Saturday, April 23, 2016

Spirit-Led Street-Preaching On The Way...

Today, Saturday, April 23, 2016, I went street-preaching holding the Bible up in my hand from the beginning of the cross intersection of Hoffman Street and Hillsboro Street as I walked on down Hillsboro Street and turned right onto Kress Street...

As people drove by in their cars and vehicles I said things like "Good morning, Jesus Christ LOVES you!", "Have a good day, God LOVES you!" as I went about His Business.

As usual, because some (perhaps "many", Lord knows...) are becoming more familiar with me around the area and so some "throw their hands up" in the air like they're sick and tired of "Bible-thumping" or being REMINDED about GOD and how they are lacking His Influence in their lives.

I mean, some of these people wave their hands to me as though they "might" be sincere in "you're doing the Lord's Work problem, I'm with you; I'm a believer too"; but are they REALLY?

Some of the people; I HOPE ALL PEOPLE who say they are believers are actually true Holy Ghost BORN AGAIN believers as Christians and not "Christians" simply because they come from a family "tradition" of being "Christians".

Anyways, I occasionally get those people who are angry, fed up being reminded they have been ignoring God's Calling in their lives and a young man in speeding by in his car with his girlfriend/(wife?) gave me the "middle finger" and one or two few other people; but that doesn't bother me; I take it as a SIGN that GOD is working in their CONSCIENCE.

They KNOW they should be BELIEVING GOD, SERVING, WORSHIPPING and PRAISING HIM like they know they should; but they instead choose to IGNORE HIM and LIVE LIFE THE WAY THE WANT TO as usual.

Shoot, people are walking and driving around here in such a "cold indifference" concerning the things of God; especially if they call themselves "Christians".

Why, WHY is CHURCH ATTENDANCE so LOW every time I go to my family's home church at "Calvary Christian Center" church with my family on Sundays when everybody's out here "acting like" they are "believers"?

The Church should be FULL TO THE BRIM if that was the case; but NO...

My pastor of the my family church (who I will call "Pastor T.J." for privacy concerns) is a godly man with a good heart and excellent teacher and preacher of the Word of God.

As with many churches these days, the church the Lord has blessed Pastor T.J. to lead has been going through many different struggles, be it financially and with the small church congregation size.

By the Lord's Help every time I'm able to witness Christ to someone in need of hearing the Gospel of Jesus Christ and knowing the Word of God; whenever possible in conversation I make mention of telling people about Pastor T.J.'s church in case they don't have a "church home" or would like to know of a good church to go to here in the Denver Harbor/Fifth Ward area of Houston, Texas.

I think some people may have taken the suggestion seriously, though the Lord knows...


(Back to the street-preaching of today...)

Anyways, as I was walking down Kress Street I made it by the library and before deciding to go back in, I went out and was led of the Lord by the Spirit in prayer to go to an elder Hispanic man I saw riding his bicycle who stopped to sit on the brown wooden bleachers at the skate park area (where I witnessed to a well-built tatted-skin white man yesterday) and on my way I witnessed to passing cars, trucks and vehicles holding the Word in the hand for all to see and be "enlightened" with God's Spirit working in their hearts and minds.

I looked at the man from afar as he saw me back looking, I then eventually made my way over to him and with a "Jesus Christ LOVES You!" Gospel of Jesus Christ gospel tract in my blue jacket's pocket, I approached the elder Hispanic man with a black full-moustache and rugged tough face, wearing a gray bandana on his head and said "This is a gift to you" and he nodded and said "Yeah, thanks" and I was led of the Spirit to walk back to the library (still witnessing His Word in mine hand) and went into the library to conduct the business of this day. Amen.

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