Thursday, September 22, 2016

Early Evening Street Preaching In Denver Harbor, Houston, Texas

Earlier this evening around 4:10p.m I would say, but perhaps a little earlier, I started street-preaching His Word (King James Version Holy Bible [KJV]) led of the Lord walking up Hoffman Street and taking my time going slowly and "methodically" concerning who I "targeted" to "hold up the Bible to".

I approached people driving by timely in their vehicles off in the grassy curbsides of the road and people I saw who were neighbours I did not "approach" and "hold up the Bible" to them from a distance as to "keep their sense of privacy" if they did not want to be directly bothered or approached.

Now up to Lyons Avenue... I made a brief stop by the Lyons Washateria telephone booth for a "breather" then make my way going right up Lyons Avenue towards the local library I frequent.

It's a "slowing down" early evening of the day and it's not all "high-energy mad rush to work morning time but a "slowing day of the evening time..."

An elder black man on the opposite side of the road from me is out selling stuff from his truck by a Hispanic-ran mini Washateria...

I've met him and say "Hello" for quite a few times on my walks back home... This time in passing, didn't make direct eye contact with him as he's wearing his black sunshades on and retiring to the front of the mini Washateria.

I'm on my way, walking, and holding up the Bible in methodical but adaptable real-time timing reflexes to every vehicle that crosses my path going in my direction and the opposite direction across from where I'm walking on the edge of the sidewalk of the curb of the street and then stepping back on the sidewalk when too close to the roadway.

As I'm holding up His Word and preaching to the people by His Spirit a Hispanic man with sunshades on driving a yellow school bus throws his hands up in frustration; perhaps not wanting to "have anything to do with God".

I keep him in mind for PRAYER later.

Also, I'm being very diligent in the Lord to be attentive to people I should approach with His Word and those I should "leave alone" and not "approach directly".

It's been a good and QUICK DAY! Oh man, didn't get as much as I "ideally wanted to today" but a good bit's been accomplished.

Signing off... Amen!

~ Bro. Jed 

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