Monday, December 7, 2015

An Elder Brother Called And Anointed By The Lord To Be A Preacher Of The Faith

Last Friday, December 4, 2015, I  met an elder brother in the Lord in his forties who I sensed had God's Anointing to be a preacher.

I would say our brother's name but for privacy's sake I'll call him (elder) Bro. P.

I met Bro. P at the Cliff Tuttle Park by the Houston Public Library after an early day out preaching holding the Bible up as I walked on Kress Street and Lyons Avenue.

Bro. P has been going through a lot of personal hardships and has an addiction struggle with smoking pot. I did not at all "bring this to you attention" as I let the Spirit lead me in meekness and humility as I stayed quiet and heard the man's plight.

He was originally from the east coast and had some family down here in Texas. 

I don't feel led to go into the "personal details" of his life story that he shared openly with me. (A common occurrence I experience with all the people the Lord guides me to...)

He said to his astonishment, "Why am I even telling you all this?"

And I did not have a real response but said "... Everyone needs healing to get things out of their lives like self-therapy..."

Anyways, I felt such an urge in the Spirit by hearing His Voice that told me to take out the bottle of anointing oil I received from a fellowship event with a church at the Scenic Woods Branch Houston Public Library and I used my right thumb and dabbed it to anoint Bro. P in the middle of his forehead with the oil and after that I put my hands on his head and prayed over him fervently as the Spirit led me.

Bro. P asked if I went to a church and I told him I went to "Calvary Baptist Church" on Hershe Street across from Kress Street and we walked down there so he could know where to fellowship with fellow believers if he ever felt led to worship God there.

I "friended" Bro. P on Facebook even and God-willing, I may be hearing from him again in the future, Lord-willing...

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