Friday, September 16, 2016

Street-Preaching... Trials And Tribulations!

Today, o yea, I was led of the Lord this time to street preach His Word walking up Hillsboro Street and making a right turn walking on Kress Street.

It's not always an "easy breeze" when the Lord tells me to go out and "preach His Word" to the people when I may be caught in personal situations and "obligations" with people that try my heart to see if I'll "give in to my fear" of upsetting close family and friends.

Nevertheless, I STEEL my mind in cruel hard, rigid focus, determination and an unemotional neutral gaze MAKING EYE CONTACT with angry, "mean-looking" faces lol ;D for walking out on family and friends expecting me to be around to help them with something when things are taken care of and I MUST OBEY GOD *FIRST*. Family SECOND! (Don't get me wrong, out of PURITY of heart I do right on business and personal family obligations; I'm in that group of "rare individuals" who don't cheat people out or slack their hand)

Yeah, yeah... by His Grace I'm not one to "get into trouble" on my own, fooling around, doing drugs, drinking beer, sleeping with many women as a "player" or hanging out at the nightclubs and bars or "getting high" or any of the foolish dumb stuff young people my age are so accustomed to doing and expected of... Yeah...

In a sense I'm a "polite ol' preacher boy" but not really. Not NOT AT ALL!:P

Regardless of the case, so... I'm walking up Kress Street upholding the Word (King James Version Holy Bible [KJV]) and seeing people pass by in their cars.

I'm saying "God Almighty, Lord Jesus Christ LOVES You!" or "God LOVES YOU! Trust on JESUS, the SON OF GOD!" and like manner...

A lot of times, as been doing this for quite a while now it seems more than it really is, when people see my around, they either "snap" "Okay, I'm tired of being reminded of God by you" is what I think they may be thinking like judging by their "reactions of being in my presence and I in theirs".

Also... A lot of people "sneakily" it seems (but Oh yeah, best believe I DO NOTICE! But I'm not really "offended" that much or take it to heart) like to "give me the finger" after they have driven off in their vehicles (but I notices!... Usually always unless my eyes are focused talking to somebody or looking elsewhere but I capture my surroundings greatly in my peripheral vision. Amen.)

Yeah, just yesterday on my way back to Denver Harbor having made a stop at Workforce Solutions on Wallisville Road looking for another job and handling some other business; I'm walking on past this Valero gas station off the curbside walking pass the driveway and this white man in his green truck or some color, yeah, he's all reacting like "Gosh d--mmit! Not you [me] again!" as he speds off in his truck and indirectly giving me the finger as though I'm to busy walking and tired in the hot Houston sun to notice his "actions". Well, guess what? I DO! lol ;D Don't ch'you worry though, I'm not "offended" at heart; I'm used to this kind of thing. It means I'm doing my job well in the Lord lol.

OFFEND THEM! But I'm not "personally offending" people when I'm out street-preaching.

lol People just don't want to be CONFRONTED with the TRUTH that there IS A GOD. They want to live their lives with NO ACCOUNTABILITY to a "Higher Power" other than themselves.

Everyone wants to be their own "lil' god" or "lil' goddess" of their "lil' lives" in the world without acknowledging the INSTRUCTION of the REAL GOD in our lives. Amen!

So, I've done this enough to know not to take people's negative reactions personally. They can't "hate me"; they don't know me. It's GOD they have a problem with. People are going through a lot of personal and emotional drama in their lives.

I'm one of them, but I know the LORD.

Also, the people who "hate to see me" hate to see a "walking, living, breathing living epistle of one of the servants of the Lord" as the Lord uses me to remind them of HIS EXISTENCE.

I've walked on numerous streets, roads, highways; ran on interstates to get across other sides and numerous many adventures too many to list in brief time spans; but it was GOD USING MY *WILLING* FEET to do HIS WORK.

I myself, am NOTHING and NOTHING and can't DO NOTHING without HIS GRACE and HIS ANOINTING over my life. It's GOD using me to get to peoples' hearts so He can Minister unto them.

GOD is the One pulling the strings. I am His puppet and He uses me very well according to His Purposes.

Sometimes I just don't know what God is doing or going to do when and after I'm done preaching, if people's hearts are really being CHANGED to TURN AFTER GOD. Only GOD knows the full story. I can only do my best to remain OBEDIENT to His Call because some days I DO DISOBEY GOD and DO MY OWN THING! I'm a SINNER!

It doesn't even have to be a "bad thing" I do but just me "doing what Jed wants to do" like "staying in longer to eat more food" than being ready to go to church and be on time, or going out to preach.

Any myriad of so-called "minor everyday things I do" that by all means don't appear to be "bad" if I do them but the lesson is of OBEDIENCE to the One I'm to OBEY!: GOD! Amen!

Well, I truly be praying throughout all the day long; even though I don't always pray "long prays of five, ten thirty minutes and up" but just talking to God from the heart concerning His Will in my life and the people I also want to be saved from ending up in HELL. Amen!

Life is SERIOUS. When dead, that's where you'll be: HEAVEN or HELL! I've chosen HEAVEN by GRACE through FAITH on the Son of God, LORD JESUS CHRIST!

Even though as filthy, utterly pure evil and wretched as I am, I don't want to spend an eternity in Hell BURNING FOREVER if I can be "at peace" in a "Cool Place" like Heaven?!

No, I can obey requirements. Going to Heaven is provided only by JESUS CHRIST the SON OF GOD; I want to GO THERE! Amen!

Friend, whoever's reading this, male or female, boy or girl, man or woman, I'm telling you RIGHT NOW I triple-dog DARE YOU: you are truly no more PURE EVIL and WICKED than I am and I'm telling you the TRUTH on THIS: *JESUS CHRIST is the ONLY WAY TO HEAVEN!* There is NO OTHER WAY to have ETERNAL LIFE after death. NO OTHER WAY!

You'll be wasting your precious time, money, energy and resources in VAIN trying to "live forever" here on this sin-cursed planet doomed to destruction; but the Good News is God's Son, Lord Jesus has prepared a *KINGDOM* for His saints that believe in Him!

Don't get me wrong, I'm no "saint" but a *DEVIL* saved by GRACE through FAITH on CHRIST. Amen! I'm NOT a "good person".

BEWARE of anyone who thinks he/she is "good" in the Sight of Almighty God Who is PERFECT GOODNESS!

I'm filth. I'm nothing. GOD is GOD! Amen!

Also, I could go on but it's time to close, for now, Lord-willing, 'til next time, Lord-willing...

Alright now, God LOVES you and I hope to shew forth His Good Works in new exciting ways, methods and "surprises" to the world as He allows me to work them out...

I got a lot in mind and heart to BRING FORTH but it will take time to SEE ALL THOSE GOOD FRUITS. Amen! ;)

Alright then, take care of yourself, and most importantly, REMEMBER thy Creator Who formed thee in the womb.

Oh yeah, please pray for me. I'll be praying for you. Truly thank you on that.

Love you in HIS NAME. Amen!

~ Sincerely,

Bro. Jed

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