Wednesday, August 3, 2016

Street Preaching The Return!

Today, Wednesday, August 3, 2016, I was led of the Lord by the Spirit to street-preach walking down Hoffman Street, to Lyons Avenue where I stopped by the telephone booth on the concrete patio deck of Lyons Washateria to take a quick break before continuing street-preaching.

I had to wipe my hot sweaty face with my blue face towel to get all the sweat from running down my face lol. I later cleaned up at the library's men's restroom...

So... I'm walking down on Lyons Avenue having made a left turn to walk on the sidewalk. I'm holding up the Word of the Lord (King James Version Holy Bible [KJV]) in my hands up to the people and making good eye contact and motion-gesturing with the Book holding it up to my head then holding it to my heart of the left side of my chest.

God's been WORKING in people's hearts! I can sense and tell the expressions!

Lately, for the last few days I was NOT street-preaching as I normally would. Throughout those few days I was following through what one of my elder brothers in Christ and my mentor would call a "season of rest".

Sometimes as a Christian street-preacher we must learn to ONLY PREACH WHEN LED BY THE SPIRIT OF GO TO DO SO. Don't ever make a bad habit of "preaching in the flesh".

For instance, if I "street-preached" every single day with no breaks in between people would get tired and frustrated with hearing and seeing me "street-preaching" every day reminding them they have turn their backs on God. People know, I don't have to constantly remind them of their unbelief. That's not my job. It's GOD'S JOB. Amen.

So what I must remember is to street-preach whenever I'm REALLY HEARING THE VOICE OF GOD to go out and preach and then STOP when He says "It's enough".

People need time to let those seeds of repentance work in their hearts before adding more water to the seed.

It's like watering a plant. You don't keep on "overwatering" a plant every day, but you give just as much water as the plant needs and you LEAVE THE PLANT ALONE to grow and THEN COME BACK TO TEND TO IT.

That's what I've learned. That's why every now-and-then when I'm not street-preaching, I make a deliberate effort to "disappear" for a while out of the presence of the locals and go someplace else or stay out of public view when not doing personal business out in public.

Lol, I'm not "hiding" away from people but I'm just not "hanging around" locals who kinda already get the sense of what I'm about which is GOD'S WORD and HE ALONE. I'm all about GOD and nothing else really.

People can sense and understand that after a while of encountering me on the streets street-preaching His Word (King James Version Holy Bible [KJV]).

Yeah, I'm not doing this to be "seen of men"; I'm not making a "spectacle of myself" just to be an "attention-seeker". I don't care at all for that stuff. If that was the case, I would be doing something else than "street-preaching" for attention. I don't care for people's attention for the sake of "attention-seeking".

I am ONLY out here "street-preaching" because the LORD JESUS CHRIST has LED ME TO DO THIS and also because I absolutely enjoy street-preaching and preaching for the ministry it is! I LOVE to PREACH! Amen!

Also, so, as I was walking down on Lyons Avenue, after I crossed over the cross-street of Woolworth Street, I met this elder Hispanic man in his red truck parked at the gas station section of Vargas Food Mart motioning his head nodding "yes" and signaling his hand towards me to come to him, so I did. Hesitantly at first. I was not used to people usually wanting me to "come to them" than the other way around.

So, this elder Hispanic man had a green tattoo tear drop under the socket of his left eye and had some various tattoos on his arm or arms from what I saw as I got closer up to him. We talked.

He asked on mutual ground that I "knew the Lord" as he did. And I said "yes".

He asked what kind of ministry I do, or more so, 'What I am doing here holding a bible street-preaching on the streets?' is what I figured.

So, he's like "Hey, I know the Lord... Just wondering what you do..."

Because of timing, as he seemed like he wanted to get going and get things done so I just told him the bulk of what I perceived he wanted to know; said I street-preach and minister on the streets, pass on gospel tracts and do whatever ministry the Lord leads me to do to reach out His Gospel and Word to people. (Also have some "anointing oil" in hand, in case the Lord leads me to anoint the scalp of a person and pray over them. Yeah, thinking back, I could have done that to the man; but Lord's Will be done... Amen.)

Told him I currently serve as an "usher" at my family's home church of "Calvary Christian Center Church" and told him if he's ever around town if he goes to the church, I'll be their usually opening the doors of the church if he wants to meet up again.

The church street address for "Calvary Christian Center Church" is 544 Henke Street, Houston, TX 77020.

(Note:If anyone reading this lives here in Denver Harbor of Houston, Texas in the Fifth Ward District and you're looking for a good church to attend, I strongly suggest you check out our local church. It's a good start to further grow up in the Faith. Amen.)

Also, since he seemed to be wanting "more" than what I was providing him in terms of "information"; he said "Will you pray for me?" and so right as I went to place both my hands on his head with his cap on to pray for him; I started to pray, but then reminded myself in the Spirit of the Scripture of KJV 1 Corinthians 11:4-5 and so, I asked him if he could "take his cap off" as I told him it's "not good for a man to pray with his head covered"; and so after he agreed and took his cap off I then place both my hands on his head and prayed over him and his life unto God.

After that, we parted ways, as I made mentioned, if he's ever in town we might "meet again" and so go from there as the Lord leads to which he agreed. Amen.

So, now I crossed over Lyons Avenue to the other side of the street where the park and library is and meet my local Hispanic man friend walking from hanging out under the green gazebo. I see him walking towards my direction and said, Hey, how you doing man? God LOVES you!" And he's like "I'm doing alright, but I got a lot of stuff going on..." Told him "God knows your life and what you're going through. Do you be asking Him in prayer and OBEYING Him?"

I say things like that to people because I care for their concerns and challenges and I don't like anyone to feel as though I'm ever "imposing myself" into their personal business. I say GOD knows what they're going through because only HE DOES; I don't know the personal circumstances of what people are dealing with and it's NOT MY PLACE TO KNOW. I offer help when it's needed and better yet, if someone accepts my help of the Lord.

So anyways, I say "God wants better for you than what you're living. God wants the BEST for you in life." And my older Hispanic friend (young man, but quite older than me I figure) says "Yeah, I know... Still going through a lot of things... Had a hard life" and I say "Yeah, I understand that... Well, if you're ever around and want to talk about things, if you see me around by the library and the park I'm willing to hear you out and talk" and he replies, "Yeah, okay man, thanks then, I'll remember that. If you're around, yeah, thanks for having someone to talk to and listen" and we parted ways from there.


I'll NEVER ever "force myself" on anyone to hear and believe the Gospel of Jesus Christ (KJV 1 Corinthians 15:1-4) and the Word of God (King James Version Holy Bible [KJV]) if they don't want to. It's up to THEM if they want to believe or not. I only PRESENT THE MESSAGE and those who are willing to hear and receive His Message will receive it.

I've learned from great PERSONAL EXPERIENCE that it's ALWAYS usually best when GOD convicts or stirs someone's spirit up to want to COME TO ME to hear the Gospel and the Word than for to "walk in the flesh" and chase someone down to believe in God. No... I don't do that... I would never do that. It's FREE WILL.

People must CHOOSE out of their own FREE WILL because THEY WANT TO BELIEVE IN GOD; not because somebody "forces" them to believe. That's NOT "real" behaviour.

You can't make people do something they do NOT want to do out of their own personal free will. Let people do as they will, because then you know it's REAL and not out of forced coercion, bullying, manipulation or "guilt-trips" or any wicked tactic to "make people do want YOU WANT THEM TO DO". Amen.

God gave us human-beings FREE WILL because He wants His Creation to LOVE HIM out of a pure heart because we actually WANT TO LOVE and OBEY HIM, not because we "feel forced to love and obey Him" simply because He is our Creator Who created us and we feel "obligated to do so".

God KNOWS that of His Omnipotent, Incomprehensible Power, FREE WILL is something He gave to us mortal, finite human-beings because He does NOT want to "control" whether we believe, will serve, worship and obey Him as we rightfully should being such the Perfect, Holy, Good God He is.

God wants every single human-being to have CHOICE to believe Him or not, obey Him or not, because you only know the "relationship" or "friendship" is real only if you give "FREE WILL" of CHOICE for someone to want to be with you or not. It's NEVER an actual "real relationship" if anyone feels "threatened", "manipulated" or "FORCED" to be with you if hate you or simply don't want to have anything to do with you, period. God KNOWS this. That's what separates us from His holy angels.

Whether one "loves Him" or "hates Him" God only wants the true,GENIUENE LOVE, INTEREST, ATTENTION, OBEDIENCE and REVERENCE from His Children and nothing "superficial" or "fake" in our relationships to Him. Amen.

~ Sincerely,

Bro. Jed

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