Saturday, April 9, 2016

A "Destined Encounter"?

Today this Saturday, April 9, 2016...

On my way walking to the library this morning I met a young Hispanic man all "tattooed-up" under the gazebo area of Cliff Tuttle Park right outside the Tuttle Branch Houston Public Library.

Before I walked over to witness the Lord Jesus Christ to the young man I first prayed in the Spirit a table across in the park before I actually walked over and approached him.

I think this was a "destined encounter" because Lord knows I only had ONE handwritten "Jesus Christ LOVES You!" Gospel of Jesus Christ gospel tract written even though I planned to have at least two gospel tracts before I went on my way to the library.

So... I walked up the man cool and just said "Hey man, have this. This is for you." He's like "What's this for? You write this?" I nodded up replying "Yeah, I did." and smoothly exited the brief exchange with the young man as he was busy on his I-Phone or something listening to music and smoking a cigarette as he sat on the top of the table chilling out... Amen.

An elder Hispanic man was walking over to where me and the young Hispanic man was and I believe I witnessed to him before and am familiar with him in the area, but instead of talking and getting into another brief "conversation exchange" I calmly walked on my way to avoid speaking to him as the Spirit lead me. Amen.

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