A Few Young Women In Denver Harbor, Cliff Tuttle Branch Houston Public Library

Earlier today, Tuesday, October 13, 2015, by the Spirit of God I have witnessed to 3 young women today about Lord Jesus Christ in the library.

I witnessed to a young black woman and gave her a "Jesus Christ Loves You!" white cardboard flyer to have and although she did not take it with her leaving it on the table, God-willing, I pray she believed or is a believer of Lord Jesus Christ. (I did not talk to her that much because she like I was busy working on our computers...)

Still, I was able to give the "Jesus Christ Loves You!" white cardboard flyer to a young Hispanic woman with glasses working on her black laptop and she took the flyer with her! Praise God!

Also, before that, I gave another young Hispanic woman who was busy looking on her IPhone a hand-written note on a beautiful-looking pink and multicolor tulip bed background computer printing stock paper sheet saying "Jesus Christ Loves You!" with a hand drawn Cross of Jesus Christ illustration and a large "happy face" and I wrote down a list of Christian, King James Bible-believing websites I felt led by the Spirit to give her.

I listed:


2. http://biblebelievers.com/

3. http://getgodsgift.org/

4. http://wholesomewords.org/

5. http://worldlychaos.org/

God-willing, over time, I have much more things to tell, but for more, I pray the Lord blesses all the brethren in the Grace and Peace of our Wonderful Saviour, LORD JESUS CHRIST!

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