Friday, April 14, 2017

Busy Days & Street-Preaching Ways...

Well, well, well... Folks and peoplez...

Lots have been on my mind lately but one thing is needful for the moment:

Today, I was led of the Lord I perceive by His Spirit to street-preach His Word walking on Lyons Avenue on my way to the library this evening... It was around 1:50p.m. when I held up the Bible and witnessed the Word to people passing by on the sidewalk and driving in their vehicles on the road of Lyons Avenue as I stood out on the curbside witnessing and signaling" to the people God's Love for them and a call to REPENTANCE!

Lol Man O man, if you only knew... Haha, *IF* you only knew...

Been looking for a new job lately and stopping by the Northshore Workforce Solutions on Wallisville Road here in Houston, Texas.

I thank God that He has brought people in my life that can help me and in return I can do the same for them as time transpires...

Yesterday, however I DROPPED THE BALL and FAILED to make it on a job interview on time at 11:00a.m.

It's all my fault naturally. At least I OWN MY MISTAKE (unlike some people :P).

That said, I'm not finna "wallow in past mistakes" because that'll only add more in the future for me.

I can only do BETTER and SUCCEED. Wallowing is for wimps, losers and suckers.

None of which apply TO ME. Everyone else's "opinion" is irrelevant. I don't care. What saith God, huh?

I'm gonna pick myself up; learn from my failure and do better next time and succeed.

Also, after getting serious work done at the Workforce Solutions ol' Jeddy Boy's been wandering the "areas" getting a good look of what the local locale has to offer and what I can do with it; for God's Glory of course ;). It's all "business", really... No need for me to "elaborate" as of yet; most likely you ain't gonna "assist me", no? Well then...

... I was walking down Wallisville I think it was last Tuesday and met a young (but older than me) black man I'll name "Mr. T" lol who saw me walking by on the roadside of Wallisville on the outskirts of Victory Temple Church and he's like "Yo, man! Brothah! Where you headin'?"

Me, as usual and customary I'm laidback 'n cool, quiet and "chill" in my "inner monologue" of what I'm thinking to do.

At first I'm like, "Nah man, I'm walking this. I don't need no ride" lol but he kept on assisting.

I won't lie, at the back of my mind I'm kind of "suspicious" of the man cuz I don't really know what his intentions are for just up and giving a random black dude (i.e. "me") walking on the street he don't know nothin' about; but I'm glad he did... at least for me.

Can't say it'd be better if some other black guy walking on road he saw.

He even told me this, saying, "Man, I like yo' vibe. Something positive and good 'bout your energy that just gravitated me towards you. If it was just some other black man out here, I won't lie, I probably wouldn't have stopped and give him a ride. But something's cool and good about you. You won't 'jack' or mess with me if I give you a ride in my car."

And the man was right imao. Yeah... lol

That was really kind of him thanking back on that. If I ever meet Mr. T" again I'm gonna keep in touch and be a blessing back to him as he was for me.

So... back to the story.

Yeah, so me and Mr. T are crusing on by on Wallisville and then he makes a turn on Datner road and we're all "chill" just talking and hanging out like cool bros do and that was my first time traveling down Datner too.

Yeah, I won't go all into "Mr. T's" "personal business" he confided in me, because I'm a "confiding, trustworthy" person who don't like to "snitch" and "tattle tail" gossip 'bout people.

I "hate" people who do that crap anyways. Don't really "hate" when I say "hate" just pretty annoyed and lack of respect I have towards them; which is NONE! :P

Anyways... Yeah, so he got his own personal "issues" as we mutually-understood.

I laid low, but yeah, naturally, even he know, I'm sure, just cuz of "reality" I got my own "stuff" to deal with as well... Haha.

Lol LOVE how he said it too, he's like, "Yeah... I'm f-d up man, you know... But we're ALL f'd up you know... This whole world's pretty f'd up man but there's still good people in this world who look out for each other. That's me. If I see a brothah walking on the street, I can help out. I'm gonna help out. I'm gonna help out my people bruh. But it ain't just gonna be "anybody" walking the street. They gotta have that 'good vibe' 'bout themselves."

In all honestly, lol, I was in pretty good spirit the whole day throughout on Tuesday but I was a bit "contentious", mean-spirited and "angry" at heart.

Some of which was "resentment" back at people who I perceived in my intuition to "project" their own thoughts and ideas on me (many of which may be incorrect but a few might be true...).

But yeah at the "heart" of things I'm a pretty "good-hearted" person. Prideful, arrogant, angry and contentious but "good-hearted" in the core lol. At least I hope so lol.

Okay, yeah, so Mr. T" dropped me off at the Wayside Bus Transit Station where we both went our separate ways.

I'm gonna miss "Mr. T". It was good knowing him the short time we had together. But... like always... I'm gonna keep on, keepin' on! So long Mr. T"; it'd be cool if we meet up again; I ain't so "cold-hearted" as it's called that I act like I wouldn't "miss him".

Heck, I "miss" anyone who helps look after me, lol... Great allies are hard to find.

It's not so much I want someone to "watch me back" as I'd do theirs but rather the confident, assured "spirit" of being "willing" to help me out that I appreciate in people.

Not many folks have it, but the rare FEW do. I'm looking for my "few" good allies throughout life.

Yeah, so that's Mr. T's "story" short time I've met him (hopefully get to him again someday).

Moving on... yeah, so another time, I think it was last Wednesday now, I met an elder white man named "Mr. D." I'll call him.

This time I was walking down the long stretch of Wallisville Road from the NorthShore Workforce Solutions on Wallisville road...

Thank GOD for "Google Maps" lol it's a really "useful" resource to consider for "studying locations" and doing "traveling work".

Like most things on "internet" though, it's not 100% percent accurate.

I usually take a good "long look 'n study" then operate on my "instincts" and "wing it" when I'm going for a "travel" distance.

I basically walked the all the way on Wallisville Road then made a left turn on McCarthy Drive then a right on the roadside of East Freeway to get back to the ol' town of Denver Harbor for the day.

Takin' notes all the way. But that's not what's important.

Here is:

So, as I was walking down Wallisville road on the sidewalk in my "lonesome" solo self... lo and behold I took a "sneak peek" through the grassy plants, bushes, shrubbery and trees to notice a "manmade trail" that led to the man's "shelter space".

After I heard the dog "barking" I quickly ejected and walked off quickly in my direction to avoid further disturbing the person(s) I thought I had "intruded upon".

I know how hard life is for the homeless.

I've been there for a while, but thank God not as severe and long-lasting as it has been for many.

Not a pleasant sight.

Especially all the jerks and a-holes of society "smilin' 'n grinnin'" in your face getting a real "thrill" from perceived "personal suffering".

People who react like that DISGUST me unconditionally. And I really mean it. God is my witness on that as many more. I don't respect people anymore. In my "eyes" they have to "earn" my respect. Amen.

So... As my walking and "scouting" along the way I notice a shaggy, rugged, elder man walking behind me, shouting, "Hey, oh boy! We're you're going!"

I "hear" what he's saying but "play him off" as though he was talking to someone else as I continued to walk on... I didn't want to "meddle with stuff" I didn't have to.

Turns out, the elder white man, is a cool man just hard on his luck on life (won't go into "details", when I actually "slowed down" for him to catch up with me and we talked and chatted a bit on the way walking up the road together on the sidewalk.

He and his lil' black "Chihuahua" lookin' dog right by his side lol. Man, I thought the dog "barking" was bigger than that lol. Those were some really loud, boisterous almost "bulldog-grunting barks" I heard from the wood.

But, yeah turns out to be "lil' dog barkin'" haha. Nice dog though.

So yeah, me and "Mr. D" are talkin', 'bout life and all that kind of stuff of course... Mutual-understanding. Great to hear about his life and I hope and pray things work out better for him.

As usually, always willing to help (most of the time; especially when I'm in a usual "good mood" like I was at the time, for the most part...) but I perceived it wasn't the "right time" place or "moment" for it.

The man just simply needed somebody to "talk to" and who would diligently care and LISTEN and hear him out. So... that's what I did for him. Heard him out.

He's an elder man who's lived longer and experienced life far more than I have, so I give him his space as is naturally proper, respectable, proper and "appropriate" to do.

A young man doesn't "teach" an elder man want to do. It's always the reverse, naturally.

I can only encourage and offer good-hearted wise "suggestions" but not at all "commands" and "demands" on an elder man being a young man myself.

That said, we talked... Told him I'm currently residing in the Denver Harbor area down in Houston.

He knows about the area, lived there his whole life practically.

Told him I'm originally from "up north" in Seattle, Washington even though my WHOLE family structure is basically deep-rooted in the south and west coast lol. But that's my own business, of course...

Needless to say, but needful to say, I perceive Mr. D" to be a good man and only GOD Knows his "full life" and what GOD wants Mr. D to do in his life.

I don't.

I can only do my best to be an "encourager" and "supporter" of people I see who know God and are doing their personal best to live for Him and obey His Calling and His Will for their lives.

I can only do ME. JED MASK. I can only DO ME.

You have to DO YOURSELF and not "ride on" somebody's else's "success" in the Lord as if it's your own. It's the person's own.

You gotta get yours, you know. Amen.

Most of all, whatever I say or whatever you know; it's always about GOD getting HIS GLORY at the end of the day.

That's all my end concern: God gets HIS GLORY.

My personal "glory" in life at times means NOTHING if God isn't included.

God always "gets His". You get yours. Jed's getting/about to get his.

It's what we must do.

Also... After having talked with Mr. D on his way to the Mexican "taqueria" taco truck to get him so tacos lol...

Been getting tired of tacos, beans and rice I heard. But yeah, after he made it by the gas station we parted ways and said our "goodbyes". I wouldn't mind meeting "Mr. D" again as well as "Mr. T" that I enjoyed their company. Good stuff. Hopefully, Lord-willing, we could hang out and do some cool stuff too or just "chill", whatever lol..."

Alright now, so I  was walking in the grassy field on Highway 9... when was that... oh yeah I think on Tuesday again...

Yeah, I was walking on the grassy areas off the side of the highway and boy, haha, sure bet a lot of people got quite the "eyeful" of seeing me trekking my path on the way to Herman Brown Park.

A lot of people "convicted" of God at least to me seemed to get "fed up" by "seeing me" again as I act like a "personal reminder" about God and the Bible anytime someone who has saw me street-preaching knows of me.

Yeah, I'm surprised myself the "impact" God is using me for. Yep, it's all Him. I ain't that Awesome.

Rainy, rainy day on Tuesday; but "rain or shine" doesn't stop Mr. Mask from accomplishing his "personal mission" (whatever that may be at the time...). Good travelin'....

Hmmm... Yeah, I was "impressed" and "humbled" by a young Hispanic man, saw me out walking on the field off the highway "wandering about"; just some lone black guy with his black backpack and "wet" green sun hat tied behind his neck and back.

The man pulled over in his nice, black truck and offered me a "ride" to my destination.

Me, out of "personal pride" and personal "independence" turned down his offer. Not that I wouldn't take it; I just didn't want to at this time.

I made it a "personal goal" of mine for this "one time" to walk this distance of the Maxey Road /Wallisville Road exit to walk back towards Herman Brown Park near Houston Community College (HCC) Northeast campus. I succeeded. Thank the LORD. Amen.

Yeah, definitely made a "personal point" of letting the young Hispanic man know I "appreciated" his offer. Was really kind of him, cuz he didn't have to him some lone "black man stranger"; let along a "stranger". Period.

Don't know who "people are" nowadays. The world has gone completely ISANE! That's why I HATE to watch the news lately lol. Always someone dead from a killing... Every day... Smh. Sad but I expect it. Just how it is now and was. Nonchalant 'bout the whole deal.

But it's a PAIN and GRIEF for the family and those involved as usual. Really sucky.

So... Told the young Hispanic man, "Thanks, I appreciate the offer, but not this time. Really thanks though." and I meant it in sincerity. He picked up on it; realized it was my "personal choice and decision" and went back on his way traveling up the highway.

So far TWO GUYS offered me the "thought" of being "willing to help". Men 2, women 0 as of yet.

I'm yet to get a woman to be "willing" to show "compassionate concern" to a human-being. I ain't experienced it here yet.

Too many women looking at me with self-centered "hypergamous stares" of lust and desire for "babymaking" and no "higher level" altruistic compassionate concern for a fellow human-being than just the typical animal base human instinct lol.

I won't "rip on women" too much here in this post now (but I will later on Lord-willing) for purposes.

Anyways, yeah, looking at me with their ugly, "mean-looking" stares supposing to "scare me off" like some sorry, wimpish, effeminate man who "cowers" in front of females. Haha.

They're quite pathetic. Some of them are hardly "bangeable" if I was that kind of guy anyway.

Yeah, I "know my stuff" but the thing with this selfish, self-centered, narcissistic uppity young women in my peer age group who don't think their "s-h-I-t" don't stank; I got news just for you!: It STANKS up to high heaven! You ain't such a "precious lil' snowflake" you think you are.

But of course you are... in your "own little world" that is.

Yeah, some, women and I mean a very, VERY small "some" are "decent" for the most part; as for as compassion for human-beings is concerned.

The one thing I give women though on whole is this: at least, backstabbing at all to their own sex; at least for the most part they seem more "supportive" and "encouraging" to each other in the "Sisterhood" of life.

For guys, though, things are VASTLY different. Most guys are adversarial or at least "mico-competitive" with each other in being the "top dog" "biggest, baddest, strongest "real man" of a group in a "pecking order" we don't really support or cooperate with each other as well as we could and should. Sometimes men even get "standoffish" towards each other passing by in life if not in a "group setting". It's true. Don't even try to "downplay" it. Amen.

I've experienced this firsthand lol... Walking on the sidewalk of the roadside of East Freeway in the city outskirts and it's this group of young black men, some older and younger than me all "hanging around" by the bus stop.

None of the guys said a word to each other lol. We're all pissed off and resentful of each other and women we felt did us "wrong" collectively, cuz we black po' and many of us got no jobs or "futures" by society's standards". Haha.

We hate each other because we're "against each other" in life.

No woman wants to hook up with us "collectively-speaking". Everyone's "individual situation" being different. Some better off some worst off; some in the middle. Yaya...

The "black community" is DESTROYED if it ever had a "foundation"; but that's too big an issue for me to discuss here in this "personal post" of mine. Something for "later", Lord-willing...

Some mean-looking chubby white chick rudely showed the "contempt" she "projected on me" on her "mean-looking" nasty, "ugly-looking" (ugly in "attitude" not so much the "physical appearance) face lol since I never met the woman and would want absolutely nothing to do with her anyway given all I got from her was a mean-hearted, angry snarl of "hatred" on her face like she hates all black men or "men" for that matter. Whatever may or may not have happened to you woman, had nothing to do with Jed Mask.

Deal with your own crap. I hate people's "personal projections" on me. I don't know you woman.

If all you had to show me was your "personal hate" first time meeting you, lol, I'm be the dumbest, stupidest "n'ger" to think you have "real love for me as a human-being", right?

You only care about YOURSELF! People only CARE ABOUT THEMSELVES before anyone else. Myself included.

I'm not wasting my precious time with people who hate my guts. Pffft... I'd rather die alone than "socialize" with people I hold in "disdain".

Screw them lol...

I'm spending my precious time with people who absolutely LIKE, LOVE and ADORE my mean a-hole ways just the way I am. Hahaha.

Screw "dealing with you". Deal with yourself... alone, you know. Amen!

Yeah, so many women giving me the "stinkeye" from the artificial safety of the steel and aluminum boxes of their vehicles. "Girls" they are. I don't respect them. Even so, at the end, I'd be the one to "save their butts".

I don't really want a woman to "help" or "save me" anyways but I like the psychological aspect only of a woman being *WILLING* to help me and would *PHYSICALLY DO IT* that turns me on.

I ain't no captain "Save-a-hoe" like some smucks. They ain't worth savin' in some cases.

Only JESUS can save this women and I ain't Him but a mere "messenger" of His lol.

All these "black sistahs" with their stuck-up ho-ish attitudes projecting their "anger and resentments" on all black men just cuz one nigg* f'd with them: I ain't "one of them nigg*s"; that's YOUR OWN MESS! You had you bastard kids by some nigg* that wasn't Jed Mask! Deal with you crap sorry woman! I don't respect you.

I didn't "lie down" with you and produce your snotty-nosed, unraised and untrained, black ashy babies. Those ain't my kids lol. 

That's you and some other man's responsibility if you know who the "n'ga" is anways. Those ain't my "bastard chillens"; they're yours.

I'm not your "sperm donator" of good genes for you biological imperative. I don't want nothing to do with you unless I choose you anyways.

Deal with 'em.

If I was being "responsible" and in "your shoes" I'd have to "responsibly" deal with my own offspring; but those are your brats. None of mine! I didn't create the mess, YOU DID. It's yours now "honey".

I'm not fooling with some other man's kids. That you and his problem. I have no respect for him anyways. Shouldn't of had kids with that guy if you don't want to deal with them anyways. Mess all around..

That's why... That's why... I don't have sex.

I don't want no "bastard Jed jrs. floating around" by some baby momma or "mommas" who have all that typical low I.Q. stereotypical black ghetto "baby mama drama" mentality b.s. Mediore "n'ggerish behaviour of their "communities".

Even black folks should be tired of this mess... Smh... Amen.

Deal with yo' s-h-I-t. It don't concern me. It's YOUR PROBLEM. Tch... Amen.

So... back to the "men issues" of pride and competition with each other: I'm guilty of the same myself of course but not usually when it comes to things like personal survival in life. I like to have my people's back as I expect they have mine as well when push comes to shove. Bros before hoes" as it's called an the female equivalent "Hoes before bros" battle of the sexes gibberish stuff. Tsk, tsk...

Also, women, well, even women can be "heartless" to the other women haha. I need not "explain any further". Women reading this know their own "stuff" to. I won't waste my time with it. Y'all know ;).

That said, I was "pricked" in the heart when I saw a "homeless-looking woman" walking on Wallisville road a great while back I hope is doing alright right now. People so cold-hearted and self-centered these Last Days.

I don't want to see nobody suffering if I can help. Just help and be on my way is how I roll. I don't want to get "attached" with people for the most part but I'll help them out and move on quickly to my own "thing" whatever it is at the time.

Every man, woman and child fending for him and herself and I'm no "exception" to the rule... It's HARD out here, but fight on we must.

Also... yeah, I couldn't really help the woman out if I wanted to. Not "financially" at that moment.

Still got lots of things I need to get worked on right now...

Anyways... back to the story of the young Hispanic man:

After he left "reality kicked in my mind" and I'm like thinking "Hey, it's pretty cold and rainy out here... Should of taken that ride... lol" but "inner pride shut down "personal wuss" and said "Hey, it ain't no problem finishing this walk, don't "punk out" now when you've done better and worse than this. How 'weak' are you?" that fired up my spirit and hardened my pride to make my decision a good result and not a "mistake". Amen.

At the end of the day, people can "have me" but NO ONE, I repeat NOBODY gets MY PRIDE! Only God Himself can claim such, but all "others" family and friends included, get NONE of my "pride". Amen.

I'm not really a "humble" person; but I can at times "display humility". But not "humble of heart".

I'm vain but mostly "arrogant and prideful", moreso PRIDEFUL even overriding my personal "arrogance". PRIDEFUL at heart, not "humble".

I like to be in the "right" and hate "being in the wrong" even if I'm "in the wrong" lol. Just how I am. But as long as I'm not "personally embarrassed" to much pass a threshold I'll usually "own up" and admit I'm being "wrong".

Just don't expect some "longwinded apology" from me. I hate "apologizing" to anyone. Period. Least of all, people I don't respect and despise. Some of which may be you reading this. Good you know too. No need to "thank" me. Your welcome :P.

Okay now, back to business (my business)... Yeah, for today, yeah, but before today, yesterday when I was out at Faith Memorial Baptist Church, I was helping out the brethren with stuffing candy into Easter eggs for the Easter Egg Hunt outreach ministry event geared towards the children who live here in Denver Harbor.

I'm honoured to be a part of this good work.

Tomorow, Saturday, at Denver Harbor Park at 11:00a.m. is when the Easter Egg Hunt event is open officially to the public to partake in.

Volunteers and church staff to the even must be present at the park by 9:00a.m. tomorrow morning.

I'm gonna get their early to get things rolling as well.

So after I got done "street-preaching by around 2:00p.m. a black man, brother in Christ, walked over to me and gave me a white business card of the "Apostolic Holiness Church of Jesus Christ" to which I received and put in my right back jeans pocket for later reference.

Name was elder brother "J" I'll call him. Got his card. Checking out his social media and God-willing, keeping in touch with him as I have opportunity in the Lord.

Been messaging fellow brothers in Christ telling the "Happy Easter" as well. Not gonna get into the "religious argument" about "Easter" being a holiday or not; don't care. Yeah, I "know about it " and all; but main thing for me was just saying "hello" and keeping contact. That was done. Thank God. Amen.

Yeah, busy day every day, signing off... Until further ado... Amen.

~ Bro. Jed

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