Saturday, April 16, 2016


Today, Saturday, April 16, 2016, I walked on Hoffman Street and held up the Word in my hands and street-preached to approaching vehicles saying "Good morning! God LOVES YOU! Trust on JESUS! Amen!" as the cars and trucks drove on by and some of the people's conscious were awakened.

Yeah, when out street-preaching unless you have a less-mobile company of people approaching you gotta speak swiftly and smoothly and can't really always "get into it" as you may like preaching; I spoke as the Spirit gave me UTTERANCE.

So anyways, I'm still walking up on the grassy curbsides off of the street away from the sidewalk so everyone driving by can get a good look of the Word of God as God deals with them in their hearts and conscious. ONLY GOD can work them to REPENTANCE. I PRESENT His Message. Amen.

As I almost walk down to Lyons Avenue I see these two elder Hispanic men but first I saw the elder black man and woman... Story short I think they're JEHOVAH'S WITNESSES out here deceiving the common people. I caught them by "surprise" or so it may seem. The elder black man called me over to her cuz she wanted to tell me something. Because I was on my way and it was not really a detriment on my part to shared the Word of God to all I encounter I walked over to her and lo and behold she offered me, as I'm used to experiencing a FALSE, WICKED "AWAKE" Jehovah's Witnesses magazine that I just accepted from her. (P.S. I tore up and threw that false religious stuff magazine in the garbage can when I got to the library... where it belongs. Amen.)

The elder black man and woman were good company and they dressed real nice and appeared to be respectful decent people. They were cool, just under the guise of a FALSE RELIGIOUS CULT that brings men to HELLFIRE and NOT TO CHRIST! As usual, I was respectful, still waving the Word up to approaching car as I was about to walk on... They seem "baffled" by and surprised by my actions. In hindsight looking back I should have gave the woman one of the handwritten "Jesus Christ LOVES You! Gospel of Jesus Christ gospel tracts I had written up; a max of three. But it probably wasn't meant to be... I did however tell them "I'm praying for you" both the elder black man and black woman. Shoot, I'm PRAYING for all people blindly (or intentionally) following wicked damnable FALSE CULT religions that will only deceive people to going to HELL and NOT HEAVEN!

Out here they knew I was the "genuine" and they were the "false" as far as Christ is concerned. The people know. Even when I walked down to my left on Lyons Avenue here in Denver Harbor, Houston, Texas, the people KNOW God is calling them to REPENTANCE.

It's like people don't even know how to be "kind" or "decent" anymore in public; can't even "fake it". lol. Also, I got a one or a few people driving safely away in the relative safety of their vehicles gonna say "F-U" and "flip me the bird" with their middle fingers. Now to the Christian, street-preacher this is a common, and should be expected natural reaction of an unsaved unbeliever or person who does not want to be reminded of God. I wasn't "offended" I expect such reactions after doing this kind of ministry (going on three years now)...

It's actually a "good sign" when people react angrily because that means they "felt something" like they KNOW THEY SHOULD GET RIGHT WITH GOD but REFUSE TO DO SO. Oh, how I wonder...

Also, there's A LOT of ANGRY-LOOKING MEN; especially WOMEN driving down in their vehicles with their pouty, resentful selves: GOD LOVES YOU!

There was this single black mom walking back to her car with her son and daughter following behind her and I just spoke "good words" out the blue (to which she is probably not accustomed to hearing in these parts): "Good morning. God Loves you. Y'all have a good day." and I saw the typical frowned expression turn into a look of "surprise" for actually hearing a stranger say something good to you in public in goodwill.

THIS is how evil, wicked, and DYSFUNCTIONAL; NASTY society has become. It's every man, woman and child for HIS or HERSELF out here. I'm used to seeing the "ugliness" but I don't like it. It's UGLY and OLD... Really getting tired of it. I like to REFRAME the situation I encounter to a more positive "outcome".

Now, as I walk down further on my right going towards the library as I'm typing this article; I witnessed Christ with His Word held up and I always make sure I LOOK PEOPLE in the EYES.

All their hateful actions will be returned upon their own heads; but I'm not bothered by them and I PRAY to the LORD JESUS CHRIST that these people might repent. (I just gotta watched my own back when out going solo. Self-preservation...)

As I walk on the street and I see people walking my way I do try to perceive if I can't say a little "word to them" or I just say "Hello, have a good day. May God Bless you." or something more if I have the time to speak it aloud.

Nonetheless, I'm out here looking like a "homeless person" and I sure know these people wouldn't "have my back out here"; as they drive away safely in their vehicles.

Yeah man, it's alright that you "hate me" but are you that tough to say that to my face, though or prove me wrong by His Scripture? It's really GOD you HATE, not the young black man stranger you don't know. But no, please drive away in your vehicle. I have no part with thee.

Also, yeah baby, I see you looking my way in that truck wit yo' man; I mean he's yo' man, right? Why is it though you with him, but you  looking at me from a sideways glance with your "adulterous eyes" like I could fornicate with you and you cheat on your man. Then he get angry and I have to fight with him, then go to jail and/or prison or he or I end up dead after the "result" of a fight... right? Tell me baby, please do...

It ain't like you "know me" lol. How could you ever "love me"? Why you lookin' all "mean-looking" with a frown cuz I don't want to be with you? If you really "loved me" (I'd say *cared* because no one can really "love you" unless they "know you") you would be SMILING and HAPPY and NOT MEAN, ANGRY, RESENTFUL and HATEFUL FROWNING at me.. for beginners! Right? lol

Behold, I'm walking out here on the street as a "temporary homelessness" but you off safe in your vehicle... You got your man, I gotta take care of myself cuz you sure as hell wouldn't "help me out" the way I've helped people and DO help people as the Lord leads. You only care about YOURSELF. I don't see you out here trying to win souls of Christ being spiritual or knowing or doing any of the things of God? What say ye? Your lil' life "revolves" around yo' own "lil' self". "Pretty sad" and pathetic... NOT "pitiful".

I care for my fellow man because as I take care of myself I'm willing and wanting to help out other people any way I can at the moment.

...Now, I know how Joseph felt when Potiphar's wife tried to get him to "mess up" HIS GOOD REPUTATION he was growing because she was "attracted" to him. Please... lol. Say, if Joseph the Hebrew did in fact screw Potiphar's wife cuz she want it and ol' Potiphar walks in on them in "the act" lol... Potiphar's wife be like "That Hebrew slave RAPED ME!" and off wit yo' head Joseph. You're done man. Smh... she didn't "love" Joseph and it's up to opinion if she even liked the man or not, but in the end ol' Joseph is the one who gets the end of the stick in that scenario and it's the SAME THING in these modern times. Human nature man, Human nature... NEVER CHANGES save GOD'S HELP only...

I pity the man driving off with a woman so easy to "trade up" on him, I really do. lol Everybody's all out for "convenience" out here and when one toy does not work or "I can get a better one" and everyone betrays and cheats the other. A sad cycle I recognize and REFUSE TO PLAY because I have GOD AS MY WITNESS. Amen.

(Past memories: Also, ran into a lot of schemers and manipulators trying to "play me" and get some money or something out of me; they never do. lol Their heart and intentions are NOT PURE. I have yet to run into another "pure-hearted" soulwinning Christ-follower in this area... Amen.)

Now because of personal life responsibilities and goals the Lord has put on my heart to accomplish I have not felt led to go out into using Christian signs and advanced equipment yet for large-scale mass evangelism but I'm entering preparation...

The more I experience this modern 21st century world I can't help but to think of "what kind of person I would have been in a "biblical age"? You ever wonder that?

Now I know in the Spirit I have the "gift of prophesying and do prophesy visions and insights into the mysteries and wonders of God in His Scriptures" but I could see myself as a wandering ruthless warrior or hell-bent tyrant on the negative spectrum. That's my natural temperament.

The greatness of biblical men of renown like Nimrod (perhaps "Gilgamesh"), Alexander the Great, Cyrus the Great, and others make me wonder who people would be like in the more "natural social setting" without all the social niceties and customs we live by in modern society. It's good to have and all but a lot of it underneath is traded in micro-aggressiveness.

People haven't stopped being "racist" or less "hateful" it's ALWAYS there just neatly covered up in public view to avoid unfavourable social repercussions.

Anyways, one of these days I'm gonna be out in the wilderness for a while as I evangelize (perhaps with other believers) and the Lord will lead. Amen.

The Devil, Satan has the upper hand on the Body of Christ concerning the "lukewarm attitudes" and overall complacency of Christians who do not think of or even consider being serious about their Faith and STANDING for WHO THEY BELIEVE IN. Why is it that the "killing of Christians" by Muslim terrorist groups like ISIS in the Middle East seems like it's never eventually gonna happen here in the good ol' U.S. of A.?

Christians, especially the men of God need to REGULARLY and ROUTINELY TRAIN YOURSELVES against the unnatural, wicked, feminized, effeminate social brainwashing and conditioning that WILL weaken them mentally and psychologically.

I'm at a point I need to WITHDRAW from unnatural social conditioning into the wilderness to be "natural" as a man and not "socially-conditioned" into being a weaker version that God never intended me to be. I notice the difference when out in nature in the REAL WORD interacting with REAL PEOPLE and not gluey-eyed to electronic devices as a "social media zombie" checking Facebook on my smartphone like so many people I've seen on college campuses here in Houston, Texas. It's like everyone's SO WEAK and VULNERABLE ;all the people; I MEAN EVERYONE was looking on their smartphones eyes-glued, easy targets.

Like if one of those concentrated ISIS terrorists like the attackers that wickedly murdered all those people in Paris would easily have a slaughter of the "unaware" people I saw in this social setting at a college campus. It's SCARY because perhaps someday, God's Will be done, people who confess Christ may be getting their heads cut off here to.

It never fails to have to learn the "hard way" to get the lesson.

Alright, I made it to the corner of Woolworth Street and witnessed with the Word held up in my hands before walking over to the other side of Lyons to Cliff Tuttle Park. Many seeds were planted I think and I pray the Holy Spirit does the watering as time passes...

Every day gone by people die and end  up in 1. Heaven or 2. Hell. That's how I see the outcome of life at this point. WORD OF GOD UNCENSORED. Only the wheat is gathered into the barn and the tares are bunched together to be burned in the FIRE.

Are ye ready to meet your Maker? I sincerely suggest you TRUST JESUS TODAY!


~ Sincerely,

Bro. Jed

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