Friday, August 19, 2016

The Departure Of An Elder Friend...

Today, Friday, August 19, 2016 I was led of the Lord to walk to the library and get some business done I needed to get done...

Today the Lord gave me this day off from "street preaching" as I only preach when I'm LED OF THE LORD BY THE SPIRIT to do so. There's a rhythm and timing to ministering the Word of the Lord (King James Version Holy Bible [KJV]) to the people. It needs to be done in appropriate spacing. Amen.

Thus, I'm walking down Hoffman Street as usual, make my routine stop at the Lyons Washateria to chill out a bit then I saw this elder Asian lady looking at me from inside the Washateria through the window.

I kindly looked back at her and exchanged eye contact.

After resting a bit, saw another red and gray Fiesta shopping cart off to the side of a parking space and decided to put all my bags in it to push it along so I can save myself some effort and energy from hauling my bags all on my body, giving it a break. Working smart here.

So, as I'm walking down Lyons Avenue, I came across an old friend I've made here in Denver Harbor that I've met since I've first relocated here to Houston, Texas.

He was an older man than me though "young" Hispanic man with a full bushy beard and we stopped and talked a bit after he pointed at me and waved his hand for me to come up to meet him as I was walking into his direction.

So we talked. Turns out he told me how life's been hard from him and to add on to the toil, he said he's got some "bad images" in his head from after an elder friend of ours; the elder Hispanic man he asked me, "Hey, you know that old Hispanic guy, hunched over, who pushes his shopping cart? Yeah, he was really sick or something this Monday, I saw him out last night before he died. But I found him back at the park down on the ground and fire ants we're all over him... Man, can't get those images out my mind..." And he shook his head in surreal grief of how awful the encounter was.

I was truly and still am truly grieved by this elder Hispanic man's passing. Hits close to home! Can't believe how sudden life can end in an instant! Truly sad! Amen! ;(

So I asked my friend right then-and-there if the elder Hispanic man friend of ours had any family, friends or people who would put together his funeral. I asked him, "Hey, you know if the City people's come and got his body?" He's like, "Man, I don't know where they'll take him [the body] he's been living out here on the streets with no I.D." I didn't press further as I wasn't led to but it appears to be clear our elder Hispanic man friend was just living on the streets on his lonesome and I or my friend couldn't tell if he had any "people" around like family and friends that would take over for the deceased elder Hispanic man.

Wow... Smh... This happened this Monday night when I wasn't around town too... Smh...

Not saying I could or could not have prevented this man's death or had anything to do with him (God knoweth) but really feeling bad for how this man died.

Don't know all the details leading up to his death; but when I talked and met him and witness Christ, Lord knows I hope he died in Christ and not in his sins.

If that's the case I can handle grieving better.

I don't like thinking someone I met who dies later dies in their sins and NOT in CHRIST.

I'll be sad, grieving and all but I can handle it much better knowing a brother and sister has died to GO TO THE BEST PLACE: HEAVEN with the LORD! Now THAT is reassuring. Amen.

But I can't handle thinking people I've met die in their sins in life. That's not a good feeling at all. Amen.

Anyways, me and my friend were crossing paths and so after that exchange told him "I'll be praying over that [for the death of our elder Hispanic man friend] and for you." He's like "Alright then, thanks man" and we went our separate ways.

So, still pushing with the shopping, I made my way to cross over Lyons Avenue to the library park side and went by the green gazebo area on the concrete sidewalk trail.

There I met the short young black woman I met yesterday and her "friends and acquaintances"; other homeless/street people types. Perhaps "drifters".

Anyways, she and I made eye contact, gave upward "nods" of the head and in good terms I decided to leave the Fiesta shopping cart I was using to push along my belongings over by them in case they really could use it.

I didn't want the shopping cart back or anything but gave it over completely to them to use as fit.

I had made it to my destination: the LIBRARY.

Also, there was this young Hispanic woman sitting at the brown luncheon table outside of the library by the large tree in the park. She gave me "glances", perhaps "furtive" glances as though hoping I would approach her.

lol If I was going to approach her in that instance, I was going over to her to "hit on her" and chat her up but rather converse and eventually witness CHRIST to her in conversation as I'm always minded to do when talking to new people I meet; before leading to anything else that point forward.

Turns out a young Hispanic man riding by on his skateboard on the concrete sidewalk perpendicular to the young Hispanic woman sitting at the wooden table approached and walked over to talk to her.

Hmmm... probably a young "boyfriend-girlfriend" couple thing going on, lol and she was probably entertaing a "third party" AKA ME! lol.

Anyways, since I'm not like that, I kept cool, avoided eye contact from the couple and heard them talk, then looked over slightly in the peripheral vision of my eye contact and nodded my head friendly to be on good terms "cool with both of them" and I think we all received each other well in good understanding as I walked on...

Made it here to the library. Amen.

~ Bro. Jed

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