Thursday, April 28, 2016

To Go... Or Not?

Today, Thursday, April 29, 2016...

On the way to the library this afternoon I witnessed Christ to an elder black man sitting at a park iron table, coolly reclined on the bench.

He was wearing a cap, and had a brown paper bag on the bottom of his blue can of alcohol drink; I think "beer".

He was just sitting back looking out in the distance and I was going to go forward to the side of his sight distance but then the "Spirit" reminded me I may as well go to him and hand him a "Jesus Christ LOVES You! Gospel of Jesus Christ gospel tract before I (Perhaps "regrettably")"pass up" an opportunity.

I thank the Lord that I did indeed walk over to the elder black man who was being completely quiet and virtually "mute" the whole time as I saw into his tiring "orange-red-like" evening eyes and smoothly walked on towards to library... Amen.

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