Tuesday, September 20, 2016

In Contact With An Elder On The Way To Monday Night Prayer...

Yesterday, Monday, September 19, 2016 I was walking on my way to Monday night prayer last night that's usually opened up by elder brother "Mr. F." 7:00p.m. on Monday nights.

So I was walking on the sidewalk of Hillsboro Street having passed by the Woolworth Street cross-intersection street on Hillsboro and I came into walking contact with an elder white man with a long bearded ponytail walking along his way with his walking cane.

He basically reminds me of the "look" of Mr. "Dumbledore" with the glasses and the ponytail beard of the wicked Harry Potter novel series but the elder white man wore a regular "cap" hat.

I politely and casually gave the elder white man a "Jesus Christ LOVES You!" Gospel of Jesus Christ gospel tract around 7:10p.m. on my way to Monday Night Prayer with elder brother F. I didn't even think on it; just REFLEX of Spirit led me to take advantage of the opportunity and the elder white man received the folded gospel tract. I prayed shortly after as I continued walking. He's received the "Good News" but only GOD can work in his heart to lead him to SALVATION if he isn't already a fellow (elder) brother in Christ.

I hope and pray the best for this elder white man. I've seen him a few times inside the local library and walking along the sidewalk of Kress Street outside the black iron fenced perimeter of the local library.

Afterwards, after prayer with elder brother F. at "Calvary Christian Center" Church I street-preached "slightly" a little bit as the Devil, SATAN was "fighting me" with multiple voices in my head trying to confuse me from knowing the difference if I should actually street-preach or not so I just "did" to "test the waters" and eventually come to a conclusion to continue on or not and stop.

Eventually, I heard the Voice of the Spirit give me clarity in telling me plainly "NO..." and was not led of the Lord to do any street-preaching anytime this day. Amen.

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