Wednesday, April 27, 2016

A Calm Soulwinning, Street-Preaching Day

On Tuesday, April 12, 2016 I was street-preaching holding up a medium-sized black King James Holy Bible in my hands walking up Hillsboro Street, Kress Street and lastly Lyons Avenue...

Inside the library around 11:30a.m. I looked at an older white woman who was looking back at me and smiled friendly at her first then she reciprocated and smiled back at me briefly; as I logged into a library computer to use.

When I went to my computer station #4 and sat down to  work on the computer as I was thinking it the HOLY GHOST confirmed me, "Giver her it" referring to the newly updated "Jesus Christ LOVES YOU" Gospel of Jesus Christ gospel tract I had in the left-sided pocket of my blue Dickie's jacket.

As I gave the elder white woman the gospel tract I said, "...Felt led to give you this" and smoothly walked back to my computer to minister Christian website links on Google+.

The elder white woman asked two young Hispanic mothers with her children saying, "I can't read this..." but I think she got help and eventually everything worked out for everyone.

Later on when I left the library for the day I met a black man with a green tattoo on his left breast area of his chest riding and then parking his bike. I gave him a "Jesus Christ LOVES You! Gospel of Jesus Christ gospel tract and was on my way home for the day... Amen.

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