Thursday, April 20, 2017

An Evening of GRACE In the Anxiousness of Life...

Yesterday, after a while ministering online among my main three social media platforms of Google Plus+, Facebook and Twitter among I was hanging out at the local Cliff Tuttle Park of the Denver Harbor area and sitting on a green iron bench of the green iron benches under the green gazebo eating my lunch of a PB&J sandwich.

Saw and met and elder Hispanic man coming from the Vargas Food Mart across Lyons Avenue (probably went and had himself a drink or something).

So... I play it cool anticipating giving him the "Heart For The City Home" Christian Spanish gospel tract I got from two elder Hispanic brothers in Christ associated with the local "Heart For The City Home" local Christian Spanish church walking on the sidewalk of East Freeway coming all the way from the Houston Food Bank building and warehouse (long story but that was when I went to the Houston Food Bank for a potential job interview and position there... lol).

So... when the man comes to sit down at a green iron table bench spot nearby where I'm siting I finished up writing down seven Christian, King James Bible-believing Christian Websites on the "Heart For The City Home" Spanish gospel tract I also think he would benefit knowing about as extra resources.

At first I "second-thought" and "second-guessed" myself for a moment thinking I was just "acting in the flesh" trying to just "hand someone a gospel tract" regardless of whether they would receive it or not; I thank God I just "ran with it" and approached the man smoothly and casually handing him off the "Heart For The City Home" gospel tract and by HIS GRACE the elder Hispanic man received it! Amen!

It was around 3:40-3:43p.m. when I gave this elder Hispanic man the gospel tract.

He's all like nodding his head "Yes, thanks man..." as I go back to my table to put my things up in my black JanSport backpack to "move  on" and "leave him in peace" so I could let the Spirit work on him and get him thinking more of *GOD* and the *CREATOR* in his life and also in case so the man wouldn't "hand me back" the gospel tract I gave him lol.

Gotta keep going FORWARD and NOT BACKWARD! Amen!

Had to "jump ship" there so perhaps the elder Hispanic man will begin thinking of life on a "higher level of consciousness acknowledging God's Presence in his life and God's Desire for him to live by His Will.

That's a lesson I'm literally learning DAILY, EVERY DAY as I walk with the Spirit of my God.

Yesterday, seemed like a restless, anxious and "urgent" day but it was a good day overall.

Yet EVERY DAY is a GOOD DAY because you know why?: *JESUS* is *LORD*! Amen!

~ Bro. Jed

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