Thursday, April 20, 2017

First-Time Street-Preaching In The North Shore Area of Houston

... It's been a busy, "eventful" day today, brethren.

Earlier this morning I was at the North Shore branch Workforce Solutions office building to get some things done and let out walking down Wallisville Road all the way 'til I got to the Beltway Eight North freeway and I was traveling, walking along the grassy field space of the freeway roadside on the outskirt parameter of the shopping center "The Shops at Stone Park" (you can literally view all my real life geographic coordinates on Google Maps. Really helpful lol).

This time out of sheer curiosity and desire to just "do it" and not keeping dwelling on it "thinking about it" I sat down my black JanSport backpack and whipped out my large-sized burgundy-brown King James Bible, stood up to the edge of the curbside of the freeway road space and witnessed holding the Word up in the air to people driving towards my direction in their vehicles.

A lot of people seemed to "recognize me" out there as I began to "preach" the Word in silent expressive hand gestures of outstretched arms, holding the bible way up high with my right hand and my left arm and hand stretched out wide 'n open in "Christ-like fashion".

I also held the Bible to my chest as a symbolic body language "gesture" of saying metaphorically, "Trust in God in your heart" and held the Bible up to the front of my forehead as a symbolic "sign" of body language expression meaning something like "Trust God in your mind".

Together the gestures of the Bible being held to my chest and my head meant "Trust God in your heart and mind"; for those looking on the outside "interpreting" the "meanings" of my body language expressions as I witnessed with the Word.

Some people hand waved at me driving by and I anticipated in personal reflexes and usually managed to friendly "hand wave" back at them in mutual acknowledge of "knowing them" in case I have "witnessed to them" in the past even though I might not know the person directly in a "personal way" other than through public personal Christian witnessing and soulwinning evangelism efforts in the past.

Lol I've witnessed to so many people by the Grace of God; it's like I'm a "walking reminder of association" about God to people who don't want to acknowledge the existence and creation of an Almighty Creator they know is "God" but they don't want to acknowledge that.

They want to continue living a "God-free" self-willed life and "be their own gods" in this temporary earthly life that is yet to someday "pass away" in the near future.

Also, in retrospect, I finally made a good walk over to the Gene Green Park walking on the grassy field trail off the side of the freeway of Beltway Eight North. It wasn't as long as I thought it'd be; provided I was also making "good pace" walking with long, rhythmic strong strides of my walking legs to get their faster and on task.

Got to the entrance of the park walked down the long road leading further into the park.

Gene Green Park is nestled around the center of neighboring apartment home communities as well as nice, quaint, quiet residential suburb neighborhoods of cul-de-sacs. It's a good wide-spread local park area for people who are residents who live around and in the North Shore area here in Houston.

For me, though, I'm just a visitor passing through and exploring for personal curiosity and knowledge.

So I took a few photos of the green Gene Green Park entrance poster sign before leaving out the park, having "hand waved" a few people who may have recognized my "street-preaching" either from the time I was witnessing on the outskirts of "The Shops at Stone Park" by the curbside of the Freeway or from much earlier previous past experiences of "street-preaching escapades".

Thing is, now that I have a good "take" on the size and "scope" of the City of Houston, Texas from traveling on freeways, highways, roads, nature trails and parks, I have a gutsy attitude by the Grace of God I could "potentially" preach 'round the whole city in "meat space"; the real world by myself in "solo fashion" if I had to...

I don't mean this at all in some "vainglorious way of high-minded thinking" but I'm talking about the "mass scale of Christian street evangelism" that really needs to be done by Christian members of LOCAL CHURCHES going out into the STREETS, ROADS, FREEWAYS and HIGHWAYS with Christian signs, posters, billboards, handbag sacks of gospel tracts to give to people waling by on the streets in public and all manner resources to get people's *ATTENTION* to *TURN TO GOD*!

Only the CHRISTIAN CHURCH can do this... Not just the "single way-faring preachers" like me God uses to witness and warn people. The CHRISTIAN CHURCH needs to *STEP UP* and *STEP OUT* of the buildings and *BRING JESUS TO THE STREETS!*. Amen!

I'm only *ONE PERSON* out here in my area; and Lord-willing I know I'm not the only brother out here doing public Christian evangelism (not just "street-preaching" as I keep saying).

I've seen other brothers and sisters and Christ associated with churches or just doing their own personal Christian public evangelism out there in the "real world" trying to reach out to many unsaved unbelievers who WOULD NOT ever really hear the Gospel of Jesus Christ (KJV 1 Corinthians 15:1-4) presented to them because they would never in the first place ever walk through the door of their local church anyways.

The Biblical Christian Church GOES TO THE PEOPLE and does NOT "wait for the people" (of which the "unsaved" are expected to just "magically show up" and start "attending church" just 'cause they should. Don't work that way in reality though. And it's not God's Way either.) to come to the church.

This is what the biblical New Testament Christian Church in the Book of Acts did that the Modern Christian Church must do in this day and age: *GO OUT TO THE PEOPLE EVERYWHERE IN SOCIETY AND TELL THEM ABOUT JESUS CHRIST THEN INVITE THEM INTO THE CHURCH!* Amen!

I'm only ONE PERSON out here doing my best by God's Grace to bring lost souls to Him for Salvation.

And if you've been reading my personal blog here for a while now you know that God has blessed me with many opportunities to witness Jesus Christ to them. I hope to inspire you to do the same.

TWO are better than ONE. Amen.

Imagine how many people could be reached for Jesus Christ in the world if just all the brethren sitting on the pews in Church on Sunday morning actually made a consistent daily effort as a way of life to just "tell and share" the "Good News of Jesus Christ" with anybody and everybody they meet in life?

It would be *AMAZING*!

Smh... I don't "get all upset" with why the world is so messed up as I did in my "philosophical finding-the-meaning-of-life" teenage years. Now I know the answer: it's because the BODY OF CHRIST won't COLLECTIVELY STEP UP and DO what it SHOULD BE DOING FOR THE LORD!

It's because the CHURCH is complacent in Purpose is a lot of why the world is "messed up".

Church-going" without *MISSION LIFE-FOCUS* as a *WAY OF LIFE* is why modern churches are apostate and dying with only women, children and elderly senior people being the bulk of many church congregations.

Young people like myself don't just want to "hang out" in a building all day with no further purpose or mission to commit to: we want ACTION! We want EXPLORATION! We want MOVEMENT! We want BUILDING! We want CREATION of a BETTER WORLD and we want church as a "Way of Life" and not just a place to "go to" as a "ritual routine" of daily life as "religious people" the world sees Christians as.

Real Church means MORE than just "pew-sitting" on Sundays listening to sermons from the preacher.

REAL CHURCH is a SERMON of Itself. It SPEAKS to the WORLD and the World, hate it or love it RESPONDS to the ACTIONS of the CHURCH.

For instance, because I'm willing and mostly able, if I had the "super power" or "special ability" to do it like in fictional fantasy stories I would like to have that "ninja clone jujitsu" ability that the well-known manga and anime character "Naruto" does as one of his signature ninja techniques.

Lol, if I could make multiple (temporary) "clone copies" of myself like the character Naruto does in the Naruto manga and anime and station the "Jed's" at all the key, most strategic places to evangelize in Houston and I could almost literally and confidently say I could street-preach the whole City of Houston quite thoroughly and completely within a few weeks and in full by a month's time of hardcore Christian evangelism.

I really would DO IT if I COULD. But the thing is there is only ONE JED and he can't be "everywhere at all times, knowing everything that's going on and saving people from themselves".

I'm not GOD, just a mere mortal flesh 'n blood MAN.

Only GOD is using me though to work His Will in this physical natural realm as His vessel because I'm a WILLING PARTICIPANT in HIS CALLING.

Do you ever think to "ask yourself" are you really a "willing participant" in what GOD REALLY WANTS TO DO WITH YOUR LIFE or do you "ignore and block out God's Request" like how people "block" each other on social media?

Smh... Lol I am only 23 years-old having lived in this world and I've already seen more than enough of God's Presence and Power in my life to know so clearly now that TOO MANY PEOPLE, who are "believers of Jesus Christ" are NOT wanting to really SERVE GOD THE WAY GOD WANTS TO BE SERVED.

We "serve God" our way and NOT His Way, is what I'm getting at here. Time to flip that script.

It's time to OBEY GOD, CHURCH.

It's time for the CHURCH to do what God Created It to do...

May the "faithful few" step out from the "pew-sitting crowd" and be the AGENTS OF CHANGE in the world for CHRIST. Amen.


... Adding on to this, leaving from the Gene Green Park I was walking on my way back and a white man with his wife/girlfriend in their red truck had a red garbage bin to fall out their pickup red and on the road of the highway.

I thank God no other cars or truck were following up close behind them 'cause it would have hit them.

... Knowing what happened I paced my time and neatly ran over to help the man lift the red garbage bin into his red truck and he thanked me in surprise.

Afterwards I walked on back to the grassy trail and put my black backpack on the ground and stood on the grassy trail space for a while until the man tied up all his garbage bin containers in snug fashion with his ropes.

Sensing he saw me patiently "waiting" on him to get his truck situated as "backup help" in case he needed my assistance he later backed up when he got in his truck and hand waved me "Thanks" and "Goodbye" along with his wife/girlfriend before speeding on up on their way.

Mission accomplished. Like to be a "patient help" indeed and my "brother's keeper" as the Lord would also want me to. I like to help people anyway I can.

Now ideally-speaking, if the time or circumstance presented it at the moment of course I would have tried to witness the Gospel of Jesus Christ then-and-there to the couple if the time and moment was right and "appropriate" to mention. But it wasn't at the time, only Holy Spirit led that whole meeting to come about. Only GOD can reach them in the end the way He wants them to be reached.

Not out of my own personal "self-willed" Christian Soulwinning evangelism agenda. Amen.

So, after that, I saw a young Indian or Arab-looking woman with her young daughter walking on the driveway area of an apartment homes community called "Dover Pointe" or something like that I believe. It's on Google Maps though, I'm sure lol.

Yeah, I like to check "Google Maps" for directions and get an idea of how big and expansive a place or area is before I make the time to explore it. Preparation before the "big day" is always helpful when you have the time to PREPARE. Amen.

So, after passing by the young Indian/Arab-looking mother & daughter couple I made my way back to "The Shops on Stone Park" en route to the North Channel Branch Houston Public Library at a computer of which  I've typed this whole post from lol.

Been a busy morning, afternoon and now approaching "early evening" as the day here in Houston, Texas goes on.

Today I've about wrapped up exploring the North Shore area as much as my personal spirit and the Holy Spirit leads me I believe before "His Next Steps", Lord-willing.

Time for "new ventures" to be embarked upon after getting done personal responsibilities to have that "freedom". 

By His Grace, definitely will keep "updating" things here and sharing personal life experiences to come.

I've learned to like and appreciate the City of Houston better than I used to when I first came here.

It's a good city. It's a GREAT CITY. Warts 'n all ;P. It always comes down to a person's POSITIVE OUTLOOK and PERSPECTIVE on any given circumstance and situation.

Signing off now... Peace. Amen!

~ Bro. Jed

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