Tuesday, March 28, 2017


Well, well, let's see here now...

Last Sunday, March 26, 2017 after church service and the after-service church meeting about the "Easter Egg Hunt" ministry event planned from Faith Memorial Baptist Church (more on that later, God-willing...) -- man I just felt newly ENERGIZED and REINVIGORATED; just "filled with the Spirit" to go outside the church doors PREACHING and WITNESSING THE WORD to people as I walked on down Kress Street on my way home.

Lol.. Seems like I "shocked", "razzled 'n dazzled" and "uncomfortable" a few "brethren" from the church who saw me "street-preaching" walking down on Kress Street... it seems when everyone was getting in their cars and trucks to drive on home. Haha.

Yeah, itt was around from 12:50p.m. to around 1:00p.m. in the afternoon when I started street-preaching outside.

I suppose for many of my regular casual "church-going" Churchian brethren who just "go to church" on Sundays and the whole "usual Modern Christian deal" may take my "stance on Faith" to be...


But TO ME in all honesty" it's just a "usual" routine deal I do... LED OF THE LORD

I haven't done any "minstry-wise" to me that even I'd consider "extreme" yet lol. This is just "ordinary stuff'" to me. Haha. 

Now THAT'S when I really have to SHOCK FOLKS

Not just to "make a scene" and all that "vainglory stuff" but really GET FOLKS ATTENTION TO TURN TO JESUS CHRIST and BE SAVED

People need to WAKE UP


... Yet to do or get to that EXTREME LEVEL I've always wanted to do yet... 

Gonna be AWESOME when it happens though! Lord-willing! 

Yeah, and after a Spirit-fueld" street-preaching expedition after church walking down Kress Street; made it back home to regroup and get ready to go back to church for bible study later that evening... 


Around 4:41p.m. walking on my way to 5:00p.m. evening bible study at Faith Memorial Baptist Church I approached and met an "older" young black man with his red cap on walking on the sidewalk of Kress Street.

I had just ONE "Jesus Christ LOVES You!" Gospel of Jesus Christ gospel tract in my possession at the time and acting on instinct 'cause it was the "perfect" quick opportunity of the moment; I went for it led by the Spirit and handed him the gospel tract.

He's like, "Hey man, What's this? What you giving me this for?" I'm like "...It's a gospel tract, man." and he took it (THANK GOD!) from my hand by God's Grace and went on his way as I was wanting to do the same; making it to church on TIME for bible study...

(P.S. Also, later on just yesterday, I believe I saw the same black man walking on the opposite sidewalk across from me when I walked up Kress Street to make it to Monday Night Prayer at Relentless Church" (formerly "Calvary Christian Center") to fellowship in PRAYER with elder brother "F" or "FM" I'll call him.

Made it there inside the church building pin-point 7:00p.m. on the clock which is when prayer "officially" begins lol. Talk 'bout CLOSE CALL!  So yeah, last night was a good, well-needed night of prayer indeed).

A WHOLE LOT'S been on my mind lately.


Time for some serious REAL TALK coming up soon, brethren. Amen...

~ Sincerely,

Bro. Jed

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