Thursday, September 29, 2016

Street-Preaching: The Battle of the MIND...

Earlier today, just past 12:00 noon this afternoon, I was led of the Lord to go street-preaching His Word (King James Version Holy Bible [KJV]) on Hillsboro Street after I crossed over from Hoffman...

I was having a "bad day" today and felt depressed and under "psychological mental attack" from the Enemy.

It was nice, and sunny out, a good sunny day and really nothing to complain about; but I just felt bad and in a crappy mental fog of "distress"; like the Enemy really didn't want me out witnessing today...

By His Grace I just "fought" out the mental fog and did what I could do "physically-speaking" and "moved on body" on the way and went out to witness His Word.

I kinda just "mumbled under my breath" at times in fatigue. Really wasn't "feeling it" today. But in all hindsight purposes I think the Lord is teaching me to PUSH THROUGH the PAIN and not go by what "feels right" at times but by WHAT I BELIEVE HIS WORD SAYS.

I could've just say "screw it" and not bother about street-preaching today; but then I KNOW I would REGRET IT LATER and be even more angry and upset with myself. Thank God I just DID IT. Amen.

So, walking up Hillsboro Street and holding up His Word; I'm mindful to hold the Bible to my chest as I also point it up to the side of my head to be "symbolic" in body language saying "Trust God [Bible] in Heart and Mind".

Another thing the Lord has done spontaneously in me physically is that I outstretch both of my hands raised up together as though I'm about to "hug and embrace" someone with the bible held in one of my hands as I fold in my arms together as though I'm "hugging and embracing" an invisible person while I'm making direct eye contact with people passing by driving by in their vehicles. It's like God's Way of saying "I'm here, come to Me all ye who look for the desire of your heart. I love you and want to be close to you. I'm always here for you when you need me." GOD is wanting to embrace sinners of whom I am chief.

I went by slowly, just "staggering" along walking up Kress Street on the sidewalks, passing by a Hispanic family having a yard sale up front of their house and finding shade underneath the leaves of a few trees as I made my way to the library.

As much as I wasn't really "all there" mentally as I street-preached His Word, I knew God was working mightily in me judging by people's more "positive" and "receptive" reactions to the Message He had me delivering.

For as the Lord saith, "My Grace is sufficient for thee. For my strength is made perfect in weakness." and I sure was WEAK at that point. I was in WEAKNESS. I didn't feel like doing anything in particular, let alone "ministry" but I had to FORCE my physical body to comply to the will God known in my mind.

As Christians, we have to TRAIN OUR FLESH to do what God wants us to do even when we don't always "feel like it". It's not easy, and sometimes we fail. But we must ALWAYS keep doing the BEST WE CAN by HIS GRACE. We must NOT "give up".

Alright then, about to "sign off". 'Til next time, God LOVES you and so do I in JESUS' NAME.


~ Sincerely,

Bro. Jed

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