Tuesday, March 7, 2017

The Gospel Tract EXPRESS!

Yesterday night I was on my back from church since there was no "Monday Night Prayer" this night hosted by elder brother "F"...

So on my way back home walking from Kress Street to walking on the sidewalk down Hillsboro Street I met an "older" young Hispanic man with a full beard, red shorts on and a "tank top" I think smoking a cigarette and I had quite a handful of "Jesus Christ LOVES You!" Gospel of Jesus Christ gospel tracts in the left-hand pocket of my black jacket I had on so I just handed the man a gospel tract as we crossed paths lol.

He's like "Hey man, what's this...?" as we kept on walking our own ways and this happened around 7:18p.m. as I checked the time on my phone to "record" what time I had given this man the gospel tract so I could "type this up" as is the case right now.

Also, few minutes later on from that on the side of the road of Hillsboro Street from the edge of the side parking lot of the VECINO Denver Harbor Family Clinic, I came in contact with an elder white man wearing glasses, with a "gruffy-like" shaggy long full beard and curly hair on his head with his backpack on his back and I gave him a gospel tract just by "handing it out" to him and he accepted and took it. All this happened by 7:20p.m. Amen!

That's kinda just how I do and so brethren in Christ who've had the similar experiences: if you just have the "urge" and "courage" to approach and "hand out the gospel tract" just do YOUR PART and if the "targeted person" receives it or not is up to their personal choice; but we the givers must depend on the Influence of the Holy Spirit to work in the heart of the recipient we intend to give the "gift" to.

But Holy Spirit can't physically "work" what we must physically work by PHYSICALLY APPROACHING A PERSON TO GIVE THEM A GOSPEL TRACT. We have to sometimes FORCE ourselves to do the "physical act" and God Almighty, Lord Jesus Christ via Holy Spirit does the SPIRITUAL ACT. Amen!

Today, on my way "walking around town" (still having quite a few handwritten "Jesus Christ LOVES You!" Gospel of Jesus Christ gospel tracts in possession) I was walking on Kress Street passing under the "underpass" of East Freeway going up to where "Burger King" was located and when I made it to the "opposite side" of East Freeway of I-10 heading south I looked to my right standing by the "signal lights" and noticed a black woman in her car "waving me" like it's "okay" for me to "cross over" the street.

Likewise, a young Hispanic man in his 18-wheeler white truck "hand-waving" me also to "cross over" despite the "street signals" not saying a "pedestrian" can walk across the road.

Normally I like to obey the "street signal lights" and I wasn't in a hurry to anywhere so I shook my head "no" in bafflement and waited until the pedestrian street signal turned to the "silver person walking" icon before I crossed the road.

I wasn't gonna "take any chances" with people: can't never be sure when someone's gonna "run into you" in their carelessness out here.

People so IMPATIENT and don't want to wait.

Smh... I'll cross the street when I'M READY not when "YOU" the "car driver" "waves me off"... Okay? Okay...

And yeah, that young Hispanic man in his big 18-wheeler white truck took out his phone and "pointed at me" as though he was "recording me" as I walked across the street.

Smh... Don't know for what, but besides being perhaps locally "infamous" (it such be the case, don't really personally "care for it" but it is what it such be the case) ain't much to "go on" from "recording me"; unless trying to "invest in something" haha.

Also, later on, this is when I'm at the Selena Quintanilla Perez Park I met a Hispanic man sitting at a grayish-black iron bench and table space under a gazebo and calmly handed him a "Jesus Christ LOVES You!" Gospel of Jesus Christ gospel tract. This was at 11:33a.m. today after I looked at the time on my phone.

Flash-forward, now afternoon I'm back in my usual spot of town at Cliff Tuttle Park outside of the local library and having met him earlier by walking off to the side of the sidewalk by the CITGO gas station and convenience store I saw him at the corner of the sidewalk by the road extending out to East Freeway going north to Downtown.

He's a young black man, a "peer" in age though I think a good bit older than me.

We head nod and I wave my hand "Hey, what's up?" as we go about our business.

Filling up at the local "watering hole" AKA the "water fountain"; I was looking at him from the distance.

I was standing at the Joe and Theresa Padilla Skate Park that is part of the whole "Cliff Tuttle Park".

He's all sitting down on the ground with a white drink cup that looks like the cups you get at Burger King or fast food joints "panhandling" for money.

Going on "intuition" seems like he's made a "lifestyle" of this; as a perpetual "habit". Just hoping he "gets lucky" and someone gives him some change or money in his cup so he can go buy some smokes, drinks or something. Saw a cig or "cigarette" in his hand(s) if not mistaken: don't think he's using the money for "serious needs" from what I see from the "outside-looking-in"; but I don't care about that. Not my "focus".

Man has natural "nappy" spiky Afro hair and don't know if he comes it or not; keeps it up but I digress... don't care about that "personal stuff" just "details" noticed.

My "focus" and "goal" with him was to put him on the Path of JESUS CHRIST. Screw everything else before that.

My "goal" is to lead him to HEAVEN and NOT HELL. Amen.

'Cause we're all gonna die and I want to help take people to the "Good Place".

So... after a while I just feel this "urge" and better yet OPPORTUNITY in the moment to just waltz on over to the man already sitting on the ground crisscross applesauce-style" and handed him a "Jesus Christ LOVES You!" Gospel of Jesus Christ gospel tract to have in hand.

He's like, "Hey, sup, thanks man!" And me being the usual "silent mute" for most "passing conversations" just say "Yeah..." if I said anything at all lol as I just wanted to "pass by" and not really "engage" him in conversation at the time. Was one of those "quick moments" on the fly; no "conversation-time" like I've had with some people in the past.

Other than that, today kinda a "mixed day" with a little mild "depression" if I'd call it that, but not really. 

Was sunny a bit, then turned back overcast, gloomy and "cloudy" in the sky above then "rained for a bit" now darker at 4:12p.m. right now typing this up...

Kinda "screwed around" online skim-watching "Naruto" vids on YouTube" got distracted a bit then remembered "Oh hey, gotta type up my 'business' lol!" Wasting time Smh... But needed a "break" but not that kind of "leisure break". *BACK TO TASK!* Amen!

Anyways, from yesterday and today 4 souls got the gospel to them directly hand-to hand. To GOD be all the GLORY.

Hope each one of these four men the Lord gave me opportunity to witness His Gospel to might trust on Him and be SAVED.

Today, warts and all, been a decent day. Can't really complain.

Not my "ideal" but not my "worst" that I don't like.


~ Bro. Jed

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