Friday, April 22, 2016

A Quick Message To The Mailman / A Quick Gift To A Skateboarding Man

Today, Friday, April 22, 2016 I witnessed Christ to a white mailman passing by en route on Hoffman Street.

I saw the mailman approaching on his way so I asked the Lord Jesus Christ in prayer by the Spirit if I should walk over to him or no and give him one of the handwritten "Jesus Christ LOVES You!" Gospel of Jesus Christ gospel tracts I have written up, gathered in my left jeans pocket.

So I walked over to the mailman as he was about to deliver mail to the house and I said "I felt led to give you this" and at first he was a little apprehensive as though he was going to decline but the words "The Lord..." came out of my out and he must of decided "why not take the piece of paper?".

I then left the man to his business and went on my way to the library....

On my way over to the library I, stopped over by the Joe and Theresa Padilla Skate Park area at sat down on the third level brown wooden bleachers to have a quick bite of some craisins to eat before going walking down the sidewalk to the library.

There were a few parked cars out in the parking lot of the skate park area and there was a certain white man all tattooed up who came out of his white van onto the skate arena and showed his stuff on his board.

I was just taking it easy laying back on the bleachers and the Lord put the thought in me to eventually "approach him" with a Gospel of Jesus Christ gospel tract.

I unintentionally became his "audience" by default and I was cool with it as I was enjoying his skill displayed on his skateboard.

As a kid I used to have a skateboard and never really did "get into" learning how to ride it right; but even now though I don't know how to ride a skateboard I've discovered that perhaps learning to ride a "skateboard" is a heathen practice like martial arts is that is AGAINST the WORD OF GOD. Amen.

Nevertheless, the man fell down one time when he was performing a side turn technique but he calculated his fall and got back up pronto without any serious injury.

If he was seriously hurt as I saw him fell I was willingly and able to help the man out but it wasn't that kind of serious situation (like I might have to call the police kind of thing).

As MEN we don't like to be "helped out" over every little thing we can handle on our own. That can be "prideful" and be one our greatest strengths and greatest weakness.

However, men ought be willing to be HUMBLE enough to ACCEPT HELP we they truly NEED IT. We're not invincible. *ONLY GOD IS*. Amen.

Nonetheless, when he got up I nodded my head and chin up at him like "what's up, you good?" and he nodded upright with his chin and head as well: 'We're good'.

From then on, I didn't place much importance of thought on that but that's when I knew that perhaps the instinct of mine was telling me "it's okay to approach this guy; he's friendly enough to walk over to and shew your message".

But before I followed instinct I DOUBLED-DOWN in PRAYER for CONFIRMATION as to whether "it's clear" for me to approach or not, Lord?

So after I had prayed and the man was in his white van with the doors open playing his guitar a little bit; after that, as he was about to put up his skateboard in the back of his white van; I knew that was the time I would have the time to walk over and approach him; instead of needlessly interrupting the man when he was busy skateboarding, doing something he was busy with.

As I walked over he said, "Oh hey, I'm about to go now" and that told me right there he VALUED and most importantly CARED that someone took interest to "hang around him" even though he was solo at the moment. Nobody else was around but lil' ol' me at the time to be his "audience of one" lol as he was skateboarding. I was the quiet, observant spectator, non-judgmental; just enjoying watching another's performance of their chosen craft.

I handed the man a "Jesus Christ LOVES You!" Gospel of Jesus Christ gospel tract as I said "Here's a gift for you to have" and we smoothly parted ways...

Now at the library I've typed this out and God-willing, the Lord will work in many different ways to get His Gospel out to all those in need of hearing and knowing.

Cuz remember: Even though we don't always "get along" with people in this world as we should; GOD LOVES each and every unique individual He Created and wants ALL PEOPLE to be SAVED!


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