Tuesday, October 11, 2016

A Preacher PREACHES!

Hello, hello... It's been a while, peoples... Yo' boy "Jeddy Boy" is back and he's got news... Well, the LORD'S NEWS. Amen!

So, today around 10:10 a.m. I was led of the Lord to street preach His Word as I'm wont to do.

I'm walking down Hoffman Street, upholding His Word in my hands and witnessing the Bible to people passing by on their cars on Hoffman Street. The Lord worked in my spirit to make sure I walked up close enough along the grassy edges and corners of the roads and streets making direct eye contact with people I noticed and sure noticed me watching them as I held up His Word.

A lot of people been waving off their hands in DENIAL not wanting to think of God or even acknowledge the possibility of their being a CREATOR of this world. But there is, people know better. They just don't want to have any accountability for their lives.

People nowadays are LAWLESS who don't want to be HELD ACCOUNTABLE for their actions: good and evil.

Today's law of the land is the "law of SELF". Law of FLESH. People only care about themselves and being an ignorant "god" of themselves. Smh, shame.

Also, I was seeing a group of young Hispanic man coming out of a house this early, crisp, fresh breezing sunny morning air that really heightened up my experience and made me in a good mood today. Thank you Lord JESUS! It's really a good day today but EVERY DAY is a GOOD DAY with the LORD! Amen!

So, I'm walking on up Hoffman Street, definitely holding up the Bible to people directing in the front driver's seat of their cars and trucks. I'm talking to them in "silent speech" and pointing the Bible to them directly as symbolic body language of saying, "God wants you to come to Him."

But a lot of men, women, young and old seem to have to "disregard" God's Ways in their lives and NOT be "accountable" to an All-Powerful Creator. Everyone wants to "be their own boss" of their lives. Everyone wants to be "their own god" it seems...

In like manner after a brief stop at the Lyons Washateria (that I normally stop for a quick break to regroup any loss mental focus or direction I may be lapsing to have a clear target focus), I walked up on Lyons Avenue, pacing, taking me time as the Lord move my feet to get up close to people driving by in their vehicles to let them know "GOD LOVES THEM and He's Calling them out for REPENTANCE".

I was out saying, "God LOVES You! It's time to REPENT! Trust on the Son of God, Lord Jesus Christ!, It's time to turn from our wicked, sinful ways and so forth. "God's Ways are the BEST Ways." It's time to get right with God and other such exhortations I was led of the Spirit to "cry out" in the public whether some people heard me or not.

I exclaimed out loud: "We need JESUS! JESUS! JESUS!" and hopefully by the Lord's God Grace, some people "caught on" to that Glorious, Wonderful, All-Powerful Name of JESUS. Amen.

Hmmm... It's interesting though, and I'll be honest folks... All this time I've been street preaching, evangelizing and "soulwinning" for the Lord, Lord only Knows how many people have been CONFRONTED WITH THE TRUTH that is JESUS CHRIST.

The Message has been presented. If people wonder "if there is a God" I'm telling them and already have that JESUS CHRIST is GOD ALMIGHTY, GOD INCARNATE. There is no need to look any further than to read the "Good Book" and discover for yourselves.

Smh... I'm not meaning to brag, but I'll go and say it: I've witnessed to so many people across this nation of the U.S. of A. it's really pitiful and sad for me to think all these people I've "shown the Way to" might still end up dying in their sins and end up in HELL. Not a good reality I like to ponder, but it's the HARSH REALITY.

I hate to "play around with fantasy": I deal with REALITY no matter how good, bad or ugly it can be at times. I'd rather live the truth or the "real" than live and believe a "lie". That's not good for anyone. That's just me personally. People are free to do as they please; to their good or bad, really. I only TRUST in GOD for my direction in life. Amen.

Also, I can't help but to think ALL the people the Lord has given me the grace to witness to in my three+ years of Christian ministry has been literally ASTOUNDING. God uses "small people" and "small things" to accomplish "BIG FEATS"!

I'm really amazed... Thing is, all these people the Lord has given opportunity to witness to has been a blessing, but the flip side of the coin is if any of these people end up dying in their sins because of their stubborn, hardheartedness of unbelief, God's most likely gonna bring up the fact at the Great White Throne Judgment, "I sent my servant Jed to show you My Word, why did you not believe Me, that I AM GOD and there is none else besides Me?"

Yeah, cuz people gonna say, first thing at God's Great White Throne Judgment, "I, I had no idea, You [God] were Real... I'm SHOCKED!" but God's not gonna led them slide with that really lame lie; I'm sure there's gonna be a lot of flashbacks people are going to wail and gnash their teeth about such as: (God): "I sent you my servant Jed. Remember that young black man you always saw wandering the streets ministering My Word: why did you not believe him?" People are gonna be dumbfounded in deathly SILENCE and horrible sincere REGRET. How AWFUL a situation to be in! Truly horrific and sad! Amen! ;(

Oh wow, all I have to say to people is this: God is REAL. He has a Son and His Name is Lord Jesus Christ. You can either simply believe in good "child-like" faith that God is real and believe on His Son, Lord Jesus Christ or continue to live in your ignorance of unbelief; but don't just say "there is no God" when there is EVIDENCE all around creation proving His Existence.

Rather, just say it like this and be HONEST for once you LIARS!: "I don't want to obey God, I want to be my own person and live life any way I want. Thanks but no thanks I like to be my own 'god'. I don't want some "Sky Daddy" telling me how to live my life. I want to do what I WANT TO DO" and leave it there. Okay, I get it. Just don't "play people" like there is no God. *YOU KNOW THERE IS A GOD*. You just don't want to OBEY HIM. Amen.

But don't you DARE "blame God" for YOUR PROBLEMS or the "problems in the world" because of sin and evil humanity. It's humanity's fault we destroy ourselves but don't pin the blame on God, okay?

Too many people are whining, complaining, crybaby LOSERS who don't want to put up the EFFORT and FOCUS it takes to WIN IN LIFE.

For starters, ALL of God's Children are WINNERS by default; but every sinner who dies without trusting on Jesus and dying in their sins are LOSERS; spiritually-speaking. Sorry to say, but it's the truth. Somebody has to tell you. And I will, so maybe you can be a WINNER like ME.

Also, also, so much has been happening this last few days since I've been offline (too much details that would take forever to put it all here online; but in patience a great deal will be shared). A lot of people by God's Grace have been getting the Gospel of Jesus Christ (KJV 1 Corinthians 15:1-4) in their hands to themselves directly. Everyone; men, women, children, young and old.

Hopefully, I'll be around to sharing out the experiences online sometime soon but no guarantee at this point right now; a whole lot of work I'm intending to do and get done by His Grace.

I'll share an example of yesterday: I was at home reading out of KJV 1 Kings 20-22 chapters wrapping that book up and saw some Hispanic women walking by on the sidewalk of my home neighborhood Hoffman Street... One's an elderly Hispanic woman walking slowly with her push walker and the other is an older Hispanic woman walking her lil' Chihuahua dog on a stroll back to their house.

At first, no matter what, wasn't going to let this opportunity be lost so I sped walk to the sides of them trailing them from people, coming up to their sides to avoiding giving off a "sense" like I'm doing some "predatory stalking" and gave the elder Hispanic woman a "Jesus Christ LOVES You" Gospel of Jesus Christ (KJV 1 Corinthians 15:1-4) gospel tract and then crossed over Hillsboro Street and just in the nick of time gave the younger Hispanic woman a "Jesus Christ LOVES You" Gospel of Jesus Christ (KJV 1 Corinthians 15:1-4) gospel tract as well.

Her lil' ol' dog Chihuahua all barking and biting, nibbling at my legs and feet; but I'm as calm and at peace about it like it's not bothering me, cuz it's not. She's all "I'm so sorry for this... Stop [Dog's name] cut that out!" she's saying, but I'm like coolly "It's alright, it's alright... It's all good" as I'm making my way back to the house so she can be acquainted to her kinfolks watching out on the front house porch.

Lol. The dog wasn't bothering me. It was kind of "cute" in a way. Felt like a strange leg massage, howbeit a "noisy" "fussy" one, lol. I like cute lil' doggies. They nice company to have at times.

Anyways, after having smoothly and timely made my way up Lyons Avenue today; I'm back here in the library to minister and work online.

God-willing, will be updating on new developments in the days and weeks ahead... Amen!

~ Sincerely,

Bro. Jed

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