Sunday, June 3, 2018

Staying Faithful Unto THE END...

It's been quite a while since I've posted back here on the ole "blog"...

Well, life's been busy and so has the Ministry.

From where I last left off I finally had to "leave a church" I had dedicated myself to supporting anyway I thought I could help but it was time to move on after I perceived the "comfortable status quo" of the church didn't want any "outside inertia".

Wherever I go "good" or "bad" but mostly "good" I make an IMPACT for Christ.

Today I was led of the Lord to go street-preaching walking on up Kohnke Hill Road from around 9:20a.m. on my way to church.

I walked on my left side of the roadside with vehicles approaching me facing forward.

It was a very quiet morning for the most part: most people were inside or I saw people's cars and trucks parked outside or in their garages.

When I walked to a "Stop" sign with my bible in hand I saw a white father and his daughter driving up to the "Stop sign" on the other side of the road when I was "prepared" to meet them and held up my bible to the man and did my best to make "personal eye contact" with him even as I noticed he had his black sunshades on.

He saw me and gave a "friendly" "I know..." smile and "wave hello" with his hand as he drove on his way with his daughter in tow.

I get it; nothing further... So long as people know there is a *GOD* they ultimately need to TURN TO.

A lot of black women driving by in their cars and trucks be "noticin'" me but I "wonder" why they be in such a rush to go somewhere on Sunday mornings instead of *GOING TO CHURCH*?!

And then they have nerve to be "looking all crazy" at me street-preaching and witnessing with a Bible in my hands when they want even seek after God and go to church themselves... They need to CHANGE. Smh...

As ARROGANT and PRIDEFUL this may sound... at this point in my life thus far NOBOBY can tell me NOTHING we they themselves don't care and do even want to care about "following after God" and "going to church". Period. It's sad to say but it's the truth...

I'm not so "disappointed" with unsaved unbelievers but *CHRISTIANS* people who KNOW GOD and ARE SAVED are NOT OBEYING AND SERVING GOD LIKE THEY SHOULD!

It's alright to have your lil' "internet faith" in it's own time but WHY are the churches empty y'all?!

I get it's mostly a bunch of "old people" resorting in churches these days AKA "the elders"; but "church problems" and all is still *NO EXCUSE* for Christians not to be attending the House of God. Period.

In fact, the church I've been going to since last month is just a handful of elderly brethren and me being the "young'un" of the bunch at the ripe, young age of 24. It's literally UNDER 10 of us in weekly church attendance...

Now there are "problems" and "dysfunctional problems" going on that need to be addressed by the church leadership but I go to this church I'm going to because the current elderly pastor at least truly PREACHES THE WORD OF GOD according to the BIBLICAL DOCTRINE OF CHRIST.

As long as the Word of God is correctly and properly taught even I can "tolerate" anything less than "ideal"...

Even so, I've found 2018 to be the "Year of The Shift" in society and the church.

Okay, but getting back on track to the "street-witnessing" I kept on walking up Kohnke Hill Road still "gesturing friendly understanding" body language hand signs with my bible to people I encounter passing me by.

One older black man in his truck who was about to "pass me up" suddenly "stopped" and backed up to ask me if I needed a ride somewhere to which I replied "Oh no. Thanks for the consideration but I'm almost there to church. May you have a 'blessed day'..." and he just as soon put back in gear to "drive off" forward going his way.

Well, I woulda went further but I don't "impose" myself on people who don't want to hear anything about God, Jesus or the Bible against their will in their "personal time" but if they be out in "public" and the Lord bids me to street-preach they can either see or look away: I'm preaching and witnessing the Word of God regardless. Amen!

So by the time I go to church and stopped street-preaching was by 9:35a.m.

The church I've been attending lately is called "College Town Missionary Baptist Church" here in Hammond, Louisiana.

Today we had a guest pastor from Antioch Missionary Baptist Church in Bogalusa, Louisiana to preach for us today. "Bro. J" I'll call him...

Anyways, so he preached and overall it was good message and theme on "staying faithful to God's Word" when so many people; "Christians" I'm talking about mostly have "fallen away from going to church or doing much of anything of real service to God" in their lives.

It's A LOT of people out there, really.

After church we had a nice lil' "luncheon" prepared from our church home pastor elder "Bro. R" I'll call him. And it was a neat little time before we got ready to go home for the day...

So a lot's been going on but regardless of what happens in my personal life and circumstances I'm doing my best by the Spirit of God to STAY FAITHFUL UNTO THE END.

There's SO MUCH I want to do but haven't yet in the Ministry. It's all on *GOD'S TIMING* and *HIS WILL* really if it'll all happen.

In fact it's been on my heart to at least PLANT AND FOUND A CHURCH whether I be "pastor" of a church or not; I'm working towards at least being about to PLANT and FOUND a CHURCH by the GRACE OF GOD under my leadership to ensure "adaptation to The Times" that be.

I don't "compromise" God's Word for any reasons and I'm not about "appealing to the flesh" but to the Spirit.

But even so, as the elder generations "pass on" for those of my "Millennial generation" alive and living in these End Times; it's ultimately up to US to ensure the "future generations of people" coming up after us; such as "kids" these days grow up to know about GOD, the WORD OF GOD and the LORD JESUS CHRIST. Amen.

Now, just "tossing out thoughts here" I'm a bit "scatter-brained" as I type this post but I'll be "developing on these thoughts" going forward into the future, Lord-willing.



~ Sincerely,

Bro. Jed

Tuesday, April 17, 2018

My "Dirty Little Secret"...

Hello all...

A lot's on my chest lately.

I don't "talk to people what's on my mind" because I don't see the point if no one would help me: only GOD is my "Real Help" if you get what I mean.

Therefore I'm gonna try to keep this "short 'n brief" but not really lol.

Since a few years ago really starting in 2013 the Lord Jesus Christ by His Holy Spirit began to use my in street-preaching ministry since then to this point.

I've learned and grown ever since "maturing" as a born again believer. Now at "this point":

Church attendance.

I have many "dirty little secrets" but I like to think this is an "open one": as a "street preacher".

Regardless of what my family, friends and even "fellow Christians" may disagree with it; this work is of the Lord: I'm not just "doing this for show" for people to have that woefully *WRONG* impression of me.

That's not why I'm doing it "for attention" lol. Like I can't get "attention" a myriad of other ways.

Besides, like I "crave other people's attention"?!

If anything I *CRAVE THEIR MONEY* and things they got I don't have. Could "care less" for their "attention" if it ain't "benefiting me". That's my lil' "covetous sin" right there lol. But my *PRIDE SIN* doesn't take satisfaction in something I can't claim completely MY OWN so that's why I don't "take things from other people" that's not mine in the first place. I want MY OWN STUFF fair 'n square in life.

That said, my "dirty little secret" I'll reveal in this post is: what people really think of me but too *COWARDLY* to be *ADMIT TO MY FACE*!

I don't "care" what people think of me since it's already in disguised deflected self-contempt anyways.

Here's the deal: a lot of "Christians" my "brethren" don't "approve" of my "going soulwinning and street-preaching" because they don't want me to "give the wrong impression" to the world as a "lunatic religious nutcase 'Christian' the world already labels Christians anyways but these "lukewarm Christians my brethren" take offense because they WRONGLY think I'm uh... "too extreme" holding up a Bible in my hands out on the roadsides in the public.

Lord Knows, it sounds even SELF-RIGHTEOUS for me to say it but I'm sure there's some truth to it: that if it wasn't for God using me to witness His Word to people on the streets; most these people my lukewarm brethren in the Church House "pretend like" they want to invite more people into Church "fulfilling the Great Commission"; wouldn't even have more people even "interested" or "thoughtful" of "going to church" IF IT WASN'T FOR ME IN THE FIRST PLACE!

I can almost bet "it was because of ME street-preaching" some churches *INDIRECTLY* got more church membership! THAT'S RIGHT! Because of what I'M DOING OUT here; not that sorry, sad "DEAD CHURCH" where it's so "tribal" that the only people who feel like they really belong are the "regulars" who've attended that church for a long time. That's why nobody NEW is "showing up" to church anyways... Just "regular members". NO GROWTH! Just DEAD!

It shouldn't really be that way in the CHURCH OF GOD: anybody who steps foot in a Christian Church should be able to "walk in" and feel "invited" as though they've always been there their whole lives to begin with.

I'm not sorry to say that's how I've been "treated lately" in my church attendance.

I hear all this "talk" about "faith and living for God" but as the "heathen saying goes" when the "poop hits the fan" only a FEW can really WALK THAT WALK OF FAITH and MEAN IT...

Everyone else blurts out "false promises".

I can tell when people "don't want my presence". It's obvious. I only "act" like I don't know; but I always do.

So here's the deal; I'm not really "bothering you" to begin with but the reason you get "uneasy" and "nervous" around me as a "true minister" of the "True Word of God" and the "True Gospel of God" is because "deep down" you know you are a *FAKE, FALSE "COUNTERFEIT"* who can but does not want to "repent" and "change your ways" to truly "follow after *GOD'S STYLE*!"

You do things the easy "worldly, people-pleasing way" instead of the REAL HARD WAY of being a *GOD-PLEASER* and NOT a "manpleaser".

You preach wicked "NIV" and I preach God's Inspired and PRESERVED WORD in the KJV!

You preach only "indoors" among the flock; I preach INDOORS AND ESPECIALLY OUT FOR THE WHOLE WORLD TO SEE AND HEAR!

"'Cause if there's one thing I've learned about people it's this: you can't please people all of the time and neither should you. A Christian should *ALWAYS PLEASE GOD FIRST OF ANYTHING OR ANYBODY ELSE* because ONLY GOD CAN MAKE AND BREAK YOU!

It is *SCARY* at times but I've learned *I'M WEAK* and so are *ALL PEOPLE*: Only *GOD* is the *STRONG ONE* Who can't be "defeated".

As long as I'm on *GOD'S SIDE* the whole world can be *AGAINST ME* yet me and *GOD* will *ALWAYS WIN TOGETHER* suckers! :P

If I'm just on "Jed's side" it's only a matter of time until I be "defeated"... But I can't lose on *GOD'S SIDE*!

Many Christians need to truly jump on Ship of *GOD'S SIDE* in their lives and *NOT THE WORLD'S SIDE*.

Now I'm not "attacking" or "demeaning" my brethren especially in church leadership out of "petty personal spite": I'm *BRINGING THE BEST OUT OF YOU*.

God will "tell you what you need to do" as He always does but sometimes a person needs to hear a person in the real world flesh to really "speak" what God tells you "privately at home" with no one to confront or call you out on your HYPOCRISY.

I'm not "perfect" myself but I WANT TO BE PERFECT: I already know" I'm imperfect but I want to be a WILLING MIND TO IMPROVE AND DO BETTER and not make "excuses" for my own personal shortcomings and failures to "mask my real problems and issues".


Because that's what I'd what somebody to do for me.

Now, I'll always be "friends" and "kindly" to people who don't want to go AS DEEP AS I WANT TO GO in the Faith of Christ but just 'cause you get "uncomfortable" in my Spirit-led growth and self-evident "display" of my witness in Christ you take "offense" because you want a "comfortable, painless Christian Life experience" where God won't "take you out of your comfort zone and will afflict you with trials and tests in your life to be a testimony to people in your life for God's Glory.

I know this because I've tried to "avoid" the "painful tests of God" in my life and try to "skip over the hard stuff" but you will always be a "babe in Christ" if you don't learn how to chew on some MEAT eventually...

Life is HARD because life is meant to TEST YOU for GOD'S GLORY!

So what I'm saying is, if you are a fellow Christian, brother or sister in Christ who is "offended at me personally" for my street-preaching ministry I go far to dare say you are *OFFENDED AT GOD* because I "street-preach" solely by the *SPIRIT OF GOD*!

You'd be offended at JESUS out in the public "preaching the Word" and wouldn't think of it like that.

Just me "waving a Bible" doesn't "affect people" by itself without the WORKING OF HOLY SPIRIT!


Hot or NOT but "lukewarm" is NOT AN OPTION IN GOD'S EYES!

If you don't want me around in your "church" "thanks for the lame love" which didn't mean nothing anyway.

I have a heart of *STEEL*. People's "lame opinions" about me don't matter because it's not built on "substance"; but mere cowardly *CONTEMPT*.

I respect my enemies that are gutsy enough  to SAY TO MY FACE they "hate me" but I don't respect my "cowardly enemy types" that plot to "stab me behind my back" than "confront me head-on 'cause they know they'll most likely LOSE anyways lol...

If you "hate me" and you're a Christian you know that's a "sin" lol. Just as it's a SIN for me to "hate" anyone.

I don't know about "you" but as FOR ME and MY HOUSE, we will SERVE THE LORD and not "Belial" or the Devil, SATAN himself!

What fellowship has "Light" with "darkness"? What "concord" hath Christ with "Belial"?

As long as there are a few "bright" soulwinning, King James Bible-believing Christians on earth before the Rapture there will ALWAYS be constant FRICTION between the works of Good vs. Evil. And GOOD shall PREVAIL and *EVIL* shall *FAIL*!

I won't quit "being my best" as a Christian led of the Spirit just 'cause it makes other believers "uncomfortable", "resentful" and "guilty" for being "lazy deadbeats" in the Cause of Christ.

In fact, just because I know it "angers you" makes me want to DO IT THE MORE!

Like pop star rapper Ms. "Nicki Minaj" once said, "My haters be my greatest motivators!"

Even if not just for "God" I live just to ANGER and UPSET my BIGGEST HATERS out there lol.


I don't want to give you ANY "satisfaction".

WIN AND DIE is my life motto not "win" or "die" I WIN TO DIE to this world and LIVE FOR THE ONE TO COME!

Therefore, I'll CUT OFF all "ties" that don't want to be tied: I'll leave when it's time and MOVE ON.

I'll always be willing to be friends so long as YOU BE WILLING TO WANT ME TO BE YOUR FRIEND that is.

That said, "no Love lost".

Whenever you "serious" about serving God it's easy for you and I to be in touch.

Until then, I can't afford to "waste time" with people who aren't serious for the "Things of God" by GOD'S WAY that is...


It's a continual lesson I'll forever be learning...


I'm about "adding to people's lives" and not "subtracting". Otherwise I wouldn't care to "bother". I can 'do bad all by myself'.

I have MANY brethren and people out there who would love my help, presence and encouragement (and would "appreciate it"): it's a disservice for them to "commit" to people who don't really care for me to be around in the first place. Though I'm sure not "everyone" feels the same but even so I feel God "leading me elsewhere" to do His Will...

In this world I'mma *COLD-BLOODED KILLER FOR CHRIST'S SAKE* but I "wrestle not against "physical flesh 'n blood" but against the "hidden spiritual powers of darkness and SIN".

As a Spirit-led born again Christian I must *KILL SIN* everywhere I encounter it in me and in life by the Spirit of God and the Word of God.

May you wage a good "warfare" fellow good soldier of Christ.


~ Sincerely,

Bro. Jed

Monday, April 9, 2018

"Cold Reception..."

So... here's the story for "yesterday"...

Sunday morning I was led of the Lord to start "witnessing the Word" to people traveling up and down Patti Road walking in my usual routine to church by around 9:20a.m.

It was a cold, chilly cool morning blue-gray sky kind of day.

Had to wear a good warm black jacket to help my body get quickly acclimated to the cold; which went by pretty quick surprisingly...

Anyways, I'm walking on down Patti Road and just "taking me time" in transition pointing the Bible I held with my hands to people who drove by in their cars and trucks.

As usual I get a lot of "thumbs up" or people "throwing up their hands" in frustration like "they're just tired of seeing me out here waving the Bible" lol.

Well I'm "tired" of y'all to. Y'all the reason a lot of things remain "messed up" as they: because NOBODY'S CHANGING!

Just "me" and few other believers out doing God's Work ain't gonna cut it for the "whole community" let alone the WHOLE STATE, WHOLE COUNTRY or WHOLE NATION for that matter: it takes a MAJORITY OF SPIRIT-FILLED BELIEVERS OF TRUE FAITH AND LIVING to turn a whole nation into REVIVAL!

Yeah, I "relate" to your same frustration because I actually have to try to "go out" and witness to your " sorry behinds" to say it "politely" cuz truth be told it's not always a "pleasant experience" having to deal with some of you people and I'd be lying if I say it was. I'm human too. I get fed up too... We ALL have "a point".

Many of you give "cold shoulders"... ICY! Just straight-up HATE God and by extension HATE ME because I'm reppin' HIS MESSAGE! You just can't STAND to have someone REMIND YOU in your life that their is an Almighty GOD of all Creation you must ultimately be accountable too.

I have to be accountable to God BOTH for my good and evil actions just like everyone else: NO ONE CAN ESCAPE GOD!

I'm tired of y'all just not REPENTING! Just GET RIGHT WITH GOD and you'll make ALL OUR LIVES BETTER just THAT QUICK! Like SERIOUSLY!

And you "wonder" what's wrong with America? It's YOU! YOU! YOU! YOU!


It's because of unsaved HEATHENS rampant sinning that's CONDEMNED AMERICA into the horrible shape it's in.

The American Church definitely takes a great deal of worthy blame but it's because of the OVERALLY ANTICHRIST AMERICAN SOCIETY that will bring GOD'S JUDGMENT UPON AMERICA SOONER OR LATER from here!

Just NO REVERENCE, FEAR or RESPECT FOR GOD in any nook or cranny in America!

The Church is even a DEN OF SECRET SIN!

And hey, it's not like I'm out here EVERY DAY doing this thing lol. I would get tired of this too at a point. I have a life. Got things to do just like you. Smh... These people are RIDICULOUS!

I have to "accept" your LAME "sinful ways", homosexuality, man-bashing and everything in society literally ANTI-CHRISTIAN and ANTICHRIST! but as a "Christian" they'd just expect me to "roll over" and just "be okay with it"?

Hmmm... Maybe some EFFEMINATE henpecked cucked man boy worldly churchian but NOT soulwinning, fiery *HOT!* street-preachin' JED MASK!

Smh with "society" these days! You can't even simply and kindly say "God bless you!" without people TAKING OFFENSE that you MENTIONED THAT NAME; but EVERYONE accepts when you just say "Bless you!" LEAVING OUT GOD'S NAME in the process!

I really HATE that!

Day-by-day I have to always listen to your "worldly chatter" and pretend to be "okay with it" when I'm really not, but time I say something about GOD or JESUS everybody FREAKS OUT and gets all cold, mean and angry... Smh...

The pure HYPOCRISY just really gets to me sometimes...

Please don't get me wrong: I'm not "hating" on anyone. Not "homosexuals" or any "group of sinners" as I'm a "sinner" myself.

I'm just saying we need to TURN TO GOD and ACKNOWLEDGE OUR SIN TO HIM before He will actually HELP US.

That's not the answer people... We know it... We must DO IT and NOT keep "putting it off"!

Many people just want to "use me" in my life for their own personal gains and I always "play it cool" but they want to "mold and shape" me into a "worldly persona" for their own ends without taking heed to Who I stand for: it's GOD they really need. Not "me".

Go find some other "loser" for your "easy targets": it's clear you can't handle the BIG BOYS fools! lol Get real!


I respect yours YOU RESPECT MINE! Amen!

And yes, even though I don't "communicate" my every thought and intention on here or in person let's just say I've been "doing this enough" and had enough experience with people to know when it's "too much" and will "drive away people" from the Message: I see it from their perspective as unbelievers that they'd get tired and angry at seeing some "crazy religious black dude" out on the streets holding a Bible up. I'd get tired and annoyed of that too if I was an unbeliever like them.

They'd probably be thinking I'm "high on some stuff" or that something's "not right in the head" like I'm "mental" or something lol when in REALITY I have more sanity and competency that most my so-called "judgmental unbelieving critics" out there... Oh yeah... Y'all the REAL NUTS! Tch... Truth be told.

It's like just on Sunday when I'm going to or leaving church when I feel that "urgency" and "prompting" from the Holy Spirit to "engage" and "go street-preaching".

Believe me; I don't really even want to be "bothered" with these people on some days and just want to "walk like I'm anonymous 'round town" but now it's like I got some kind of "infamous identity" 'round time where everybody "notices" it's me when I'm walking on the streets.

Sometimes they truly PISS ME OFF! lol They can really be AGGRAVATING and ANNOYING. Especially my "taunters" who either try to "flip me off" or do something other rude 'n crude gestures (many of which I'm sure they do behind my back like the real life COWARDS they really are! lol).

But I'm at that point where I "expect it" as part of the "persecution factor" for "putting myself out their in the public" for positive and negative reactions to occur it's what happens.

Can't say I don't not "like the attention" at times; but in the back of my mind and I'm sure in "theirs" as well at times we both know it's really not "about me": it's about JESUS!

I'm really not "all that". I don't got nothing so "special" going on right now: everything is about JESUS! JESUS CHRIST!

They know they need to REPENT and turn from their sorry WICKED WAYS but they just LOVE THE WORLD SO MUCH they can't stand the thought of having to "leave it all behind" and live a "truly committed life to Christ" once they get saved that is lol. Too "restricting" for their tastes.

They want the "best of both worlds": to be "blessed by God" but then feel FREE to fornicate and "live in the world" doing all their precious favorite sins... We all do.

I say that not to sound "self-righteous" but because I've been there... Not the "fornication part" that the Lord saved me from plus real life experience "precautions"; but I've entertained thoughts of wanting to "go back to the world" but look now fast-forward to year 2018 and since late 2012 I've been a "committed Christian" actually "following after God's Will in my life" and gotten such a "reputation" and "unofficial fame" from my street-preaching antics it'd be like "pissing down the drain" for me to "go back to the world" and live out my "worldly image" now...

Just wouldn't be "legit" as a "committed Christian" to "go back" now...

I've "crossed that line" and now am so "invested" in my "Christian walk" that I don't want to "tarnish" that good, wholesome image and reputation going on and doing "sinful stuff" my flesh would love to do...

I got an "investment" in my walk with Christ now. Makes NO SENSE to "go back to the empty world" I came from.

I got JESUS!


SCARES these poor people to DEATH!

But the thing is as I type out all this "sarcastically" in a "jokingly manner" the real truth behind "my words" is it's coming from a concerned, SERIOUS demeanor. I'm not really "being funny" typing lol it's more like "just wished these people had sense to quit playing around and GET SERIOUS about the AFTERLIFE!".

If anyone really knows me in this world they'd know I'm one of the MOST SERIOUS PEOPLE ALIVE!

I don't just "joke" and "kid around" lol. I'm not like that... Never really was.

If I didn't have this CALLING on my life to do what I've been doing soulwinning and street-preaching in various communities and locations in U.S.A. I'd be "doing my own thing" just as they are.

Among the "Christian Church" as it is, "street-preaching" I think seen from the "mainstream perspective" is a hidden little "dirty job secret" nobody in the Church House likes to talk about openly.

Basically "street-preaching" is among the "Christian World" is a "dirty job" (like on Mike Rowe's hit show "Dirty Jobs" which I used to love watching back in the day on Discovery Channel when I was still in grade school growing up) that like any "dirty job" NOBODY wants to do but know it HAS TO BE DONE.

Difference is from me to them is I've come to "acceptance" with God's Will in my life and while I don't always really "like it" or "want it" at some personally "inconveniencing times" in my real personal life I know I'll REGRET NOT DOING WHAT GOD WANTS ME TO DO AT THE END!

That's by far my biggest "motivation" besides getting people saved: the FEAR OF REGRET is my biggest motivator.

I don't want to think and "look back" on "what I should have done" when I SHOULD BE DOING IT RIGHT NOW.

Maybe y'all agree, disagree, relate or not; I'm just speaking of WHERE I'M AT IN MY JOURNEY.

If you a follower of Christ being honest I'm sure you have your own testimonies and "tugging" of God's Will upon your life.

I'm just "one story" of literally MILLIONS out there.

This "lil'" blog is like a "lil'" glimpse into the mind of "Jed Mask", the good, bad and ugly combined.

... Stopped by 9:55a.m. when I made it completely over to church for fellowship just before service to start officially at "10:30a.m." at SEEKERS POINT.

Just before making to church I encountered elder brother S. and his wife sister P. driving by in the white truck on the way to church.

Just noticed them when they "hand-waved" at me in surprise but I caught on just after and "waved back at them" to say I "noticed them back" and I later met them in the parking lot by the church concrete patio entrance.

Don't know what they "really think" of my "street-preaching antics" as they've now seen it for the "second" or "third" time now but I hope to think it's a "positive reaction" but if not I understand if not.

For the record if anyone out there who's been "reading" my blog and actually "meets me" somewhere sometime in real life you're welcome to "ask my questions". I have nothing to hide. There's nothing "devious" or "sinister" going on "behind-the-scenes" if you really have questions you want to ask me.

I won't "bite" lol; least not THAT HARD lol. Just joking (but I don't really "joke" lol :P)

Yeah, I'm very approachable if you can't me in the "good mood" and I'm not "angry", mad or "upset" about something personally. Yep... That's it.

Anyways, for the CHRISTIANS out there... We have to DO BETTER than what we're doing.

You can't "lie" to me: I know TOO MANY LAZY, INDIFFERENT, SORRY BELIEVERS out there from family, friends and people I just "meet" in everyday life who "tell me they're Christians" but by the way I see them live and act... I really couldn't tell the difference if they were believers or heathens. I just don't see... They only have the "name" but not the "life" of the "title".

It's HARD being a CHRISTIAN at times... I FAIL every day in multiple ways but by God's Grace I just KEEP TRYING! I'm not "all that" nor do I ever mean to give that "impression" but the *impression* I want to give readers who've actually followed and read my blog over time is that I STAY DEDICATED AND KEEP STRIVING IN THE FAITH. That's the ULTIMATE TEST in this life: to STAND IN FAITH!

That's what we do: KEEP TRYING!

Don't just "do nothing": DO SOMETHING!


(P.S. After church Pastor M. and the many brethren of the congregation stayed after so we could see some young babes in Christ get water baptized. It was an excellent experience for their real young start of their walk with the Lord. As I get "older" I have even more "responsibility" for those younger than me. To watch after them and guide them in the true ways of the Lord... It won't be easy, but nothing "worthwhile" ever really is... Amen.)

~ Sincerely,

Bro. Jed

A "Slow Walk of Grace"...

This happened on Sunday, March 25, 2018 after church service at SEEKERS POINT.

I was led of the Lord by the Holy Spirit to briefly street-preach from 12:02p.m. to 12:10p.m. walking on the roadside of University Avenue holding up the Bible with my hands to people driving pass me on University Avenue here in Hammond, LA...

So a "brief while later as I was walking smoothly and slowly a middle-aged-looking white man in his fifties or so was standing by a storm drain on the outskirts of the local used car sales dealer shop called "PAY DAY Used Cars".

The man just seemed to be "hanging out" taking his time but when I got a good look at his face - can't say for sure or not but he "looked sad", "depressed" or "downtrodden".

At that point I was thinkin' in my mind of handing him a "Jesus Christ LOVES You!" Gospel of Jesus Christ gospel tract but judging by "gut-instinct" and timing... The moment just wasn't right or "meant to be" to be more accurate. He didn't really want to be "engaged" in conversation at this time so-to-speak.

Not like I'm the kind of "talker" to keep on yappin' when somebody doesn't want to be bothered: I never talk to people just "out-of-the-blue" for no good reason.

I always have something to do.

I saw him while I was still in the midst of "witnessing" the Word to oncoming traffic on the road. Didn't really get to say much to the man besides saying, "Hello sir, are you alright?" to which he nodded yes and replied "Yeah..." but not saying much with me thinking he just wants to "be to himself" so I simply took the "cue" and slowly got back into "street-preaching" mode to hold up the Bible some more before stopping at 12:10p.m. when I checked my cell phone's time.

Stopped at Patti Road about to go on up to home for the afternoon... Amen.

~ Bro. Jed

Friday, February 2, 2018

Church Sunday Afternoon: The LONG "Stretch"...

Last Sunday, January 28, 2018 after church the Spirit of the Lord led me to street-preach His Word from 12:00p.m. afternoon after church walking on the grassy sideway of University Avenue. 

I made my left turn on Patti Road walking on the "steep-sided" grassy, dirt roadside all the way down witnessing to as many people driving by in their cars and trucks as I could keep up with as I also said "Good afternoon" to an elder white man riding his bike with my hands holding up a Bible to air. 

At the "Kohnke Hill Road intersection" on Patti Road I made a right turn to walk up to "College Missionary Baptist Church" to see if it was open that I meet the pastor and brethren there. 

... Turns out the church "site" looked "abandoned"; don't know if it's a vacant church building no longer in operation or whatever's going on with it... 

Anyways after I found out the "status" of that local church in the area I simply made me a left turn walking back down Kohnke Hill Road on my way home done with my street-preaching by 12:55p.m. as I made my way to the community road entrance... Amen. 

~ Bro. Jed

Monday, January 22, 2018

A Sunday Street-Preaching SUPRISE!

Yesterday morning, January 21, 2018 I was led of the Lord to street-preach His Word walking on up Kohnke Hill Road on the way to church by after 9:30a.m.

As I was walking on up the road I met an older brother in Christ who turns out to be a minister or pastor in his dark red truck and at first he drove ahead of me passing me on the road but then "slowly stopped" and reversed to back up and as I sensed backed up to "talk to me".

He asked if I needed a ride to church to which I responded "No, not this time. I'm gonna walk this one. Thanks for offering, though." and after a brief chat we went our ways.

... Fast-forward a few minutes later as I'm holding up His Word to approaching cars on both sides of the road as I walk across the road in long "spaces" between cars driving a young black man around my peer age group stopped in his truck right quick to ask me if I needed a ride to church or something as I walked down Patti Road heading towards University Avenue here in Hammond, LA. Said "No, I'm good. I'm walking my way over" and before I could he or I could go further since he stopped shortly in the middle of the road; he picked up speed and drove on since like if he's a fellow brother in Christ, a "Christian" and has no other important matters to attend to; we should all be going to church somewhere on a Sunday.

Also, another black guy drove by me in his silver car and asked if I needed a ride and told him "Nah, I'm good. I'm walking it." to which he realized and if he was a believer I wondered if he wondered if I wondered whether he was going to church or not himself lol.

Either way, I understand: I've just now been getting back into the "routine" of going back to church after a long "period" away. The Lord's been growing and maturing me in His Will.

So, continuing on down I meet a young black lady with her daughter in a silver car as she stops to aske me if I need a ride to church.

"Judging" by her attire she looked "dressed up" like she was going to church herself; her daughter did too. I said, "No, thanks. I'm walking on down to church on University Avenue. It's not too far for me walking I've done it before. Not this time. Thanks for the offer though." to which she readily nodded "okay" and drove on her way. She was friendly and smiling ever since she saw me "street-preaching" holding a Bible up in the air.

The more I "thought about it" when I was doing it, a lot of people must have thought I was "flagging them over" to "hitchhike" to ask them for a ride or something since a few people were thoughtful and considerate enough to "slow down" and ask me what my "deal was".

I'm glad some people were this thoughtful and considerate as human-beings; and eventually a lot of people caught on with my "holding a Bible" meant more a *MESSAGE* for the viewers than me just out "hitchhiking" a ride.

So I made it on down Patti and at the end of Patti Road crossing into University Avenue met elder brother "K" from church and his wife driving on by in their red truck.

Must have "caught them by surprised" with them seeing me out "holding up a Bible" to people driving by in their vehicles.

Anyways, elder brother "K" along with his wife asked me if I "needed a ride" the rest of the way over to church to which I replied "No, not this time. Maybe for another."


Any other times I wasn't"busy with the Lord's Business" and it was favorable for me to do so, yeah I would have taken elder brother K's offer. It's never no "personal thing" when people actually offer to HELP ME. I appreciate and take those offers; I just can't stop doing something God wants me to do and "throw off" something God's Doing that I'll regret later.

It's been a long while since I've been preaching or "witnessing" in public with the Word or any other Christian signs, posters etc. but I've never "stopped soulwinning or evangelizing" just because I'm not "out there in the open with a Bible" in my hand.

True soulwinners of the brethren know that soulwinning and evangelizing for the Saviour is a 24/7 experience. It never ends until we die and even then it never ends just because "we leave" our works to reach people for Christ continues in the resources and projects and "legacies" we leave behind in our life testimonies and our brothers and sisters in Christ who continue to "carry the torch" and pass on the evangelizing of the Gospel of Jesus Christ (KJV 1 Corinthians 15:1-4) to *ALL* people be aware of and know.

The Lord Jesus Christ gives the increase of the "Harvest of Souls" but we Christians are His "husbandmen" out in the field supposed to be doing the work of "planting seeds" of the Gospel of Jesus Christ (KJV 1 Corinthians 15:1-4) of the unsaved unbelievers.

Nonetheless, yesterday I made it to church (and on time). Definitely making it a POINT to get to any place (especially GOD'S HOUSE) on time and time to spare! Amen!

... Going forward with the Holy Spirit working in us the local "church body" we grow by FAITH and not be sight.

Everybody knows the Modern Christian church has "problems"; but that's not what matters.

I sense a CHANGE or rather *SHIFT* happening in the Body of Christ.

"Stagnation" can't carry on forever in the Church Body; nor will it: it just takes a little time for BIG CHANGE to occur.

That's what's happening.

So anytime I hear people taking "bad" and "negative" about the "apostasy" in the church, I know the deal: the Church is CHANGING though.

Lord Knows it's on many hearts for there to be at least ONE BIG REVIVAL before He calls the Church back Home in the Rapture.

I'm personally in "no rush" for the Rapture to occur: my approach to these Last Days is two-fold:

1. Preparation towards to Rapture.


2. Preparation for the Lord tarrying a great many years before the Rapture.


By His Grace, either way I'm gonna do my best to CONTEND FOR THE FAITH!

It's not called "spiritual warfare" for nothing y'all.


~ Bro. Jed

Wednesday, January 3, 2018

One Among Many

2018 and the Lord mustered the spirit in me to witness to two young women I "felt" in my spirit to share the "Good News" of Jesus with.

First one was a young black woman 'round my age or younger (probably teens, late teens, etc. doubt she older than me if anything).

I'm 23 years-old as of yet and Lord-willing may live to be 24 years-old in the coming month of February.

Young black woman I witnessed to at the local health clinic here in Hammond where all the pregnant women and truly "single mothers" congregate for care for their children and pregnancies.

I walked on up to the young black woman with her son by her side. She sitting down hunched over in her lap looking at her smartphone.

She looked sad and depressed from the "outside-looking-in"; not getting "personal".

Gave her the "Jesus Christ LOVES You" gospel tract after "introducing" my presence and reason for contacting her. She accepted as I slowly and smoothly "walked away" from the scene whispering prayer that the Lord would work in her heart at that instance with my back turned from her walking away.

The other young white woman; considerably older. Probably in her late twenties or early thirties I figure I saw earlier in the main lobby waiting area by her lonesome. I kept "eyeing" her back-and-forth as we both "looked at each other" sitting across from each other at the opposite sides of the room.

Eventually out of "what have I got to lose" courage in the Spirit in my spirt just had to walk on over to the woman whether she accepted or rejected and handed her a "Jesus Christ LOVES You" gospel tract.

In positive friendly reception to my "surprise" she accepted... Hopefully she is saved... Amen.

More to this story than I care to say though it was a "trying-time" for me to do... 'cause my mind was so "clouded in a fog" of malice and negativity I had to "see His Light" at the end of my storm...

In these instances, I understood "my role" in the circumstances as the only man around women: I *LEAD* as was appropriate in my agency... Such as I could do right... Thank the Lord. Amen.

~ Bro. Jed

Staying Faithful Unto THE END...

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