Friday, April 28, 2017

In Continuation of Street- Preaching The Word To A Hardhearted, Stiffnecked People In Town...

Today around 12:30p.m. or earlier this afternoon I went on my way to street-preach the Word of the Lord from walking on Hillsboro Street on my way to the library for this evening...

It's been a frantic busy few days lately with a lot of chaos and strife going on in my personal life and all...

That said, as I was out preaching today; whether in His Spirit or in my "flesh" I just felt led to "break the cold social ice of social isolation and indifference in society: everyone is "staying away" from each other in the name of "self-preservation" and personal well-being.

That, I have nothing against but here's what I've been learning and "observing" by my interactions with people passing by on the streets:

As I was witnessing the Word of God holding the Bible up in my left hand and alternating switching with my right hand I noticed so many people didn't even want to as much "look my direction" to even "face" dealing with the "God Issue" in the back of their minds.

Lord Knows I've already preached and witness His Word for almost two years in the Denver Harbor area of Houston now that the general populous of people here know and "associate me" with "God" symbolically by "default".

Some men (young & old) driving by, some blazing by" in their cars and trucks blasting loud black/Hispanic gangsta rap music and all manner of worldly music with their cool black sunglasses on cruisin' on by don't even turn their heads to the side to "acknowledge my existence" insomuch as when I'm "witnessing the Word".

I personally "don't care" for "attention" from people. That's not why I'm out here "preaching" in the first place, no?


It's like knowing GOD will "hold me accountable" for refusing to "preach" when He really wants me to for the people's sake because I know the Truth of God, His Word and His Gospel to not just "keep for myself" to a dying lost world of "hopeless people" living in the world with no "Greater Purpose or Meaning".

God may "count it against me" if I don't share the Word and the Gospel.

Like Jonah did in his day, I must not do...

It's like God's spiritual "responsibility" He has placed upon my life: I could but "can't really" just "up and stop preaching now" and live a typical, ordinary worldly life like all these people God's got me trying to reach... FOR HIM. I'd be "living a lie" knowing what I know about God and "turning back" "pretending like none of this ever really happened now".

I'm not the one really "benefiting" from the street-preaching: I know about God and I'm saved and assured HEAVEN.

These blind-sided, unsaved heathen folk (without warning) are basically "walking blind" into the pits of HELL if they don't repent.

For me, I'm good. For them, they're DAMNED if they don't believe on JESUS.

Many times I've "inconvenienced" myself for their lame sakes...

I've lost respect for these people (if I had it to begin with...).

Few guys and men driving by in their cars and trucks "acknowledge" the "Message" I was representing as I was holding the Bible witnessing the Word: they either waved their hand in a "salute-like" fashion to me or gave me a "thumbs up" gesture from behind the window of their driven vehicles.

Women also, many did as the men... Either "acknowledging" the Message; "smiling" and grinning as to deceitfully say, "Yes, okay, I got it... Moving on..." and perhaps "playing me" as a fool. Can't say if they are or not, it could just be my own personal "projections" and quick-minded "judgments" of my feeling or thoughts on them I think they're thinking. But I could also be right, in some cases...

Either way, these "men" and "women" out here can "play me off as a fool" if they want: I'm not the one who's gonna end up foolishly dying in their sins when it's not needed: THEY ARE if they don't simply "humble themselves" enough to ACCEPT GOD'S EXISTENCE and HIS WILL for their lives to BELIEVE ON HIS SON, JESUS CHRIST!

Like it or not: there's only ONE WAY to HEAVEN and that's through CHRIST JESUS the LORD and SAVIOUR.

Smh... At these people. Really PATHETIC...

I'm not at all trying to "put them down" as they may "put me down" by worldly standards 'cause I'm not "all that and a bag of chips myself" but even wicked sinner as me know when to call "evil" quits at times and move on for my own sake: such should these people do if they really know what's good for them.

Death ain't NO JOKE: it's FINAL!

Smh... Have some "tales" to "tell" today, eh?

Like, as I'm coming on up Hillsboro Street, didn't really have to say or the time to, but a group of elder Hispanic woman, a trio sitting out in their chairs having some kind of yard sale of clothing going on...

Saw them, as I walked on the sidewalk with them looking back at me in "surprised smiling" as they may have noticed me walking with my Bible in my left hand; whether their response was "genuine" or "feigned" makes no difference to me; at least it wasn't a really negative "ugly" facial expression reaction I sometimes get from unsuspecting people, "upset" I "reminded them about God" and all.

After that, so I'm still keeping on holding up the Word walking on up the sidewalk of Hillsboro Street this afternoon and getting a lot of "I know" hand gestures from folks driving in their vehicles.

It's funny that even when I'm not out doing street evangelism of any sort or anything and I'm either just walking around areas and places throughout Houston, Texas so many people I detect looking from the perspective of my peripheral vision I see so many people driving "throw their hands up in the air" in "frustration", "angst" and "resentment" because they are "upset" they "see me again" as though thinking in their heads "that black guy (i.e. "n*gga") again! What's he doing out here?!" as a front to "disregard" God using me as a metaphorical "life sign" as to say, "Yeah, this is no coincidence you see this young black man again. He's My servant and yes, I [God] Exist" to the people.

Men and women from all walks of life I've perhaps witnessed to in the past, but have remembered me even though I've probably forgotten them individually: I've witnessed to so many people in such amount of time, I can't really "keep tract" of all people I haven't met and spoken with directly to know.

Most people I've witnessed to it's been in "passing" and never really a "conversation" with.

Anyways, now I'm "ramping it up" walking up on the sidewalk area of Kress Street on my way to the library:

Same deal with folks: so many "studiously" try to "intentionally" "block out" my witnessing as though they don't "see me out here" when I KNOW THEY DO!

They're not "fooling me" and certainly not "fooling" the Almighty, are they?

Anyways, yeah, I've even started to get "disgusted" and "disappointed" by the total "heathendom" of the people lately, I don't respect, care or even "love them" as I should: they wouldn't "have my back" any better than I would theirs, why should I bother with this, "street-preaching"?

This is for GOD even though FOR ME, yeah, I LOVE "street-preaching" and travel ministry evangelism as a "life hobby" and pursuit; I love to "perform" for my sake alone; but not to "impress the people" as though I care what they think about me anyways.

It's the MESSAGE I'm bringing that sells the "performance"; nothing else matters.

People driving all crazy, cutting corners, 'bout to run up over each other" on the road... it's pitiful.


I've been pretty much everywhere "important" in this lil' "neck-of-the-woods" there ain't much of nothin' so "important" to really be in a hurry 'round town; 'less they got some kind of important personal appointment or business to handle; everything else is leisure time. Don't have to "kill people" to get where you're going on the roads.

You have to always "watch your back" around here, 'cause people so cold-hearted, heartless and merciless in their impatient "rushes" to their destinations you'll just be another "dead body" in Houston; like the countless people dying DAILY here in Houston from hit-and-run accidents alone (not counting drivebys and domestic shootings that happen).

Regardless of this, I made it to the corner intersection of Kress Street and Lyons Avenue a walk of the street to the side of the library. The local church I've been fellowshipping at "Faith Memorial Baptist Church" is nearby on my left side.

Lord-willing plan to attend later this evening for 7:00p.m. "Young Adults Worship Night" or whatever it is that's "going on" supposing to be for "young people" my peer age grouping.

So, here's the "sweet lil' story of the day".

So yeah, I'm still making a last-ditch effort to preach the Word briefly before retreating into the library to regroup and minister here online as I'm want to do.

Here goes; I'm saying, "God LOVES You!" to people driving by in their cars and trucks. Don't have much time in "live passing" to preach collectively or individually to live moving vehicles so I have to say short, impactful words of mouth to make an impression.

When the traffic light is red I "turn the notch up on my voice" to be louder so that people can hear me say some more words: "God LOVES You!" Have a good evening. We all need God". and such like I say briefly encountering people continuing to "drive by" and "ignore" my "rants" as they may call them.

I do my best to make direct eye contact and hand gestures sometimes "friendly pointing over" to the people I've targeted to let them know I'm speaking to THEM DIRECTLY and not "avoiding eye contact" with people like I'm "scared of them" lol.

I want people to know that I'M LOOKING AT THEM and that *I* SEE THEM as well or better than they "see me" at the same time. Amen.

So, thing is, an older Hispanic lady and her "daughter", granddaughter or younger "female family member" drove on up in their car. Forgot the color of the car: maybe white or red or something but here's what happened:

I opened up "conversation" with them like this: first to the elder woman: "Hello there... God LOVES you! You know we need God, right?"

And she's like, not even wanting to "talk" or really "respond back" so she just says, "Thank you, God Bless pointing up here pointer finger up to the air as saying "Heaven's up there".

Yeah, I know that I'm thinking to myself.

The elder Hispanic woman then takes up a cigarette in her left hand to proceed to smoke.

Because of timing and urgency I felt on instinct I felt led to keep on speaking til' I couldn't think of nothing else to say naturally.

I said, Well, it's like this: we're all gonna die someday, you know? I've been through some things in the "life school of hard knocks" and in the end, we all die. Do you know where you'll be when you die?"

To which the elder Hispanic woman didn't give me a "concrete answer" of certainty she just looked a bit puzzled and "caught of guard" to not know whether to say "there is no Afterlife or not"; in this time the young woman "stepped" (black sunglasses on) with her young ol' "hot babe" kind-of-vibe" she "put on" on the outward appearance that is; she's like: "I turn into a butterfly" is her response to my "serious-intended" question to "life-after-death" or not.

I of course, play the young *silly* woman off as trying to be "cute" and a "smart-butt" (i.e. "smart*ss*) with her vain, arrogant, "cutesy" female self lol...

So, me, "playing along" not to be too "carnal" replied back here saying, "Well, 'sugar', you know life ain't always so "sweet" and life sucks and you die" and she didn't say nothing else to me as I finished speaking, then they drove off...

But funny thing is... after walking on my way, I met them again having stopped by at the local Cliff Tuttle Park. NOT expecting to ever see them again lol. Funny how "life" works, eh?

No "coincidence" I think not.

Lol Even said to them in passing by as I was walking and they were pulling up into a parking space in the parking lot, "Hello again!..." and I kept on walking too.

Lol I wasn't trying to "bother them" and have anything to do with them besides the MISSION of the LORD.

I got things to do for my own "personal well-being" than to annoy people pointlessly for no purpose.

When I'm not out in the public doing street and community evangelism here locally in Denver Harbor, Houston, Texas I'm the LAST PERSON to ever "bother" or "confront" anybody about "anything" if it's not important or an "emergency".

Some people might call me "antisocial" 'cause I don't like to "deal with people who mean me know good or I don't know". I don't like to "engage" with people if it's not about nothing important but carnal gossip and idle chatter.

Don't get me wrong: I like to talk with people; just don't want to WASTE MY TIME WITH DOWNERS AND HATERS who will DRAG YOU DOWN IN THEIR OWN MISERY is what I'm talking about!

For all the bad, ugly and EVIL I've experienced from myself and from other people collectively and individually in society; there have been a *few* "glimmers of hope" that keep me motivated from people.

Sometimes when I'm walking on the long, dusty, widespread roadways and trails of Houston throughout railroad tracks and the like I've seen me driving by me in their eighteen-wheeler trucks hand wave friendly too me in "support" and "edification" for my "good work in the Lord".

I thank God for their "co-signs" genuine or not: but I think for the most part these men mean well even if they might personally not "go as extreme" as me to do "street evangelism".

I know there are many of my fellow brothers and "sisters in Christ" out there driving pass me in there vehicles. It can't all just be "unbelievers"; I know the "Christian folks" are out there in the midst as well...

As far as my "worldly, churchian church-going Christian brethren" I casually "love them" and "acknowledge" them as "brethren by His Spirit" but I put NO TRUST or CONFIDENCE in them for my own sake...

If they ridicule, "attack" or "disagree" with my street-preaching evangelism efforts for the Lord in any way, shape or capacity I have my eyes on them for good reason: they can't be trusted. They aren't really "serious" for the Lord's Service even though they are His children as I am one.

The worldly, lukewarm churchian Christians my brethren may be one of the first lines of people to "attack" or "persecute" me directly or indirectly in my personal life because they find my street-preaching "offensive", "ignorant", "unbiblical" (yeah, right?!) or simply "uncomfortable" to them because of their "socially-conditioned" Western culture mindsets and expected social norms and customs.

I see through all the "bull" popular Western culture has poisoned the Christian Church with.

Many Christians are "comfortable" mingling with the world, and if that's what they want to do; I'm not going to stop their own personal FREE WILL choice; just don't try to "dictate" and find "fault" with my "freedom of expression" in Christ 'cause it "unsettles" your lukewarm, weak-kneed, compromising, worldy, fleshly, carnal, heathen, hedonistic Western world mindsets and psychological profile.

It's alright if you "disagree" with my style. I'm not "offended" with that; but I'm "offended" when people, especially of the "Household of Faith" my supposed "brethren" backstab and try to "talk bad" about me behind my back but smile 'n grin like the spinless cowards they are when they meet me in "meat space" AKA the "REAL WORLD" for a check of "reality"...

Yeah, they won't "confront" me directly about my personal Christian ministry, and I'm not one to simply "volunteer information" without a purpose in mind down the long-term.

That said, these, "sneaky brethren" take the "coward's backstabbing tactic" to get to me indirectly trying to cause me "grief" with my family and/or friends; since those are the people in my life who have most access to me directly since I do have nothing to do with hardly anyone else besides family and friends I know.

Yeah, don't think I don't know what you fools are doing and that I don't know "who you are".

I trust NO ONE. Not a SOUL. I don't even trust my own "weak self" because I'm flesh and deal with pain and can "give in" to a situation or person I shouldn't.

I only TRUST GOD to my good and my "evil" when I sin against Him 'cause at least I know "He is not a man that He should lie". Amen.

Overall, I'm disgusted and disappointed at the people I've tried to reach out with the Word of God and His Gospel; but I still have hope in the end...

GOD WINS is what I always have to remind myself on those more "depressing days".

Fighting through "depressing" and "negative emotions"; not wasting my life and "precious time" on people who will continue to ignore God in their lives. Will help and be willing to move on ASAP when dealing with most people.

Take care out there whoever's reading 'cause GOD HAS YOUR BACK when YOU KNOW "man" does NOT!

LOVE YOU to my faithful and FEW true allies in Christ out there; wherever you are in the world: would LOVE to meet up eventually and tag team kicking the Devil's Rear one foot for each cheek lol.

I need my awesome crew of brethren to hang out with and do cool stuff with. That's what I'm be working towards in the near future, Lord-willing...

Alas, to my ENEMIES: I most likely have a "clue" or "idea" who you people are, so don't try nothin' to "fishy" to "mess with me". It'll only make you a bigger fool than you are.

It's only 'cause I'm trying to "be the good ol' Christian boy" turning the other cheek (from MEEKNESS NOT WEAKNESS) I haven't let you "feel the fire" I'd have for you.

Thank GOD He is "MERCIFUL". I'm not always "too merciful or forgiving" but I don't "waste my time" dishing out pain either; I'd rather be isolated doing my own thing than to even deal with my enemies in the first place.

God says to LOVE YOUR ENEMIES and I "do" in a "sense" that I love their challenge and their "hate" to rise above their petty offences against me; and I don't have nothing really personal against most of them; but I won't be "played" by them either...

I can "afford" to "love my enemies" since they are of NO THREAT to me: they are without JESUS what have they against me? NOTHING.

I'm on JESUS'S SIDE most of the time (when I'm not in "the flesh") and seek HIS WILL in all areas of life:

Be careful, folks, not to unjustly persecute or "attack" God's Anointed and expect nothing "bad" to happen as a result...

All SIN has it's consequences: all SIN are BAD CONSEQUENCES in the end.

That said, I'm always "mindful" but not at all "fearful" of my (many, mostly "quiet", "hidden") enemies lurking in the shadows thinking I don't think "they exist"; I know you do and I'm ready for you.

My weapons are not a flesh 'n blood physical warfare variety of bullets knives and fists but on the "spiritual side" of things.

May God Almighty, Lord Jesus Christ continue to give us WISDOM and UNDERSTANDING in these hateful, distrusting, angry times of unrest and chaos.

Lord Knows we NEED IT even though we sure do NOT "deserve it". Amen.

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