Tuesday, August 23, 2016

A Walk In Town Monday Night...

Yesterday, Monday, August 22, 2016 last night around 7:00p.m. I had made my way to Calvary Christian Center Church to go to Monday Night Prayer Meeting hosted by elder brother F.

Turns out elder brother F. did not make to church to open up for prayer as he usually does...

I was late coming there anyway but the Lord worked it out in the end.

So I waited at the front of the church building front entrance for 5-10 minutes but as I waited and took pictures of the front of the church building with my cell phone's camera feature, the Spirit of the Lord spoke to me and told me "It's okay. No need to wait longer. Go walking." and I did so.

Instead of just heading on back to the house, I was led of the Lord to walk up Kress Street to the Lyons Avenue intersection where I made a right turn on the sidewalk walking on Lyons...

As I walked I caught the eyes of the people looking at me as they drove by in their vehicles.

Today, I didn't go out "street-preaching" or anything as I was not led of the Lord to do so at this time; it was a period of rest.

Seems like this area is "growing on me".

I'm mindful to be respectful, kind and considerate to the people around me and it appears I have gained and/or am gaining the respect and favour of many locals here in Denver Harbor of the Fifth Ward District here in Houston, Texas.

It's been quite a long journey that passed fast...

So, as I was walking with my large-sized brown-burgundy King James Version Holy Bible in my handheld black cotton Bible carrying-case I noticed a young Hispanic man sitting at an iron table bench reading a Spanish newspaper.

This time, the Lord spoke to me in His Spirit saying, "Go on over to him, and give him the card" and so I walked on over to the man who was leisurely reading a Spanish newspaper and unzipped my black Bible case and gave him the "Jesus Christ LOVES You!" Gospel of Jesus Christ gospel tract card I had in a Bible case inside pocket underneath my Bible around 7:20p.m. that late night evening.

He's like "¿Como esta?" and we didn't even really speak on to each other but he said "Thanks" as I left from him in that "Spirit-led encounter".

After that I continued walking down Lyons Avenue up to where I walked up to the telephone booth of the Lyons Washateria where I left a "Lord Jesus Christ Loves You!" Christian paper slip across the hang-up handle of the phone where people could see it and maybe take it away with them if they want.

The Christian websites I usually write on them are usually one, two are all three of these Christian, King James Bible-believing Christian Websites as I'm afforded appropriate space to write on the Christian paper slips:

1. www.jesus-is-savior.com

2. www.theabalonekid.com

3. www.supernaturaltruthinchrist.com


After that brief break by the Washateria, I kept on walking down Lyons Avenue to scope out the area more since I hadn't been out anywhere all day...

As I walked on the sidewalk I saw some coin change on the ground and picked them up.

Saw two quarters, a dime, nickel and a few pennies as I walked by the sheltered bus stop area and crossed the railroad train tracks.

Local people I've met and "identified" as longtime, perhaps even "lifelong" residents of Denver Harbor smiled, had "kind eyes" or nodded their heads upwards in respect; especially the fellow black men of my peers, older peers and elders.

Also, I practiced obeisance.

People must know me as the "street-preaching" black guy holding and waving up his Bible to people driving by in their cars.

So, still walking around 'til I make the decision pre-thought out but led of the Lord to make a right turn walking down Lockwood Drive and I walked down the way on Lockwood taking in the quiet, spread-out landscape scenery of the poor neighborhoods and area but it was a good, peaceful sunset evening out even though it was pass 7:30p.m.

Sun was still out, waning and it was a beautiful pleasant evening.

As I'm walking by a lot of junk, and trash on the sidewalk and corners of the streets I'm reminded of the "poverty", "complacency" and poor "status-quo" of this neglected environment. It could be better "cleaned up" but people seem to be "okay" with the way it's always been.

A lot of old church buildings and run-down, wooden houses boarded up with wooden boards abandoned. A lot of brick apartment complexes around.

I like getting the "feel" of an area before evangelizing a place. The evangelism must FLOW with the social, cultural and natural environment of a place to be most effective to people's sensibilities.

Yea, yea. Still get a lot of "stealing" hypergamous attraction "stares" from women with boyfriends, husbands or not; but it's NOT LOVE. It's simple "infatuation" or "attraction" and nothing more. I'm not mistaken or fooled by this. I realize it for what it is and nothing more.

They're safe in their comfortable vehicle in their comfortable homes.

I'm out here on MISSION and trying to survive and thrive. My skin's in the game, their skin is not. Amen.

Those women need to "keep their eyes" on their HUSBANDS those that are married and I pity the "boyfriends" of these women who keep "eyeing me" in an "options list" while they wouldn't stop and give me a piece of bread, a ride somewhere or a roof over my head if I really needed it when I'm out here on the streets in need of help.

I'm not at all saying for people to "take care of me" or anything like that.

What I'm saying is I'm reminded of people "cheering me on from a distance" but would NOT partake in the sufferings of Christ to be His Witness of Light in this World of Darkness.

As men, I expect much considerate "compassion" from men who look out for their fellow man on the "fringes" but I can sense some men "would help out" if I really needed their help and pushed for it; but I can tell they really wouldn't help me or any other homeless person on the street out on "inconvenience" on their part unless said homeless person persistently pushes for help from onlookers.

For women, I don't expect any help at all; though the rare occasion could suffice. As they "eye" me as male "eye candy" but wouldn't go to the extent to help me out if I needed help. They're about self-preservation first and the vanity of their lives before helping out their fellow man in need when they're in power to help and it's not out of their way.

I've seen this harsh reality in personal experience.

Such may be the case as when I was about done walking down Lockwood and I saw this young black woman driving up in her car smiling to me.

I was friendly already smiling back with a calm, neutral, lax expression on my face saying "I'm cool..." before I met her up at the cross-street. We smiled at each other and she made her left turn and drove on by.

I'm not doubting her genuine kindness in the smile, but I doubt her sincerity in deeds. A lot of people "smile 'n grin" in your face in public but won't give you a piece of bread when you end up homeless on the street. The REAL TEST is who will be there to help you out when you are down in the dumpster of life living homeless on the streets and have no cushion to fall on.

THAT'S what I respect.

I'm reminded of this old saying I read from a quote since I attended Bellevue High School. It goes something like this if I'm quoting it correctly, "Flattery is like gum. Chew on it but don't swallow it."

The same goes for the "praise of men" in life. Only when you are down in the pit of despair do you know who your "true friends" are in life.

A lot of people "come-and-go" in life.

I only have One True Friend I can depend on. That Friend is LORD JESUS CHRIST! Amen!

~ Sincerely,

Bro. Jed

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