Friday, February 2, 2018

Church Sunday Afternoon: The LONG "Stretch"...

Last Sunday, January 28, 2018 after church the Spirit of the Lord led me to street-preach His Word from 12:00p.m. afternoon after church walking on the grassy sideway of University Avenue. 

I made my left turn on Patti Road walking on the "steep-sided" grassy, dirt roadside all the way down witnessing to as many people driving by in their cars and trucks as I could keep up with as I also said "Good afternoon" to an elder white man riding his bike with my hands holding up a Bible to air. 

At the "Kohnke Hill Road intersection" on Patti Road I made a right turn to walk up to "College Missionary Baptist Church" to see if it was open that I meet the pastor and brethren there. 

... Turns out the church "site" looked "abandoned"; don't know if it's a vacant church building no longer in operation or whatever's going on with it... 

Anyways after I found out the "status" of that local church in the area I simply made me a left turn walking back down Kohnke Hill Road on my way home done with my street-preaching by 12:55p.m. as I made my way to the community road entrance... Amen. 

~ Bro. Jed

Monday, January 22, 2018

A Sunday Street-Preaching SUPRISE!

Yesterday morning, January 21, 2018 I was led of the Lord to street-preach His Word walking on up Kohnke Hill Road on the way to church by after 9:30a.m.

As I was walking on up the road I met an older brother in Christ who turns out to be a minister or pastor in his dark red truck and at first he drove ahead of me passing me on the road but then "slowly stopped" and reversed to back up and as I sensed backed up to "talk to me".

He asked if I needed a ride to church to which I responded "No, not this time. I'm gonna walk this one. Thanks for offering, though." and after a brief chat we went our ways.

... Fast-forward a few minutes later as I'm holding up His Word to approaching cars on both sides of the road as I walk across the road in long "spaces" between cars driving a young black man around my peer age group stopped in his truck right quick to ask me if I needed a ride to church or something as I walked down Patti Road heading towards University Avenue here in Hammond, LA. Said "No, I'm good. I'm walking my way over" and before I could he or I could go further since he stopped shortly in the middle of the road; he picked up speed and drove on since like if he's a fellow brother in Christ, a "Christian" and has no other important matters to attend to; we should all be going to church somewhere on a Sunday.

Also, another black guy drove by me in his silver car and asked if I needed a ride and told him "Nah, I'm good. I'm walking it." to which he realized and if he was a believer I wondered if he wondered if I wondered whether he was going to church or not himself lol.

Either way, I understand: I've just now been getting back into the "routine" of going back to church after a long "period" away. The Lord's been growing and maturing me in His Will.

So, continuing on down I meet a young black lady with her daughter in a silver car as she stops to aske me if I need a ride to church.

"Judging" by her attire she looked "dressed up" like she was going to church herself; her daughter did too. I said, "No, thanks. I'm walking on down to church on University Avenue. It's not too far for me walking I've done it before. Not this time. Thanks for the offer though." to which she readily nodded "okay" and drove on her way. She was friendly and smiling ever since she saw me "street-preaching" holding a Bible up in the air.

The more I "thought about it" when I was doing it, a lot of people must have thought I was "flagging them over" to "hitchhike" to ask them for a ride or something since a few people were thoughtful and considerate enough to "slow down" and ask me what my "deal was".

I'm glad some people were this thoughtful and considerate as human-beings; and eventually a lot of people caught on with my "holding a Bible" meant more a *MESSAGE* for the viewers than me just out "hitchhiking" a ride.

So I made it on down Patti and at the end of Patti Road crossing into University Avenue met elder brother "K" from church and his wife driving on by in their red truck.

Must have "caught them by surprised" with them seeing me out "holding up a Bible" to people driving by in their vehicles.

Anyways, elder brother "K" along with his wife asked me if I "needed a ride" the rest of the way over to church to which I replied "No, not this time. Maybe for another."


Any other times I wasn't"busy with the Lord's Business" and it was favorable for me to do so, yeah I would have taken elder brother K's offer. It's never no "personal thing" when people actually offer to HELP ME. I appreciate and take those offers; I just can't stop doing something God wants me to do and "throw off" something God's Doing that I'll regret later.

It's been a long while since I've been preaching or "witnessing" in public with the Word or any other Christian signs, posters etc. but I've never "stopped soulwinning or evangelizing" just because I'm not "out there in the open with a Bible" in my hand.

True soulwinners of the brethren know that soulwinning and evangelizing for the Saviour is a 24/7 experience. It never ends until we die and even then it never ends just because "we leave" our works to reach people for Christ continues in the resources and projects and "legacies" we leave behind in our life testimonies and our brothers and sisters in Christ who continue to "carry the torch" and pass on the evangelizing of the Gospel of Jesus Christ (KJV 1 Corinthians 15:1-4) to *ALL* people be aware of and know.

The Lord Jesus Christ gives the increase of the "Harvest of Souls" but we Christians are His "husbandmen" out in the field supposed to be doing the work of "planting seeds" of the Gospel of Jesus Christ (KJV 1 Corinthians 15:1-4) of the unsaved unbelievers.

Nonetheless, yesterday I made it to church (and on time). Definitely making it a POINT to get to any place (especially GOD'S HOUSE) on time and time to spare! Amen!

... Going forward with the Holy Spirit working in us the local "church body" we grow by FAITH and not be sight.

Everybody knows the Modern Christian church has "problems"; but that's not what matters.

I sense a CHANGE or rather *SHIFT* happening in the Body of Christ.

"Stagnation" can't carry on forever in the Church Body; nor will it: it just takes a little time for BIG CHANGE to occur.

That's what's happening.

So anytime I hear people taking "bad" and "negative" about the "apostasy" in the church, I know the deal: the Church is CHANGING though.

Lord Knows it's on many hearts for there to be at least ONE BIG REVIVAL before He calls the Church back Home in the Rapture.

I'm personally in "no rush" for the Rapture to occur: my approach to these Last Days is two-fold:

1. Preparation towards to Rapture.


2. Preparation for the Lord tarrying a great many years before the Rapture.


By His Grace, either way I'm gonna do my best to CONTEND FOR THE FAITH!

It's not called "spiritual warfare" for nothing y'all.


~ Bro. Jed

Wednesday, January 3, 2018

One Among Many

2018 and the Lord mustered the spirit in me to witness to two young women I "felt" in my spirit to share the "Good News" of Jesus with.

First one was a young black woman 'round my age or younger (probably teens, late teens, etc. doubt she older than me if anything).

I'm 23 years-old as of yet and Lord-willing may live to be 24 years-old in the coming month of February.

Young black woman I witnessed to at the local health clinic here in Hammond where all the pregnant women and truly "single mothers" congregate for care for their children and pregnancies.

I walked on up to the young black woman with her son by her side. She sitting down hunched over in her lap looking at her smartphone.

She looked sad and depressed from the "outside-looking-in"; not getting "personal".

Gave her the "Jesus Christ LOVES You" gospel tract after "introducing" my presence and reason for contacting her. She accepted as I slowly and smoothly "walked away" from the scene whispering prayer that the Lord would work in her heart at that instance with my back turned from her walking away.

The other young white woman; considerably older. Probably in her late twenties or early thirties I figure I saw earlier in the main lobby waiting area by her lonesome. I kept "eyeing" her back-and-forth as we both "looked at each other" sitting across from each other at the opposite sides of the room.

Eventually out of "what have I got to lose" courage in the Spirit in my spirt just had to walk on over to the woman whether she accepted or rejected and handed her a "Jesus Christ LOVES You" gospel tract.

In positive friendly reception to my "surprise" she accepted... Hopefully she is saved... Amen.

More to this story than I care to say though it was a "trying-time" for me to do... 'cause my mind was so "clouded in a fog" of malice and negativity I had to "see His Light" at the end of my storm...

In these instances, I understood "my role" in the circumstances as the only man around women: I *LEAD* as was appropriate in my agency... Such as I could do right... Thank the Lord. Amen.

~ Bro. Jed

Sunday, December 3, 2017


Yesterday morning I was "on and about" with my family to do a little grocery-shopping at Walmart.

I walked ahead and saw a black woman working for The Salvation Army ringing her bell and hoping to get money donations from all the people walking around. (I previously used to shortly work for The Salvation Army during the time I spent living up in Anacortes, Washington with my family; but that's a whole 'nother story. It's in my employment history, though.)

Needless to say, as a "gesture of thought" I felt led to give a small monetary donation into the red kettle that was up front by the doors of the main Walmart entrance and then I looked back from the left side of my head to "acknowledge her" and for her to see I gave a donation and she said something in agreement like "Thanks" and then I met my family inside Walmart after a time and we spent almost an hour inside doing shopping.

...Fast-forward, turns out before I had even walked up to Walmart I have the instinctive Spirit-led mindset of having a "Jesus Christ LOVES You!" gospel tract directly at my disposal in the left-side pocket of my blue jacket to "whip out" and give to someone I felt led to give to as the opportunity presented itself in public.

So, here's the moment: I'm walking out the Walmart with my family going out ahead of me back to the car with the groceries and I see this young black man (he's not that much older than me I believe; either late twenties or early thirties or something...) out sitting by the side of the Walmart exit door I'm coming out of.

You know those kind of people you see hanging around at stores, right? People we might perceive to be homeless, drug addicts, alcoholics, lowlife, etc...

I could say this guy was one of 'em, but can't really be sure. Nor does it matter.

I could say this guy was a "crackhead" and even so, it doesn't matter.

Truth is... WE ALL JUDGE PEOPLE IN SOCIETY! We just do. It's just "human nature" lol. But it's how we respond with the judgment that counts.

Whether we judge people wrongfully or rightfully, we should at least treat everyone with dignity and respect and treat them like they exist in the world as human-beings. That is what I did in this moment: acknowledged and treated this young black man's existence as a fellow human-being.

Here goes; this same young black man I just saw; I'm thinking he's someone I've seen around town for quite a while sometime either hanging out at this Walmart or the local Dollar Tree across N. Thomas Street. I'm seen someone like him before if he's not the guy I have in memory otherwise.

Either way, it doesn't matter to me; for my main objective was to try to get this man to know CHRIST before anything else. His spiritual SALVATION is all that mattered to me.

I handed this young brothah the "Jesus Christ LOVES You" gospel tract I had in my jacket's pocket by INSTINCTIVE REFLEX. Didn't have time to "double guess" or "double think" I just ACTED and whether he would take the tract or not wasn't on me to worry about, but him.

Surprisingly he accepted the folded-up gospel tract I handed him and then looked at it as though maybe hoping it came with some "money" attached lol.

I ain't gonna lie, this guy looked like he was a crackhead or "on some stuff" whatever it might be but he didn't seem like he was wanting to "stop being a crackhead" but sitting by the corner of the Walmart store door panhandling, begging people to give him money to feed his wicked, unhealthy lifestyle habits anytime someone gave him eye contact.

After he received the gospel tract from my hand he started to say quickly, "Change... I need some change" trying to "beg me down" in pity to get me to give him some knowing full-well he's physically healthy looking and seems alright even mentally; he's just wanting me to give him some money to buy drugs, cigarettes, alcohol, etc.

And I was NOT ever about to "enable" a physically-able, mentally-able, healthy-looking young adult to live his sedentary lifestyle.

The black lady workin' for The Salvation Army and an older Hispanic man turned aside to look behind themselves in "surprise" (looked like that to me at least) as I had gave the young brothah a folded-up gospel tract then walked on about my business; but they could have mistaken it for rolled up "money" dollar bills; which is something I sho' wouldn't give this young brothah out here hustling people for his "drug money". Oh no, no, no my friend... I don't roll like that.

You don't need "change" my brothah; you need to go do like every other responsible, respectable adult in society and go WORK FOR YO' MONEY, man!

Quit leechin' off of people to feed your unhealthy habits! Get real! Smh...

I'd be more guilty than the crackhead by giving him money to get dope than he would when there's true homeless or poor people around in need really needing the help; not him... He's just taking advantage of people. Not "financial help"; that's not what he needed.

As I type that, what comes to mind is the story of when Peter and John in the Bible when throughout Jerusalem preaching that Jesus was Christ and about the man who was lame from birth above forty years old sitting at the gate of Jerusalem begging for "change"...

KJV Acts 3:1-11,

1 Now Peter and John went up together into the temple at the hour of prayer, being the ninth hour.

2 And a certain man lame from his mother's womb was carried, whom they laid daily at the gate of the temple which is called Beautiful, to ask alms of them that entered into the temple;

3 Who seeing Peter and John about to go into the temple asked an alms.

4 And Peter, fastening his eyes upon him with John, said, Look on us.

5 And he gave heed unto them, expecting to receive something of them.

6 Then Peter said, Silver and gold have I none; but such as I have give I thee: In the name of Jesus Christ of Nazareth rise up and walk.

7 And he took him by the right hand, and lifted him up: and immediately his feet and ancle bones received strength.

8 And he leaping up stood, and walked, and entered with them into the temple, walking, and leaping, and praising God.

9 And all the people saw him walking and praising God:

10 And they knew that it was he which sat for alms at the Beautiful gate of the temple: and they were filled with wonder and amazement at that which had happened unto him. 

11 And as the lame man which was healed held Peter and John, all the people ran together unto them in the porch that is called Solomon's, greatly wondering. 

When that young black man uttered "Change... I need change..." he spoke the truth: just not the kind of "change" he meant.

He needed "Real Change" and that "Change" is *JESUS* whether he would accept Him or not. That's what I gave him.

We ALL need "REAL CHANGE" in our lives.


Lord Knows, I know so many people throughout my life like this guy that panhandle, live on the streets or live the "lowlife lifestyle" as a way of life to manipulate people into giving them money to fund their drug and various chemical addictions.

I've had even family members and friends say things like "Hey Jed, would you go to the store to buy me a pack of cigarettes?" while me as a Christian knowing cigarettes are not only "unhealthy to the body" but also the spiritual connotation as SINFUL to GOD makes me accountable to NOT "give in" to fulfilling that request because it's WRONG and I'd be a "guilty accomplice" in making someone worse off health-wise, but most importantly worse off spiritually in contributing to THEIR SINFUL HABITS...

That's why when people tell me do "help them do a kind of sin with or for them" I've been training myself in these real life situations with people to correctly always say... *NO*!

Don't ever "help people in their sin". If they do it; it's on them; just don't be an accomplice or you're just as guilty as them IF NOT MORE.

Yeah, I only hope and pray that young brothah really took the Message of that Christian gospel tract to heart and REPENTED if he was already unsaved.

Hopefully if he was a believer the gospel tract "reminded him" of God's Presence in his life to turn back to Him.

Either way, I'm still hoping and praying the best for the young man in life whether I see him again in town or not.

May we all keep him and the many people in the world like him in OUR PRAYERS TO GOD because GOD LOVES THEM and THEY ARE OUR FAMILY AND FRIENDS OUT THERE TOO.

Even OUR ENEMIES as Christians we LOVE. Amen...

~ Sincerely,

Bro. Jed

Saturday, October 7, 2017

Perilous Times 2017: The Days Ahead...

... It's been a few months since I've gotten back to "posting" here on this blog.

So much of LIFE has transpired off-screen.

I've moved back to Louisiana state now as a new "transition" of my life thus far.

I've never stopped doing my best by His Grace to serve the Lord and accomplish His Will and Lord-willing will continue to do so with my brethren.

I had been working a new job, going through personal family conflicts and strife; witnessing the Gospel by all means and opportunities the Lord has given me during my last leg of living in Houston, Texas.

I have SUCCEEDED and FAILED but haven't stopped serving the Lord regardless...

Been backslidden in sin. Feeling bad after "coming out" and "getting right with God".

Reading Christian books; being humbled by the Lord of His Sweet Tender MERCY, GOODNESS and PURE LOVE HE IS...


So much sadness, personal brushes with death in other people's lives I've met...

People's sad life stories that explain why they're so "messed up" and have such hatred, indifference or "resentment" against a "God" Who may or may not exist and so forth...

Plus, escaping the troubles of Hurricane Harvey; getting a "night stay" at the NRG stadium in Houston for Hurricane Harvey victims and experiencing the social atmosphere there...

Then came Hurricane Irma, Hurricane Maria, Hurricane Jose....
Now Hurricane Nate in the Louisiana...

So much LIFE and EXPERIENCE has happened that can't simply be "summed up" on a blog post.

Lord-willing, I want to post some updates of some events of what has been going on and overall it is *GOOD NEWS*!

Ever since the Las Vegas shooting there's so much pain, anger, sadness, grief, frustration and disillusionment going on:

What is going on America?

What is the future of this once-great nation and the world as we know it now?

Many will still continue to fight it, but the answer is, has been and always will be...


I will speak what you HATE to hear.

"Flowery language" and slick phrases won't help save people. 

Only TRUTH will. 

Our hatred and anger will only cause more death and destruction. 

... And a lot of us actually WANT THAT HATRED AND ANGER to lead to more DEATH and DESTRUCTION in the impure, corrupted, sinful, evil wicked heart of mankind. 

But that's ignorance to the true cost of lost souls for a final ETERNITY.

Only JESUS CHRIST will set the people free. 

It's time He be "Represented" the Way He Is. 

... We'll see what happens. Amen. 

~ Sincerely, 

Bro. Jed

Friday, April 28, 2017

In Continuation of Street- Preaching The Word To A Hardhearted, Stiffnecked People In Town...

Today around 12:30p.m. or earlier this afternoon I went on my way to street-preach the Word of the Lord from walking on Hillsboro Street on my way to the library for this evening...

It's been a frantic busy few days lately with a lot of chaos and strife going on in my personal life and all...

That said, as I was out preaching today; whether in His Spirit or in my "flesh" I just felt led to "break the cold social ice of social isolation and indifference in society: everyone is "staying away" from each other in the name of "self-preservation" and personal well-being.

That, I have nothing against but here's what I've been learning and "observing" by my interactions with people passing by on the streets:

As I was witnessing the Word of God holding the Bible up in my left hand and alternating switching with my right hand I noticed so many people didn't even want to as much "look my direction" to even "face" dealing with the "God Issue" in the back of their minds.

Lord Knows I've already preached and witness His Word for almost two years in the Denver Harbor area of Houston now that the general populous of people here know and "associate me" with "God" symbolically by "default".

Some men (young & old) driving by, some blazing by" in their cars and trucks blasting loud black/Hispanic gangsta rap music and all manner of worldly music with their cool black sunglasses on cruisin' on by don't even turn their heads to the side to "acknowledge my existence" insomuch as when I'm "witnessing the Word".

I personally "don't care" for "attention" from people. That's not why I'm out here "preaching" in the first place, no?


It's like knowing GOD will "hold me accountable" for refusing to "preach" when He really wants me to for the people's sake because I know the Truth of God, His Word and His Gospel to not just "keep for myself" to a dying lost world of "hopeless people" living in the world with no "Greater Purpose or Meaning".

God may "count it against me" if I don't share the Word and the Gospel.

Like Jonah did in his day, I must not do...

It's like God's spiritual "responsibility" He has placed upon my life: I could but "can't really" just "up and stop preaching now" and live a typical, ordinary worldly life like all these people God's got me trying to reach... FOR HIM. I'd be "living a lie" knowing what I know about God and "turning back" "pretending like none of this ever really happened now".

I'm not the one really "benefiting" from the street-preaching: I know about God and I'm saved and assured HEAVEN.

These blind-sided, unsaved heathen folk (without warning) are basically "walking blind" into the pits of HELL if they don't repent.

For me, I'm good. For them, they're DAMNED if they don't believe on JESUS.

Many times I've "inconvenienced" myself for their lame sakes...

I've lost respect for these people (if I had it to begin with...).

Few guys and men driving by in their cars and trucks "acknowledge" the "Message" I was representing as I was holding the Bible witnessing the Word: they either waved their hand in a "salute-like" fashion to me or gave me a "thumbs up" gesture from behind the window of their driven vehicles.

Women also, many did as the men... Either "acknowledging" the Message; "smiling" and grinning as to deceitfully say, "Yes, okay, I got it... Moving on..." and perhaps "playing me" as a fool. Can't say if they are or not, it could just be my own personal "projections" and quick-minded "judgments" of my feeling or thoughts on them I think they're thinking. But I could also be right, in some cases...

Either way, these "men" and "women" out here can "play me off as a fool" if they want: I'm not the one who's gonna end up foolishly dying in their sins when it's not needed: THEY ARE if they don't simply "humble themselves" enough to ACCEPT GOD'S EXISTENCE and HIS WILL for their lives to BELIEVE ON HIS SON, JESUS CHRIST!

Like it or not: there's only ONE WAY to HEAVEN and that's through CHRIST JESUS the LORD and SAVIOUR.

Smh... At these people. Really PATHETIC...

I'm not at all trying to "put them down" as they may "put me down" by worldly standards 'cause I'm not "all that and a bag of chips myself" but even wicked sinner as me know when to call "evil" quits at times and move on for my own sake: such should these people do if they really know what's good for them.

Death ain't NO JOKE: it's FINAL!

Smh... Have some "tales" to "tell" today, eh?

Like, as I'm coming on up Hillsboro Street, didn't really have to say or the time to, but a group of elder Hispanic woman, a trio sitting out in their chairs having some kind of yard sale of clothing going on...

Saw them, as I walked on the sidewalk with them looking back at me in "surprised smiling" as they may have noticed me walking with my Bible in my left hand; whether their response was "genuine" or "feigned" makes no difference to me; at least it wasn't a really negative "ugly" facial expression reaction I sometimes get from unsuspecting people, "upset" I "reminded them about God" and all.

After that, so I'm still keeping on holding up the Word walking on up the sidewalk of Hillsboro Street this afternoon and getting a lot of "I know" hand gestures from folks driving in their vehicles.

It's funny that even when I'm not out doing street evangelism of any sort or anything and I'm either just walking around areas and places throughout Houston, Texas so many people I detect looking from the perspective of my peripheral vision I see so many people driving "throw their hands up in the air" in "frustration", "angst" and "resentment" because they are "upset" they "see me again" as though thinking in their heads "that black guy (i.e. "n*gga") again! What's he doing out here?!" as a front to "disregard" God using me as a metaphorical "life sign" as to say, "Yeah, this is no coincidence you see this young black man again. He's My servant and yes, I [God] Exist" to the people.

Men and women from all walks of life I've perhaps witnessed to in the past, but have remembered me even though I've probably forgotten them individually: I've witnessed to so many people in such amount of time, I can't really "keep tract" of all people I haven't met and spoken with directly to know.

Most people I've witnessed to it's been in "passing" and never really a "conversation" with.

Anyways, now I'm "ramping it up" walking up on the sidewalk area of Kress Street on my way to the library:

Same deal with folks: so many "studiously" try to "intentionally" "block out" my witnessing as though they don't "see me out here" when I KNOW THEY DO!

They're not "fooling me" and certainly not "fooling" the Almighty, are they?

Anyways, yeah, I've even started to get "disgusted" and "disappointed" by the total "heathendom" of the people lately, I don't respect, care or even "love them" as I should: they wouldn't "have my back" any better than I would theirs, why should I bother with this, "street-preaching"?

This is for GOD even though FOR ME, yeah, I LOVE "street-preaching" and travel ministry evangelism as a "life hobby" and pursuit; I love to "perform" for my sake alone; but not to "impress the people" as though I care what they think about me anyways.

It's the MESSAGE I'm bringing that sells the "performance"; nothing else matters.

People driving all crazy, cutting corners, 'bout to run up over each other" on the road... it's pitiful.


I've been pretty much everywhere "important" in this lil' "neck-of-the-woods" there ain't much of nothin' so "important" to really be in a hurry 'round town; 'less they got some kind of important personal appointment or business to handle; everything else is leisure time. Don't have to "kill people" to get where you're going on the roads.

You have to always "watch your back" around here, 'cause people so cold-hearted, heartless and merciless in their impatient "rushes" to their destinations you'll just be another "dead body" in Houston; like the countless people dying DAILY here in Houston from hit-and-run accidents alone (not counting drivebys and domestic shootings that happen).

Regardless of this, I made it to the corner intersection of Kress Street and Lyons Avenue a walk of the street to the side of the library. The local church I've been fellowshipping at "Faith Memorial Baptist Church" is nearby on my left side.

Lord-willing plan to attend later this evening for 7:00p.m. "Young Adults Worship Night" or whatever it is that's "going on" supposing to be for "young people" my peer age grouping.

So, here's the "sweet lil' story of the day".

So yeah, I'm still making a last-ditch effort to preach the Word briefly before retreating into the library to regroup and minister here online as I'm want to do.

Here goes; I'm saying, "God LOVES You!" to people driving by in their cars and trucks. Don't have much time in "live passing" to preach collectively or individually to live moving vehicles so I have to say short, impactful words of mouth to make an impression.

When the traffic light is red I "turn the notch up on my voice" to be louder so that people can hear me say some more words: "God LOVES You!" Have a good evening. We all need God". and such like I say briefly encountering people continuing to "drive by" and "ignore" my "rants" as they may call them.

I do my best to make direct eye contact and hand gestures sometimes "friendly pointing over" to the people I've targeted to let them know I'm speaking to THEM DIRECTLY and not "avoiding eye contact" with people like I'm "scared of them" lol.

I want people to know that I'M LOOKING AT THEM and that *I* SEE THEM as well or better than they "see me" at the same time. Amen.

So, thing is, an older Hispanic lady and her "daughter", granddaughter or younger "female family member" drove on up in their car. Forgot the color of the car: maybe white or red or something but here's what happened:

I opened up "conversation" with them like this: first to the elder woman: "Hello there... God LOVES you! You know we need God, right?"

And she's like, not even wanting to "talk" or really "respond back" so she just says, "Thank you, God Bless pointing up here pointer finger up to the air as saying "Heaven's up there".

Yeah, I know that I'm thinking to myself.

The elder Hispanic woman then takes up a cigarette in her left hand to proceed to smoke.

Because of timing and urgency I felt on instinct I felt led to keep on speaking til' I couldn't think of nothing else to say naturally.

I said, Well, it's like this: we're all gonna die someday, you know? I've been through some things in the "life school of hard knocks" and in the end, we all die. Do you know where you'll be when you die?"

To which the elder Hispanic woman didn't give me a "concrete answer" of certainty she just looked a bit puzzled and "caught of guard" to not know whether to say "there is no Afterlife or not"; in this time the young woman "stepped" (black sunglasses on) with her young ol' "hot babe" kind-of-vibe" she "put on" on the outward appearance that is; she's like: "I turn into a butterfly" is her response to my "serious-intended" question to "life-after-death" or not.

I of course, play the young *silly* woman off as trying to be "cute" and a "smart-butt" (i.e. "smart*ss*) with her vain, arrogant, "cutesy" female self lol...

So, me, "playing along" not to be too "carnal" replied back here saying, "Well, 'sugar', you know life ain't always so "sweet" and life sucks and you die" and she didn't say nothing else to me as I finished speaking, then they drove off...

But funny thing is... after walking on my way, I met them again having stopped by at the local Cliff Tuttle Park. NOT expecting to ever see them again lol. Funny how "life" works, eh?

No "coincidence" I think not.

Lol Even said to them in passing by as I was walking and they were pulling up into a parking space in the parking lot, "Hello again!..." and I kept on walking too.

Lol I wasn't trying to "bother them" and have anything to do with them besides the MISSION of the LORD.

I got things to do for my own "personal well-being" than to annoy people pointlessly for no purpose.

When I'm not out in the public doing street and community evangelism here locally in Denver Harbor, Houston, Texas I'm the LAST PERSON to ever "bother" or "confront" anybody about "anything" if it's not important or an "emergency".

Some people might call me "antisocial" 'cause I don't like to "deal with people who mean me know good or I don't know". I don't like to "engage" with people if it's not about nothing important but carnal gossip and idle chatter.

Don't get me wrong: I like to talk with people; just don't want to WASTE MY TIME WITH DOWNERS AND HATERS who will DRAG YOU DOWN IN THEIR OWN MISERY is what I'm talking about!

For all the bad, ugly and EVIL I've experienced from myself and from other people collectively and individually in society; there have been a *few* "glimmers of hope" that keep me motivated from people.

Sometimes when I'm walking on the long, dusty, widespread roadways and trails of Houston throughout railroad tracks and the like I've seen me driving by me in their eighteen-wheeler trucks hand wave friendly too me in "support" and "edification" for my "good work in the Lord".

I thank God for their "co-signs" genuine or not: but I think for the most part these men mean well even if they might personally not "go as extreme" as me to do "street evangelism".

I know there are many of my fellow brothers and "sisters in Christ" out there driving pass me in there vehicles. It can't all just be "unbelievers"; I know the "Christian folks" are out there in the midst as well...

As far as my "worldly, churchian church-going Christian brethren" I casually "love them" and "acknowledge" them as "brethren by His Spirit" but I put NO TRUST or CONFIDENCE in them for my own sake...

If they ridicule, "attack" or "disagree" with my street-preaching evangelism efforts for the Lord in any way, shape or capacity I have my eyes on them for good reason: they can't be trusted. They aren't really "serious" for the Lord's Service even though they are His children as I am one.

The worldly, lukewarm churchian Christians my brethren may be one of the first lines of people to "attack" or "persecute" me directly or indirectly in my personal life because they find my street-preaching "offensive", "ignorant", "unbiblical" (yeah, right?!) or simply "uncomfortable" to them because of their "socially-conditioned" Western culture mindsets and expected social norms and customs.

I see through all the "bull" popular Western culture has poisoned the Christian Church with.

Many Christians are "comfortable" mingling with the world, and if that's what they want to do; I'm not going to stop their own personal FREE WILL choice; just don't try to "dictate" and find "fault" with my "freedom of expression" in Christ 'cause it "unsettles" your lukewarm, weak-kneed, compromising, worldy, fleshly, carnal, heathen, hedonistic Western world mindsets and psychological profile.

It's alright if you "disagree" with my style. I'm not "offended" with that; but I'm "offended" when people, especially of the "Household of Faith" my supposed "brethren" backstab and try to "talk bad" about me behind my back but smile 'n grin like the spinless cowards they are when they meet me in "meat space" AKA the "REAL WORLD" for a check of "reality"...

Yeah, they won't "confront" me directly about my personal Christian ministry, and I'm not one to simply "volunteer information" without a purpose in mind down the long-term.

That said, these, "sneaky brethren" take the "coward's backstabbing tactic" to get to me indirectly trying to cause me "grief" with my family and/or friends; since those are the people in my life who have most access to me directly since I do have nothing to do with hardly anyone else besides family and friends I know.

Yeah, don't think I don't know what you fools are doing and that I don't know "who you are".

I trust NO ONE. Not a SOUL. I don't even trust my own "weak self" because I'm flesh and deal with pain and can "give in" to a situation or person I shouldn't.

I only TRUST GOD to my good and my "evil" when I sin against Him 'cause at least I know "He is not a man that He should lie". Amen.

Overall, I'm disgusted and disappointed at the people I've tried to reach out with the Word of God and His Gospel; but I still have hope in the end...

GOD WINS is what I always have to remind myself on those more "depressing days".

Fighting through "depressing" and "negative emotions"; not wasting my life and "precious time" on people who will continue to ignore God in their lives. Will help and be willing to move on ASAP when dealing with most people.

Take care out there whoever's reading 'cause GOD HAS YOUR BACK when YOU KNOW "man" does NOT!

LOVE YOU to my faithful and FEW true allies in Christ out there; wherever you are in the world: would LOVE to meet up eventually and tag team kicking the Devil's Rear one foot for each cheek lol.

I need my awesome crew of brethren to hang out with and do cool stuff with. That's what I'm be working towards in the near future, Lord-willing...

Alas, to my ENEMIES: I most likely have a "clue" or "idea" who you people are, so don't try nothin' to "fishy" to "mess with me". It'll only make you a bigger fool than you are.

It's only 'cause I'm trying to "be the good ol' Christian boy" turning the other cheek (from MEEKNESS NOT WEAKNESS) I haven't let you "feel the fire" I'd have for you.

Thank GOD He is "MERCIFUL". I'm not always "too merciful or forgiving" but I don't "waste my time" dishing out pain either; I'd rather be isolated doing my own thing than to even deal with my enemies in the first place.

God says to LOVE YOUR ENEMIES and I "do" in a "sense" that I love their challenge and their "hate" to rise above their petty offences against me; and I don't have nothing really personal against most of them; but I won't be "played" by them either...

I can "afford" to "love my enemies" since they are of NO THREAT to me: they are without JESUS what have they against me? NOTHING.

I'm on JESUS'S SIDE most of the time (when I'm not in "the flesh") and seek HIS WILL in all areas of life:

Be careful, folks, not to unjustly persecute or "attack" God's Anointed and expect nothing "bad" to happen as a result...

All SIN has it's consequences: all SIN are BAD CONSEQUENCES in the end.

That said, I'm always "mindful" but not at all "fearful" of my (many, mostly "quiet", "hidden") enemies lurking in the shadows thinking I don't think "they exist"; I know you do and I'm ready for you.

My weapons are not a flesh 'n blood physical warfare variety of bullets knives and fists but on the "spiritual side" of things.

May God Almighty, Lord Jesus Christ continue to give us WISDOM and UNDERSTANDING in these hateful, distrusting, angry times of unrest and chaos.

Lord Knows we NEED IT even though we sure do NOT "deserve it". Amen.

Thursday, April 20, 2017

First-Time Street-Preaching In The North Shore Area of Houston

... It's been a busy, "eventful" day today, brethren.

Earlier this morning I was at the North Shore branch Workforce Solutions office building to get some things done and let out walking down Wallisville Road all the way 'til I got to the Beltway Eight North freeway and I was traveling, walking along the grassy field space of the freeway roadside on the outskirt parameter of the shopping center "The Shops at Stone Park" (you can literally view all my real life geographic coordinates on Google Maps. Really helpful lol).

This time out of sheer curiosity and desire to just "do it" and not keeping dwelling on it "thinking about it" I sat down my black JanSport backpack and whipped out my large-sized burgundy-brown King James Bible, stood up to the edge of the curbside of the freeway road space and witnessed holding the Word up in the air to people driving towards my direction in their vehicles.

A lot of people seemed to "recognize me" out there as I began to "preach" the Word in silent expressive hand gestures of outstretched arms, holding the bible way up high with my right hand and my left arm and hand stretched out wide 'n open in "Christ-like fashion".

I also held the Bible to my chest as a symbolic body language "gesture" of saying metaphorically, "Trust in God in your heart" and held the Bible up to the front of my forehead as a symbolic "sign" of body language expression meaning something like "Trust God in your mind".

Together the gestures of the Bible being held to my chest and my head meant "Trust God in your heart and mind"; for those looking on the outside "interpreting" the "meanings" of my body language expressions as I witnessed with the Word.

Some people hand waved at me driving by and I anticipated in personal reflexes and usually managed to friendly "hand wave" back at them in mutual acknowledge of "knowing them" in case I have "witnessed to them" in the past even though I might not know the person directly in a "personal way" other than through public personal Christian witnessing and soulwinning evangelism efforts in the past.

Lol I've witnessed to so many people by the Grace of God; it's like I'm a "walking reminder of association" about God to people who don't want to acknowledge the existence and creation of an Almighty Creator they know is "God" but they don't want to acknowledge that.

They want to continue living a "God-free" self-willed life and "be their own gods" in this temporary earthly life that is yet to someday "pass away" in the near future.

Also, in retrospect, I finally made a good walk over to the Gene Green Park walking on the grassy field trail off the side of the freeway of Beltway Eight North. It wasn't as long as I thought it'd be; provided I was also making "good pace" walking with long, rhythmic strong strides of my walking legs to get their faster and on task.

Got to the entrance of the park walked down the long road leading further into the park.

Gene Green Park is nestled around the center of neighboring apartment home communities as well as nice, quaint, quiet residential suburb neighborhoods of cul-de-sacs. It's a good wide-spread local park area for people who are residents who live around and in the North Shore area here in Houston.

For me, though, I'm just a visitor passing through and exploring for personal curiosity and knowledge.

So I took a few photos of the green Gene Green Park entrance poster sign before leaving out the park, having "hand waved" a few people who may have recognized my "street-preaching" either from the time I was witnessing on the outskirts of "The Shops at Stone Park" by the curbside of the Freeway or from much earlier previous past experiences of "street-preaching escapades".

Thing is, now that I have a good "take" on the size and "scope" of the City of Houston, Texas from traveling on freeways, highways, roads, nature trails and parks, I have a gutsy attitude by the Grace of God I could "potentially" preach 'round the whole city in "meat space"; the real world by myself in "solo fashion" if I had to...

I don't mean this at all in some "vainglorious way of high-minded thinking" but I'm talking about the "mass scale of Christian street evangelism" that really needs to be done by Christian members of LOCAL CHURCHES going out into the STREETS, ROADS, FREEWAYS and HIGHWAYS with Christian signs, posters, billboards, handbag sacks of gospel tracts to give to people waling by on the streets in public and all manner resources to get people's *ATTENTION* to *TURN TO GOD*!

Only the CHRISTIAN CHURCH can do this... Not just the "single way-faring preachers" like me God uses to witness and warn people. The CHRISTIAN CHURCH needs to *STEP UP* and *STEP OUT* of the buildings and *BRING JESUS TO THE STREETS!*. Amen!

I'm only *ONE PERSON* out here in my area; and Lord-willing I know I'm not the only brother out here doing public Christian evangelism (not just "street-preaching" as I keep saying).

I've seen other brothers and sisters and Christ associated with churches or just doing their own personal Christian public evangelism out there in the "real world" trying to reach out to many unsaved unbelievers who WOULD NOT ever really hear the Gospel of Jesus Christ (KJV 1 Corinthians 15:1-4) presented to them because they would never in the first place ever walk through the door of their local church anyways.

The Biblical Christian Church GOES TO THE PEOPLE and does NOT "wait for the people" (of which the "unsaved" are expected to just "magically show up" and start "attending church" just 'cause they should. Don't work that way in reality though. And it's not God's Way either.) to come to the church.

This is what the biblical New Testament Christian Church in the Book of Acts did that the Modern Christian Church must do in this day and age: *GO OUT TO THE PEOPLE EVERYWHERE IN SOCIETY AND TELL THEM ABOUT JESUS CHRIST THEN INVITE THEM INTO THE CHURCH!* Amen!

I'm only ONE PERSON out here doing my best by God's Grace to bring lost souls to Him for Salvation.

And if you've been reading my personal blog here for a while now you know that God has blessed me with many opportunities to witness Jesus Christ to them. I hope to inspire you to do the same.

TWO are better than ONE. Amen.

Imagine how many people could be reached for Jesus Christ in the world if just all the brethren sitting on the pews in Church on Sunday morning actually made a consistent daily effort as a way of life to just "tell and share" the "Good News of Jesus Christ" with anybody and everybody they meet in life?

It would be *AMAZING*!

Smh... I don't "get all upset" with why the world is so messed up as I did in my "philosophical finding-the-meaning-of-life" teenage years. Now I know the answer: it's because the BODY OF CHRIST won't COLLECTIVELY STEP UP and DO what it SHOULD BE DOING FOR THE LORD!

It's because the CHURCH is complacent in Purpose is a lot of why the world is "messed up".

Church-going" without *MISSION LIFE-FOCUS* as a *WAY OF LIFE* is why modern churches are apostate and dying with only women, children and elderly senior people being the bulk of many church congregations.

Young people like myself don't just want to "hang out" in a building all day with no further purpose or mission to commit to: we want ACTION! We want EXPLORATION! We want MOVEMENT! We want BUILDING! We want CREATION of a BETTER WORLD and we want church as a "Way of Life" and not just a place to "go to" as a "ritual routine" of daily life as "religious people" the world sees Christians as.

Real Church means MORE than just "pew-sitting" on Sundays listening to sermons from the preacher.

REAL CHURCH is a SERMON of Itself. It SPEAKS to the WORLD and the World, hate it or love it RESPONDS to the ACTIONS of the CHURCH.

For instance, because I'm willing and mostly able, if I had the "super power" or "special ability" to do it like in fictional fantasy stories I would like to have that "ninja clone jujitsu" ability that the well-known manga and anime character "Naruto" does as one of his signature ninja techniques.

Lol, if I could make multiple (temporary) "clone copies" of myself like the character Naruto does in the Naruto manga and anime and station the "Jed's" at all the key, most strategic places to evangelize in Houston and I could almost literally and confidently say I could street-preach the whole City of Houston quite thoroughly and completely within a few weeks and in full by a month's time of hardcore Christian evangelism.

I really would DO IT if I COULD. But the thing is there is only ONE JED and he can't be "everywhere at all times, knowing everything that's going on and saving people from themselves".

I'm not GOD, just a mere mortal flesh 'n blood MAN.

Only GOD is using me though to work His Will in this physical natural realm as His vessel because I'm a WILLING PARTICIPANT in HIS CALLING.

Do you ever think to "ask yourself" are you really a "willing participant" in what GOD REALLY WANTS TO DO WITH YOUR LIFE or do you "ignore and block out God's Request" like how people "block" each other on social media?

Smh... Lol I am only 23 years-old having lived in this world and I've already seen more than enough of God's Presence and Power in my life to know so clearly now that TOO MANY PEOPLE, who are "believers of Jesus Christ" are NOT wanting to really SERVE GOD THE WAY GOD WANTS TO BE SERVED.

We "serve God" our way and NOT His Way, is what I'm getting at here. Time to flip that script.

It's time to OBEY GOD, CHURCH.

It's time for the CHURCH to do what God Created It to do...

May the "faithful few" step out from the "pew-sitting crowd" and be the AGENTS OF CHANGE in the world for CHRIST. Amen.


... Adding on to this, leaving from the Gene Green Park I was walking on my way back and a white man with his wife/girlfriend in their red truck had a red garbage bin to fall out their pickup red and on the road of the highway.

I thank God no other cars or truck were following up close behind them 'cause it would have hit them.

... Knowing what happened I paced my time and neatly ran over to help the man lift the red garbage bin into his red truck and he thanked me in surprise.

Afterwards I walked on back to the grassy trail and put my black backpack on the ground and stood on the grassy trail space for a while until the man tied up all his garbage bin containers in snug fashion with his ropes.

Sensing he saw me patiently "waiting" on him to get his truck situated as "backup help" in case he needed my assistance he later backed up when he got in his truck and hand waved me "Thanks" and "Goodbye" along with his wife/girlfriend before speeding on up on their way.

Mission accomplished. Like to be a "patient help" indeed and my "brother's keeper" as the Lord would also want me to. I like to help people anyway I can.

Now ideally-speaking, if the time or circumstance presented it at the moment of course I would have tried to witness the Gospel of Jesus Christ then-and-there to the couple if the time and moment was right and "appropriate" to mention. But it wasn't at the time, only Holy Spirit led that whole meeting to come about. Only GOD can reach them in the end the way He wants them to be reached.

Not out of my own personal "self-willed" Christian Soulwinning evangelism agenda. Amen.

So, after that, I saw a young Indian or Arab-looking woman with her young daughter walking on the driveway area of an apartment homes community called "Dover Pointe" or something like that I believe. It's on Google Maps though, I'm sure lol.

Yeah, I like to check "Google Maps" for directions and get an idea of how big and expansive a place or area is before I make the time to explore it. Preparation before the "big day" is always helpful when you have the time to PREPARE. Amen.

So, after passing by the young Indian/Arab-looking mother & daughter couple I made my way back to "The Shops on Stone Park" en route to the North Channel Branch Houston Public Library at a computer of which  I've typed this whole post from lol.

Been a busy morning, afternoon and now approaching "early evening" as the day here in Houston, Texas goes on.

Today I've about wrapped up exploring the North Shore area as much as my personal spirit and the Holy Spirit leads me I believe before "His Next Steps", Lord-willing.

Time for "new ventures" to be embarked upon after getting done personal responsibilities to have that "freedom". 

By His Grace, definitely will keep "updating" things here and sharing personal life experiences to come.

I've learned to like and appreciate the City of Houston better than I used to when I first came here.

It's a good city. It's a GREAT CITY. Warts 'n all ;P. It always comes down to a person's POSITIVE OUTLOOK and PERSPECTIVE on any given circumstance and situation.

Signing off now... Peace. Amen!

~ Bro. Jed

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