Friday, October 14, 2016

Street-Preaching To "Guarded Hearts" Who Know Their Creator Exists

Today, I was led of the Lord to go street preaching.

I walked up Hoffman Street, unpacked my large-sized burgundy King James Bible from my large Jan Sport black backpack and held up the Word (King James Version Holy Bible [KJV]) to a few people briefly passing by in their vehicles on Hoffman Street on the backside of the Vecino Denver Harbor Family Clinic where the employee car parking lot is.

As I made a cross over to the sidewalk on Hillsboro Street I took my time in leisure making sure I was making eye contact and witnessing holding up the Bible to people I could see through the car windows; reaching directly to SOULS that JESUS LOVES.

Since it was relatively "quiet" and "sparse" on the roads throughout the neighborhood this afternoon I was being methodically in the spirit and witnessing to people driving by in their vehicles as I saw them pass by; not simply "walking off" but taking time in the Lord and letting cars I know were approaching my way to "come to me" so that I could witness to people directly and not miss an opportunity to "sow a seed" of God's Word" in people's hearts for remembrance.

A lot of people wave their hands "yes" but I really wonder: 'Who's "for real" in all this?'

I like to think a lot of people are being "saved" by the Holy Spirit of the Lord convicting them of their guilt as sinners (as we all are) but it's not for certain they are "believers" of the Lord Jesus Christ. They could simply be acknowledging, "Okay, I get the 'Bible Message'. Moving on..." but don't take the Message of the Gospel of Jesus Christ (KJV 1 Corinthians 15:1-4) to HEART.

A lot of people I KNOW and can SENSE DEEP DOWN KNOW there IS A GOD but are still leaving in stubborn, self-willed REBELLION and don't want to believe on Jesus and LIVE A HOLY LIVE as a result!

People instinctively KNOW when they become a "Christian" they should be "obeying God" and His Word in every detail of their lives and a lot of people don't like to deal with that idea in their minds: people want to do "THEIR OWN THING".

People do NOT want to be "responsible" let alone "accountable" to a "Higher Being" other than themselves.

It's painfully obvious: people KNOW GOD IS REAL; they don't want to obey Him. That's all.

NO ONE wants to LIVE FOR THE LORD! Everyone out here is going about "living life" on "their own terms" - not *GOD'S TERMS*. That's the distinction.

Lord Knows, as many people He's given me the grace to witness too; there is NO ONE I've witnessed to as opportunity of the Lord has provided that hasn't been shown the "Truth of God" through His Son, Lord Jesus Christ.

It's CLEAR JESUS is the ANSWER to all our problems in the world right now. People KNOW that. At least they do if they've encountered meeting me in one way or another. The Lord's been using me as a "living, walking epistle" sign and wonder of His Word.

People look at me in SHOCK and "disbelief" as though they're saying in their minds throwing up their hands in the air in defiance: "Is that the SAME BLACK GUY I saw such-and-such-a-time holding up a Bible on the street?" as they "encounter seeing me second and third times.

"Coincidence" I think NOT and they know and GOD KNOWS.

Of all the people the Lord has blessed me to be able to be a blessing to, none can say they were "presented the Truth about God" if they end up dying in their sins from THEIR OWN STUBBORN, SELF-WILLED UNBELIEF: they KNOW God exists and that JESUS, the SON OF GOD is LORD and they do NOT want to "obey Him" and LIVE IN OBEDIENCE.

Because, once they believe in God they can't lightly "turn back" and act like "God doesn't exist" in their lives and live life like they used to in ignorance.

When one becomes cognizant and CONSCIOUS of GOD in HIS/HER own life he/she MUST OBEY GOD to be in RIGHT STANDING WITH GOD and NOT living in "excuses" like no God exists and they can do whatever they want. Amen.

I've realized now that it's not only the "churches" that have issues for why much church attendance is down to all-time LOWS because of "apostasy"; it's also because so many people are REBELLIOUS in living their WICKED, SINFUL LIVES OF IN-ACCOUNTABILITY!

No wonder such wicked sin and evil we see in person and hear on the news is going on: people are their "own gods" and can do as they please; forget "The God", "I am god of my own life" is many people's internal life mantra. It's undeniable.

So... I street-preached my way up Kress Street, having walked up Hillsboro Street and witnessed upholding His Word in the air waving it up slowly alongside the strides of my walk as I passed by pointing directly to some people in their front driver's seats as I walked on by.

Hopefully, God-willing, with prayer so people "still in rejection mode" will now come into "acceptance mode" of the TRUTH and OBEY THE LORD! Amen!

~ Sincerely,

Bro. Jed

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