Tuesday, August 2, 2016

"Gotta SAVE 'Em All!"

Hello, hello, hello all... It's been quite a "fruitful" eventful days lately... A lot of stuff is coming into transition.

Today, Tuesday, August 2, 2016 I got to "redeem myself" and witness the Gospel of Jesus Christ (KJV 1 Corinthians 15:1-4) to three different individuals today! GLORY BE TO GOD! Amen!

Last night, I was hoping to go to Monday Night Prayer with elder brother F. at Calvary Christian Center Church but I "messed up my own timing" because I was too busy cooking and eating dinner too late at the time I should have been out the door...

Yep, it was a FAILURE and MISSED OPPORTUNITY on MY PART to be a witness for Christ street-preaching as I made my way to Monday night prayer...


I absolutely HATE and LOATHE missing out on opportunities lead by the SPIRIT OF GOD to witness Christ to the people. But I digress...

So, I was walking down Hoffman Street around 11:20a.m this morning and saw these two Hispanic woman lugging their personal belongings in their suitcases to someplace. As I approached, I walked over to them, and gave them each a "Jesus Christ LOVES You!" Gospel of Jesus Christ gospel tract.

The young teenage-looking Hispanic young woman with long blue-dyed hair and nose and lip piercing said "Thanks, you have a wonderful day" in astonishment.

In like manner the older, mature Hispanic woman (possibly the younger woman's mother or aunt/ related family?) said "Thanks as well".

I guess they were not expecting that, and neither was I directly. Just APPROACHED in FAITH without even really consulting the Lord on this one and the Lord answered my faith with acceptance! Amen!

So I make it over to the library and clean up my sweaty face in the bathroom; walk out and head over to give a "Jesus Christ LOVES You!" Gospel of Jesus Christ gospel tract to a young Hispanic man covered in tattoos who I always see as a local resident walking and roaming around the streets... People may call him a "thug" on the outer appearance as I kind of assumed as well, but it never committed my attention. I don't care what kind of "person" I witness too; I like all people. God LOVES everyone and wants all people to be SAVED. Amen!

He's all, (as I slowly walked over to hand him the gospel tract) "Alright, alright..." as saying that in the sense he probably should have turned to the Lord a long time ago.

Either way folks, it's ALWAYS best to TURN TO THE LORD LATER than NEVER! Amen!

In fact as I'm typing this a group of four rambunctious young Hispanic kids playing this wildly popular "Pokémon Go!" game are carried away in these wicked enchantments.

I'm definitely no stranger to the popular entertainment franchise of "Pokémon" since my childhood (call me a kind of "expert" lol) as I hope to personally elaborate on, God-willing, in future articles and posts and perhaps even a YouTube vid down the way...

Yeah, a whole lot of things I'm planning and hoping to get around to... *IF* it be the LORD's WILL. Amen.

Girl says "I'm so blessed!" I say "No, you're blessed because of the Lord not the game". Smh... she was getting so "immersed" and obsessed with the "Pokémon Go!" game that it was making these kids run, jump and look under the tables to "catch some 'mons"... Smh lol, it's really SCARY in the end of it all.

Just like I warned the boy of the group (it was one boy and three girls in this group of kids) not to get too "addicted" to this game that he might run out into the streets to catch some "rare", exotic Pokémon as in the gaming franchise such as the Pokémon "Mewtwo"; I think he "caught himself" a little to realize he needs to refocus his attention back to the REAL WORLD at least a little.

I know, as kids, we used to all live in our own "fantasy worlds" but as we grow up, we need to FOCUS OUR ATTENTION in the REAL WORLD of this earthly life and NOT the "imaginary" worlds of our imaginations. Amen.

The thing is, since I know a great deal about Pokémon and the whole structures of the Pokémon world, I know Pokémon is SATANIC IN ORIGIN and is a wicked abomination of WITCHCRAFT, SORCERY and IDOLATRY to name a few major big sins.

The Pokémon" as mentioned in the Pokémon world, especially the Pokémon called the "Legendary Pokémon" would be ascribed as GODS of the world by the LORD JESUS CHRIST. Amen.

In the Pokémon world some of the human inhabitants refer to these mystical, powerful, renowned, ancient Pokémon of legend as deities which is BLASPHEMY against the WORD OF GOD (King James Version Holy Bible [KJV]) and the ONLY TRUE GOD, the REAL GOD, LORD JESUS CHRIST! Amen!

Oh yeah, here I am, hearing the two girls and then the Hispanic boy came back in; still looking for Pokémons... Smh... I am NOT liking this wicked, evil DECEPTION of the Devil, SATAN people! PLEASE THROW AWAY and DESTROY these filthy, abominable Pokémon idols people! Amen!

It's like my childhood has come to life haunting me in real life, but in an actual REAL WORLD phenomenon!

"My G-d, my G-od!" says the young Hispanic boy as he looks towards catching another Pokémon. Smh... blasphemy, but the po' kid don't know it in IGNORANCE; like a lot of these kids and people.

Also, this new "Harry Potter" book called "Harry Potter And the Cursed Child" is also another DECEPTIVE DISTRACTION of the Devil, SATAN to confuse the people. Please, PLEASE do not fall for this latest trickeries of Satan to LEAD YOU TO HELL and AWAY FROM CHRIST! Amen!

If you don't know already, Harry Potter is WITCHCRAFT of the Devil, SATAN. Amen! Avoid, destroy your Harry Potter books and videos and GET RID OF THAT FILTH so that NO ONE ELSE can be "poisoned" by this witchcrafts! Amen!

Hmmm... Yep, seeing a lot of familiar, local residents and people I've met in my journey here in Denver Harbor of Houston, Texas at this library...

It's been quite a long journey of ups-and-downs...

I don't know when exactly the Lord is leading me to leave, but sooner or later, I feel as though it's coming to a close to leave this place and go elsewhere...

God-willing, because I have family and friends here and I know the brethren here at Calvary Christian Center Church I can see myself coming back here to Denver Harbor for two main reasons and those reasons only: 1. GOD and 2. FAMILY. Under "God" includes the Ministry He has given me to do including working with local churches and so forth (o be developed, God-willing...). Under "Family" watching after my close family and friends and their provision and good welfare; just taking care of those who help take care of me and vice-versa. Amen.

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