Tuesday, September 6, 2016

A Sunny Day WALKING In Town To The Library...

Earlier today this morning I was walking on my way to the library here to use the Wi-Fi internet connection for my laptop to do some "business" online.

A good walk out walking up Hoffman Street, waving "hi" to my neighbors and local residents with greetings I stopped at Lyons Washateria for a quick break to leave a small "Christian, King James Bible-believing Christian Websites" illustrated paper slip at the telephone booth before resuming my walk on Lyons Avenue walking to a roofed bus stop area bench to hang for a while where I also left another "Christian, King James Bible-believing Christian Websites" illustrated paper slip there before leaving.

So, I'm walking on Shotwell Street then walking on the sidewalk on the outskirts of the Fiesta grocery store parking lot area and then walking on the roadside of East Freeway on my way to the backend side of "Cliff Tuttle Park" on my way to the library.

I'm taking in all the scenery. Nice sun, the houses, places I could witness and people I could witness to; formulate plans and ideas in my head of possibilities as I walk on by.

So, I eventually make it walking over to Cliff Tuttle Park after having walked by two Hispanic men in their white van pulled over by an Icehouse bar" hanging out before going. Both men seemed to look at me in "amazement" for one reason or another; hope it's all associated with CHRIST as I saw them in friendly sight and walked about my business.

Now walking on the sidewalk on the "square" of the entire Cliff Tuttle Park I see an older-than-me but "young" Hispanic man walking in my direction with his young small kid daughter joyfully running and skipping before him.

As I walk closer I smiled and friendly waved to the young girl as I distanced myself a bit from being in the way to not be to close to the child and respect the natural "parental boundary of safety" of "parent and child".

My aim in the Lord was to give the father a "Jesus Christ LOVES You!" Gospel of Jesus Christ gospel tract which I manage led of the Lord in the SPIRIT as the Hispanic father said "Thank you man" and I nodded "Yes" and we moved on in our directions...

Later on I also saw a dog "frolicking" around the park. Must be a "stray" I thought. I kept my distance away from the dog since I didn't really want to "bother" or "pester" it.

Time I'm going close over to a bench the dog was going my direction and when the dog saw me it stopped and barked at me a while as I motioned myself away from it; then I walked as though I was going to it and it "sped off" running away as terribly frightened at a human-being. I wasn't gonna hurt you "poor doggie" lol. Just passing through.

Anyways, so I'm pondering to myself in my "Christian journey" in life: "I'm no longer a "rookie" in the Lord but I'm no aged, seasoned veteran in Christ either..."

I have much to learn and much to do and by His Timing and Grace I hope to do what the Lord intends for me to do in this earthly life before His Coming.

Two days back I was late to church and my local pastor confronted me about it and sternly but kindly reminded me to "be to church on time as an usher" because those in service of the church should be ON TIME before the whole congregation of the church assembles.

I was ASHAMED of myself because I FAILED *principal* of BEING ON TIME repeatedly that was becoming a CHRONIC TARDINESS I must break out of starting this week going to church at Wednesday night bible study and especially to Sunday morning church service coming later on...

Yeah, instead of "beating myself up" in condemnation and guilt I can only DO THE RIGHT THING in place of "correcting" my failures and mistakes.

The lesson's simple. Now all I gotta do is the "hard part" of DOING IT. No excuses. Amen!

~ Sincerely,

Bro. Jed 

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