Saturday, April 30, 2016

Yesterday The Elder Hispanic Man...Today: The "Gentle-Like" Thuggish-Looking Brothah

Yesterday, last evening on Friday, April 30, 2016, I witnessed Christ to an elder Hispanic man and gave him a "Jesus Christ LOVES You!" Gospel of Jesus Christ gospel tract as he was sitting down on a wooden bench of Cliff Tuttle Park outside the library...

Today, Saturday, April 30, 2016, as I was street-preaching in the Spirit with the Word of God held in my hands up Hillsboro Street and up Kress Street I came across an older black man on the side of the local Western Union building who saw me witnessing the Word and we made eye contact together.

Moving from that as he looked steadily at me, I felt urged by the Spirit and walked over to speak with him: first about Jesus and to see how he was doing.

I asked him, "Do you know God? Do you know the Son of God, Lord Jesus Christ? You know He's coming back someday soon and how we need to be ready before He returns?"

He nodded "Yes" and as I approached him he walked over to me and we talked.

He sai, "I don't have nobody man. My family's disowned me and I'm homeless around here. I don't have nowhere to go and I'm trying to make a phone call." I smelt alcohol around his face on his breath but I paid it no mind.

At the first, I heard the man out because like anyone who's been "ostracized" or "abandoned" by family, friends, people and society; people want to be HEARD and CARED for. I didn't ask him "how he was disowned by his family or any of that stuff" that's between him and GOD, Who knows the full, accurate truth; and it wasn't my business to ask. (Note: I would've heard him out if he offered to tell more.)

Nonetheless, before getting into details, I said "I've been in similar situations" and let him speak his mind.

The brothah on the "outer appearance" looked like a gangsta thug" in clothing, a few green tattoos on his face and just looked overall stereotypical "thuggish" to the average person's judgment.

The man seemed genuinely at need for help, but as "men" I didn't get into "all his business" at to what he's hoping to do. I don't at all like or want to be a "gossip" or get into other people's business about their personal lives just to offer help, advice and suggestions so long as it's accepted by whomever I'm willing to help out.

Anyways, I asked him "Well, I don't want to get into any of your business and all that, but are you from around here in Houston, Texas?" He said "Yeah, I'm from the Northside."

We walked over to the side of the Western Union building and I said "Well, let's get out of this area and I'm gonna write down my contact for you to have, so it's not like we met for nothing." And I took out a piece of paper and a black-ink pen to write down my contact information (gave him my cell phone number and E-mail in case he wanted to keep in touch.)

I asked him if he wanted to go to church on Sunday, but I didn't really get a real "Yes or No" answer back from him, but he asked if I went to the church we saw right across from Kress Street, saying "You from that church?", pointing at Faithful Memorial Baptist Church, I said "No, I don't fellowship or go to that church, but I go to the one behind it [Calvary Christian Center Church]. It's my family church.", and that's where that conversation ended.

He said, "Man, it's hot out here with the Sun, lets get out of this heat" and I suggested "Well, man, I don't know if you know but when I'm out I go to the library to have a cool place to be and handle my business. I can use the restroom and stay out of the sun for the day"; and though he reasoned and realized 'yeah, he could do that' he told me, "Man, I don't like that spirit there" and at first I understood what he was saying.

The library I go is pretty much a lot of (black( women library staff and mischievous Hispanic kids. The black women staff are "alright" but underneath the surface perhaps some of these women have that typical feminist "I-don't-need a-man" "strong, independent black woman" prevalent "sistah-attitude" that's not as inviting; and I personally don't have anything to do with them besides come here into the library to use the free Wi-Fi connection service for Christian online ministry as I've been doing.

The library staff (black) women, some of which seem to be fellow sisters in Christ are kind" for the most part it's just all that "micro-aggression" social niceties stuff  that's like "walking-on-eggshells" that's underneath the social surface of the entire social atmosphere of the library. Yeah, I'm really just here to use the Wi-Fi though, and perhaps occasional book "researching" the Lord might put it on my heart to do in near future works... Amen.

Although, I'm kind to them (as everyone) but only say anything if the Lord's put it on my heart to say "a word" to them that might minister the Grace of the Spirit upon them. (Always has to be "edifying" to the Spirit to draw people closer to God and the things of God and not "worldliness-thinking". Amen.)

Nevertheless, we walked on to the front entrance area of the Western Union building and saw a young Hispanic man and woman couple walking towards us and the brothah's gonna go and already "hustle" panhandling for some money saying, "I'm homeless, I'm not out for nothing, but I need some help" and as he said this the young Hispanic couple were already to busy talking to each other to pay him no mind.

I told him on this "Hey man, I've seen that and that's no going to really work out much" (knowing what I've experienced from watching other homeless people "panhandle" people on the streets; although I've never panhandled anyone for money in my past; I've always been resourceful enough in the Lord to adapt and not have to go into such "panhandling" methods.). The man said "Yeah, I know..." and I told him about why no one is out here offering any money to homeless people on the streets because everyone's suffering out here trying to survive and make ends meet. He says, "Yeah, I know that" and he said, "I'm supposed to be waiting out here til 1 o'clock so I can make my call. My uncle's supposed to pull up here with his truck and help me out". I went on to say, "Well, you and your uncle good, he looks like he'll help you out with stuff?" He replied "Yeah..." and not much else in response, so it was left there.

Anyways I told him, "Well, I'm headed on to the library now, but I'll be around in the area and God-willing, I'll help you out anyway I can if I see you again man" and he said "That's alright, cool man. Peace..." and we parted ways and I street-preached the Word on Kress the remainder of the way to the library this morning. Amen.

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