Wednesday, February 22, 2017

Sunny Day: The Elder Black Man With The Shades At Cliff Tuttle Park

Today at around 3:10p.m. I met or an elder black man at Cliff Tuttle Park outside the library as I went by the street light cement base pole and ate my lunch.

I didn't want to stay out and be exposed in the hot Houston sun as it is still a sunny day out.

It was hot and dry-like but not that kind of sweltering hot, humid "sweaty" Houston summer hot sun - thank God! lol (Those days can be draining...)

I ate the four remaining oatmeal raisin cookies from the plastic packaging and had a pick aluminum square pack of salmon meat to eat with three slices of whole wheat bread to "sandwich" it with to chow down.

It was a good pleasant lil' snack I had as I stood around "grazing" (i.e. "eating" :P) and taking it easy outside.

Taking in the scenery of my surroundings and also making brief and subtle eye contact movements and glances to the elder black man off to my far right reclined at a light tan bench on his back with his bike leaning behind the wooden bench.

He had his black sunglasses on and seem to be "observing" the scene as I was and saw the young Hispanic kids in the background (a group of boys) playing basketball at the court in the center of the park here.

I saw him and I think he really saw me back too. Tried not to make too much direct eye contact with him that could have "annoyed" or "bothered" him.

So, I just took it easy out there for a while and wondered casually what he could be "thinking".

He had his cap on. A grayish black full moustache. Had a backpack I think...

I didn't overthink who and what he was doing as though he was probably homeless or just an elder "local" 'round these parts.

After I finished up eating my quick lunch I motioned away from his space and walked on the gray cement sidewalk pavement and walked on over to the nearby water fountain to refill my plastic water bottle and to drink from the fountain.

I saw a group of young Hispanic teens hanging out and eating Little Caesars pizza under the green gazebo and just being cool and casual as I took my time by the "watering hole" lol.

So after this I went to get my backpack and laptop to do my business and just had the thought in my mind which I believe was the Spirit telling me to simply give the elder black man the "Jesus Christ LOVES You!" Gospel of Jesus Christ (KJV 1 Corinthians 15:1-4) gospel tract brown cardboard card I had neatly written and illustrated.

I didn't waver in thought and feeling but just got the card out after fumbling through my black JanSport backpack and when I had my belongings and self together in good timing I walked on over casually and smoothly to the elder man so as not to "disrupt" him from his relaxing as I only wanted to "hand over" the gospel tract card and be on my way.

To my brief and sudden amazement he accepted the card and we didn't even have to "exchange words" but just a quiet "yes nod" of heads and a quiet "hello..." as I slowly turned back and walked away from him as on my way again and I saw him start to read and look at the Gospel tract card I gave him and hopefully the Spirit works in the elder black man's heart to fulfill His Will.

I sincerely hope the elder black man (old enough to be my grandfather I believe) believes that the Lord Jesus Christ is the Son of God if he already wasn't a believer; an elder brother in Christ.

Nonetheless, may that Gospel tract card by a sign of "edification" for his faith if he is unbelieving.

Putting it in prayer right now and to the end of the day, may God Almighty, Lord Jesus Christ BLESS the life of this elder black man whose life I have no idea is his story. Amen.

~ Sincerely,

Bro. Jed

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