Thursday, August 18, 2016

Homelessness Shopping Cart Travel

So today, Thursday, August 18, 2016, anticipating my coming "homelessness" once again I packed up some of my bags and walked down Hoffman Street and stopped at the Lyons Washateria for a quick break before walking down Lyons Avenue.

On the sidewalk by the Cash America Pawn saw a Fiesta shopping cart and decided to put my bags and belongings in it.

So I pushed this red and gray Fiesta shopping cart on my way down Lyons Avenue to the local library I routinely visit.

I had to "get accustomed" to people in public looking at me in "sneers" or "overlooking my existence" as a homeless person so they can "bypass the reality" of how hard life can be to make it out here.

I don't respect people who look down on the homeless, poor and unfortunate people, but I do care and "watch out" for their own good when they least expect or if they're even thinking of it.

Notwithstanding, I didn't even have to be necessarily homeless to be "looked down upon" by people ignoring my existence passing by in their cars indifferent towards my plight.

I don't want "pity" here and that's not what I'm talking about here.

I'm talking about the coldness of heart and INDIFFERENCE of heart displayed by the people who only talk down about homeless people and never actually try to help them. Like they get some kind of "high superiority feeling" or "kick" when they see someone down in life so they can feel better about themselves like they are "better" than other people.

At this point in life, when I was first homeless I was frightened and ashamed not knowing what to do and where to go to get back on with my life. That feeling is there in the natural at times even now for me, but I've gotten better at learning how to survive and God-willing will become even better.

As I'm even typing this, I don't know and can't guarantee when I'll be posting on this website, Google+, Twitter and Facebook and other online social media account projects I hope to develop upon throughout time in the Ministry.

Lord knows I'm also hoping to put together a Christian Homelessness Survivalist Guide Book to share my own advice, tips and counsel to people of what I've learned from real world life experience of surviving on the streets as a homeless person. I think it'll be made into an pdf. eBook file before I ever think of doing hard cover real book formats somewhere down the line if it's worth the investment... I make good stuff though. I like doing a QUALITY JOB in everything I do. Amen.

I personally don't really "believe" in buying "electronic books" online on the internet. I would rather download a free pdf. eBook release of some work but I wouldn't purchase an eBook with money.

I'd rather buy a hard cover book of print in person that some "electronic file".

In fact, I don't even really buy any books anymore except King James Version Holy Bibles (KJV) the ONLY Book in my opinion worth spending any money on to buy. I'd buy a Bible before any other worldly secular book or even Christian book by a Christian author. That's just my opinion.

If there's a good deal around on anything, I'm willing to consider changing my mind for purchasing but in general I only buy King James Bibles FIRST then anything else from there. Amen.

Okay, okay, back to the story....

So I met this short young black women around 1:20p.m.-something sitting on top of one of the green iron benches underneath the concrete patio of the green gazebo as I pushed on by in my shopping cart.

At first I thought she hollered to me "I'll take your bags!" but now I'm thinking she may have said "I'll take you basket!" meaning "shopping cart".

I didn't understand what she was saying at first and said "Can't understand you. Whazzup?" as I approached near her to understand what she was saying.

lol From a distance she looked like a short young black boy or man since she had a shaved head and wearing a cap. Couldn't quite tell she was a woman until closer visual examination of her chest as I saw her person.

Don't get me wrong at all lol. I wasn't "starring at her breasts". I wasn't lusting. I was and still am in "no mood" for nonsense... as usual.

So yeah, I could tell she was a woman by her "voice" as I heard it clearer getting closer to her. It was wet, rainy and loud outside of the passing noises of numerous vehicles, trucks and cars so it dispersed out a lot of noise. Amen.

So, she asks "Can I have you basket?". I said "Yeah, I don't need it anymore." She said "You staying around here?" I'm like "No, I'm 'bout to go into the library to handle so business. You can keep the cart. I don't need it no more. I can get another one." and we she smiled in a good spirit saying "Thanks" and we briefly parted ways...

After that quick 'n timely exchange, the short, young, shaved-head black woman was waving with her hands for me to come back to her. I don't follow after women "waving me" to come to them; THEY COME TO ME. A man LEADS, the woman FOLLLOWS. Amen.

So I just stood there and watched until she actually CAME TO ME so I can see where she was going with this. Remember, I don't know her. She's a stranger to me as I am to her.

This is just some random woman I met at the park. She looks like she's been on the streets for quite some time and knows the "ins-and-outs" so I kept to myself. I didn't know if she had some kind of weapon like a gun or knife she could have "pulled off" on me to mess me up and jack my stuff if she had those intentions. I didn't think she did, but one can never be for absolute certain what someone intends to do. You don't know what's on people's minds; only GOD knows. Amen.

That aside, I wasn't at all "fearful"or "worried" about my personal safety but "cautious" as one has to be trying to survive while passing through the streets. You'll know it when you EXPERIENCE IT. Amen.

So, long story short she said, "Can you go with me by the "mobile" at the Fiesta so I can go get me a cigarette?" I'm like thinking to myself "WOW! Why would I do that?!" lol so what I told her was a flat out "No, I'm not going with you over there for a cigarette. I got stuff to do. You don't need that stuff. You need to be trying to make it; not worrying about some cigarette." and she lightly laughed and "chuckled" at my statement as I spoke the truth to her in LOVE cuz she knows buying cigarettes would just be a waste of money. Need that money for FOOD not "getting high" lol. Smh...

Also, we parted paths again and in my spirit I was stirred up: You know, I'm just going to tell this woman about the Lord Jesus Christ because there's no guarantee I might see her again out here ever again. So I followed instinct and got out the "Jesus Christ LOVES You!" Gospel of Jesus Christ white cardboard card I had written and illustrated weeks prior to finally hand over to someone.

I didn't even pray or need to at this point to consult the Spirit of Christ; this just happened so natural, instinctively and URGENTLY. I went and gave her the "Jesus Christ LOVES You!" Gospel of Jesus Christ white cardboard card that she took and said "Thanks". I said, "Here's something I feel led to give you since it's no guarantee I might see you out here again".

She understood; probably wasn't ever expecting anything like that, but it happened.

Thing is, I just GO FOR IT. Worst case scenario she says "No" and I just have the Gospel tract card to give to someone else later. I just pray for her that the Lord works in her heart that she may live in the flesh to repent at a later appointed time by God. Only GOD knows.

But I thank GOD the gifting was successful and she received the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Hopefully she believes and is SAVED. GLORY be to GOD! Amen!

~ Sincerely,

Bro. Jed

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