Tuesday, September 20, 2016

A Good Sunday Church Day Coming Home...

On Sunday, September 18, 2016, just before 12:15p.m. walking on home from church on Kress Street, it was a great day today!

I not only made it to church ON TIME but I attended the early church meeting with our pastor, his wife and the brethren in the choir and various church ministries before the actual church service started. It was a good swell day indeed... Led of by the SPIRIT OF THE LORD! Amen!

So, to the main point: the Lord spoke to me in the Spirit telling me to give this elder Hispanic man  who just got out of his truck walking to his house a "Jesus Christ LOVES You!" Gospel of Jesus Christ gospel tract for him to receive as he said "thanks" and I nodded "yes" and was led of the Lord by the Spirit to walk the rest of the way home... A good "uneventful day indeed"...

Thought I was gonna "street preach" today but the Lord's Voice in the Spirit told me "No...", so no street-preaching this day... Yep, this was a GOOD SUNDAY. Amen.

~ Bro. Jed

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